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May 31, 2010

West Seattle's Royale Block Party

Posted by Katy

Seattle's Elite Squad joined together in an effort to "legalize frostitution" on Thursday, May 27th. A Block Party was held in West Seattle as folks gathered 'round to decorate and eat cupcakes from legendary local hot spot Cupcake Royale and sip on wines at neighboring Bin 41

    RoyaleBlockParty-01 RoyaleBlockParty-07  RoyaleBlockParty-09  RoyaleBlockParty-15 RoyaleBlockParty-53 RoyaleBlockParty-30 RoyaleBlockParty-10 RoyaleBlockParty-44
In addition to creating your own cupcake at the sprinkle bar, guests were also treated to a sneak preview of June's flavor, roasted coconut and lime. Paired with champagne or coffee these treats were swallowed up pretty fast!

  RoyaleBlockParty-12 RoyaleBlockParty-66 RoyaleBlockParty-11 RoyaleBlockParty-39 RoyaleBlockParty-29
No party is perfect without flours! So the folks from Shepherds Grain were on hand to pass out individual bags of locally produced organic flour to each attending guest. This same flour is used in Cupcake Royale's cupcakes so it was an especially nice treat!

Across the street, local wine shop Bin 41 provided a lovely pairing of local wines with even more cupcake flavors!

RoyaleBlockParty-34 RoyaleBlockParty-56 RoyaleBlockParty-62 RoyaleBlockParty-26 RoyaleBlockParty-36

As if that weren't enough, yelpers were also able to win raffle prizes from local artist Mary Patchin! Her artwork adorned some of the walls during the event and 6 lucky guests were able to win one-of-a-kind cupcake art.


Before leaving for the night with lunchboxes and goodies in hand, guests were encouraged to get their photos taken with the Cupcake Royale Rollgergirl!

   Cupcake_Yelp_19 Cupcake_Yelp_50 Cupcake_Yelp_52

For more photos please check out the Official Yelp Flickr Page. All photos were taken by Catherine Michalski of Latent Imagery and Ari Shapiro of Dauber Art.

For reviews on the event and more info, please check out the Official Elite Event Review Page.

Until next time, SYOY!


Katy Hewitson
Seattle Yelp Community Manager

May 30, 2010

Triangle Team Make Me Yelp: Ready, Set, DOUGH!

Posted by Christina Gates

On Saturday, a team of four intrepid yelpers – whose bodies are as strong as their stomachs – raced in the Durham Doughman. What is the Doughman? A team triathlon spiced with crazy costumes and competitive eating. Think Ironman – but a lot, well, doughier. For a more hilarious explanation, check out the Man V Food filming from last year's event. In the May issue of Go, Adam Richman calls it the craziest challenge he's ever encountered on the show!

But not so for team Make Me Yelp who cleaned up with Richard Simmons' pizazz – and enthusiasm! Tripp W scarfed down a yogurt parfait and biked to Hog Heaven where a bbq plate and a team of Yelp volunteers awaited.

On the next, leg (G.I.) Jane W put away a whole pizza and then sprinted to the pool where she tackled the aquatic portion of the race: inner tube paddling. Phil G filled up with a goat sausage hoagie amidst a 3-mile run and then tagged teammate Meghan B who chowed down some chilaquiles before racing to the final showdown. At the historic Durham Athletic Park, the whole team dined on dessert and then fled to the finish line – coming in 15th out of 70 teams! Not too shabby considering that wig wind resistance factor.

IMG_3644 IMG_3660

There was rich reward for sweating it out: The team scored first place in the costume competition and got highlighted on the 96 Rock morning show recording live at the event. Everyone wanted a photo with them – including the celebrity Biggest Losers team! "Make Me Yelp" also brought in $300 for charity and earned a spot on the top 10 fundraising leaderboard. Way to go, yelpers!

IMG_3648 IMG_3652

After a nap, everyone reconvened for great local music, food and beer at the Doughman Banquet – because there's no better way to celebrate sweet victory than by stuffing yourself silly again.

D1 D7

Already cookin' up costume ideas for next year!
Christina G

May 29, 2010

East Bay's 2nd Annual Ol' Skool Prom!

Posted by Ligaya T

Prom-sign Prom-burlesque Prom-glasses Prom-gals

Yelp Elites and dates found themselves amidst a flurry of sequins, poofs and metallic cummerbunds as the 2nd Annual Ol' Skool Prom at the Berkeley Marina Doubletree kicked into gear! With an 80s Bang Bar by Wak Shack Salon and posed photos by Capturize complete with arrangements by Lee's Florist, the evening began in true prom fashion. 

Prom-bangbar Prom-naia Prom-ploom  

Between shaking it on the dancefloor to the throwback jams played by the Quantum DJs and nibbling on fine nosh from The Bay Grille, The Cookie Department, Gelateria Naia and James & the Giant Cupcake, yelpers relaxed with Ploom smokeless tobacco and got busy with Action Flipbooks. Video evidence of jam sessions, make-outs and booty dancing here! We're pretty sure the spiked punch and adult "juice" from Don Pilar Tequila, Vida Y Vino and Rock Wall Wines added to the merrymaking. We heard someone may have even been putting a little something, something in the Honest Tea




No prom would be complete without its court, and not only did we have a queen but two kings; give it up for Jessica P, Joe B and Eryka V who shared a dance to Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" – rickrolled! But that wasn't the only suprise; the sassy ladies of Red Hots Burlesque took to the stage for a titillating performance!

Three cheers to all of our wonderful sponsors, and of course to the yelpers who raged like we were in high school again! Want to see shots of the festivities? Peep the lens-snapping skills of Tiffany C and posed Prom photos by Capturize Studios! Just go to 'Client' then 'Yelp' from their homepage. Of course, all donations to the Berkeley East Bay Humane Society were much appreciated by many kitties and puppies. We even had an anonymous donor that offer to match us! Now that's what I call a damn fine evening, folks.

Thank you for joining us on this and every Elite adventure! This is Ligaya T signing off.

Cheers & SYOY!

20100527_yelp_prom_00002c 20100527_yelp_prom_00003c20100527_yelp_prom_00010c 20100527_yelp_prom_00006c

May 27, 2010

The Yelpeasy in Las Vegas!

Posted by Misti Yang

Calling all flappers, big cheeses, shebas and sheiks! The secret is out: The Las Vegas Elite Squad is the bee's knees, and they were ready to swing at Las Vegas's first ever Elite Squad soiree. Still, the boss didn't let just any kiddo in the Yelpeasy!

Elite 09  Elite 01 Elite 06

The hep crowd of over 70 of Yelp's finest met in the alley and whispered the weather element that wins swell cheers. (It's spelled with an "i".) Entrance delivered an evening of Hendrick's Gin and Stoli White Pom mixology and copacetic eats (flatbreads and chicken wings to be exact) served up by the dapper gents of Herbs & Rye.

Elite 02 Elite 08 Elite 03 Elite 15

With a table full of props from Show-Off Las Vegas Costume Rentals, yelpers rolled  down their stockings, pin-curled their hair and snapped their suspenders. Between sips of giggle water, there was time for smokes (the candy variety) provided by the Yelpeasy cigarette girl and of course plenty of meeting and greeting. Lucky yelpers walked away with a free mobile spray tan courtesy of Tantastic, 1-hour foot massages from Good Foot Spa and tickets to Brews & Blues and Reggae in the Desert. 

Elite 14 Elite 11  Elite 12 Elite 13

May have been the first, but with all this buzz and beautiful people, you better believe it won't be the last!

See You On Yelp (SYOY)!

Misti Y

Your Friendly Las Vegas Community Manager

Twin Cities Elite Yelpers Play At The Concrete Schoolyard!

Posted by Annie D


On what may have been the most spectacular night this spring, Twin Cities Elites brought their schoolyard savvy to the pavement at the Concrete Schoolyard party in Northeast Minneapolis.

Yelpers and their guests had their fill of gourmet street food courtesy of local food truck pioneers, the Chef Shack. Owners Lisa and Carrie floored the crowd with tasty grilled cheese and oven-dried tomato sandwiches, phenomenal pulled pork tacos with pickled onions, spicy shrimp gumbo, warm cornbread, peachy peach cobbler and rich chocolate brownies.


Guests also got a taste of SHE Royal Coffee Co.'s fair-trade, organic coffee, Ethiopian stew and tangy injera bread—FYI, the Chef Shack ladies convinced Yogie and Sammi at SHE Royal to start up their own food truck, keep an eye out for their truck on Nicollet Mall soon!

Crispin sampled their new Fox Barrel cidery, as well as their local cider classics. The pours seemed to grow exponentially and by the end of the night, we were practically swimming in hard cider!

4644486295_5bdb7f505d_b4644525509_835a97dce8_bConcrete Schoolyard Party

Newly inducted Elites were gently hazed into the fold by the Squad's upperclassmen, but all the kiddos bonded over (surprisingly competitive) games of Yelp Square. Is there a Yelp Square league in our future? Most definitely!

The big Yelp burst made an appearance with a hodge-podge of hilarious props at the photo wall, hosted by Jessie from Photojessic. Master of the turntables and all-around nice guy DJ Millions Billions (aka Ned Lampert) threw together an old school soundtrack that had the yelpers movin' and groovin' 'til sundown.

Concrete Schoolyard 14645128966_a3f07db0fa_b4645118248_0e67d27aa9_b

Jessica from Harmony Hoops was the hip-swiveling life of the party, hypnotizing the dudes (busted!) and getting just about everyone to throw on a hoop! And as a special surprise, we picked up a barrel of Lift Bridge Farm Girl Saison, a Minnesota-brewed beer that tastes just like summer.

Thank you so much to all of the sponsors who made this crazy new CM's childish vision a reality—and, of course, thanks to all of the Elites who partied like 6th graders at recess!

If you came out to play, don't forget to review the event on Yelp! And check out the rest of the photos on Flickr!


Annie D.


Vancouver Tunes Into Tango at the Regional Tasting Lounge

Posted by Crystal H

Last night, Vancouver Elites and their guests were swept away in an evening full of tempting South American tastes at the Regional Tasting Lounge in Yaletown.


From behind the bar, the awesome staff at R.tl poured R&B Red Devil Ale and shook up Pisco Sours, "almost as authentic as the ones hand made by Vanessa G's friend in Lima, Peru. It was the closest it has come in Canada to the real deal!" Swirling with canapes, Thu N lists her "favourites: the chimichurri beef skewers, foie gras, prawns, oysters with bacon, mushroom risotto, and tomato/chorizo... oh wait, was that whole menu?! Kudos to the RTL chefs!"


With the freshest orchids and roses from Garden Party Flowers, yelpers led their partners to the dance floor, where they were treated to a tango lesson by Libertango before Gabriel and Monica took to the dance floor themselves entertaining us with both the tango and milonga. Beautiful!Dance

After taking in the twirling and getting a full nose of swirling from Backyard Vineyards and Desert Hills Winery, we were feeling rather charmed. So much in fact that three lucky winners sashayed away with Romeo and Juliette cigars from Revolucion, a Garden Party centrepiece and a Beauty Basket from Wink.

Larry L spent the evening partaking in the festivities from behind the lens. You can find all of the night's moments on the Official Flickr Page and read the reviews for yourself here.

Until we meet on the dance floor again, SYOY!

With.larryCrystal H

Yelp's Pre-Memorial Day Elite Party

Posted by Danny Wurst

America... F*** Yeah! Yelpers united at Jimmy's Famous American Tavern yeah! Before BBQing the holiday weekend away, over 150 elites gathered at the new Point Loma hot spot for a Yelp-riotic celebration of red, white, and blue. 

Picnik collage
In true American form, yelpers devoured grilled cheeses with chilies, sliders, deviled eggs, shrimp, onion rings and more while washing it down with tray passed alcohol selections. The Stone IPA, Maker's Mark Sasseracks, and red and white wines left the elite squad purple-mouthed and peppy for pics next to our country's flag. We pledge allegiance to all things JFAT! The staff rocked our American socks off.

Picnik collage
Huge props to the yelpers who came dressed for the occasion. The stars and stripes blended in perfectly with the beautiful marinalicious background. Yacht-zee, anyone? Jimmy's location reminded us that we're proud to be Americans...and yelpers.

Picnik collage
Until next time...

  Yelp - Pre-Memorial Day Party 068
Danny W

May 26, 2010

Dallas Elite BYOS Fiesta at Cyclone Anaya's

Posted by Nikki B

It's getting hot, hot, hot down here in the Big D, but that didn't keep Dallas Elites and their guests from donning super sweet sombreros and claiming the entire Cyclone Anaya's patio! Almost everyone showed up wearing the festive hat for the BYOS (Bring Your Own Sombrero) Elite Fiesta, and we even spotted a few ponchos and mustaches in the crowd!

IMG_0928 IMG_0934 IMG_0979

Cyclone Anaya's put out quite a spread showcasing their new menu, with things like duck empanadas, fajita skewers, quesadillas, and guacamole, queso, salsa and chips to boot! They aren't scared to mix up tequila-heavy margaritas either! Yelpers enjoyed complimentary Sauza Horny Margaritas and draft Dos XX beer... and yes, we had several "Most Interesting Men In The World" after a few drinks.

IMG_0921 IMG_0922 IMG_0975

And if things weren't hot enough already, the flamenco dancers swished in and out of the crowd in a blur and picking up several yelpers with them to join in. Others took a crack at the pinata and finally busted it open, revealing a treasure trove of sweet Yelp schwag! Guests also painted their own mini maracas to take home as parting gifts.

IMG_0943 IMG_0974  IMG_0911

A huge props to all the yelpers who participated in the BYOS (Bring Your Own Sombrero) photo contest, and congrats to winner Nickie G! Jealous? Of course you are! Just read the reviews, take a look at the pictures and it's like you were almost there!

IMG_0913 IMG_0966

Until next time... ¡Ole!

Nikki B

Yelp LA Goes To Prom!

Posted by Christina Y

Yelp Elites of all ages put on their finest duds to party at  Yelp Prom yesterday at the historic Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood, produced to perfection by Skyline Events.

   4640927241_d1678f7507  SantiagoValencia-YelpProm-0002

Guests nibbled on delectable bites including bacon wrapped dates from the Den Of Hollywood, 'smac and cheese' from the Hollywood Corner and a full-fledged prom menu including a Pop-Rocks laced dessert from Hot Stuff Cafe and N2 Catering.

4641531786_fbc3b8ea40 4641532312_c3f9a5327d

Because you can never have enough dessert, guests also scooped up cones from Lovin' Scoopful and dark chocolate selections from Ghiradelli.

  4641541184_f85e03b5ed  SantiagoValencia-YelpProm-0005

And what would a prom be without some spiked punch? Yelpers got to relive the good old days thanks to Spike Your Juice. They also sipped on wine from Vibrant Rioja and a selection of beers from Widmer Brothers Brewing. Eternal Water was also on hand for those who wanted to cool down after heating it up on the dance floor. Thanks also to Bar One for providing the stellar bartending service!

4640930737_5db43484b6  4640929233_1acaec20c9 SantiagoValencia-YelpProm-0011

Speaking of dancing, DJ Bradzo + Oski provided a hot mix of old school prom tunes to get the dancefloor going. When they weren't  cutting a rug, our prom goers also had fun with the props at the Photocube and at the prom pose setup thanks to Santiago Valencia Photograpy. Those who were a bit shy to bust a move got their kicks in the GameTruck parked at the party. When it came time to unwind, many of our guests took to Ploom to try out their innovative vaporizers.

4641540284_51dfec08fb 4641541586_27a14dc90c

A few lucky guests got a chance to have mini makeovers courtesy of Sormé Cosmetics, and a few fortunate ladies got their hair styled by Studio DNA, which has locations in Beverly Hills and Santa Monica.

4640933423_600097188e 4640929775_fb3084577c

Thanks to all of our amazing sponsors and to our gorgeous Elites for coming out and making this Night On The Nile a night to remember! Those of you who missed out this time can check out the reviews and photos.

Until the next bash, SYOY!

  Katie Christina Prom

Christina Y and Katie B - LA West and East Community Managers

May 25, 2010

Yelp Atlanta Gets Glam at Yelp's Gilded Age!

All that glittered was gold at The Gold Room on Thursday, May 20th. Over 350 Yelpers came out to enjoy Yelp's Gilded Age, where they partied like Rockefellers!

4626328611_dd20da03d7_o 4629749884_df561a032c_b 4626936462_a6c3731621_o
A host of fine local eateries brought in some of their delicious tastes for Yelpers to enjoy, like sliders from Cypress Street Pint and Plate, full size burritos by Sheik Burritos and Kabobs, chocolate fondue by the Melting Pot, vegetarian skewers from Café Sunflower, tartes and petit-fours by Joli Kobe Bakery, and a host of southern sweets by High Cotton Bakery.

4629782506_dc202abfa2_b 4639493244_5e0a5c0835_b 4629128585_407569f926_b

A bevy of cocktails kept the Yelp crew quite satisfied, even calling some out to the dance floor. Yelptinis mixed with 3AM Vodka were a hit, as well as hand-crafted Leblon caipirinhas and classic concoctions from Maker's Mark. Savida Sangria was also on hand with their delicious wine punch, and vitaminwater zero kept everyone well-hydrated and ready for work the next morning.

4629763120_fa2cb6e6e4_b 4627230495_a1241e4f0b_b 4629712980_a307a90bd9_b

Everybody got prop-tastic in Atlanta Photography's themed photobooth, while m!kedesigns, Taylor Lupton Photography, and Chris Marley snapped shots of everybody havin' a good time. The Dames Aflame provided some serious eye candy with Lada and Shakaboom bustin' a move and Buttercup working the crowd in full gilded regalia. When the party was over, Zipcar was there to get every body safely back to MARTA: no drinking and driving during Yelp's Gilded Age!

4627227761_a1f19b10c9_b 4626328975_e0abe6e67d_o  4639498890_4dff5446f2

Since the Gilded Age was all about philanthropy, we couldn't have a soirée without supporting a great local charity. Over $300 and 500 pounds of canned goods were collected for the Atlanta Community Food Bank! Great job, Yelpers!

4627235449_df83f640df_b 4627834410_404b3d2b4a_b 4627835288_c1b87dcb21_b

If you missed out on the biggest bash of the year (so far!) be sure to check out the reviews of the event here and peep the rest of the incredible photos here. Hope to see you at the next one!


Kathleen M
Yelp Atlanta Community Manager

Yelper's Ring Around the Rosy at Yelp's Spring Feastival!

Posted by Monica

Donning their fairest picnic garb, over 550 yelpers skipped over to The Market at Comcast Center on Saturday afternoon to imbibe and enjoy Yelp's Spring Feastival! This wasn't just any ol' picnic though, the feast included adult snowcones, strumming banjos, medieval fighters, rock paper scissors, indoor putting, and of course, a giant gingham blanket! 

Comcast028 Comcast061 Comcast012

Comcast006 _ELS7502 Comcast032

The Market restaurants brought on their finest samples, treating ravenous yelpers to cannolis, sushi, spring rolls, smoothies, gelato, beer and cheese, jalepeno margaritas, mini sandwiches, cheesesteaks, pizza, Ghirardelli chocolate, and more cocktails to satisfy even the drunkest pirate! The array was uncomprimising in quality and quantity so endless thanks to: Termini Brother's Bakery, Jake and Max's, Under the C, Sook Hee Produce, Mike's Steaks, Tokyo Sushi, LaScala's, DiBruno Bros, Mexican Post, and Au Bon Pain! "All of the vendors were top-notch. I ate a lot and before I knew it, I was so full I could cry. Tears of satisfied joy," buzzes Erin F.
_ELS7365 Comcast013 Comcast020 _ELS7397

_ELS7483 _ELS7505 _ELS7455

Party goers washed down the cornucopia with Firefly Sweet Tea vodka, Jin Ja, Honest Tea, vitaminwater, Sly Fox beer, Pabst Blue Ribbon, and UV Vodka snowcones! "The libations didn't stop amazing me," raves Nicey J! Feeling loosey goosey, yelpers made their way over to the photo area where they got friendly with props!


If you missed out on this hip hoppity bash, fret not, yelpers love their parties and there's another one just around the corner! In the meanwhile, you can peep the photos here, read the reviews, and see what folks are saying on Talk! Special thanks to DJ Qi Command, Michael Ferry, Erika Letitia, Ashley Salada photography!

Until Next Time!

Monica S

Yelp Philadelphia Community Manager


May 24, 2010

Buon Appetito With Silicon Valley Yelp Elite!

Posted by Connie Chang

On Saturday, May 22nd, Silicon Valley Elites spent a beautiful afternoon experiencing the warmth and gusto of Naples at AcquaPazza Ristorante in downtown San Mateo. Guests enjoyed sampling delicious Italian cuisine and hospitality from charming proprietors, Enzo, Tullio and Valerio Rosano, three brothers from Naples.

4636246646_f66c213221 4635612659_9a1cc31965 4635624709_cbf9b1d6bf 4636392236_5cc152af32

Enzo's lovable aunt Zia demonstrated the technique of making gnocchi at a special station set up at the front of the airy restaurant. Yelpers enjoyed tasting three different gnocchi dishes passed out throughout the event.

4635767565_66d226cc0b 4635757481_61f2e322e1 4636245326_2f51c40c3a 4635639355_17484978ef

In the back wine room, local winemaker Dominick Chirichillo of Domenico Winery provided tastings of their Italian wine offerings. Upstairs in the mezzanine, Ploom was on hand for smokers and non-smokers to experience. This new to the scene device allowed guests to "ploom" smokeless tobacco and herbal blended Pods.

4635596599_c59a7c5dbc 4635626913_937a740a58 4635626097_0eb53f5e28 4636231064_f3e4f28342

Missed the event? Check out reviews of the afternoon affair here, and be sure to peep photos thanks to photographer extraordinaires Henry L and Will A.
Until next time, SYOY!

Connie C

Sweet Home, Yelp Chicago

Posted by Johnny Todd

What do bourbon, hush puppies, Britney Spears have in common? Yelp Chicago's Elite Squad (+1's). Chicago may be located in Illinois, but that small fact didn't stop 200 invited guests from transforming Wicker Park hot spot The Southern into their very own oasis of dirrty dirrty. Yelp Rocks The Southern was the event for all your south-of-the-Mason-Dixon needs.

4627490718_6ec3ee9393 4627490134_1be5d82700 4627490840_53f97bbd0f 4627491544_8498e01aea

The Southern was a veritable feast for the senses. Lucky guests got to climb the stairs and enter a world of cabanas, covered patios and gorgeous dark wood tables. But, as beautiful as the surroundings were...the food was that much more the better. Folks noshed on crab cakes with mustard aioli, jumbo grilled skrimps served with old bay aioli and veggie hush puppies. Hush yo' mouth...the stuff was GOOD!

4626884913_7ece35a46e 4626886693_64c484b0be 4626886991_93a2341c32 4627492914_9437c28dc1

And we all know it ain't no party like a Yelp Elite party without something tasty to drink. These newfound Southern belles and gents were in luck. Repping the Bluegrass State, attendees were treated to Kentucky Lemonade — bourbon, sweet tea and lemonade. And, proving not just ex's live in Texas, Blonde Bombshell (in cans and Yelp koozies!) was the preferred beer of the evening. Whatever your poison, it surely went down easy. 

4627493168_6cd0aa4082 4627492480_b135f11476 4627492286_1607d5149a 4627493124_47eac9c1f2

Now, food and drink makes a party nice. Good tunes makes it rock! Luckily, Chris Wurst And Friends were there to take people to church! Busting out the best of the best from Britney Spears (LA), Justin Timberlake (TN), Usher (GA), and Lynyrd Skynyrd (FL) (just to name a few), they kept the joint rockin'... but you could definitely come a'knockin'. If you weren't there, fearless photog Elizabeth Olwig had you covered. Check out her brilliant shots here. If you're more partial to word readin', take a gander of the reviews here. Tastes like cupcakes, y'all!

4627493264_00210783b2 4627491780_d7c97c8c8c 4627494026_0319046648 4626886749_95bd74ea8e



Johnny T

May 23, 2010

Bring Your Own Sombrero Party in St. Louis!

Posted by Abby Schwarz

Elites in St. Louis held on to their hats this past Saturday for a Bring Your Own Sombrero party at Latitude 26. The week prior to the event, a BYOS photo contest was hosted on Yelp, where users were asked to post a profile picture of themselves wearing a sombrero. Several yelpers competed online for tickets to a Sex and the City 2 premiere party, an authetic Mexican sombrero as well as an inflatable cactus limbo kit!

SaraA  LizL Crystalr KateE Rick

Upon arriving to the venue, 50 yelpers and their guests were greeted by a hallway full of festive donkeys and Yelp shot glasses and were asked to limbo their way into the party (via the aforesaid cactus limbo kit). Once they made it through the cacti, the Tex-Mex fiesta really began!

    IMG_1020 IMG_1033

Yelpers drank Palomas -- a refreshing combination of Sauza tequila and squirt and served with a sombrero straw, Spanish wine and Schlafly beer. And to eat, they had taquitos, queso, guacamole, and salsa to go with Latitude's homemade chips! And if that wasn't enough, Kakao chocolate stopped by to offer tastings of this signaturure margarita truffles!

IMG_1029  IMG_1037  IMG_1045 IMG_1048 
After all of that partying, yelpers just had to go home to write a rave review before taking a siesta! Hopefully they'll be well-rested for the next event!

Until then, SYOY


Señorita Abby S

May 21, 2010

Yelp's Elite Open House at 12 Gallagher Lane!

San Francisco Yelp Elites sported their finest duds for a swanky soiree at the new SOMA gallery, 12 Gallagher Lane – a Hunt Slonem Gallery. Though Hunt himself wasn't around to share in the magical evening, Yelpers were treated to an eyeful of his exotic works from his latest installation, Spring Awakening, all while sippin' on vino of the Napa Valley variety with Redemption and Swanson wineries, and nibbling on the new Intense Dark chocolate from our pals at Ghirardelli.

Ghir Redemp Pic2

For a photo recap of the night's events, head to the Yelp Flickr page here (thanks Ting!). For reviews of the cocktail mixer, click here!

*A note about Ghirardelli's new Intense Dark Chocolate:

As America's longest continuously operating chocolate manufacturer, Ghirardelli has established its position as America's premium chocolate company for more than 150 years

Intensive quality assurance
in the selection of cocoa beans means that Ghirardelli accepts only the highest-quality beans. They reject as many as 40% of the beans that are offered to us. Beans that are not selected are sold to other manufacturers.

In all of its chocolate product, Ghirardelli uses a proprietary blend of cocoa beans that has been refined over the company's 150-year history to provide the company's distinct and intense chocolate taste.

Ghirardelli roasts the cocoa beans in-house to ensure the company's signature flavor profile is consistently maintained in all chocolate products. They also use a different roasting process whereby they remove the shell first and then roast the small nibs inside. Because the nibs are fairly uniform in size, they have more control over the temperature and time, so they can get a more specific flavor. Other companies roast their beans before removing the shell, which requires over-roasting the outside portion of the bean in order to roast the inside. This could impart a burned flavor to their chocolate.

Finally, Ghirardelli uses an intensive refining process to ensure that its chocolate truly melts in your mouth! Ghirardelli has no grainy feel because we refine most of our chocolate flakes until they are 19 microns (human hair is 100 microns in diameter). Other mass market chocolates are refined to only 40 microns.

Chicago Suburban Yelpers: BROnded For Life!

Posted by Jelena Z

Brick House Tavern + Tap hosted Yelp Chicagoland Elites and their guests for an evening filled with good tunes, local suds, tasty bites and service with the mostest. With its comfy leather recliner chairs, a multitude of HD TV's and an outdoor fire pit, our host venue is truly built for bronding at its best. However, the ladies were quick to show the boys that they too, know how to party!

4624193323_98a9b302d4_b 4624796298_ca23fe2bcc_b
4624192291_03c1270832_b 4624796202_66212c0b5c_b

Guests relaxed on the sunny patio and once the sun went down, the fire pit kept everyone nice and toasty. What's a hungry, thirsty yelper to do? The beautiful Brick House Girls satiated with many rounds of Goose Island's Honker's Ale and 312 drafts, as well as housemade prime rib sandwiches, meat loaf sliders, soft pretzels with cheese, deviled eggs, smothered bleu and white chips, tater tots and chicken bites. Whew! Not an empty stomach in the house.

It seemed the graciousness of our hosts would never end (and it didn't!) as they sent everyone home with their signature 'Double D' cupcakes (carrot cake or dark chocolate) along with a souvenir Goose Island pint glass and a koozie to keep it all chill.

4624192937_7fa4ba919c_b 4624797850_abf8dde853_b
4624800878_1d72d3e3ef_b 4624193741_aeb32e54b2_b

Phenom photographer, Laurence Asuncion, caught all the candid shots and ShutterBox Photo Booth was (hot) on the scene for all of the guests' posing pleasure. Peep the ShutterBox photos right here! And if the pictures don't tell the entire story, you'll find that in the reviews! Well, what happens at Brick House Tavern + Tap stays there...  hmm, maybe!

Until next time, SYOY!
Jelena Z

Yelp Elites Get Buzzed at Y-Chrome Barber Shop

Posted by Don Bourassa

Portland's Yelp Elite got their buzz on in more ways than one this Thursday, May 20th, 2010, at Portland's newest upscale barber shop - Y-Chrome! With free services, snacks, beer wine, and of course, the best company in town, "this was another testament that we can party anywhere." -- Ron T

Yelp Banner Crowd P Group Crush P

With Widmer Brewing's new Sunburn Summer Ale in one hand, and a sample-slice of Pazzo Ristorante's delicious thin crust pizza in the other, Yelpers the likes of Jarrod S and Patrick S got their mingle on in this classic-yet-upscale barber shop designed to be a place where guys can be guys. Meanwhile, Olivia T and Tamara K sipped on Bear Flag wines and snacked on a whole array of hors d'ouvres like salami and cheese, brownies, and the like, laid out by the helpful and fun Y-Chrome staff. There was definitely some great drinks and food going down!

Phi and friends P Group from above P

While those Yeeps were enjoying their comestibles, Rob W and friends were taking advantage of free chair massages, neck trims and shoe shines, all compliments of the Y-Chrome staff. Meanwhile, Joshua C and his guest took advantage of the pool table and darts upstairs - both a great way to relax after a long day. Jeannie J even walked away with a Father's Day Pamper Package ($120 value!) from Hair M as an awesome raffle prize. Nobody left empty-handed!

 Yelp Banner Massage Chair P Annie Matt P

All in all, it was a great opportunity for Yelpers to check out one of Portland's newest barber shops, hang out and reconnect with community in an intimate and laid-back setting, and definitely break the mold as far as events go. Big thanks to Celeste, Shannon, the staff at Y-Chrome, Pazzo, Widmer, Heather and Bear Flag, Hair M, Phill, and of course, the Yelp Community, without whom none of this would be possible. For more fun stories, check out the reviews and photos.

Until next time...
--Don B.

Hot Havana Nights: My Name Is Cuban Pete...

Posted by kelly stocker

I'm the king of the rhumba beat! Jim Carrey's dancin' moves ain't nothin' compared to our Austin yelpers last night! While they didn't Rhumba, they did Salsa & Merengue the night away at the beautiful Belmont at our Hot Havana Nights OYE

Just so you know what you're in for...  Keri B's review made me laugh hysterically. "You know it's a good Yelp party when you stumble, bleary-eyed out of your shower the next morning at 5 a.m. and see the contents of your purse spilled on the bathroom vanity: One Yelp Cigar, one wrist sweatband that reads "Blood Yelp and Tears", 0ne light up corona necklace, one corona serape beer "dress", one pen that has vodka recipes "hidden" inside, one flower hair clip and three $5 off coupons to return to the Belmont".

The sultry early summer night found us on a palm terrace overlooking the rest of the bar.  We all felt very popular as a line formed way before the party with folks wanting to get the first 50 custom Yelp cigars.  Hand rolled by Bobalu, they were the hit accessory of the night along with the 150 flower hair clips I DIY'ed.

Yelp6    Yelp11   Yelp7   Fbyelp

Take it from Emily B. You know it's hot when... you "walk onto a private balcony and are greeted with flower hair pins, delicious drinks, adorable Corona poncho koozies, a great sunset, sassy music and one hot waiter after another with lip-smacking appetizers". Six staff at the Belmont tended bar and curried gourmet bites around on silver platters.  On the menu: Mini pressed cubans, goat cheese tarts, flat iron steak and blue cheese on a crostini and shrimp and with mango pico de gallo.  Yelpers drank Corona, Corona Light, Pacifico & tropical UV vodka drinks before Danny from the Dance Institute got on the mic and taught people how to dance the two traditional latin dances to sweet tunes from DJ VascoFelecia I's got rhythm: "I can actually do a half-decent salsa & merengue now... who knew?"

Yelp2    Fbyelp2  Yelp3  L

At the end of the night, we were able to give away the Yelp! cigar boxes and tickets to a fashion brunch at Sagra to a couple of lucky yelpers. In a surprise move, Mark from UV Vodka donated an electric guitar to give away as well. Inspired by Phoenix's Lisztomania, we encouraged yelpers to send us their best lists by Monday where we'll have folks vote on the "Best List" overall.

The only question that remains is... should this be Kevin's new profile picture? MeOW!

Picture 8

It was a totally hot night -- Havana without the hassle of bribing someone not to stamp your passport.



May 20, 2010

Orlando Has A Sensory Overload

Posted by Colleen Burns

Sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste are the boring ways to explain our senses. 

How does Yelp do it?

Vivacious views, listening enjoyment, continuous contact, sensational scents and terrific tastes!

Picture 3  Picture 4

The Orlando Elite Squad gathered for an early evening to indulge their senses and had a terrific time!  The setting was a gorgeous French lounge: Hannibal's on the Square in Winter Park.  It was a stunning, high-end bar and sitting area that housed some amazing chandeliers and impressive lit up bar top.  The food was fingerling fantabulousness! Steak, Shrimp and classic bruchetta accompanied with gooey cheese filled meat heaven: mini burger delights!

  Picture 2  Picture 6

To accompany all the deliciousness, our powerhouse vodka sponsor was the Central Florida Local Spirit: Enlightened Grain! These spirits use small batch, craft distilled premium vodka infused with sustainably grown ingredients to inspire responsible drinkers to appreciate the birth of the liquid renaissance era of cocktail creation that is upon us, and invited you to experience vodka paired. We quenched our thirst with an extremely fresh and crisp Rosemary and Lavender infused flavor. There were so many amazing recipes to savor: Spa Treatment with fresh cucumber, Talk Dirty To Me and Canary Diamond. There were also the classics with a lavender & rosemary spin: Bloody Mary, Gimlet and Cosmopolitans.

SNAP! Orlando also joined the festivities and got everyone excited about the amazing event coming up this weekend showcasing the amazing photograph. The mission of the event is to boldly increase the visibility and appreciation of the photographic medium as a significant cultural art form within the Orlando community. Snapping away during our event was a very Elite yelper: Maria-Cristina N with MC Nieves Photography! She showcased her skills and made sure to capture the evening with amazing beauty!

  Picture 8 Picture 7

To thank the amazing Orlando Yelp Elite squad 2 sets of passes for SNAP! Orlando as well as a bottle of Lavender and Rosemary infused Enlightened Grain was raffled off.  

We came, we saw, (smelled AND tasted AND connected AND chatted) and conquered the third Orlando Elite Party! What can I say? Yelpers know how to thrill the senses! 

Don't forget to review your experience here! And go see all the party pics on flickr!

Until next time...SYOY!

-Colleen B


May 17, 2010

From Kansas City With Yelp

Posted by Joi

The name is Elite. Yelp Elite.

The Mission: To blow the roof off Czar Bar for Yelp Kansas City's first Elite party.

Danajoi AliAjpg  Checkin 

Friday night, KC Elites and their guests stealthily staked out appetizers, including different varieties of chicken wings and cerviche, courtesy of Czar Bar. They also surreptitiously sipped enough Rain Organics vodka and Buffalo Trace bourbon cocktails to make Bond, himself, unable to shoot straight (martinis were shaken, not stirred, of course). Favorites included the Moscow Mule and Yelp & Stormy (what else would they be?) Thanks to Emad, Heather and Jade, who kept those gratis drinks coming with sniper-like accuracy, strength and speed. They didn't even stop to breathe!

  Crowd2a Cocktailmenu2

The Latenight Callers sizzled on stage with their retro electro-noir sounds for the night. The best part of all was the mingling of close to 100 Elites and their guests, many meeting for the first time off Yelp! 

Elite yelper Kyle R's account: "The crowd was a diverse one, with all sorts of different people milling about with our Yelp Thinks I'm Special name tags and enjoying the cocktails, appetizers, great live music and meeting all sorts of new people." We couldn't have put it better ourselves!

    Band3 Band1 DeanaW

Many took pause to pose (with gusto! Yay, Erin M, Lydia A and Chris M) for a 007-inspired photo op, taken by the lady with the spy lens, Monica Cole and some even dressed up for the theme (like the dapper Tiger W).

Bond2 Bond8 Bond14

This is but a sample of the smashing set. See them in all their glory here!

Raffle prizes included The Latenight Callers CDs and copies of Moon Kansas City by Katy Ryan. Elites made off with their coveted lunchboxes (which also make the perfect spy kits...coincidence?)


Thank you so much to the management team at Czar Bar for helping make this night happen, including Jason, Billy and Emad. And of course, thank you, Kansas City Elite Squad for coming out and...

Mission to have an explosive debut Elite party: accomplished, indeed!

Don't forget to review your experience here! And go see all the party pix on flickr.

Until next time...SYOY!


Joi B

Yelp's Bay to Breakers Costume Contest

What do you get when you combine world class athletes, wacky costumes, daytime drinking, a pink gorilla, and a 7.46 mile walk/dance party from one side of town to the other? While it might sound like some kind of comedy starring Will Ferrell and Vince Vaughn, it's actually what many locals consider to be the event of the year... the 99th annual ING Bay to Breakers! It came and went like a thief in the night, but if you're an employer, we have photographic proof that there's more than meets the eye in regards to those mysterious sick days likely being utilized in record fashion on this manic Monday.

Yelp teamed up with Bay to Breakers to host the infamous costume contest outside of the Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park, and as expected, the creative juices weren't just flowing... they were gushing! While there were numerous people we could have awarded for their superior outfits, we've just left the mysterious costume conclave and have settled on the five following winners:

MOST CREATIVE: Tapatio VS. Cholula


BEST GROUP: Night at the Museum


BEST CALIFORNIA THEME: ING Bay to Breakers "99" ladies!



S and p

BEST GREEN THEME: Palace Hotel Salad Goddesses


Congrats to the winners, and we'll see you next year for the 100th running of Bay to Breakers! For more pictures, click here!

Denver Yelp Gets Yelpapalooza'd!

Posted by Laura Levaas

Last Wednesday, yelpers showed up in droves to help Yelp Denver celebrate their biggest event yet - our 2nd birthday at Mile High Station! (Inclement weather, be damned.) More than 700 yelpers indulged in adult bev's from Cruz Tequila, Rain Vodka, suds from Deschutes Brewery and grape from Barefoot Wine and Bubbly, plus drinky-drinks from Fuze, BOA Energy Drink, and Parsley. DJ Savior Breath (Eryc Eyl) got the party started with big tunes to help everyone get down, and kept it going throughout the evening.

DSC_0380 DSC_0501

Local bands Bonnie and the Beard, Brothers O'Hair, and hometown favorites The Knew rocked the party all night! And local vendors Tootsies, Salon Foushee and Fanciful Faces Boulder got everybody dressed and tressed up. Colorado Ice Sculptures amazed with a gorgeous Yelp ice sculpture indoors, accompanied by a live demo throughout the evening out on the patio, and Krista Shiner of Shiner Studios showed off her artistic skills on concrete and canvas on the mezzanine. The gift bag room was stuffed with all kinds of goodies, including Lara bars, Qdoba gift certificates, and mags from Colorado Music Buzz. Shouts out to Greater Range DJ and Sound Town for making the night run so smoothly!

IMG_0878  IMG_0915

Delicious bites were provided by Lovely Confections, Little Man Ice Cream, Bombay Bistro, Denver Pizza Company, Qdoba, Gastro Cart, Denver Biscuit Company, and Biker Jim's Gourmet Hot Dog Stand. A few lucky yelpers won stupendous gifts: a $50 gift certificate to Fogo de Chao, passes to the UMS, and free entry to the CRY America walk in July. Taking photographic evidence of the evening were photobooths hosted by Shutterbooth and John Bosley Photography, with more snappy snaps taken by Adam Russell and Randall Paetzold. Thumbs up to Yellow Cab for providing a taxi stand and cab vouchers for folks who needed rides home.

  Yelpapalooza 2.0-031 Yelpapalooza 2.0-076

Loved your Ghirardelli Intense Dark “Twilight Delight™” chocolate? Don't forget to submit your original Intense Dark flavor and name at www.newintensedark.com for chance to see it on shelf in 2011! The "flavor creator" will also enjoy a trip to SF, a tour of Ghirardelli, and a weekend getaway in Napa Valley, and a $1000 shopping spree!

Missed the event? Check out what happened here!

Photos:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/yelp/sets/72157624065329340/
Reviews: http://www.yelp.com/biz/yelpapalooza-2-0-denver

Until next time, we'll SYOY!

Yelpapalooza 2.0-226

Laura L

Denver Yelp Community Manager

May 16, 2010

Yelp Toronto Gets Beachy at Local 4!

Posted by Kat F.

Local4pic3 Local4pic4 Local4pic

Beach, please!
That's precisely what sixty of Toronto's Elite yelpers declared as they scoffed at the looming reports of dreary weather forecasts. Instead, the crew hopped over to Local 4 with Tilly hats, beach balls, leis, cameras and lots of sunscreen in tow to celebrate all things touristy and tropical! Sarah L revelled in wielding a glue gun to make silk flower hair adornments for all the ladies (and some gents), while Jon M had "the testicular fortitude to wear a coconut shell bra for most of the night," said Nikki C. Tony F forecast the evening's festivities by declaring: "You know it's going to be a good event when you get 'lei'd' before it's even 7pm!"

L 4603481380_b3ebbd4e00_o 4603482628_88c6cb80bc_o

Yelpers sipped finely crafted cocktails like Cuba Libres mixed with Havana Club and pineapple juice enhanced with Malibu Rum, both adorned with - what else - cheeky cocktail umbrellas! They also had the opportunity to sample the brand new Absolut Berri Acai vodka three ways - with club soda, cranberry juice or simple syrup and fresh blueberries. 

Among the tasty bites that emerged from the kitchen at a feverish pace and headed straight for our tummies were hearty beef and mashed potato pies, ham 'n' cheese croquettes, catfish rolls, yummy pulled pork sliders, chili tartlets and crowd-pleasing butternut squash fritters with zesty scotch bonnet pepper aioli.

4603482086_2ab3e3ebff_o 4602844469_9fb53a52f6_o 4603459878_f76d4f9def_o

If only seeing is believing, be sure to check out the photos of the partygoers taken by Wendy Heisler as well as the candids uploaded throughout the night. More tales and testimonials from attendees in the official reviews of the party here.

Thank you to everyone involved & let's clink glasses again at the next one!


Kat F
Toronto Community Manager

Yelp Honolulu Elites Find A Grape Escape

Posted by Emi H

Yelp Honolulu Elites whipped out their wine tasting skills for an evening of DIY wine bottling at the "Grapes of Yelp" Elite event at Wine The Experience60+ yelpers came out to get squishy and were treated to a wine flight of four wines, all made in-house by Wine The Experience

28294_392835174157_514334157_3861339_7341163_n  28294_392835009157_514334157_3861330_5034179_n  28294_392835154157_514334157_3861338_7718466_n

Yelpers worked for their wine and put in some sweat equity by helping to bottle the signature Grapes of Yelp wine. Shannon Ball, owner of Wine The Experience, showed party goers how to bottle wine step-by-step from corking to sealing to adding the beautiful Yelp wine labels. Vintage 2010 baby! 

28294_392835284157_514334157_3861345_3392605_n   28294_392835439157_514334157_3861356_315069_n

Party goers were enthralled by the wine charm station where guests strung multi-colored beads and made their very own cleverly crafted wine charms. And yes, this was part of the evening's sobriety test!

28294_392835459157_514334157_3861357_2164076_n   28294_392834934157_514334157_3861325_6000617_n
28294_392833109157_514334157_3861302_1879700_n  28294_392835384157_514334157_3861353_2567107_n 

All that work can sure make a yelper hungry (so what else is new?), and luckily neighboring restaurant India Cafe was on hand with delicious Indian dishes to satiate the appetites of ravenous party goers. Samosa anyone? The night only got yummier as guests sampled gourmet olive oils and balsamic vinegars from Bistro Blends.

28294_392835619157_514334157_3861368_2908248_n 28294_392832944157_514334157_3861289_5403134_n 

28294_392835524157_514334157_3861363_4876463_n 28294_392835474157_514334157_3861358_3725451_n

At the end of the evening, lucky Yelp Elites even got to take home their very own bottle of Grapes of Yelp wine! Hold on to it because it's sure to be a collectible someday

Want to know more about how Yelp can fill your Grape Expectations? Read the reviews, throw it out on Talk and take a look at the d'Vine photos!

Aloha & SYOY! 


Emi H

Honolulu Community Manager

May 15, 2010

Yelp Elite visit 1920's Little Italy in Dublin!

Posted by Laura Nestler

Buster Keaton's films projected out through the window front on to the street. Swinging tunes of the era played in the background. The Yelp Elite Squad went to Tiesan Café to sample Italian eats and washed it down with plenty of vino.


Front           Front1 

In keeping with the film theme there were 1920’s posters of the Yelp Elite Squad  with our favourite quotes from their reviews decorated around the café. Elite, Maire B was awarded a golden toilet brush at the end of the night for having the best list. The list being the best and worst Dublin loos!


Front 2           Front4

Tiesan Café owners Patrick and Wagner treated us to delicious food! Some of which were salmon rolls, quail eggs, olives to divine sandwiches.Their staff did a tremendous job of serving us, making us feel so welcome and they made everything look so effortless.


Front 5             Front 6

At the end of the night Tiesan Café gave us all goodie bags with their own homemade biscuits, bars of dark chocolate and sun-dried tomato pestoYelp goodies also were in the bags! Photographer Daniel Browne snapped beautiful portraits of Yelpers and images of the amazing Tiesan Café food that will make your mouth water all over again! Photos of the event can be viewed here on Flickr, also check out the event listing here!

Thank you so much to everyone, I had a terrific time and can’t wait to do it all again!

All my best,

Annie L

May 12, 2010

Brooklyn Yelpers Surrender to the Sweet at Sugarlounge!

Posted by peter d.

Last night the best of Brooklyn's Yelp Elites trekked over to the waterfront to surrender to the sweetness that is Sugarlounge. The rain threatened all afternoon long, but held off long enough to allow us to gather in what Vivian H aptly described as "the quintessential Brooklyn establishment: laid back atmosphere, friendly people, smart people, good-looking people, witty people, good food" all made for a memorable night!

Screen shot 2010-05-12 at 10.16.24 AM Screen shot 2010-05-12 at 10.33.22 AM Screen shot 2010-05-12 at 10.20.53 AM

The fabulous bartenders muddled masterfully to keep the crowd in DePaz Rhum's Midnight Mojitos, quickly enough that certain yelpers were seen triple-fisting (impressive!). On tap thanks to Fire Island Beer, the free-flowing Lighthouse Ale went down smooth, supplemented by the bottles in the beautiful back garden. 

Screen shot 2010-05-12 at 10.31.13 AM Screen shot 2010-05-12 at 2.58.28 PM Screen shot 2010-05-12 at 10.26.43 AM

The Sugarlounge staff supplied a stellar spread of all kinds of appetizing treats, and deserve a huge thanks for their quick and friendly service. Chun L surrendered to the spectacular mini-cupcakes from local Brooklyn bakery Ninecakes, downing a dozen. 

Screen shot 2010-05-12 at 2.45.49 PM Screen shot 2010-05-12 at 2.46.14 PM Screen shot 2010-05-12 at 10.19.51 AM 

Check out the rest of the pictures from Mackler & Co, the reviews from your fellow yelpers, and what people are saying on Talk!

Until next time,
-Peter D

May 11, 2010

New York Elites Disco Ball Down at Juliet Supper Club!

Did someone see something sparkling near the Hudson last night? Well, that shimmering oddity was a horde of Yelp Elites walking through the looking glass and into Juliet Supper Club. Ready to revel in the disco magic with a few delicious cocktails and small bites from their mezze menu, the evening ended in Electric Slides all around.

Picture 14 Picture 15

Huge thank you to the superb staff at Juliet for accommodating our fast growing Elite Squad here in New York City. Yelpers enjoyed tastes of chicken, mahi mahi and haloumi cheese skewers. Plus a pita chip and spread bar: Carrot hummus, Cucumber Cilantro Tzatziki, Yellow Lentil & Berber Dip,  Lamb Hummus, Fire Roasted Black Baba, Traditional Hummus and Greenmarket Potato Skordalia.

Picture 16 Picture 11

Luna Sueño Tequila impressed the masses with marvelous margaritas while Bulldog Gin had yelpers barking for a French 75, Madras and Collins. Topping it off, Tuthilltown brought it home with their Hudson Corn Whisky White and Gold Rush and Waxhaw. 

  Picture 8  Picture 2

See some fellow yelpers caught in the flashing lights by Julian Mackler from Mackler Studios right here.

Picture 17 Picture 18 Picture 10 

Loved your Ghirardelli Intense Dark “Twilight Delight™” chocolate? Don't forget to submit your original Intense Dark flavor and name for chance to see it on shelf in 2011! The "flavor creator" will also enjoy a trip to SF, a tour of Ghirardelli, and a weekend getaway in Napa Valley, and a $1000 shopping spree!


Jane K. and Peter D.

May 10, 2010

Sacramento, Can You Pass the Yelp Poupon

Posted by Olivia L

But of course.

First, though, let's start with a little note from Eduardo C:

"Who does it classy? Yelp does it classy! When I walked in everyone was dressed to the nines, the tables were covered in white tablecloths, and a string quartet played a mix of modern and classical music. Wow. Yelp was like a fun gal who cleans up well when your parents drop in unexpectedly."


Well said ... now on to the main event.

On Second Saturday, the opulent ballroom of the Sterling Hotel converted to a drinking, eating and lounging hub where about 100 yelpers dazzled each other in a sea of black, white and red attire at the Black, White & Yelp Ball. A humongous thank you to Whitney and Nate at the Sterling! Folks looked twice at Brad H who came in a full tux and also at Darren M, who won the yelpiest dressed contest (which no one knew existed until he won). On the yen side of the ball, we give a curtsy to Elif F in her white beaded headdress and Joanna K for the little skirt that could. Yes, more of that, please.

The night had a shade of ginger to it too, eh? From very yelpy red dresses to the hot new Ginger Infused Skyy vodka, to a Ginger Rogers/Fred Astaire dance-off to Ginger Elizabeth chocolates. Yes, we covered all of the beloved reds and then some. 


Yelpers feasted on a variety of rolls from Kru and shrimp po' boys and vegan papparadelle bites from Tuli Bistro. A huge thank you goes out to Chef Adam, Jessica P and their crew for making it happen.

With the virtually bottomless Skyy, and Great White and Tangerine Wheat beer from Lost Coast brewery, yelpers cups runneth over. Special thanks to Cici Friday of Lost Coast and newest Elite Katee R and her plus one, "Coop" for pouring them like they do at the Merc, according to several yelpers. Hey, many of us knew exactly what to do with an open bar. Take full advantage of it, of course.


The Dolanc String Quartet, straight out of Davis orchestrated some classic tunes we actually tango'd to and the floor was filled with Tia Carrere/Arnold Schwarzenegger lookalikes. (Think True Lies. HOT). The stringed musicians also cranked out some Cold Play, Depeche Mode and other familiar favorites. Viva la Vida much?

Studio 18 waltzed us through the night with some fancy ballroom dancing instruction, leading fearless yelpers in basic steps of the Merengue, the Waltz and, of course, the Tango.


A whole slew of new elites received lunchboxes and left the party to do some more partying at the River City Saloon where drink specials encouraged very yelpy behavior like removing shoes, climbing up on the bar (or wherever) and singing our little hearts out.


Check out more gorgeous photos from our trusty photog, Wesley Davis of Beatnik Studios.

May 06, 2010

SF Yelp Elites straight poppin' bubbly!

Proving that everyone's favorite meal of the week is brunch, Yelp Elites flocked to McCormick & Kuleto's in the Fishermans Wharf for an afternoon of great food, delightful sparkling wine from Dee Vine Wine, and sweeping views of the San Francisco Bay through the floor-to-ceiling windows of the private Captain's Dining Room.

4573648438_0fe0b3953b 4573599562_87ca45ed26 4573585438_0be5aef4b7

With food stuffs like fresh carved roast beef, roasted salmon, eggs benny, crepes, Ghiradelli sundaes, deviled eggs, cracked crabs and fresh-shucked oysters (just to name a few), it's safe to say it was a brunch well done!

If you'd like to check out the fun times for yourself, take a peep at the reviews of the event here. And for pictures, guide your mouse here. For seriously one of the best happy hours in the entire city, make sure to check out the McCormick & Kuleto's happy hour menu (and dinner/brunch menus as well!) here.


May 05, 2010

Chicago Yelp Elites Are So Cheesy

Posted by Johnny Todd

Is it the silly smiles? Is it the loud schwag? No, it’s probably the gourmet grilled cheese eats that makes Chicago Elites so cheesy. At least, that was the case when about 90 of Chicago’s Elit-iest made their way to The 44th Ward Dinner Party for food, drink and photos at Yelp’s Easy Being Cheesy.

845950138_y6J7e-M-2 845951793_FFpiR-M-2 845942123_P2ZAX-S-2845941740_cCTfP-S-2

Stepping into the Lakeview hot spot, guests were greeted with a specialty cocktail made from Ty-Ku rice vodka. With selections ranging from Kool-Aid to Skinny-Kid Soda to Ginger-Ale, thirsty yelpers were able to quench their parched throats and take a trip to happy town. From the response, it looks like Chicago’s ready to say Konnichiwa to Ty-Ku.

845939248_re2Qs-S-4 845940814_Bgis5-S-2 845935049_8J5D5-M-4 845951029_2VunT-M-2

But what’s a cheesy event without cheesy food? Good thing there was lots of the menu to choose from. Passed apps started with signature sandwich, The Bleacher Bum, progressed to Onion Rings of Fire, got serious with Spicy Mac & Cheese Sticks, and hit the motherload with the unveiling of The Big Cheese: Twice grilled, grilled four-cheese sandwich (pesto and roasted garlic cream cheese, bleu cheese, Swiss cheese and goat cheese) on sourdough bread...dipped in a parmesan cheese batter and grilled again. Savvy yelpers in the know took up residence by the kitchen. Hmmm…

845935161_ZzESN-M-4 845942243_SU2oa-M-2 845946578_JdQkX-M-2 845941052_Zq5Au-M-2


Photog with the most-tog, Dan Gin, kept things moving by taking crazy candids as well as perfect portraits. Yelp wristbands, making their 2010 debut, were the star of the cheesy portrait show. A cheesy good time was had by all. Want to read more about it? Look here. Want to find out where folks have the most fun in Chicago? Just say, “Cheese!” Better yet, just say “Yelp Elite Squad!”

25429_388625093894_34964988894_3753795_4302549_n 845944678_CstNk-M-3 845944923_Btk7Q-M-2 845946168_x5hvz-S-3



Johnny T

Posh Pub Night at Russell House Tavern

Decked out in top hats, bowlers, fedoras and pearls, the ever-chic Boston Yelp Elite Squad headed to Harvard Square's latest hot spot, Russell House Tavern for a little late-night debauchery of only the poshest kind. Descending downstairs into the warm and welcoming atmosphere, it wasn't long before Elites and esteemed guests were mixing and mingling in the lounge, bar and dining room accented by sexy dark wood, sumptuous leather banquettes and exposed brick.


In proper tavern form, the evening began with a bit of boozy delight, as bar manager Aaron Butler served up the Deco Dalliance, a cocktail made with Plymouth Gin, lemon juice, Creole schrub and angostura bitters, created especially for this fabulous evening. Narragansett and Victory Prima Pils sated the beer lovers, while vino fans were in for a real treat: wine on tap, including a Pinot Blanc and Rose of Pinot Noir from Westport Rivers!


Gastropub grub lovers were in luck tonight, as Executive Chef Michael Scelfo prepared a miniature feast that echoed the Russell House's mouth-watering menu, including Torched Tuna Crostini, Smoked Pork Rillette, Cotechino Pizza and Island Creek Oyster Shots with Sweet Pickled Mignonette, a dish that Ally T tried here for the very first time! Both Allison S and newbie John C were swooning over the Chicken Liver Crostini with Prune & Honey Jam, while Deanna D sighs, "Everything was absolutely delicious!"


Our hats off, quite literally, to the staff at Russell House Tavern! For slinging ice cold brews, crafting legit cocktails and keeping our mouths (and tummies) full with tasty treats all night, we salute you! For those who want to learn more about Russell House Tavern and their astounding menu, cocktail program, craft beer consciousness and, of course, wine on tap, please take a peek at their blog, chock-full timely updates and a little bit of history for ya! 


Classing it up in forties-inspired attire, photos of everyone who attended this fab night can be found here, snapped by none other than our very own Tatsu I. Wax poetic about food, drink and company with your very own review or share some gossip Talk!

A pleasure as always...till we meet again, my friends!


Leighann F


May 03, 2010

Houston Gets Karaoked Away!

Posted by Farrah Akhtar

Gleeks, closeted "High School Musical" fans, and "American Idol" rejects amongst the Houston Yelp Elite Squad took center stage for a night of karaoke!

Houston's famous Glitter Karaoke reopened its doors with a new Midtown location and welcomed the Squad – or at least those who dared – to a non-stop spectacular sing-a-long on Thursday, April 29th. Perhaps a little liquid courage was needed? Indeed. Luckily, Rain Organics Vodka provided crooners and crowds with potent cocktails stirred up with Cucumber Lime and Original flavors. (Psst. Cucumber Lime and tonic is refreshing, especially for those vocal cords!) Kudos to the first batch of brave yelpers, like Brian L, Jim M and Kristine V, who didn't need any coaxing of the cocktail to hop up on stage and work the mic like karaoke pros (partly because they are!). Yelpcorn filled nervous tummies who awaited their name to be called, but the presence of Cupcake Coach certainly was the frosting on the cake. The cupcake van lured crowds over for a helping of their fresh-made, delectable sweets and everybody's favorite: cupcakes! How 'bout that sinful German chocolate and melt-in-your-mouth red velvet?

Round of applause for all the performers who provided three hours of yelperific entertainment for the crowd, a few chuckles, and a few surprises with some pretty sensational singers (ahem, Danielle S, Warren A and Kim H, to name a few). And a huge thank you to all the sponsors: Glitter Karaoke, Rain Organics Vodka and Cupcake Coach! If you missed the night or what to hear what the Elites are yelpin' about, check out the UFC (useful, funny, cool) reviews, zany pics and conversations on Talk that are still buzzing!


Love & Yelp,

Farrah A
Houston Community Manager

May 01, 2010

NC Triangle Elites Shimmied at Yelp Arabian Nights

Posted by Christina Gates

Last Friday, Elites gathered at Mosaic Wine Lounge in Raleigh for sweet beats, sips and sultry entertainment. DJ Feinberg set the mood with some hot music while guests cooled off with Les Jamelles Rosé provided by Dionysus Wine Distributors and refreshing light beer courtesy of Heineken. Mosaic's Moroccan-inspired decor had every one digging the theme. Newly Elite Psalm S confessed, "Mosaic Lounge is cool...really cool. In any other circumstance, they might not even have let me in due to my uncoolness. Okay, that's probably not true, and I hope they do, because I'd love to go back sometime!" Turns out, we're doing just that!

Safiye Sevim hypnotized yelpers with her skills... but not for long! Several folks got in on the fun (including my dad!) and learned a few moves of their own. As Ron W put it: "Dancing with the sensuous belly dancer? Double-check!"


Other yelpers took a journey into the past, present and future with Tarot card reader Maritza. I heard one Elite is in for a career change – and one may be expecting soon! Other yelpers congregated in the lower-level lounge where Paint Savvy was creating henna art bedazzled with glitter!

 Yelp-044 - Copy Yelp-077 - Copy 

Of course, it wouldn't be an Elite Event without some silly photobooth stylings! A big thank you to Shutterbooth who came prepared with tons of props and even stayed for some of the after-party! What an evening. Ellen C sums the shindig up beautifully: "I had such a blast; I mean, can you beat complimentary wine and beer in a luscious, sensual atmosphere surrounded by dozens of your closest Yelp friends? The best part was talking to really great people and knowing you'll have fun with them at the next event." Aww, we can't wait either!

Yelp-035 - Copy Yelp-034 - Copy 

Thank you to all the terrific sponsors and hosts! Make sure to check out more photos (courtesy Phil G) from the affair right here. And the Shutterbooth pictures right here. Relive the rendezvous on the review page.

Heart you guys! Until next time, SYOY,

Christina G