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May 05, 2010

Chicago Yelp Elites Are So Cheesy

Posted by Johnny Todd

Is it the silly smiles? Is it the loud schwag? No, it’s probably the gourmet grilled cheese eats that makes Chicago Elites so cheesy. At least, that was the case when about 90 of Chicago’s Elit-iest made their way to The 44th Ward Dinner Party for food, drink and photos at Yelp’s Easy Being Cheesy.

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Stepping into the Lakeview hot spot, guests were greeted with a specialty cocktail made from Ty-Ku rice vodka. With selections ranging from Kool-Aid to Skinny-Kid Soda to Ginger-Ale, thirsty yelpers were able to quench their parched throats and take a trip to happy town. From the response, it looks like Chicago’s ready to say Konnichiwa to Ty-Ku.

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But what’s a cheesy event without cheesy food? Good thing there was lots of the menu to choose from. Passed apps started with signature sandwich, The Bleacher Bum, progressed to Onion Rings of Fire, got serious with Spicy Mac & Cheese Sticks, and hit the motherload with the unveiling of The Big Cheese: Twice grilled, grilled four-cheese sandwich (pesto and roasted garlic cream cheese, bleu cheese, Swiss cheese and goat cheese) on sourdough bread...dipped in a parmesan cheese batter and grilled again. Savvy yelpers in the know took up residence by the kitchen. Hmmm…

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Photog with the most-tog, Dan Gin, kept things moving by taking crazy candids as well as perfect portraits. Yelp wristbands, making their 2010 debut, were the star of the cheesy portrait show. A cheesy good time was had by all. Want to read more about it? Look here. Want to find out where folks have the most fun in Chicago? Just say, “Cheese!” Better yet, just say “Yelp Elite Squad!”

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Johnny T



This party looks like so much fun! I want one of those nifty yelp bracelets! Ive seen that light up bottle before and could never remember what it was called.. super excited to go try it onow!

Jim Adams

That looks like a blast. I bet Yelp parties are always fun.

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