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April 01, 2010

Sacramento is a one horse town ...

Posted by Olivia L

To those who think cowtown is a one horse town, we give a secret wink and a “how do!” Yep, not even a fake sunset (uh, thanks to rain) could keep nearly 100 gorgeous yelpers, media and friends from meeting their destiny in the Wild, Wild West.

On saddles ablaze, we galloped to The Golden Bear to meet Chef Billy Zoeillin and his fare, which was so damn delicious that folks were drooling and arm wrestling over the last bite.


Lagunitas also jumped in the game to make sure no cowboy or girl went thirsty.

Tiffany K yelps “Good food, good grog and good little spot in midtown! And here I was for years having not discovered gold at the Golden Bear. Loved the mini tacos and sliders. I will be back!”

Speaking of gold, it seemed like everyone panned their hearts out, digging for elusive treasures with modern day kitchen strainers. Finally, someone yelled "Eureka!" In the end, five yelpers took home tickets to Celebrity Chef and three made the cut for Paso Robles 2010 Grand Tasting Tour, with an exclusive meet-the-winemaker preview included.

We threw out the question earlier, “who is Sacramento’s most wanted yelper?” Well, folks, clearly we all had our moment in the Most Wanted sun ... errr sign last night.


GL3T8624  GL3T8611

Oh, and we pay respects to Steed, the shiny white stallion that touched so many of us last night and met an ill fate in the “meat grinder” (ok, it was a ceiling fan, but it was still tragic.) Steed, you will be missed. Though not nearly as much as Albert W who is leaving us for L.A. (SoCal, you are one lucky bastard.) 

Check out more smokin’ hot mug shots by our adorable photog Wes from Beatnik Studios. You will weep tears of joy. When you're done with that, tell us about your version of the night and share your pics here.

In the wise words of David O: “Straight up, Sacramento Yelp has arrived.” 

One last note … does anyone else have the feeling that in a couple of years we will be saying “I knew Musical Charis when …”? 



Tiffany K

Ooh! This is exciting, my first posting.


That's so nice of you Olivia... thanks for the mention :-)

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