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April 30, 2010

Y.E.L.P. Raps! Open Event

Posted by Danny Wurst

A gang of yelpers kicked it old school this past Thursday at the Wave House for Y.E.L.P Raps! A hip hop themed showcase of some of San Diego's flyest businesses. This open event of both Elite and non-Elite, descended upon Mission Beach for an evening of great food, great drinks, top-notch entertainment and MORE! From tasty eats, to live breakdancing, to a Wii gaming showcase, here's a list of the amazing sponsors that made the night possible!

Mad props to all, and of course... a special shout out to the Wave House for providing one of the hottest venues in all of SD

Picnik collage Wanna check out reviews of the party? Check it! 

Check out the NBC coverage!

For additional photos from the shindig...Check it!

Picnik collage424432
Until next time ya'll...


Danny W

SD Community Manager

April 29, 2010

Embrace Your Inner Child... Come Pley With Yelp

Posted by kelly stocker

Austin Yelpers "Pley"ed the night away last night at a very funky, very east side Space 12. As rapped by John R: There ain't no party like a Yelp Elite party 'cause a Yelp Elite party is [insert your own awesome finish here]. Pete T, an admittedly biased raffle winner writes, "This was a couple thrill rides short of being a full out carnival. Games, pizza, BBQ, cupcakes, face/body painting, photo booth, raffle, glow bracelets, oh and how can I forget about the beeeeeeer."

Yelp2  Yelp1   Yelp7

Before we get ahead of ourselves, elites flooded the venue at 7:30, ready to gobble up everything in sight. Good thing we had fold 'em up pizza slices from Jersey's own Hoboken Pizzas, Mississippi's hand pulled pork bbq sandwiches (coleslaw on top kthanx) from The Shed BBQ and 200 mini cupcakes with sprinkles and frosting and magic whipped up into one little concoction from Lick it, Bite It or Both. We are the ultimate enablers according to Dej M: "Yelp is my pusher. My dealer. When I thought I'd get through 24 hours without sugar, about 5 mini cupcakes happened to me. Stopped the shaking though". And we've lured Shani S into the dark side: "I. am. in. love. Perfectly tender pulled bbq on a soft bun topped off with the yummiest of slaw... We totally made out and I'm not a kiss on the first date kind of gal."

  Yelp6   Yelp5  Yelp4

While folks were feeding their faces, other Yelpers took advantage of the plethora of games onsite. Hot Yahztee action, crazy Cranium, cut throat Uno, dastardly Dominos and make it quick Catchphrase were all wildly popular and brought out the competitor in everyone. Rockband provided the live music but the real hits were foosball, ping pong and (wait for it...) GIANT JENGA, which made the night that much more active. Ryan S's entire review? "When the potential for bodily harm occurring during a game of Jenga is real, life is pretty damn good."

And hey, if you're not into games, then you're weird. Wait what? I mean folks had alternatives like body painting by Art For Your Head, a sweet photobooth by the guys at Rebel With A Camera and delicious frosty bevs from those fantastic peeps at Widmer Brewing Co. Folks could also "live yelp" the event at Space 12's computer corner (Macs only -- sweet) and so we put up the listing that night for people to half drunkenly type out their love and adoration for our fave site.

Yelp3   Picture 24  Picture 25

Folks yelped about the space, about the food, about the fun... and about the bathrooms, believe it or not. Says Veek N: "First of all, it was a one-seater. Yay! What can I say, I like my privacy.  Also, I could have danced in there it was so roomy." All in all, the event was a fabulous success and we were really happy to see Yelpers out in full force. Pley events are so cool and it was just fun to have elites really participate, chat, circulate and be a little silly. To end the night, I passed out Pley Postcards and people wrote a little note to whomever they pleased. I sent those off US Mail to their friends and family (after reading all of them, natch) and figured it was a nice touch and a good way to spread the word about Yelp. Hello Muddah... Hello Faddah...

In the end, Monica O puts it best. "Damn, Yelp: I'm running out of hobbies I adore to request for these things. Someone's gonna have to cough up a unicorn soon."

April 28, 2010

Silicon Valley Goes Seven-Tease at La Fondue

Posted by Jessica T

Silicon Valley yelpers got groovy last night, as they descended on chic, modern themed and glamorously decorated La Fondue for an epic night of swoon-worthy wine, freshly muddled fruit cocktails, and sublime cheese and chocolate fondues. Guests came sporting wide legged bell-bottoms, voluminous 'fros, tie-dye tunics, big stunna shades, low-cut bright and bedazzled shirts and short hippie dresses. The Seven-tease were definitely in full swing!

4560901949_8ba3e98635_b 4561530728_c1a8224399_b 4560906003_3117f7b32d 4560891213_e9360d6330_b

Yelpers, like John-Michael C, excitedly headed inside La Fondue to bask in the wondrous aroma of "boiling cauldrons of chocolate and cheese" as well as the "smorgasbord of yelp personalities that people have come to read, follow and love." Gathering around intimate tables with new and old yelpers, Van N said that, "Watching La Fondue's waiter was almost like watching art as he mixed the cheese preparing it for us as we held our utensils like pitchforks ready to dive in."  Christine H and her hip hubby proceeded to zealously "try the cheese fondue with sundried tomatoes, swiss cheese fondue, dark chocolate fondue, and white chocolate fondue," and found each to be spectacular.

4560885321_62d84f8b51_b 4560892397_9aa3aae966_b  4560900239_4dbb122d31_b 4561515410_82496736a4_b

While foxy mamas and cool cats mingled around La Fondue's cozy tables, yelper and photographer of the night Betty N satiated her tastebuds with 42 Below's "delicious cocktails of spicy cucumbers or fresh kiwi." Others, like Lien N indulged in Thomas Fogerty Winery's wine, gushing about their "Riesling which was really smooth and tasted fantastic," while wine enthusiast Lorrie M conversed with Christopher from Ridge Winery about their famous stellar wines, as well as discussing the intricacies and differences between different wines.

4560892075_7ca08cc585_b 4560891689_d32cb94b1a_b 4561512666_dae20ac0bf_b 4561512766_934497f723_b

The highlight of the night for many, was Action Flipbooks who wowed everybody with their amazing photo booth setup (check out the awesome video montage here and make sure to tag yourself on Facebook!), which captured the wonderful energy of the night, people's costumes, as well as a plethora of inspiring yelp couple moments of "true love." Mikey U  headed up a "certifiable ridonkulousness: a 10 SBC'er strong conga line of Vicktizzle, JonK, JDo, Julie, Serbelle, Jeff, Hazel, Badri, Bobby, & Dennise, while Michelle C - gushed at how wonderful it was to take home a personal photo flipbook, and kept "periodically flipping through her's the following day just to get a giggle," beaming  "SUCH a unique party favor!"

4561506706_91c3c8c5f4_b L-1 L-2 4561518512_89347d9179_b

Peace, Love, and Yelpiness was in the air, as yelpers made their way home with full fondue stomachs, and Action Flipbook memories in their pockets. A huge thanks to owner Mitchell Cutler and the rest of La Fondue's exceptional staff for making the night such a glorious Seven-tease success!

You can find all of the fun-tastic experiences of the event here and of the far-out pictures here.

DC Goes Yelping In Wonderland At Madhatter

Posted by Tara Lewis

Yelpers and their guests were not late for the very important date set for April 26th when they braved the wind and rain for Yelping in Wonderland at Madhatter

Eat Me.
Bounties of delectable treats were provided courtesy of Madhatter: twice baked potato biegnets, chicken "lollipops," Prince Edward Island mussels "casino", sweet chili toast, lobster crab cakes and "pigs in a blanket" were just a few of the delicious passed nibbles that came across the lips of guests.


Drink Me.
Libations were flowing, with a vast selection of spirited beverage. Yelpers sipped on potion by Three Olives Rang Tang Vodka for a sweet and citrus-filled experience, took their taste buds down the rabbit hole with drinks made with Cruzan Rum. Red Stag by Jim Beam catered to those with a bourbon tongue, while Bud Light Golden Wheat provided more hops than the White Rabbit. But what is a tea party without tea? Not a tea party at all. No worries.Honest Tea kept guests refreshed, energized and looking like the White Queen.

But the fun had just begun. Once DC's award winning magician, Josh Norris began dazzling guests, and stiltwalker Mandy Dalton started getting jiggy to the beats of DJ Hazzard, the party had gone mad! For those ready for some relaxation and pampering, they were able to head upstairs for a massage from Talented Touch, a waxing from Miracles Salon to rid those pesky whiskers and Amazing Faces' Miss "A" worked her own magic by adding a little flair to the faces of party goers.


With all of the madness that ensued, it was essential that photographic evidence be captured. Luckily, a Poshbooth Photo Rental booth was there for guests to pose for the camera and get a little cozy. Oh, and what goes on behind a curtain in a booth? I'm certainly not one to speculate. Additionally, hats off to the generous guests. Thanks to their donations, our non-profit partner Citizen Effect raised over $650 to go towards providing everyday citizens the tools and networks they need to work directly with communities in need around the world. If you did not have a chance to make a donation at the event, you can do so anytime online. Everyone needs a little wonder in their lives, right?


Once again, a big 'ol thank you to the Madhatter for hosting a wonderful event and of course a special thank you to all of the event sponsors and talent that made the party truly memorable. 

If you were unable to attend the event, make sure to check out the reviews here. For a little visual imagery, make sure to peep event photography in our Flickr gallery from our fabulous Yelping in Wonderland photographer, Nakeva Corothers.

Until next time, SYOY folks!

Tara L


Yelp's Pub Olympics @ Rileys IQ

Posted by Leon C

On a warm Spring evening, London yelpers old and new embraced British culture to its fullest at Rileys IQ. For many, our culture revolves around one thing – the pub. So in true Yelp fashion we turned it up a notch and alongside serving up huge portions of vodka and pear cider, we threw in darts, pool, poker, 3D football, Jenga and Connect 4. The theme of the party was the Olympics, so yelpers could win medals for Usain Bolt'esque performances in the above disciplines.

4558344367_9bb8e5d820  4558347397_5b829265a0  4558349929_bee7f73d3d  4558335827_58cd336373

In between munching on chicken wings, pizza, chips and nachos, yelpers took centre stage, producing sensational performances over the three major Olympic events. Conan H and James S truly took the house in poker. Matt B, Phil R and Craig M made a trifecta of champions at pool, whilst newbie Ollie R bamboozled us with his skills at darts.

4558972234_5aa51b75b1  4558973258_c1a734dae5

A big thanks to Rileys IQ duo Peter and Energiser bunny Kasha, who never stopped running around looking after us. I think we all made a lot of new friends.

4558980306_f391fed355  4558975204_90e5929f53  4558971772_cdafd32d70

Check out more photo's here, read the reviews (or leave your own) here, and see what yelpers are saying on Talk!

Until our next adventure, SYOY!

Leon C and the Yelp London Crew


April 26, 2010

Phoenix Yelpers pleY at a Family Fun Day!

Phoenix yelpers came out to pleY ath the first family friendly elite event on Sunday afternoon, April 25th... The Kiwanis Park Recreation Center was the perfect venue! Yelpers toured the facility and participated in all kinds of activities including dodge ball, volleyball, tennis, batting cages, arts and crafts, and an enormous wave pool and waterslide. In addition, the attendees of all ages couldn't get enough of their bodies painted and inked thanks to Freakin' Awesome Face Painting and Crash Monkey Tattoos.

ChrisTpley PleySarahVal Pleydavidb Pleyverngirls

As if that weren't enough, there were plenty of kid-friendly food and drinks. Everyone stayed hydrated thanks to Vita Coco, and fueled up with delicious food thanks to Jimmy's of Chicago, Someburro's, and Chipotle. We didn't forget dessert either - The custom cookies from Honey Moon Sweets were a real treat, and Blue Bell Ice Cream came to the rescue for those that were screaming for ice cream. Thanks very much to all of you!

Pleybridget Pleybagdec Pleyheatherl Pleysarahk

If you missed the family fun day, make sure to check out the reviews and pictures.

Until the next time all you superstar yelpers, SYOY!

Gabi M - Phoenix Yelp Community Manager


April 25, 2010

Yelp LA West Rocks The Mic

Posted by Christina Y

Yelp Elites new and old gathered at Upper West in Santa Monica on Sunday evening to read and hear their favorite Yelp reviews of all time. From bachelorette stores to the Los Angeles International Airport to one of LA's most loved burger joints, our eloquent performers had the audience at their fingertips.

IMG_8620 IMG_8625 IMG_8649

When they weren't stealing the spotlight, our Elites enjoyed mouth-watering bites from Upper West including mini grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato dipping sauce, prosciutto wrapped prawns, burrata with blackberries and caramel bread pudding. And what would any classy Elite event be without a good cocktail? In this case we had two, a berry cinnamon Zentini and truly refreshing Cucumber Martini featuring KROL Vodka

IMG_8624 IMG_8662 IMG_8682

The party was filled with visual feasts as well thanks to artist Man One who provided a live painting session resulting in a gorgeous paining of the Santa Monica landscape to celebrate Passport to Santa Monica week. Our guests walked off with some coveted Yelp lunchboxes as well.

IMG_8599 IMG_8604 IMG_8602

You can read reviews of the event here and check out the official Yelp flickr page featuring photos from Yelp Elite Kwiri Y and Kim Rodgers of Bark Pet Photography here.

Until the next time all you superstar yelpers, SYOY!

Christina Y

LA West Community Manager

St. Louis Homegrown

Posted by Abby Schwarz

St. Louis yelpers had their first (of many) Friday night Elite event this past weekend at City Gourmet, a high-end grocery store located downtown. In celebration of Earth Day, the theme of the party was "St. Louis Homegrown", with local or organic vendors offering samples of their products. Thatcher's Organic Artisan Liqueur and New Belgium had boozy drinks - all of which got the night off to the right start. And the eats were provided by Mom's Original pretzels, Billy Goat potato chips, and City Gourmet's own stir-fry bar.

StLouisHomegrown2 StLouisHomegrown3 StLouisHomegrown7  StLouisHomegrown11

Elites were asked to wear "green" attire (anything from the color green, to something vintage, to organic clothing) and winners of the green contest got gift bags with local coffee and wine. All yelpers and their guests left with reusable green recycling bags provided by St. Louis Recycling. They also commemorated the event with a custom photo Yelp photo booth!

StLouisHomegrown5 StLouisHomegrown8 StLouisHomegrown12  StLouisHomegrown10

Read the reviews here! It seems that everyone had a great time getting to know each other (as it was the first Elite event for quite a few yelpers!) and we're all looking forward another fun and different event in May :)

Until then, SYOY! And enjoy what's left of Earth Month!

StLouisHomegrown13 StLouisHomegrown9 StLouisHomegrown14 StLouisHomegrown15

Abby S

Yelp St. Louis Community Manager

April 22, 2010

Yelp Vancouver Discovers Where In the World Carmen Sandiego Is!

Posted by Crystal H

Vancouver yelpers may not have found Carmen Sandiego herself, but it looks as if many of her aliases were lurking around the brand new Cafe Nuba for last night's Elite event.

Yelpers sure had plenty of reasons for sleuthing. Like Nuba's appetizer feast of "delicious skewers of savoury marinated prawns, grilled chicken, lamb, and avocado with caramelized onions, all with mjadra on slices of pita." Vincci L "saved the best for last... Najib's special (aka Crispy Cauliflower)! I swear I'm addicted to this stuff!" Think it's fair to say that we all are!


If it wasn't the food, perhaps it was the drinks. Mark H went straight to "the 'One Love' cocktail with organic strawberries, organic Schramm's vodka and agave sweetener." What a treat, and how sweet, to try Nuba's brand new cocktail, along with the Phillips Blue Buck and Young and Wyse red and whites behind the stocked bar.

Group by group, Elites and their guests made their way back into Nuba's production kitchen where they "broke bread," which we later ate for dessert. Meanwhile, trivia questions such as "Which traditional Lebanese dip name was also used as nickname for Vince Vaughn in the comedy Wedding Crashers?" lined the walls as the gumshoes, spies and fugitives scoured the room (and ah hem, their smart phones) for answers. But the winner of the globe (literally) was Sarah O. Way to know your way around Lebanese cuisine and geography!

All of the clues to this jam-packed affair will be revealed in the reviews and on the Official Flickr page. Special thanks to Raymond O, Vincci L and Larry L who chronicled the night behind their lenses and a salute to the most Carmen Sandiego like in our midst, Rachael T, who won a four-pack of tickets to the Projecting Change Film Festival for her awesome Parisian Carmen costume!

Until our next adventure, SYOY!

Crystal H


Yelp's Night of Indulgence Yelp Elite Party @ Art/s Tapas + Sushi Lounge!

When we said this was going to be a "night of indulgence," we weren't throwing around pedestrian sentiments. Last night's Yelp Elite Event at Art/s Tapas + Sushi Lounge in the Marina had a little bit of everything for everyone in attendance. Whether it was sippin' on tasty libations from local gin slingers Distillery No. 209, smooth Wednesday suds courtesy of Kirin Beer, responsible tobacco consumption from Ploom, henna tattoos from Rachel-Ann of Devikas Palacio, or the amazing array of delicious bites coming from Taka and the rest of the crew at Art/s... it goes without saying that there was an abundance of life's little pleasures to indulge in all night long. And don't take it from us... check out what the Yelp Elite folk are saying about the event in their reviews here!

  4543151551_fcc87af52f 4543152669_ed53b57b02 4543152489_72b6711384 

Special thanks to everyone involved that helped make this event a raging success!

For full reviews of the event, click here! For pictures of our Night of Indulgence, click here!

April 21, 2010

Yelpers Battle It Out: Rat Pack vs. Brat Pack

Posted by Monica

Yelpers are the ultimate coolhounds and what better way to showcase their fly fashion than at a Hollywood affair aptly titled, Rat Pack vs. Brat Pack. Monday night at Valanni was just that. Elites arrived in stylish Frank Sinatra or Emilio Estevez threads and rubbed elbows with their fellow kings and queens of cool.

Valanni-32 Valanni-46 Valanni-45

Valanni staff treated elites to savory nibbles like the Spanakopita, Crispy Brussels Sprouts, Baked Brie Toast, Spicy Pulled Chicken Empanadas and more! To wash down the delectable dishes, yelpers got a taste of Skyy Ginger, the exciting new addition to the vodka family, and Veev Açaí.

Valanni-37 Valanni-13 Valanni-04

DJ Qi Command kept the hits in rotation, spinning era-spanning artists like Passion Pit to Sinatra to Lady Gaga and Simple Minds! In the backroom portal, guests entered to find a screening of The Breakfast Club and Yelp lunchboxes galore! This saucy, sultry Hollywood Night at Valanni will not soon be forgotten! Special thanks to the wonderful, hard-working staff and Michael Ferry Photography for the sexy snaps!

Valanni-43 Valanni-12 Valanni-15

Peep more photos here, read the reviews (or leave your own) here, and see what yelpers are saying on Talk! If you missed this soiree, fret not, Yelp's Spring Feastival is just around the corner and everyone's invited!

Until Next Time!

Monica S

Yelp Philadelphia Community Manager

Yelp Has A Black And White Affair

Posted by Colleen Burns

This was not just another Tuesday evening in Orlando, FL... This was a Black and White Elite Affair at the progressive and classy Luma on Park!  We rolled out the red carpet and 40 Elites took over "The Cellar" which is Luma's private dining area located below the main dining room filled to the brim with amazing wines. 

Picture 3 Picture 12  3

The entire night was filled with mixing and mingling our way around the room as we connected with fellow yelpers both new and old.  For some it was their first event so long awaited introductions were finally satisfied!  Our very own personal wait staff made sure the wine was flowing and the food was filling  as we chatted all evening.To get things hoppin' there were two games that had some people guessing up until the end. Yelpers had yelpy sayings written on a card they were given as they walked in and were challenged with "meeting their match." As a reward for matching pairs that found eachother, they were given a Yelp goodie bag filled with snazzy Yelp swag.  Chocolate galore: 917 Black, White & Red M&M'S to be exact! A "Newbie" Yelper: Marysol V took home the yummy sweets for being the closest to guess the amount. Congrats!

Picture 6 Picture 13 Picture 14

Huge thank you to Tim and the classy team at Luma. This posh Elite experience was lovely and delicious. Want more? Check out all the photos from the very talented Gustavo Vargas, read the reviews and catch up with all the chatter on Talk.

Until next time... SYOY

Colleen B

Picture 5

April 20, 2010

Yelp Goes to the Prom!

Posted by Katy

Because high school prom wasn't awkward enough the first time, Seattle yelpers did it again! This time though, the punch was spiked! Over 330 of Seattle's finest yelpers came dressed to the nines to celebrate prom, Yelp style at Spitfire in Belltown.
 Balloons 4538533808_c5d0821995_m Crowns

Some lucky guests were greeted at the doors with complimentary corsages and boutonnieres courtesy of Seattle's new Marigold & Mint! Prior to the event there was an election held and the top ten prom king and queen nominees were announced upon their arrival. Other guests were given the opportunity to get their hair and make up done by our friends from the Gilt Edge Society and the Sweet Spot.

Hair Group3 KSSAMProm

Lookin' as fab as ever, yelpers got the chance to get a prom photo taken by local photographer, Trishann Couvillion from Fire Eyes Photography. Snapping shots of the event, Yelp also got some great help from Brian and Jennifer from Photo Elan

Prom1 Prom4 Prom3

Guests were also treated with Yelp lunchboxes, hoodies, and schwag galore! With goodies in hand, guests rocked it out to the tunes of Seattle's own DJ Drew Hobson, aka DJ Doughboy. Mixin' music from all generations, yelpers danced their hearts out while snacking on sliders, popcorn shrimp, quesadillas and and chocolate pouring from fondue fountains!

Swag Dance Lunchboxes

Half way through the night the king and queens were announced. That's right - there was a tie! Each winner was awarded with a complimentary bottle of wine from the 509 Winery and Tasting Room. What a night to remember!

For more photos of the event please check the official Yelp Flickr Photo Stream! Event photos can also be seen by clicking here for photos from Photo Elan. Click here to view prom posed by Fire Eyes Photography.

For more info on the event, check out the reviews!



Katy H

Yelper On A Roll At Tsuru

Posted by Lizzie G

Holy shiitake! Tsuru makes a good hand roll, our school of yelpers however, floundered... until now! On Monday night 40 lucky Elites followed the current to Tsuru's newest location in Bishopsgate to experience an intimate sushi class with Tsuru's top sushi chef Yod. The evening started with the first group of 20 Elites enjoying drinks and catching up with friends old and new.

IMG_8008 IMG_7990 IMG_7999

Stepping toward their individual preparation tables and donning the very attractive plastic apron provided, yelpers were on a roll. Using only the best quality and sustainable ingredients Vicky L proved that it's the effort that counts when making raw food, Corinna H achieved nigiri-perfection and Whitney N made so much she had to take it home in a doggy bag ...or would that be fishy bowl?

IMG_8071IMG_8065 IMG_8151

After an hour of painstaking concentration (no names mentioned!) it was time to sip prosecco, guzzle beer and sample the fruits of our labour. Over some mouth watering traditional Japanese treats the first group were joined by 20 more Elites and their guests.

IMG_8189 IMG_8200 IMG_8205

Soy, ginger and garlic double-fried chicken, perfectly crisp prawn tempura hand rolls and succulent sticks of teriyaki chicken circulated the room. After what seemed like mere moments, it was time for the groups to part and the second sushi class to begin.

IMG_8246 IMG_8254 IMG_8362

Well done to Tirthankar D, it's the taking part that counts! Eric J was rollin' rollin' rollin' the night away, and just couldn't wait to eat his handmade sushi munching on them while the lesson went on. If the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, quite a few of the ladies should be wed by the end of the month with all the quick wrist action going on. The influence of alcohol possibly disintegrated the skill of many Elites during the night but that didn't stop the fun from continuing.  IMG_8347 IMG_8212 IMG_8307

A huge thank you to Emma and the outstanding team at Tsuru. This sushi experience Elite event was utterly entertaining and delicious. Want more? Check out all the photos, from the very talented Mr. Philp Sharp, read the reviews and catch up with all the gossip on Talk.

Until next time... SYOY

Lizzie G and the London Crew


LA East's Yelp Noir

LA (East) Elites gathered this past Sunday afternoon at the marvelous Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock to kick off Passport to Eagle Rock, Yelp Noir style!

The art-filled event was buzzing with artists and art-appreciators alike. The old library turned arts center provided an antiquated backdrop to an intimate Sunday afternoon spent mingling, sipping and nibbling in a sea of stylish black and white digs.

   Yelp Noir-8     Yelp Noir-10     Yelp Noir-37     Yelp Noir-85

Bubbly and wine were flowing compliments of Barefoot Wine & Bubbly and bottles of Deschutes Brewery's Mirror Pond and Black Butte made another generous LA appearance. As always, making sure our nondrinkers and DDs were kept thirst-quenched, the non-alcoholic beverage of choice on this fine Sunday was none other than the king of sparkling juices, Izze. And whom did we have to serve all these delicious drinks? None other than the yummiest of bartender (merci Keith) from Yummy Bartenders!

    Yelp Noir-60     Yelp Noir-72     Yelp Noir-372      Yelp Noir-142

It wouldn't be a Yelp event without scrumptious samplings from favorite local spots, so Stonefire Grill in neighboring Pasadena provided exquisite BBQ tri tip, addictive garlic bread sticks, and their signature BBQ chopped salad. Cupcakes from Lark Silver Lake Cake Shop were a hot commodity, as guests treated the limited selection of desserts as if they were pure gold! They looked brilliant and matched the theme beautifully.

      Yelp Noir-115     Yelp Noir-185     Yelp Noir-155     Yelp Noir-145

Elites and their plus ones did not go home empty handed either! Caricatures by Grant exaggerated facial expressions and characteristics with his wit and his pen, Party Fun Creation gussied up eager epidermises with beautiful henna creations and Jonathan Kvassay rendered unique portraits worthy of professional framing. Dazzling ears with soothing sounds was Yelp's own Brandon T and a couple other talented members from The Haberdashery Ensemble. And without the lovely Corza M we would be without these perfect pictures.

      Yelp Noir-131     Yelp Noir-144    Yelp Noir-149     Yelp Noir-139     

Do you think the good times stopped there? Never. The official after party took place at The Black Boar for deals on domestic drafts, well drinks and a special Yelp burst shot. Elites just can't get enough!

     Yelp Noir-107     Yelp Noir-226     Yelp Noir-246     Yelp Noir-178

Even though it was a black and white event, the colorful reviews can be found right here.

Another weekend, another Yelp Elite event!

Katie B

    Yelp Noir-347

April 19, 2010

Denver Elites Get Brunchy at Strings Restaurant

Posted by Laura Levaas

Is there anything better than a beautiful brunch? Heck no! This Saturday the Denver Yelp Elite Squad brunched it up at Strings with a menu (and morning) of epic proportions! More than 100 Elites and their guests were treated to unlimited St. Chapelle Mimosas, Rain Vodka Bloody Marys, and a sit down brunch with amazing selections including French Toast Amandine, Blueberry Pancakes, Lobster & Asparagus Omelets, Huevos Rancheros, Eggs Benedicts, Crab Cakes, Croque Madames, cheese platters, and oh so much more to go around.

Strings6 Strings7

While getting their nosh on, the group was treated to the musical stylings of John Templeton and a photo booth hosted by Adam Mattavi. One lucky elite guest won a gift certificate to Peppermint Boutique, while Seth G got a very special gift from Soul Haus.

Strings3 Strings1

And for some really great news, we collected 20 children's books and more than $100 for The Cunningham Foundation! Big thanks to everyone for helping with the efforts.

Strings10  Stringsstaff

Miss the event? Want to know more? Check out the photos and reviews

Until next time, we'll SYOY!

Laura L
Denver Yelp Community Manager


April 15, 2010

Chicago Yelp Elites Stir It Up

Posted by Johnny Todd

Longer days, breezy streets, the sun shining on our backs — warm weather is finally back in the Windy City. What better way to celebrate the return of nice temps than to take a trip to the islands! The Yelp jet was otherwise engaged, so 130 invited Chicago Elites did the next best thing and got Jamaican Me Yelpy at Mr Brown's Lounge.

This Ukrainian Village hotspot was the perfect venue for thirsty and hungry yelpers eager to leave their cares behind. Greeted by beautiful bamboo décor, stylish couches and Mr. Brown’s own telephone booth, as soon as the yelpers arrived, they were greeted with wide smiles, Rum Punch and Red Stripe.


Island drinks weren’t the only thing on the menu for the evening. There was plenty of goodies on which to nosh. Jamaican beef patties, jerk chicken wings, fried plantains, and spicy mac & cheese were the menu of the evening. Not satisfied to just give tastes, the crew at MBL kept the food going all night long. Lite bites turned into a smorgasborg of Jamaican delights!

What’s a Jamaican party without reggae? From classic album covers on the walls, to Bob Marley playing on the synchronized flat screens to the thumping beats of dancehall on the surround sound system, Jamaica was on our minds, in our ears and in our bellies. If you didn’t get the chance to come on down, no worries, mon! Victoria Sprung captured all the tropical treats with her trusty camera and grateful Elites have spread the gospel here.  Jamaican me Yelpy? Jamaican me  happy to be a Chicago Elite!



Until next time,  SYOY

Johnny T

April 14, 2010

Chicago Suburban Elites Get Bowled Over!

Posted by Jelena Z

Last night, Yelp's Chicagoland Elites rolled out in full force in the fast lanes at Pinstripes in Northbrook. Performance nerves were quickly quelled with Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka cocktails, Crispin Cider as well as plenty o' vino. Cheers to liquid courage!

Yelp @ Pinstripes 005 Yelp @ Pinstripes 010

In between strikes, yelpers struck poses in ShutterBox's truly deluxe photobooth and noshed on an impressive spread of flatbreads provided by Pinstripes. Prosciutto Fig, Grilled Vegetable, Truffled Cheese, and Chicken Avocado Club tempted and satisfied the yelper's discerning palates! All were delicious, and the Proscuitto Fig flatbread in particular caused quite the stir.

Yelp @ Pinstripes 098 Yelp @ Pinstripes 080

On the other side of our gorgeous + spacious host venue, Eites and their guests displayed their competitive streaks and strong-armed finesse in the bocce lanes. The ladies easily outscored the men! And Misty S scored her own personal bowling best: a 200! Who knew-- yelpers sure are sporty!

Yelp @ Pinstripes 153  Yelp @ Pinstripes 165

A huge thanks to the wonderful, gracious staff of Pinstripes as well as Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka and Crispin Cider for some luscious libations, and to the always delightful Rachel J aka The Click Chick for the photos! Don't forget to peep all the reviews here, and check out the digital ShutterBox photo strips here!

Until next time, SYOY!
Jelena Z

April 12, 2010

Dallas Yelp's Tacky Elite Prom

Posted by Nikki B

What do you get when you throw Yelp all over the walls, put on some shoulder pads and spike the punch? A Yelp Prom, of course! Dallas Elites and guests gussied up in their best formal attire for Dallas Yelp Prom at Third Space, located in the heart of downtown.

IMG_8768 IMG_8875 IMG_9393

We saw everything from side pony tails to elbow-length gloves to silk ties at this R-rated party. A cheesy photo booth complete with shooting stars and a castle and silver fringe backdrop provided perfect prom pictures that everyone can take home to mom and dad. When they weren't getting their pics taken, yelpers were gettin' groovy to the beats of DJ yeahdef, who spun old school hits all night long.

IMG_8695 IMG_8736 IMG_8716

Thanks to the generous offerings from Snappy Salads, Pinkberry and The Taco Joint, guests did not go hungry. In fact, there was so much grub they were sending Elites home with doggie bags full of yummy goodies! Among the choices were Thai lettuce boats, cups of mushroom soup, steak wraps, 5 frozen yogurt flavors with toppings, chips and queso... just to name a few!

IMG_9269 IMG_9333 IMG_9361

Remember that spiked punch we mentioned? Hudson Ferus Vodka provided made-to-order juice cocktails, Cruz Tequila slung fresh-mixed mint margaritas and Deschutes Brewery supplied a keg of their Mirror Pond Pale Ale to keep the yelpers and their prom dates hydrated. No hidden flasks needed at this prom!

IMG_9366 IMG_9274 IMG_9232

A big congrats to the 2010 Yelp Elite Prom King and Queen, Joe F and Leigh P!
Check out the snazzy outfits here, and the reviews reveal just how much fun prom can be without parental supervision!


Nikki B

April 11, 2010

Toronto Elites Attend a Sunday Night Press Club at Negroni!

Posted by Kat F.
4513343143_088b8d072f 4513367199_afd6257f44 4513981748_73f60281df

This Sunday, sixty of Toronto's hottest Elites gathered at Negroni, College Street's premier gourmet panini bistro, to sample the tastiest meats, cheeses and spreads to ever find themselves nestled between slices of toasty ciabatta. Earlier in the week a callout was placed to create a dream panini and the winning selection was dished up to all attendees: Shari M's choice of prosciutto, provolone, portabello mushrooms, basil pesto & garlic spread won out over other creative suggestions, including Val G's "chevretine, broccoli sprouts and grilled caramelized squash", Thom H's "prosciutto, percorino romano, roasted red peppers and frisee" or Kat "fresh-off-a-flight-from-Japan' T's "Pley date" panini consisting of pancetta, dates and goat cheese spread.

4513372383_d5939dca09 4514012532_2149c05038 4514012320_fa28e850f3

Guests sipped on hefty glasses of red and white from Mark Anthony Wines and guzzled bottles of pilsner from Toronto's own Steam Whistle Brewery. Of the paninis that floated by our heads we spotted asparagus and goat cheese with peperonata along with Milano salami, goat cheese and black olive tapenade and a "totally ridiculous" (said Suzan K) dessert panini with hazelnut spread and fresh berries topped with icing sugar. Dale M exclaimed: "Sausage and salami reigned supreme tonight and were doled out by some of the hardest-working staff I've ever seen on College Street!"

4514012120_f427c375f7 4513372997_50ab95eac3 4513372269_8f2b3b4dfa

Many thanks to Bill Sweete, owner of Negroni, and his wonderfully accommodating team - servers Neil and Lisa, and the rest of the kitchen staff who graciously guided us on an unforgettable gourmet panini tour!

Peep pics of the beautiful people taken by our own Wendy Heisler, check out the party chatter on Talk and reviews galore deeming the evening a night of panini perfection!

See you on Yelp!

Kat F

April 09, 2010

Bang! Pow! Yelp! The Metro Detroit Elite Squad Geeks Out!

Posted by Mariah C

Last night saw the Metro Detroit Elite Squad breaking into the Vault to get geeky!  Venturing into the depths of the Vault of Midnight's secret hideout, yelpers were greeted by a bar stocked with brews (Espresso Love & Brasserie Blonde) from local Arbor Brewing Company, as well as refreshing cocktails featuring black cherry Zodiac vodka.

IMG_5273 IMG_5242 IMG_5274
The walls were already be-decked with posters, action figures, and all sorts of pop-culture ephemera, giving everyone plenty of inspiration prior to their foray into the photo room.  Super hero props galore led to the invention of many new combo heroes (robo-sword-Batman, anyone?) -- all snapped by Danny M. There were also some pretty hot classic video game throw downs going on throughout the night.

IMG_5214 IMG_5203

Lovely finger foods and cake were provided by the ladies of Sparrow Market's Taste Our Goods, as DJs Charles Trees and Jeremy W provided the soundtrack. The topper to the evening, however, was the prize drawing for the Wonder Woman tiara... with new yelper Erin F winning the golden crown.

IMG_5233 IMG_5297

Many many thanks to Liz, Curtis, Christian, Nick and the whole Vault of Midnight crew, as well as barkeeps Ayron N and Louis P, all of our aforementioned sponsors, and most of all... all of the super elites who came out and dressed up to make this one SUPER night!

Yours in Yelp Geekery,
Mariah C (aka Robin)

A Red Hot & Sizzling Silver Night With Yelp!

Posted by Jessica T

Visions of bold red and silver adorned yelpers painted the much buzzed about new hotspot Kaama Lounge's parking lot, as the personable Premier Valet staff quickly parked arriving guest's hot rides with ease. Once Kaama's doors opened, yelpers excitedly made their way inside the swank maroon and silver decorated lounge, for an energetic night of bumping music by DJ JoJo, elaborate fruity cocktails, innovative delicious bites, and a HOT swimwear fashion show that left everyone wide-eyed and speechless.

4503875264_f654c38778(2) 4503861816_039f05ee8e  4503864720_a9ba7d158b 4503245245_c8bc3d4641

A stunning spread of Kaama's appetizers, which are basically a unique spin on traditional comfort foods, born from the talented minds and hands of Executive chef Matt Mermod and Sous- chef Megan Croom, were passed throughout the night by Kaama's  "pleasant" and "on top of their game," staff. Everything from Nachos (Blue corn chips topped with spicy goat cheese, truffled wild mushrooms, and pico de gallo, to Pigs in a Blanket (House-made chicken apple sausage and fresh jalapeno wrapped in rice paper, served with cranberry chipotle dipping sauce) to delightful bites of Shrimp Cocktail (Coconut poached prawns mixed with grilled pineapple, grapefruit segments, and a tomatillo lime jam, served with yuca chips) were served with a smile to salivating guests like Dennis O and Margo G.

4504149463_2146fa0823 4504148343_715b44d9c7 4504149143_ab05a689b2 4504148811_c831311c4e

While yelpers caught up with each other on Kaama's low and sexy seating, others like Stanley C and Mona W gathered around the bar, eager to sample Kaama's superstar bartender Jared's brilliant and "exotic" drink recipes.  Jo H  and Julia H, basked in the chic ambiance while sipping on decadent cocktails like the Blackberry Sidecar – "Can you say KAPOW?" – the Pink Lemonade Martini, the Yelp 5 Star, the Strawberry Ginger Fizz, and the Watermelon Cooler. Yum!

4504154129_83733ab6c6 4503873780_ee8d213f1f 4503855788_a3b2253db8 4503860220_c8be4a061e

As the night progressed, the walkways were quickly cleared for what promised to be a wowing show. Rexy Q Designs' (for inquiries, email: rexific@yahoo.com) hip and sexy couture swimsuits and dresses did not disappoint. Everyone was awed as the stunning array of models, including Yelp's own Jenisis S, Kathy B, and of course the fabulous Silicon Valley CM Connie C, sashayed around Kaama's booths and dance-floor with confidence, sporting sexy voluminous hair by Angelo Canales of Scandalous Salon in Willow Glen, flawless vibrant makeup by Aimee Lam, glowing tans by Liquid Sunshine and accessories from Stella & Dot styled by Pauline L.

4503869348_935e9c1a7c 4504152805_2be1165da6_o 4503236523_db5476ffaf 4503846633_07565c3b56 

The fashion show ended with a crowd resounding roar, just in time for the raffle winners to be announced. A slew of winners, including Jeannette Z claimed their coveted gifts, as outstanding DJ JoJo rocked the place with a killer line-up of booty shaking songs that had Kaama full of fierce five star dance moves. The festivities continued well after 9:00pm as yelpers continued the rocking dance party, and perused Kaama's dinner menu for late night eats.

04-07-2010 Elite Event at Kaama Lounge & Rexy Q Fashion Show (69) 4504781702_7af847e355 4503238691_a07b6d770d(2) 4504481866_81ce006d8f

Judging by the the plethora of detail filled reviews here, and the wealth of action packed shots by Carol L, Ian L, and Cindy C, it looks like the night was nothing less than fabulous! A big resounding thanks to Kaama's owner Radhika and the rest of the amazing Kaama staff for making the night such a resounding success!

April 08, 2010

Yelp's East Burnside Ball at the Jupiter Hotel!

Posted by Don Bourassa

Did you have a date for the ball? Portland Yelpers did, and April 7th, 2010 will surely be a date to remember as we wined and dined in a super fine Dream Tent at the Jupiter Hotel! It was Portland's first Open party of the 2010 season: The East Burnside Ball!

Lunchboxes Deco Peace

The Jupiter Hotel opened up their fabulous crystal-chandelier-bedecked Dream Tent, hip Dream Box, and chill-out-pad Think Tank to over 475 awe-struck Yelpers on a surprisingly dry (at least until the end of the party) spring day for a chance to get up close and personal with local craft-distilling artisans from Distillery Row, while enjoying regional brews, delicious wines, and scrumptious tastes of amazing local foods. Topped off by performances from local live act Boy Eats Drum Machine and Yelp's own DJ Saltfeend, there's no question, it was a 5-star experience all around.

Balloon YE0410_0143SM

With four local craft-distillers in attendance, there was a lot of tasting to be done. While old-schoolers such as Cam T got muddled by New Deal's Mud Puddle chocolate vodka and newbies like Hillary R got high off of Highball's Elemental Vodka, Sam W was busy slurping down some of House Spirits' amazing artisan Aquavit and Chelsea B got doused with Deco Distilling's dynamic Deco Rum. The sample cocktails and straight tastings were a great chance to learn why Portland truly has that artisan spirit... uh... spirit. And of course, no PDX event would be complete without Yelper favorite Ninkasi Total Domination IPA and Spring Reign seasonal beers flowing like water from the signature laser-cut metal tap handles. Add in a healthy dose of Bear Flag's delicious (and fun!) red and white blends, as well as a healthy dose of Organic Honest Teas, and there was simply no shortage of drinks to be had.

Aww yeah  Cupcakes Yum

There's no question Yelpers love their food, and with amazing local restaurants and food providers on hand, there was no shortage of delicious snacks for the munching. Immediate neighbor (and amazing venue/restaurant) Doug Fir Lounge dished out some delicious fried green tomatoes with a mango sauce, and local gourmet pizza powerhouse Pizzicato served up an incredible (and never-ending) array of tasty pizzas to keep the crowd in savory snacks. Meanwhile, Back to Eden Bakery brought the cupcakes (vegan even!) in mass quantity, while spud! organic produce delivery shared some succulent fruits and veggies with the crowd. Add in a room filled to the brim with healthy (and tasty) PopChips, and you've got yourself a buffet of goodness.

BEDM DreamBox

And if the distillers, beer, wine, food, and entertainment wasn't enough, Yelpers like Ana M and Katie H enjoyed being shot, paparazzi style, by PhotosByKim, as well as getting dolled up and posing in the photo booth by Plywerk. Even amazing local humanitarian charity Mercy Corps was on hand to raise awareness about the amazing life-saving work they've been doing in Haiti and around the world (props to Yelp's own Kody L, who is currently in the Sudan doing always-important work for Mercy Corps)!

Mikki Top Hat Apple

A special thank you goes out to everyone who helped make this amazing Open Party a success: Shauna and Shannon from Jupiter, Morgan from Ninkasi, Tom and Sarah from New Deal Distilling, Christian and Matt from House Spirits, Lenny and Bill from Deco Distilling, Will and Michael from Highball Distilling, Heather from Bear Flag, Bryan from Doug Fir, Nicole and Jessica from Pizzicato, John from Back to Eden, Christine from spud!, Minda and Jim from Mercy Corps, Nathan from Riot Act, Theo from Smoke Signals, Boy Eats Drum Machine, Ed (DJ Saltfeend), Kjell and Piet from Plywerk, Kim from PhotosByKim, Hilary B, Michelle B, Ruggy J, and everyone else, without whom this event would not have been possible. But the biggest thanks goes to you, our Yelp community, both Elites and soon-to-be elites - you're the best community on earth!

Group Yelp 

Don't believe us? Check out the reviews, the photos, and even more photos!

Keep up the incredible reviews, and until next time, SYOY!
--Don B

San Diego's Channel Yelp News Report

Posted by Danny Wurst

This Just In!

Over 200 San Diego elite yelpers were first on the scene to the newest hotspot of the Gaslamp Quarter gathering an exclusive look at Quality Social

Picnik collage Between a Ron Burgundy look-a-like throwing a solo no pants party in the liquor case for live art, a news anchor themed photo-booth, and escaped pandas from the zoo.... there was plenty of headline-worthy entertainment at this event.

Picnik collage The top booze stories of the hours....Trumer Pils, paper bag wrapped domestic tall boys, pickle-back shots and the signature H cocktail. The delicious medley of cucumber vodka, St. Germain, lime, club soda, cucumber, and black pepper was certainly abuzz amongst yelpers reporting in the field. Picnik collage The food...a succulent array of deviled eggs, duck wings, pretzels, bacon wrapped dates, charcuterie, and even oysters on the half shell served by a friendly staff of borderline supermodels. Even Ebert and Roeper would have given two thumbs up......had they had their elite badges.

Check out the photos from Guided By Imagination Photography, or read the reviews if you missed out. Until next time....

Stay classy San Diego!

Danny W

San Diego Community Manager

April 07, 2010

Brooklyn Yelp Gets Wild at Woodwork!

Posted by peter d.

Last night, as the sun set in Prospect Heights, the NYC Yelp Elite Squad converged on Woodwork, the city's latest and greatest football (perhaps you know it as "soccer") bar. Spring might have just started, but it felt like summer as the HOT crowd of yelpers heated up the beautiful space quickly.

Picture 12 Picture 5 Picture 1  Picture 6

To cool off in the unseasonably warm weather, the bar staff was mixing up refreshing Mint Juleps and the infamous SpringWorks cocktails with the incomparable Hudson Four Grain Bourbon courtesy of Tuthilltown Spirits. And as if that wasn't enough, plenty of people were quenching their thirst with the Hopback and Pale Ale provided by Tröegs Brewing Company!

Picture 15 Picture 14 Picture 4 Picture 16

Chef Ross and his Woodwork staff were amazing, pumping out amazingly delicious treats, from pulled pork sandwiches to scrumptious soup to refreshing cucumber canapes and more! If you saw their setup, you'd be even more amazed by the quality and variety of the food available.

Picture 7 Picture 8 Picture 10 Picture 11

If you missed this one, make sure to check out the reviews, check out the rest of the photos, and see what people are Talk-ing about!

Picture 9Picture 3Picture 13Picture 2


Peter D, Jane K, and the Yelp NYC Team

P.S. I don't know about you, but we'll be walking into Woodwork again soon, especially with the World Cup right around the corner!

Yelp's On A Bowl At All Star Lanes

Posted by Lizzie G

To the sound of clattering pins and the beat of some classic 80's tunes London's Yelp Elite Squad descended on All Star Lanes' private Penthouse Bowling Suite for 2 hours of cocktails, miniature American food and unlimited bowling. The night started on a roll with Tommy's Margaritas, Moscow Mules and Elderflower Juleps providing dutch courage for the bowling to commence.

IMG_7197 IMG_7447 IMG_7322

The girls wiped the the floor with Tisha B, Yiting S and Mei L all scoring a strike in the same game! Some Elites got a little over confident with Matt B creating his own signature move, the "bowl-and-walk-away-like-you-just-don't-care-you've-scored-a-strike." But we can't all be winners and as Rob O puts it "the private lane was certainly a big help in making my embarrassment limited to just a few select people." Yes he really was that bad!

IMG_7243 IMG_7133IMG_7153 IMG_7242 IMG_7246


A special shout out to all those who got with the retro theme and dressed to impress in 80s style. Michael L's white glove tribute to the late king of pop did not get over looked along with Sarah O's ensemble. The venue was all 'white on the night', with big comfy leather seats and funky curved bar, the epitome of party chic.

IMG_7217 IMG_7362

After slurping away on some of the best cocktails in London, Elites devoured Seattle fish cakes with hollandaise sauce, mini Southern Fried Chicken sandwiches and All Star mini Beef burgers. Not forgetting the Sin City caramel Chocolate pots which had Suzanne H licking out the mini shot glasses it came in – we saw you hunny!

IMG_7277 IMG_7314 IMG_7468

There were a few lucky super stars who scored some fantastic prizes courtesy of All Star Lanes, but here at Yelp, everyone's a winner; walking away with a fabulous experience from the All Star team. Check out the Elite squad partying the All Star way and take a sneaky peek at the snappy snaps thanks to Philp Sharp, read the fabulous reviews and check out all the gossip on Talk.


So until next time...


Lizzie G and The London Crew


DC Elites Pop Their Cherry Blossoms at Perry's

Posted by Tara Lewis

Spring is in the air. Birds were chirping, the sun was shining and the DC Elites Squad was ready for some rooftop fun and refuge from the Cherry Blossom tourists.

Good times were had by all at Yelp Pops Your Cherry Blossom at Perry's. Food was plentiful, with a variety of tasty sushi treats including fish and chips rolls, salmon and orange sashimi, tuna and apple sashimi, shrimp balls and sweet tofu skin inari.

As the sun set, the Elite Squad still felt like they were walking on sunshine as they sipped delicious beverages including champagne infused Svedka Clementine Crushes, Svedka Cherry Colas made with real, dried cherries and mucho Sapporo Beer as they overlooked the city.

Yelp 5

For those without SPF protection, the origami stations inside provided the perfect cooling opportunity to get crafty and snack on a few classic Japanese snacks and goodies. 

Big shout out to event newbies, Katie S and Jason P who rocked the party like old pros. A very special thank you to Perry's for hosting us on their exclusive rooftop deck and catering to us so graciously. We could not have asked for a more perfect setting or evening. Additionally thank you to Svedka Vodka and Sapporo Beer for keeping the party festive and flowing with beverage.

To check out more photos from the event, visit Flickr and peep pics featuring photography courtesy of James Le.

If you want to catch more of the event buzz, hope over to the event listing to read the reviews!!

Until next time, folks...


Tara L

April 06, 2010

New York Elites Fling Into Spring at Tribeca Cinemas

Did someone say spring and fling in the same sentence? Yes. Yes, they did.

And despite the overused phrasing Yelp Elites came out in droves to Tribeca Cinemas to celebrate the season that has us grinning from ear to ear. Roosevelt Dime kicked things off with some tunes from their album, dedicated to all things American music. Whether they were hollering acoustic jug band tunes and laying down classic Motown soul, Elites certainly enjoyed the live band treat!

Picture 3 Picture 5Picture 6 Picture 4
To soothe those empty stomachs some top-rated local eateries were on hand with tasty treats. Poco's mushroom truffle croquettes, jalepeño chorizo mac & cheese and house cured  tequila salmon carpaccio served on a garlic toast with homemade hummus finished with cilantro pesto had Kendra C and Ki G going back for more. Meanwhile, Meze Grill got the masses going with spicy hummus, baba ganoush, homemade pita chips and cinnamon & vanilla rice pudding for dessert. From the masters at Murray's Cheese Shop, yelpers were invited to sample an array of asiago, manchego and piave cheese with a (dried) cherry on top!

Picture 10 Picture 9 Picture 8 Picture 12
A springtime evening isn't complete without some Heartland Brewery beer: Cornhusker Wheat and Sumatra Porter to be precise. Dana F fantasizes, "espresso beer = a jolt and a buzz at once.  Do you think I can drink this at work?" Just don't tell anyone Dana. At the bar, Apple and Pear Original Sin Cider took the edge of the moody Mondays.

Thanks to all the gorgeous NYC Elites who sprung into spring with us. Check out the reviews and photos from Mackler Studios while you procrastinate at work. And be sure to enjoy the record high temps in the city this week!

April 05, 2010

LA Yelp Gets Elemental

Think you know how LA gets her Yelp on? Well, think again! Over 1,200 elementally inspired yelpers navigated their way through J Restaurant & Lounge for LA's largest Yelp party yet! This bash was cooler than an Earth, Wind & Fire concert!

                                SVP-YelpJs-1     SVP-YelpJs-2     SVP-YelpJs-7

Yelp Gets Elemental provided guests with a trip through the world's most critical elements: earth, fire, air, water and of course, Yelp!

Standing in line can be a huge party foul, but when passing the time chowing down on red velvet pancake bites from The Buttermilk Truck, duck tacos from The Flying Pig, and mini pastrami sandwiches from Fresser's Hot Pastrami, guests were treated to a little taste of the party before even getting in!

Upon entering the venue, Zen Arts greeted yelpers with a full array of soaring entertainment and sexy synchronized performances that were enhanced by staging and lighting from Skyline Events. And to stimulate the senses further, Miracle Fruit USA handed out magical berries that tricked taste buds into thinking lemons and apple cider vinegar were as sweet as candy!

     SVP-YelpJs-5     SVP-YelpJs-8     SVP-YelpJs-10     SVP-YelpJs-14

Taking the air concept to the next level, Kitchen12000 wowed attendees with a "Switch the Addiction" airport, complete with a neon runway, seductive stewardesses passing around gourmet airplane meals, a pilot-clad DJ, "I'm with Sue Veneer" gift area, Killer Kababs, pho shooters, and Coffee Clinic. It was truly a production of epic proportions.

                            SVP-YelpJs-3     SVP-YelpJs-16     SVP-YelpJs-19

Inside, the earth area became a spiritual haven for our lovely friends at A True Psychic, Heart and Soul Healing Arts Center, Moondridge Spirit, and Tree of Life Healing. While waiting for their future, guests hoovered through J Restaurant & Lounge's delicious passed appetizers, including veggie spring rolls, spicy buffalo chicken strips, bacon wrapped dates and sausages, crab sushi on cucumber, and tuna tartare. They then topped off their savories with a collection of cupcakes from Dollhouse Bake Shoppe and washed it all down with Hornitos margaritas.

Upstairs, the muy caliente fire patio was ablaze with cigars and hookah from Fumar Cigars. And when yelpers weren't smoking a stogie, they tasted an eclectic selection of chocolates (wasabi chocolate truffles, among them) from L'Artisan du Chocolat. Roasting marshmallows was also on the evening's agenda, compliments of Plush Puffs Gourmet Marshmallows. And, to further engage the sweet tooth, treats from A Little Piece of Cake prettied up the room.

                                           SVP-YelpJs-20         SVP-YelpJs-9

The waves were made on the water-themed dance floor thanks to the hooperific Hoopadelic ladies, who mesmerized guests with hip-swaying moves to the dope beats of DJ Prince Dario.

Double-fisting was easy to do with flowing libations courtesy of Barefoot Wine and Bubbly, Deschutes Brewery, Hornitos, Maker's Mark and Pinky Vodka. And to ensure hangovers were minimal, Honest Tea was on site handing out bottles of their finest non-alcoholic bevies!

Those that might not remember the evening can thank LA Photo Party and Santiago Valencia Photography, who both captured the night's priceless moments!

        Expman   Expman-1   Expman-2   Expman-3

Finally, because Yelp understands that it feels oh so good to do good, TreePeople joined the evening's parade of elemental times by providing helpful, "seedy" tips on giving back to the LA community.

Don't believe us? Read 'em and weep here and view some of the photos here and here.

Until the next blowout, SYOY!

Katie B and Christina Y

LA Community Managers


Yelp Honolulu Elites Are Late For A Very Important Date!

Posted by Emi H

There was no time to say hello or goodbye on April Fool's day because Yelp Honolulu Elites were busy dashing off to a "Mad Hatter's Tea Party" at Tea at 1024! The little venue that packed a punch, errr we mean tea cup, managed to squeeze in 60+ hat adorned yelpers for a cozy evening of yelpy chit chatting!

26425_1346164289127_1081871389_1021151_3810466_n 26425_1346161529058_1081871389_1021111_2963528_n 26425_1346161249051_1081871389_1021108_3555308_n
Yelp Elites and their guests nibbled on soft and nummy high tea sandwiches, mini desserts, cupcakes and a self serve candy bar! Party goers picked out their own tea cups and sipped on spiked hot tea and an assortment of non-alcoholic house teas. Although no one broke out into their own version of I'm A Little Tea Pot, we did manage to catch quite a few yelpers playing dress up in hats, boas and wings courtesy of Tea at 1024

26425_1346162129073_1081871389_1021118_2696658_n 26425_1346160569034_1081871389_1021102_2192825_n
26425_1346163289102_1081871389_1021142_1579858_n 26425_1346164569134_1081871389_1021154_1301670_n
The Mad Hatter managed to behave himself, Alice sat down for a spot of tea, the White Rabbit passed out yelp stick and the Fairy served up cocktails in tea cups. High brow hootenanny mixed with yelpy tales of food frontiers in Honolulu? Sounds like a veritable Wonderland of yelpiness to me!

26425_1346163169099_1081871389_1021141_3153384_n 26425_1346163609110_1081871389_1021145_6557274_n 26425_1346165449156_1081871389_1021163_5247115_n
Want to hear the latest gossip about the Queen of Hearts and who's head is on the chopping block? Read all about it, dish it out on Talk or take a look at the steamy pics!

Aloha & SYOY!

Emi H

Honolulu Community Manager

April 02, 2010

Houston Is Yelpin' In The Raw At Sushi Raku

Posted by Farrah Akhtar

Ready for a rawkin good time?! Houston yelpers maki-ed their way on out to Midtown's newest and trendiest restaurant and lounge, Sushi Raku on Tuesday, March 30th for H-town's biggest Elite Event yet... 

Elites and their guests savored exquisite Japanese fare prepared by Executive Chef Taka Sekiguchi along with is talented staff: bacon-wrapped scallops, pork dumplings, tempura shrimp, edamame and crawfish,  and, of course, sushi! With sushi rolling demos and grilling tips as skewers were flamed up over the robata grill, yelpers walked away with some Japanese culinary skills of their own.

The heat also turned up as DJ SoulTower 606 spun live on the ones and twos and more than 200 party-goers took over the resto; fortunately Japanese import Asahi Beer were there to quench thirsts, along Red Dragon and Asian Lemon Drop Martinis concocted with TY-KU Sake and Tito's Handmade Vodka, there to wet our whistle. Adding more Japanese flare and excitement to the night was Artist Wong finalizing the finishing touches to his ceiling-high paintings that adorn the walls of Sushi Raku; and members and volunteers from The Japan Culture Society, Sushi Club of Houston, and The Japan-American Society of Houston provided origami instruction, travel tips and trivia (with Asian candy prizes), and Elites received a take-home keepsake with their name written in Japanese! Two winners from the drawing also walked away with a free session at Blossom Massage and a pair of tickets to Free Press Summer Fest.

Dōmo arigatō
(thank you) to all sponsors and yelpers who came out for a rawkin Yelp Elite Squad Event! Missed the festive fun? Check out what yelpers are saying about the evening and sponsors here, the photos compiled by yelpers Long T, Stephen R and David N; and chime in on the Talk action that's still buzzin'!



Farrah A
Houston Community Manager

April 01, 2010

Sacramento is a one horse town ...

Posted by Olivia L

To those who think cowtown is a one horse town, we give a secret wink and a “how do!” Yep, not even a fake sunset (uh, thanks to rain) could keep nearly 100 gorgeous yelpers, media and friends from meeting their destiny in the Wild, Wild West.

On saddles ablaze, we galloped to The Golden Bear to meet Chef Billy Zoeillin and his fare, which was so damn delicious that folks were drooling and arm wrestling over the last bite.


Lagunitas also jumped in the game to make sure no cowboy or girl went thirsty.

Tiffany K yelps “Good food, good grog and good little spot in midtown! And here I was for years having not discovered gold at the Golden Bear. Loved the mini tacos and sliders. I will be back!”

Speaking of gold, it seemed like everyone panned their hearts out, digging for elusive treasures with modern day kitchen strainers. Finally, someone yelled "Eureka!" In the end, five yelpers took home tickets to Celebrity Chef and three made the cut for Paso Robles 2010 Grand Tasting Tour, with an exclusive meet-the-winemaker preview included.

We threw out the question earlier, “who is Sacramento’s most wanted yelper?” Well, folks, clearly we all had our moment in the Most Wanted sun ... errr sign last night.


GL3T8624  GL3T8611

Oh, and we pay respects to Steed, the shiny white stallion that touched so many of us last night and met an ill fate in the “meat grinder” (ok, it was a ceiling fan, but it was still tragic.) Steed, you will be missed. Though not nearly as much as Albert W who is leaving us for L.A. (SoCal, you are one lucky bastard.) 

Check out more smokin’ hot mug shots by our adorable photog Wes from Beatnik Studios. You will weep tears of joy. When you're done with that, tell us about your version of the night and share your pics here.

In the wise words of David O: “Straight up, Sacramento Yelp has arrived.” 

One last note … does anyone else have the feeling that in a couple of years we will be saying “I knew Musical Charis when …”?