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January 31, 2010

Denver Elites Wine Down at Lala's Wine Bar + Pizzeria

Posted by Laura Levaas

More than 130 Denver Elites wound down January with a groovy wine tasting at Lala's Wine Bar + Pizzeria Saturday night.

Oh, what were they drinking? Five varieties of wine (from their own custom Yelp wineglasses) including Matua Sauvignon Blanc, Filus Malbec, Delas Cote Du Rhone, Lunetta Prosecco, and Mas De la Dam Gourmade Rouge, and a tasty little cocktail made from Root liquor (hailing from the northeast) cardamom, muddled orange, lemon zest with a splash of soda.

Bartendress Wineglasses

Nick and Jim from Red Turtle Music jammed some amazing tunes while everybody noshed on delicious apps including smoked salmon stuffed with arugula pesto mascarpone topped with a sprinkle of black sea salt, roaring 40's blue cheese strawberries wrapped with a chive, crispy speck topped with a sweet potato puree, toasted pepitas and a balsamic drizzle, and assorted truffles. Can you say, YUM?

Beery Lara Talia

Elites also donated nearly $400 to Project Angel Heart, a local organization that provides meals free of charge to those suffering from life-threatening illnesses. Nice work, Elite Squad!

Special thanks to Adam Russell for taking all the photographic evidence of the evening, to Think Big Solutions for printing that informative and glossy menu card, Mop Factory Salon for donating a complimentary 'do to our raffle winner, and extra big thanks to Cookies in Bloom for an an adorable Valentine's-themed cookie arrangement, also for the raffle.

Cliff Group

Did you miss this unforgettable event? Check out the photos and reviews here.


(See you on or off Yelp, as Doug Y likes to say)

Laura L


Houston Yelp Goes Sultry, Seductive & Sexy For Steaks!

Posted by Farrah Akhtar

Houston Elites channeled their inner 1940s bombshell beauties and studs at the January 28th glam-squad event at famed downtown destination, Strip House Steak House. Guests enjoyed endless hors d'œuvres, filling up on housemade beef jerky, juicy bite-size burgers, slices of sirloin atop creamed spinach, foie gras, shiitake mushroom eggrolls, tuna tartare, crab cakes, mini chocolate mousse cakes and so much more. (There's still much debate on which dish stole the show, but we noticed a few mouths water at the sight of the steaks!) As a special treat, Executive Chef John Schenk made a guest appearance from LA to give yelpers grilling tips and answer all their burning beef questions (pun intended). There to wash down the variety of bites, Yelpers sipped on Strip House's famous Blackberry Martini concocted with Texas' own Hudson Ferus Vodka. ...And who better to present this buzz-worthy new product than Hudson Ferus Vodka Co-Founder Bert Gallagher Jr.?! Anyone get a taste straight up? Smooth.

The first-class treatment did stop there: Transforming the tresses and faces of yelpers into pin-up babes were the gals from Studio 31 Hair Lab (Stacey, Leslie and Christian). From Veronica Lake curls to Bettie Paige lips, the ladies of Yelp enjoyed these full-on knockout makeovers. And for added seduction, Newal from The Original Henna Company sexed up the scene with exotic tattoos – for those who dared!

If you missed the burlesque-filled evening, check out the candids and photo booth shots, and read up on all the great feedback these Elites have to share!


'Til next time ... SYOY (see you on Yelp!),
Farrah A


January 30, 2010

Yelp LA Fiestas Sombrero Style at Little Cave!

When LA yelpers were told to BYOS (Bring Your Own Sombrero), they did just that. And then some. Little Cave was a sea of sombrero-wearing, beer and tequila drinking, taco eating, cupcake shoveling, soda slinging yelpers. Sure, the obnoxious south-of-the-border hats made for some awkward hugs, but boy do they make up for it in pure party playfulness!

The Little Cave-71   The Little Cave-302   The Little Cave-15   The Little Cave-55             

From the giant Jarritos bottle lighting the way to the dope beats of DJ Sweet Caroline to the fire breathing bartenders, one thing is for sure, where there are sombreros, there are muy bueno times! Thanks to señorita Corza M for capturing the finer moments of the evening! Bottles of Bud Light (and Bud Light Lime and Bud Light Wheat) were gripped tightly in the hands of our booze-friendly yelpers, while others could be seen sipping down Little Cave's very own La Rosa Negra and chasing it with a Jarritos Paloma.

                                        The Little Cave-35                    The Little Cave-164
Oh, and there was grub too. The kind of grub that makes you wish there was an Elite party every day! Little Cave supplied their very own "taco guy," who was later revealed as Garibaldi, a dynamic mother and son duo, and this precious pair provided flavorful fare that would wow the mustache right off any taco lover! Cakified was also on hand, bringing mad cupcake deliciousness to yelpers mouths and tummies! Cake remnants of Mexican chocolate moistness with cinnamon buttercream frosting were happily displayed on everyone's stuffed faces. And to wash this all down, Jarritos was on site with mucho Mexican soda, so there was never a dry mouth in the cave.

The Little Cave-196    The Little Cave-44    The Little Cave-65    The Little Cave-64

Some guests went home with piñatas and a bag of candy stuffing for doning their sombrero bests. And one lucky winner might have even been gifted with a little liquid treat for getting extra creative with her, ahem, sombreros. Everyone walked away with a Yelp lunchbox, their very own Jarritos to go (or 6) and a little less memory, but hey, that's what happens when yelpers BYOS!

                                        The Little Cave-5                    The Little Cave-192

For more sombrero-sporting pics, click aquí and to read yelpers' tales of the noche go here!


Katie B

LA East Community Manager

January 29, 2010

Sacramento is Square and Tacky! What?!

Posted by Olivia L

You want lovebots and fembots? We got 'em. Queenbots or bots with anatomy? Absolutely! One thing is for certain: Sacramento tacky yelpbots and their humanoid friends know how to get jiggy wit it ... and drink like the end is near! But who wouldn't when it's a Yelpbot Odyssey 2010 throwdown?

IMG_2877 IMG_2873

From robot/pin-up model shoots, to ambient, booty-shaking sound waves, to real rockets from a local space invader, and of course some of the coolest yelpers on earth-- I think we had a pretty good time. Well, it was all right. ;) Special thanks to elite yelper extraordinaire Jeff M and his PIC Kristen G from Sapporo who served robots with a plethora of Sapporo beer -- and gin and tonics! The duo were on fire ensuring no human was left thirsty ... though Eduardo C did curse his half-bot status, err liver, for not being able to consume more. "Damn humans!"


 What are the human sayings? Read the reviews!

A lil' more about Sapporo ... They sponsored us big time. Yes, they have a beer made from space, but the love they showed us last night was truly out of this world. Also, many grazies to Hot Italian who made sure no fembot or robocop went under fueled. We heart Hot Italians almost as much as we love Hal. Mega props to The Urban Hive for having the coolest space (IOHO) in Midtown and sharing it with us crazy, lushious, yelpers. Good art, good energy.

Hey, Mr. DJ ... please don't stop the music! Emperor's Jazz electronic & percussion ensemble made it nearly impossible for folks to leave. Yeah, they even gave away free CD's of their special Yelpbot mix and brought out the dance machines in us. Who is the fairest bot of them all? Well, it was hard to choose! Our judges decided that Elif F, who took the last of the silver paint left in Sacramento, should win a $35 gift certificate at Alley Cuts salon with stylist Laurel. 


Two sets of lovebots -- Jason P and his Vanessa and Joanne L and her Benjamin also received best costume awards: tickets to upcoming comedy shows courtesy of Sacramento Comedy, who understands that even cyborgs need to laugh sometimes.

Wait, wait! Don't go yet. Last but certainly not least, we can't forget the magic of being shot supermodel style by Tower Photography and coordinator Lizzy D. Vine & Co. Nor will we forget the rockets on display from JP Aerospace. Did you know they are doing a commercial with Toshiba? Yeah, so that means you are almost famous robots! Watch out Wall-e. Elites are the new storm troopers! (And taking over the city with grace and albeit tacky style.)


Want more pics? You got it.

Austin Yelpers Don Their Yacht Rock Best @ The Iron Gate Lounge!

Can you feel it? That soft vibe you hear pouring from East Austin happened this week: more than 200 local yelpers said "Ya Mo Be There" and dropped by the elite event at the Iron Gate Lounge! They donned their maritime best (from the ridiculous to the sublime) and sipped on some Lone Stars while they gnoshed on Delish cupcakes. Eventually the evening gave way to a rousing set from the incomparable Neilyo, as each of us channeled our inner Michael McDonald into the night. Until next time!

Yacht-1 Yacht-2 Yacht-4  
Yacht-3 Yacht-5 Yacht-6 
Yacht-10 Yacht-9 Yacht-8

Yelp Honolulu Gets Wacky & Tacky in Waikiki

Posted by Emi H

Over 150+ Honolulu yelpers played the part of "Super Tacky Tourist" at our Wiki Wacky Tiki Tacky Yelp Launch Party at Tiki's Grill & Bar in splendid Waikiki! With a beautiful backdrop of famous Waikiki Beach and perfect eighty degree weather, we were set to party it up Hawaiian style! To get the evening started, Yelp Elites and guests were greeted with fresh purple orchid leis and Skyy Vodka cocktails in souvenir coconut cups, all courtesy of Tiki's Grill & Bar. Yelpers dressed for their tacky themed party by wearing matching his and her aloha attire, loud (as your drunk Uncle Kimo) aloha shirts, giant sunglasses and grass skirts (Woot woot Steve N!).  

20154_619993580926_19510823_35512492_4050164_n 20154_619993855376_19510823_35512545_7305792_n
Wacky and tacky party guests imbibed on yummy drinks by Skyy Vodka, Jose Cuervo Silver, Captain Morgan Rum, Barefoot Wines and the Kona Brewing Company. More adventurous guests drank shots from a huge Yelp ice luge which poured chilled shots of Skyy Pineapple Vodka. 

4310829797_85da3c8df7  4311557138_576390455b  

Tiki's Grill and Bar served up Kahlua Pig Quesedillas, Mini Crab Cakes, Coconut Shrimp, Beef Tenderloin Skewers and Shrimp & Pork Won Tons to fill up our Yelp sized bellies! We don't know about you, but the words "Kanak Attack" come to mind!

20154_619993770546_19510823_35512529_7363507_n 20737_306678387106_636617106_5036724_6262136_n 20154_619993860366_19510823_35512546_5324899_n
Lucky Yelp Elites got the first Yelp lunch boxes to ever be given out in Honolulu and proudly showed off their hard earned schwag! No trip to Waikiki is ever complete without a photo, so the computer fixin' gurus at iFix Pro set-up a photo station where yelpers took some truly memorable photos with their new found friends! 

4310831097_52d4d9a809 4311567550_8ee8cab1c8
Did you miss out on this epic party of Kahlua Pig sized proportions at Tiki's Grill & Bar? Read all about it or take a look at the photos so you can see what you missed! Then say the word "Humuhumunukunukuapua'a" (it's Hawaii's virtually unpronounceable state fish)! 

Aloha & SYOY!

Emi H


January 28, 2010

Dallas Elites shimmied at Yelp Arabian Nights

Posted by Nikki B

Over 100 Dallas Elites and guests danced, shook, shimmied, sipped and ate at Yelp Arabian Nights, hosted by Kismet and Cafe Izmir. Kismet opened their doors and turned up their sound system while the DJ spun modern dance mixes mixed with Middle Eastern dance flair.

Not only was the DJ moving at the speed of lightning, so were the bartenders who served up fabulous Absolut Citron lemon drops, frozen margaritas and draft beer. Yelpers were also treated with a buffet fit for kings, full of piping hot and deliciously cold Middle Eastern tapas and treats including cheese plates, hummus with pita bread, Eegra, Russian chicken salad, chicken and lamb kabobs, grilled veggies, baklava and much more!

IMG_0304 IMG_0345 IMG_0278

Then the belly dancers from Authentic Belly Dancing Entertainment moved in and everyone created a space for them to whirl around the room using swords, shimmering cloths and sexy moves that wowed the crowd. They even balanced a lit plate of candles on their foreheads while bent over backwards, and showed a few brave yelpers how to flip a quarter on their stomach with no hands!

IMG_0287 IMG_0312 IMG_0323

Those looking for more low-key entertainment got in line for the mysterious palm reader, who apparently chilled some yelpers down to their bones with her spot-on readings. Other Elites and guests simply chilled out on one of the many plush couches and smoked away on hookahs, filled with flavors like strawberry and peach.

IMG_0328 IMG_0305 IMG_0335

Izmir Group also gave an "All Day Affair" prize package away to one lucky winner which included gift cards to all three of their establishments, and Janna from Live Hair Group was also in attendance to give two lucky yelpers gift cards redeemable for hair cuts.

The pictures don't do this sultry party justice, so go read what the yelpers have to say about it and take a tour through the photos to get a real sense of how this par-tay went down.

Nikki B

Yelpers Say "Pleased To Cevich-ya" At The Tabule Open Mic Night

Posted by Danny Wurst
Wednesday evening 100 elite yelpers gathered at Tabule in San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter for the first party of 2010. The “Pleased To Cevich-ya” Open Mic Night brought newbie elites and original gangstas together to for fantastic bites, free flowing drinks, and the opportunity to say “Pleased to Cevich-ya” (Meet ya) to fellow yelpers.

Picnik collagetab Tabule dazzled the crew with succulent samples of their menu inculiding tastes of seared shrimp and duck tacos, scallops, borrachero steak skewers, and yes Chilean seabass ceviche. Liquid courage for open mic-ers was served in the form of pomegranite martinis and classic mojitos. Boy were they intoxicating!
Picnik collagetab2
The stars of this party? Yelpers who brought their reviews to life during an open mic courtesy of Hindsight Studios. We heard reviews about everything from skunk removal to the grooming of nether regions…. which was as entertaining as it sounds. There was even a Mexican wrestler appearance, mask and all.  We don’t think there has ever been an Elite Party with this much flexing!
Picnik collagetab 3 Thanks to all the yelpers who participated in the open mic and a special shout out to Joe C for capturing the moments! Check the reviews out what yelpers are saying!
Yelp Elite - Taboule 068
Until Next Time, SYOY (See You On Yelp)

Danny W San Diego Community Manager

Yelp London Celebrates Our "Burst" Birthday!

Posted by Lizzie G

Tuesday night truly proved to be the party of the year as over 400 yelpers ate, drank and enjoyed London's finest – all to say "Happy Birthday Yelp UK!" The celebratory spirit was in the frosty air as guests descended the red carpet to find Islington Metal Works transformed into a magical trip around town.

Picture 29Picture 27Picture 22Picture 44

The posh and proper kicked off their evening with a stroll through Yelp's "G&Tea" Party, divinely decorated with props from GlimpseOnline and A Most Curious Party and beautiful tea ladies styled by Rag & Bow with make-up from Glam it with Mac. Stepping into the grassy garden, yelpers were instantly transported to a lazy summer’s day with live music from Louise Golbey and Will and The People. Spirits were high as Juniper Green Gin, UK5 Vodka and Papagayo Organic White Rum filled vintage teacups, served with naughty and nice Butterfingers Cakes in the lush surroundings of our very own vintage paradise.

Picture 36Picture 40Picture 35    Picture 20Picture 34Picture 33Picture 10

Aromas of hot food seduced yelpers to the Midnight Market. Beset with a glass ceiling of twinkling stars, this market was chock full of London's best market stalls, street musicians, and even a tube – which wouldn't you know, we turned into a bar. While Bonfire Band, Fabio Tedde and Jon the Accordion busker captured the soul of London street music, yelpers lined up to nosh on Roast Hog, who crammed buns with juicy pieces of an entire free range pig marinated with rosemary, fennel, garlic and olive oil, along with crackling and apple sauce. Herbivores and carnivores alike came back again and again to sample Anna’s delights at the Veggie Table, and revellers couldn’t get enough of the now legendary Chipstix, chips spiraled around sticks and coated with flavourful goodness – you tried it here first, folks! Dessert? Well what do you know? The boys from Frae satisfied everyone with their lip-smacking organic frozen yogurt (and sexy tight shirts, if we do say so ourselves)! To wash all that down, the bartenders from Slim Jim's Liquor Store took over the "Tube Bar" using Makers Mark to shake, rattle and roll up some fabulous bourbon cocktails.

4308270475_da99dd1879Picture 5Picture 6
Picture 17Picture 3Picture 25
Picture 42
Picture 214308269913_acc0dcfb69

What is London without trendy pop-ups and independent pubs? The Portobello Gold (Notting Hill's longest running bar under the same ownership) knocked both out in one shot, as designer Fred Rigby transformed the space into Yelp's local. Photography from owner Mike Bell adorned the walls, a free photo booth from The Photobooth Company provided prop-tastic snaps throughout the evening, a foosball championship ensued, and a giant smorgasbord of foodie delights from oysters to chicken wings, sashimi to parsnip chips went down a treat. Thirsty? Pints of Freedom Lager and Harveys Bitter flowed over the bar without stopping, red and white wine kept it classy, and the cinnamon adorned rum punch and Sotol Tequila margaritas kept everyone in the partying mood.

Picture 2Picture 54308276277_878e5854c1
Picture 8Picture 6Picture 7Picture 31

Following the road between the rooms, most yelpers bumped into ZipCar, who were zipping guests to the after-party at Slim Jim's Liquor Store. Not only that, they were giving away a trip for two to San Francisco! Further down the road at the coat check, many dug deep to donate to The British Red Cross Haiti Earthquake Appeal.

It was one hell of a party – and you can relive every second of it by reading the reviews, checking out the photos and sharing all the gossip on Talk

As yelper Mei L so eloquently put it: Five stars for any party where the night ends with me bringing home a man. Specifically, a little man with a big beard, a pointy hat and a pot of gold who fits in my purse. Here's to Yelp's Burst Birthday: The only party in London where you can pull a real garden gnome.

And as for the after party.... what happens at Slim Jim's stays at Slim Jim's, right... ?!

Until next time, SYOY!

Your Yelp London Crew

Laura N, Leon C and Lizzie G


January 27, 2010

Yelp LA PLEYs Around At The Yard

Posted by Christina Y

LA West yelpers brought their inner kids to The Yard in Santa Monica last night for the PLEY With Yelp Elite Event

Fueled by foie gras mousse canapes, pulled pork sloppy joe sliders, oxtail meatballs, fish tacos and more  scrumptious bites from celebrity chef Chris "CJ" Jacobson of "Top Chef" fame and refreshed from the tangy cucumber "Backyard Lemonade" created by Blake, The Yard's mixologist, LA yelpers got down to the serious business of having fun.

YELP_YARD_25 YELP_YARD_26 4308906014_8e073fa4be

From a heated game of Hungry Hungry Hippos to extreme concentration during a round of Operation, yelpers channeled their comeptitive urges. A few lucky raffle winners even got to take some games home to have their own game nights in the future! And everyone left with a Yelp lunchbox to remind them to keep having fun once the party ended.

4308907290_38eab8af4f 4308907160_0a2c45e05c 4308904428_84376e8e42

A huge thank you to The Yard for providing the venue and refreshments for a wonderful night, and to our photographers, Christophe Wu and Kwiri Yang, for capturing all of the fun! You can check out their photos here and the event's reviews here.


Christina Y

LA West Community Manager

Yelp DC Gets Meze-morized at Tabaq Bistro!

Posted by Tara Lewis

With a few slurps of raw oyster and a few gulps of the delicious cocktails made with a little love and whole lot of 42 Below Vodka,  the DC Yelp Elite Squad's hips were not lying last night at Yelp Gets Meze-morized.

The Elite Squad ran wild last night as they explored all four floors of this amazing venue located in the cultural melting pot that is U Street. Throughout the evening, DC yelpers slurped away over 500 raw oysters, chowed down on hummus, curry crab puffs and spinach with feta pastries, threw back a handful (or two) of Passionfruit Cosmos and danced along with enchanting belly dancer, Samira Shuruk. Luckily, no yelpers attempted to balance the sword on their head. *Wipes sweat off brow*

When it was time to take a breather from all of the dancing, hugging, arm wrestling and stair climbing, you could find yelpers in the dim lit, candle filled, lounge full of pillows downstairs, on the second floor in the art room adorned full of beautiful and funky pieces from local artists, or on the top floor enjoying the skyline views of the Washington Monument and the Capitol through the glass enclosed rooftop.

Special shout out to newbies Hilvic Ryan N and Jerry L for making it out to their first Elite event! Congrats to Fenny L for managing to get the FTR, her soul purpose in life. 

Once again, a buxom thank you to Tabaq Bistro for hosting us in their gorgeous space and for the patience and grace of their amazing staff. Also, a helluva thank you is in order to 42 Below Vodka for filling the event with...spirit!

Be sure to check out action packed photos of the event from fellow yelper, James Hunt.

Until next time folks, SYOY!

Tara L

January 26, 2010

Metro Detroit Yelpers Celebrate One Year o' Yelp with an Art Attack!

Posted by Mariah C

Yelp's all about all things local, so what better way to honor one year o' Yelp in Metro Detroit than to bring great local musicians, artists, and creative culinary treats all together? Much of the visual and aural talent was provided by members of the Yelp community themselves, and the party proved a fab way to get to know another side of some of our favorite yelpers.   IMG_1682   Yelp-attack-med

From 8-9 pm, members of the Elite Squad streamed into the CAID to get a sneak peek at the art, nibble some treats, and chat up the artists. Throughout the evening, yelpers got tastes of mini-sammies from Mudgie's, and tender pork carnitas provided by Chef Jeff Rose of Toast Birmingham.

IMG_1701 IMG_1683  

Some sippers opted for a more adult version of cherry cola with black cherry Zodiac Vodka cocktails, while others kept it simple with a classic vodka tonic. In keeping with the gallery's laid-back aesthetic, there was also free-flowing PBR on hand as well as plenty of Vitamin Water to keep everyone hydrated.

IMG_1646 IMG_1741   IMG_1739 

A giant tower of cupcakes -- provided by Just Baked -- was a massive hit. With seemingly endless flavors, it was hard to resist the call of the cake. As yelpers noshed and nibbled, some found some perfect art to purchase, while others were lured closer to the stage by the sweet sounds of the Blueflowers and Scarlet Oaks. Before, between and after the live music, DJ Richie W held it all together.

Happy Yelpiversary to the entire Metro Detroit Yelp community -- here's to a fabulous second year! If you're curious about reviews or more photos, just follow the links!
Mariah C

January 25, 2010

Yelp Chicago Bakes For Haiti

Posted by Johnny Todd

Cupcakes, pies and fruit tarts are more than just delectable baked goods. In Chicago, they are a means by which yelpers can lend a hand and help those in need. On Saturday, January 23, 2010, Super Elite Tina B organized an army of Yelp volunteers (including yours truly) to bake, donate and sell delicious treats to benefit Doctors Without Borders and Oxfam International. Medici on 57th graciously offered up its second floor to host the 3.5 hour long bake sale. In addition to space, Medici offered fruit tarts for the sale and soft drink refreshment to the volunteers. Other community bakeries lent a cupcake (or hundreds) as well: Luscious Layers Bakery, The Bleeding Heart Bakery, Jimmy Jamm Sweet Potato Pies, Sugar Beez, Katherine Anne Confections, and Angel Food Bakery.


Not content to just buy and eat the goodies, Chicago yelpers came out, en masse, to provide baked goods of their own. Yelpers baked up banana nut cakes, chocolate-chip bacon cookies, chocolate layer cake, scones, cheesecakes, brownies, rosemary shortbreads, and much much more. It was a treasure trove of riches that, at the end of the day, resulted in a collection of $1700 for the charities!!! Read all about it here and here.


Never doubt the ability of one person to make a positive difference. Never question the desire of local business to support a global cause. Never underestimate the power of a Yelp community to come together to change lives. Yelper. Local Business. Community Effort & Participation. This is the power of Yelp. Well done, Chicago. Well done.

Johnny T

Toronto Elite Get Smoked 'N Serenaded At Lou Dawg's Southern Sandwiches

Posted by Kat F.

Blog1 Blog6 Blog3

This past week over 100 elites descended into the smoky, hickory-scented lair of Lou Dawg's Southern Sandwiches on King Street West, where they mixed and mingled while juggling sliders and vodka slides. We overheard many an "ooh" and "ahh" as yelpers sunk their teeth into meaty options like fork-tender pulled pork & chicken sandwiches, smoked beef brisket and juicy fillet of sole. Fry baskets (yukon gold and sweet potato!) made the rounds but didn't last long thanks to their pairing with tangy chipotle mayo that had everybody raving! As if the main attractions weren't enough, black bean and corn salad, baked beans, southern 'slaw and cheddar jalapeno muffins also made the rounds.

Blog5 Blog8 Blog4

While yelpers noshed, local musician Paige Armstrong strummed through a setlist of favourites, including tunes by Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, Eric Clapton and even Kings Of Leon! Daniel B raves: "These amazing angels came out from behind the doors holding majestic plates of delicious shredded BBQ'd pork on buns.   I have no idea what the 'pulled' in 'pulled pork' refers to, but I can only assume that it means that it was pulled from heaven."

Check out all the beautiful photos taken by our own Wendy Heisler on Flickr, and see what other people are saying about the party in the reviews and Talk thread - if you weren't there you really missed out!

A very special thank you to Daryl D'Souza, Trevor Brodie, Sean Smith and the staff at Lou Dawg's for being such formidable hosts!

See You On Yelp!
Kat F.
Community Manager, Yelp Toronto

January 23, 2010

Get Your Yelp in Gear with The Boston Elite Squad

With the new year in full swing, Yelp Boston Elites were quick to keep their resolutions at the very first Elite event of 2010, Get Your Yelp in Gear at Revolution Fitness! Bounding down the stairs and into the brightly lit gym, Boston yelpers were treated to an evening of fitness done right--with the help of organic drinks, local food and tons of fun activities.

Yelp_boston_revolution_fitness_tatsu-103 Yelp_boston_revolution_fitness_tatsu-059 Yelp_boston_revolution_fitness_tatsu-105

Once inside the wondrous work-out space, there was plenty to do, see and eat! Providing fuel for the evening's energetic jaunts, b.good hosted a build-your-own-burger bar, complete with all the fixings, while our friends at Bonnie's Jams were doling out sweet and spicy samples of their Red Pepper jam with goat cheese atop crispy crackers. Hand-passed appetizers of butternut squash and goat cheese crostini and peanut curry spring rolls made their way through the crowd, thanks to Veggie Planet.

Yelp_boston_revolution_fitness_tatsu-017 Yelp_boston_revolution_fitness_tatsu-041 Yelp_boston_revolution_fitness_tatsu-031

Thirsty you say? How about a tasting from Yellow + Blue, a certified organic wine that comes in environmentally friendly packaging! Or, for those who are more the cocktail type, Jackson Cannon of Eastern Standard was on hand, shaking, stirring and serving up some seriously crafted cocktails, such as The Circuit, Forest Yoga and Survivor, all featuring organic Rain Vodka! To keep you hyrdated and prevent any impending hangovers looming from the after party, Code Blue was prescribing shots of their delicious recovery drink!

Yelp_boston_revolution_fitness_tatsu-010 Yelp_boston_revolution_fitness_tatsu-085 Yelp_boston_revolution_fitness_tatsu-027 Yelp_boston_revolution_fitness_tatsu-051

Between all the fresh food and light drinks, yelpers were able to get their workout on! The staff of Revolution Fitness stretched our limits with helix demonstrations, fitness advice and mini pilates classes! Social Boston Sports joined in on the fun, hosting games of cornhole in the gym's expansive studio. But what would a Yelp event be without a contest? Running away with best costume awards and tickets to the Sazerac Ball hosted by Sel De La Terre, congratulations to Dustin Todd R, Erin M, Meredith M and her guest Courtney!

Yelp_boston_revolution_fitness_tatsu-024 Yelp_boston_revolution_fitness_tatsu-130 Yelp_boston_revolution_fitness_tatsu-073 Yelp_boston_revolution_fitness_tatsu-149

For starting our year off right, a big high-five to Derek, Nina and the entire staff of Revolution Fitness for welcoming us into their gym and showing us the right stuff! Wanna see the sweaty proof? Just take a peek at the action shots snapped by Tatsu I! How many reps did you do? Record them in your very own review or pop onto Talk to get the not-to-be-missed recaps.

Want in on the next Elite Event? Bookmark the Elite page and check it often for updates on all the hottest happenings in Boston.


Leighann F


Brooklyn Yelp Gets Down at Deity!

Posted by peter d.

 Picture 19 Picture 11 Picture 20

Last night, NYC yelpers got down like gods and goddesses at Deity! The cream of the NYC crop packed the stunning Supperclub upstairs, mingling beneath the beautiful boughs of the indoor tree, and admiring the stained glass setting.

Picture 15 Picture 16 Picture 17 Picture 9

Dozens dug the divine delicacies off of the Supperclub menu, chowing down on those braised shortribs, the guacamole, and of course the Deity Burger and more! And speaking of succulent snacks, there was even a surprise appearance by Food Network star Anne Burrell!

Picture 1 Picture 7 Picture 14

And it may have been an event in Brooklyn, but the bartenders sure knew how to mix a perfect Maker's Mark Manhattan, not to mention that potent punch and their original cocktail, the Mother & Wolfe, complemented the Maker's magnificently with pear liqueur, lemon, sugar, and egg whites.

Picture 13 Picture 3 Picture 4

It certainly had a few yelpers feeling tipsy (probably the unnamed ones who were spotted double-fisting).  It wasn't all about the bourbon, as the Heineken flowed like wine, and the wine...also flowed like wine. And even though the NYC Elite Squad was all about having a good time, they were still able to donate to those less fortunate, raising over $600 for the American Red Cross Haiti Relief Fund!

Picture 12 Picture 2 Picture 8

Make sure to peep the official photos from our very own Pedro-azzi (not to mention some Chun-tastic ones as well), and be sure to check out what people are saying!

Until next time, SYOY!
-Peter D and Jane K

January 22, 2010

Seattle Elite Go Silver at Salty's!

Posted by Katy

Seattle's Elite squad was seeing silver this week as they sipped and snacked on fine food and drinks at Salty's on Alki. From crab to caviar, to ceviche and cocktails, this super exclusive event was Seattle's first of 2010!

  Table1  Pearl  Food

The crowd of 120 Elites included squad members both new and not-so-new. Also among the crowd was Yelp's VP of fun, Nish N!

While plus ones stayed at home, Seattle's finest were given the opportunity to mix and mingle with one another. Pearl vodka provided a menu of colorful cocktails while guests swayed along to the live tunes of Seattle's own Blue 4 Trio.

View2 Blue4Trio Crowd2

Guests who played up the silver/gray theme we rewarded with Salty's gift cards for participating to the max. Additionally, super Elite Christy A got some special treatment as the whole crowd sang her Happy Birthday! Between fancy food, city views and bubbly booze, it was certainly an event to remember!

Yelpers2  Yelpers3  Yelpers1

Before checking out for the evening, yelpers remembered to use the new Yelp iPhone Check-in feature. Fellow Elites buzzed about, showing their peers how to use the new app to announce their location at the event.

 YelpersiPhone Yelpers5 Yelpers6

Thanks again to Salty's for hosting us. Feel free to read (and chime in) on the reviews and see what yelpers are saying on talk also!

For more photos of the silvery shindig, check out Seattle Elite member Ron M's Flickr photostream.

Until next time,


Katy H

Seattle Yelp Community Manager


Yelp Goes Gaga at the New Parish in Oakland!

Posted by Ligaya T

NewparishIf there's one thing that East Bay yelpers appreciate more than glorious imbibing, it's dressing up, and last night was indulgence of the best kind! Elite yelpers from all over the Bay gathered at new Oakland hotspot, New Parish, in full Lady Gaga-esque costume or sporting stunna shades, to swill fine spirits, nosh tasty savory eats, and rock out to live music!

The evening began with tastings of Combier Triple Sec, MateVeza Beer, Treasure Island Distillery and Ploom smokeless tobacco, sponsored by Drink Me Mag, while yelpers enjoyed Filipino treats from Adobo Hobo and salt cod fritters from Hibiscus. Then the party really got kicking when Humboldt Hemp Ale flowed from the taps and Stunna cocktails got shaken up! Then Gaga-ed up Nicole from Cherry Hoops worked her rainbow hoop magic on the dancefloor to get everyone inspired!

Of course, the music from local band, Festizio, got everyone rocking out! Kudos to yelpers Keane L and Ryan S for hitting the stage for their first East Bay performance. The beats didn't stop there; Jeffrey Paradise of Blow Up fame blitzed the turntables and exploded the dancefloor! Though the party ended at 11pm and we blazed through the cocktails, the party continued on till midnight.

Three cheers for the kick ass staff at the New Parish for hosting us with smiles! Y'all know how wily us yelpers can get. Not only is the space awesome, but the peeps behind it are awesome. Oakland's fortunate to have such a killer venue!

Wanna see the blackmail photos? Flickr your heart out. The talented Nancy Rothstein scored some excellent shots, pure lens mastery here (as well as the photo montage on the left). In yelpers own words, check the reviews, too.

Hope you'll get to join us next time. Yelp.com/elite has got all the details...

Cheers & SYOY!
Ligaya T
East Bay Community Manager 



Yelp Chicago and Chicagoland Indulge Their Fantasea!

Posted by Jelena Z

Freezing rain and chilly temps were no match for Chicago and Chicagoland yelpers ready to experience their biggest, boldest Yelp Fantasea ever. The world-renowned John G. Shedd Aquarium played host to over 2500 yelpers and guests eager to experience the best of food, drink, entertainment and beauty the Windy City has to offer.

IMG_5598b IMG_5913 IMG_6010 IMG_5760

The evening began with a seamless coat check and check-in that allowed Elite yelpers (and guests) to witness a private show of aquatic amazement, courtesy of the animal trainers at Shedd. As if dolphins and sea lions weren’t enough, these Elite yelpers were the first people to greet the newest edition to the Beluga whale exhibit: the baby Beluga. Oohed and awed beyond belief, the Elites got to compose themselves in the swanky Elite Lounge, where they sipped on drinks from Rain and Firefly vodka and dined on Italian sweets from Il Giardino del Dolce. Outside the Lounge, Cage and Aquarium Productions (no relation) were spinning beats and Pyramid Haywire beer quenched their thirst. Big Jones and Dewar’s further enhanced the Elite hour good time.

IMG_5746 IMG_5912 IMG_5980 IMG_5742

The second hour of this opulent Open event welcomed the greater Yelp community (and guests) and the upstairs Galleries were ready to feed them. Surrounded by local, exotic, oceanic and continental waterways, some of the best vendors in Chicago and Chicagoland were on hand to feed and tend to the lucky yelpers. Who could be up to such a whale of a task? These FANTASTIC vendors: Starfruit, Turkish Cuisine, Magic Hat #9, Crop Vodka, Cedar Knoll Wine, Santa Marina Pinot Grigio, Domino’s Pizza, Dawali Mediterranean Kitchen, Isla Pilipina, Panna Dolce, Blue 13, Rain Vodka, Firefly Vodka, Dragon Bleu Vodka, Monster Energy, Shedd Catering, and Luscious Layers Bakery.

What is a yelper supposed to do with a full belly and drink in hand? Why, get a make-over, of course. Luckily, guests had a full-on beauty brigade at their beck and call. The hair heroes of Kelly Cardenas, make-up mavens of Sonia Roselli, tanning titans of Ortanic and intuitive ingénue of Now Studio transformed every yelper who entered the Yelp Beauty Station into everything she (and he) could be.

IMG_5797 IMG_5850 IMG_6049 IMG_5731

Photographers Rasidel Slika and Matt Ginger captured all the action. You can view pictures here and here. Transporting the guests to the Caribbean were the sensational steel drum sounds of Kent Arnsbarger. The shoe shine superheroes of the Shinettes made sure that the wintery Chicago weather would have no lasting effect on yelpers’ footwear. Sent on their way with goodie bag in tow, every guest had a smile on his face and a pep in her step. Yelp Chicago and Chicagoland really turned fantasea into reality! Read these reviews and see for yourself.

Thanks to everyone who participated and came out! We’re just getting started!

The Yelp Chicago and Yelp Chicagoland team

Johnny T and Jelena Z


Phoenix Elite Kick Off 2010 In Rat Pack Style At Central Grille!

Frank Sinatra himself would have been impressed with the Phoenix Yelpers at Central Grille on Wednesday night, January 20th. The Elites and guests enjoyed Ahi Tuna skewered with fresh strawberries and pineapple, meat sliced (in overly large portions) at the carving station, Eggplant Parmesan, hanging out to receive hand rolled cigars compliments of David from Fumar Cigar, and hitting the dance floor to a pretty eclectic mashup of music.  With plenty of Yelptinis, Classic Cosmos, Partida Margaritas, Red Stripe, and wine going around the stylish Rat Pack themed room and patio, one thing is for certain: everyone had a swinging time in Phoenix!
 CentralGrilleOYE10 CentralGrilleOYE5 CentralGrilleOYE1 CentralGrilleOYE6
While lucky raffle winners Sunny B, Chris L, Kristin S, and Bonnie G took home prizes including Rat Pack DVDs, cigars, and Great AZ Beer Fest tickets, everyone was a winner, taking home Rat Pack music CDs as parting gifts.  Huge thanks to Jenna R of Rut Photos for capturing the evening on film. Check out the fabulous pics here. And thanks again to Central Grille and Alliance Beverage for hosting us.  Feel free to read (and chime in) on the reviews and see what yelpers are saying on Talk also!

CentralGrilleOYE3 CentralGrilleOYE7 CentralGrilleOYE8 CentralGrilleOYE9

Until Next Time,


Gabi M

Phoenix Yelp Community Manager

January 20, 2010

Vancouver Yelpers Make Mad Men Merry at Chaise Lounge

Posted by Crystal H

Greeted by pitchers of Bloody Mary's, Gimlets, Gin Drops and R&B Raven Cream Ale, Vancouver yelpers dressed in their 1960's finest and transformed Chaise Lounge into a scene right out of Mad Men Madisen Avenue world.


While we "smoked" our bubble gum cigarettes, and liberally sipped on boozy libations, Croquettes, Lobster Clublets, Petit Poutines and Mini Mac-n-Cheeses danced through the lounge by our most righteous hosts: Holly, Andrea and Donny (aka Don Draper). As yelper Dani B put it, "Chaise Lounge stepped it up a notch" giving yelpers a taste of what being Elite is all about.


No one knew it, but secret judges and our special guest of honour, Nish N, were roaming the party, looking for the smartest cloaked for our dress up contest. New Elite, Alexandria M's movie starlette frock earned her a gift certificate to Burgoo, while Dave S's "gangsta" ensemble, complete with fedora, took home a bottle of Schramm's Organic Potato Vodka (yup, the one that peppered all of those Bloody Mary's). Nice shot man!


Read full accounts of our sachaying and groove through the pictures of our cocktail soiree, taken through the lenses of Larry L, Natasha (and Andy) L and Vincci L.

Until our next adventure... SYOY!

Crystal H

Yelpers & a Hoedown at Percy Street BBQ!

Posted by Monica

On Sunday night, elite yelpers and their guests saddled up and rocked the house at Percy Street BBQ where the guns were blazin' and the meat was smokin'!

Percy28 Percy38 Percy09

Philly’s own, The Great Unknown, rocked the house with their foot-stomping Americana; "they could have woken a bone orchard with their lively tunes" buzzes Michelle C. Percy Street servers worked their way through the hungry crowd dishing out samples of chopped brisket & rib tip sandwiches, vegan chili sliders, sausage, brisket, pork belly, mac & cheese, black-eyed peas, pecan pie, banana pudding, and root beer floats. Stephen H sings their praises: "they just kept coming with goodies, and never seemed to tire of the stampede!"

Percy07 Percy15 Percy33

Percy offered guests a taste of their new cocktail, the Branchwater Revival featuring Four Roses Bourbon, along with the house favorite, FM 423 featuring Skyy Vodka. Meanwhile, servers passed around bottles of Victory's Prima Pils, Golden Monkey, and seasonal Yakima. In case it isn't abundantly clear, let Julia N set the scene: "So much food, so much booze, so much space, so many fun people, and such good music...one hell of a hoedown!"

Percy30 Percy03 Percy45

Hats off to the Percy Street staff who worked their tails off to feed and "water" all 175 yelpers and to Ferry for his photog skills. In the famous words of Pauline L, “Yelpers are just so cool!” And that we are, my friends. If you missed this party, fret not, we've got our next Elite Event (Yelp's Lonely Hearts and Modern Lovers Party) on the horizon. Get on the list now using your Elite Calendar! In the meanwhile, peep more photos, read the reviews, and see what yelpers are saying on Talk!

Until Next Time,

Monica S

Yelp Philadelphia Community Manager

January 13, 2010

Yelp's Top Chef: A Chat with Kevin Gillespie

Atlanta's food scene had a lot to be proud of in 2009, not the least of which was having three contestants on the ever-popular Top Chef. While Hector and Eli certainly made our city proud, it was Kevin Gillespie of Woodfire Grill that stole our hearts. He proved that people from the South really are more genteel and nabbed the fan favorite award while at it. Why, his beard even has its own Facebook fan group. I recently had the chance to sit down with the man himself, and this is what transpired... 

Kathleen M: What is it that made you come to Atlanta? Why are you still here? Other chefs tend to “get big” and leave for bigger pastures like Chicago or NYC. 

Kevin Gillespie: Growing up here, south of the city, I feel a very strong connection to being in the South, Georgia in particular. I reached a point when I thought I would move away and move away forever. And then I moved away and all of the great qualities of Atlanta really became apparent when they were no longer there. The city had a ton to offer and I was neglecting that to a certain degree. So I wanted to come back to make an impact in the city I was from. I felt like the food that I now wanted to cook at this point in my career really made the most sense because it was an outpouring of everything about me, how I was raised, where I worked, and my life experiences: and that makes more sense in Atlanta than it does anywhere else. I wanted Atlanta to have a restaurant and a restaurateur that was focused on making something that was unique to the city and not trying to emulate NYC or Chicago. I wanted to make a restaurant that was appropriate for Atlanta, that spoke to Atlanta. That’s why I’m here, and that’s why I plan on staying.

KM:Do you think that there’s anything that Atlanta’s missing in the food scene?

KG: Atlanta is missing quite a few things. I think that, to make a very broad generalization, in other cities the best restaurants are patronized by the people that live in those cities. Atlanta, a lot of times, restaurateurs rely on people visiting from other cities to populate their restaurants. I think we need to make a stronger commitment to supporting our local places and going in and saying that we want people who are invested here: the people who are willing to spend the time and money to make restaurants that help our community. We could use a little bit more diversity in the type of food we have, to a certain degree, especially when you talk about real dining options. What Atlanta does have that other cities can’t boast is that we really long storied history that gives the opportunity to build for ourselves what we want for our city. Other cities have a very clear idea that are projected, while Atlanta is still in a limbo where we can decide what we want to be. We should embrace our newness and move forward and try to make this city something that isn’t looked at as just somewhere in the South. Atlanta is a rare place that has a cosmopolitan urban environment that coexists inside the deep South, and we should embrace both of those things and create something that’s more genuine than it is right now.

KM: Local food movement: how does Atlanta compare?

KG: Atlanta has ups and downs. Coming from the NW, it’s hard to say that Atlanta is doing well in that department because out there people are really truly committed to that movement. However, what I think that Atlanta has that some cities don’t is that it’s a little easier to get in and out of the city. There’s really no excuse to not be using local product. We have a lot of great farmers who are doing a great job and are dedicated. I think we’re doing okay, I think we could get better, I think by getting better it will become more commonplace in restaurants. It should be embraced by everyone and not just looked at as an option for the most elite restaurants in the city.

KM: What are some of the hidden gems in Atlanta?

KG: Buford Highway is littered with places that are really great and you’ve just got to take a leap and go in some places. Yelp does a really good job of people being like “look, I know it looks like a total hole in the wall but you should go check it out.” One place that I think is really great is OTP (in Marietta), and Indian restaurant called Vatica. The people that run it are great people, it’s like if you had an Indian grandmother it’d be like eating in her house. It’s so homey and genuine: you don’t get to pick what you eat, you just go in and they serve you. It’s wonderful, one of those places I can’t tell enough people about. I like Carver’s Grocery a lot: as far as Southern food is concerned, in my opinion, Atlanta is struggling a little bit in having  really good home-cooking and I think that place does a great job. 

KM: Where are some of your other places to go? I promise I won't stalk you... too much. 

KG: I go to both of those places a lot. I like Holeman & Finch a lot, and Restaurant Eugene. Both places are really great. I eat a lot of ethnic food, so pretty much you can find me in any number of pho restaurants on Buford Highway.  I like Antico Pizza a lot, I think they’re doing a great job, unfortunately now it’s so damn busy that it’s hard to get in there. I spend the majority of my time at Woodfire, of course, I don’t really get a chance to get around as much as I’d like to.

KM: Since Top Chef, what's changed? Are you recognized on the street?

KG: Definitely a lot of people recognize me, and so many well-wishers, even with it being over it hasn’t waned at all. The restaurant is incredibly busy, obviously a lot of those people are coming in because of the show, but at the same time it’s nice because there are a lot of people who just genuinely want to be there. And on the street, it’s cool when people come up to you and compliment you: that always feels nice to have people behind you like that.

KM: What made you decide to apply for Top Chef?

KG: I actually never applied for Top Chef. The producers contacted me about being on the show, so I’m a slightly different situation, only because I didn’t really have to put a ton of leg work in to it. Actually, the first time they called I thought it was a joke and I wasn’t too nice to the person I spoke to: I’m surprised they called back. For a while I was worried about doing it, I wasn’t sure if it was something I wanted to do. What changed my mind was the situation the restaurant was in. We had aquired Woodfire Grill and had been pushing so hard to make it a better restaurant and it really was getting better and we were getting better reviews and people seemed to love it, but we were still really slow. I was worried that we would never reach the point where we had the opportunity to show people what we were doing: I was worried we would close before that day ever came. So I needed to do something, and Top Chef seemed to be one of those things that if I did it, I could get enough time to really show Atlanta what I wanted to have happen. And that was the main catalyst for signing up.

KM: 2009 was a huge year for you, what do you see in 2010?

KG: I think most of 2010 will be used to try to cope with my newfound “celebrity,” it’s funny to say it that way. But I have to get used to this and make sure I turn it in to something productive rather than just be overwhelmed by it. I have a lot of things lined up, most of which I can’t talk about. I hope to spend a great deal of time at the restaurant but I’m also going to spend a little time away and travel. I’m not going anywhere, I’m coming back to Atlanta, but I’m going to use this opportunity to build a lot things that I wanted to do in my career. I started out with a very strong focus on eventually being able to give back to the community I was a part of. I’ve been given an opportunity to be influential in any number of things and that I should take that opportunity.

KM: If you were to create another restaurant, do you have any idea what that would look like?

KG: We do, my partners and I have two other sort of ideas brewing. One that I’ll keep to myself because rumors are leaking out too quickly about things that we’re doing and we want it to be surprising. On the other hand, one project that is that in a couple of years we'll open a flagship that will be everything I wanted Woodfire to be. The Woodfire building isn’t exactly suited to do quite as fine a cuisine as I would like to do and I think that considering the changes that have been made in the city recently, like the Dining Room closing, I think it means that the city is looking for a rebirth of that through different eyes and in a different form. I’ve been very vocal about being that person who wants to step up to the plate and make that change. We intend to open another place much smaller than Woodfire that really embraces that idea: what does fine dining mean and what does it mean in Atlanta?

KM: The Westside has undergone a huge foodie revitalization with White Provisions. Are there any other areas in town (or OTP) that you see as having the same kind of resurgence in the near future?

KG: I’m really fond of East Atlanta Village. I think EAV is right now what the West End area was about 10 years ago. I think that it has the capacity to really be the next place to be. And maybe we’ll try to develop something over there: I like the feel of that area, I like that it’s young and it embraces diversity. It embraces the fact that it’s not the best area of town, and people are okay with that. People question the purchase of Woodfire being on Cheshire Bridge Road. It doesn’t bother me: I like the kookier places in town. I don’t need them to be quite so cookie cutter. When you build something that has heart and has soul I think it’s going to survive. And that’s one thing that Atlantans are going to need to get accustomed to. We don’t have the best public transportation so we’re used to driving, so why not drive a few more minutes to a different part of town. Not everything has to be in Midtown and Buckhead: there are places worth going that are a little bit more off the beaten path.

KM: Anything else?

KG: More than anything I want people to know that when I bought Woodfire Grill I had every intention of making it a restaurant that made a difference, that was critical to the dining scene in Atlanta and that made an impact. What I mean by that is that I made a commitment to the city. I want to see Atlanta get better. I want to see Atlanta grow. I want to see Atlanta embrace change and build something for itself that it deserves. I plan on investing a great deal of time and money in making that happen. This is definitely a long term commitment and my stardom has done nothing but propel my capacity to make those changes happen. At the end of the day, I’m still the same person, I still cook at Woodfire Grill, I still believe in myself as a chef, less than any sort of celebrity, but the celebrity has provided the opportunity to make the changes that I want to make happen. Atlanta deserves more acclaim for what it does. It deserves to be noticed more. There are great chefs here and great restaurants and if I can use any bit of the celebrity that I’ve acquired to focus more attention on the city than I would rather do that. It’s not so much about me and my opinion as it is about recognizing all of these amazing talents that we already have here.

It was such fun to chat with Chef Gillespie. If you haven't already, be sure to make reservations at Woodfire Grill soon! 



Kathleen M

January 10, 2010

Yelp Gets Sideways Elite Party @ Press Club

We're only a handful of days into a brand new decade currently, so what better way to welcome 2010 than with the first Elite party of the year? Yelp Elites converged on a SOMA favorite, Press Club, for an afternoon of good wine, good cheese, and most importantly - good people!

4261640936_1e787f712d 4260877303_3466041acb 4261700664_e227f79f4c

Press Club has been doing their thing for a little over a year, but for the first time, we're excited to announce that Press Club is now pouring full glasses and offering bottle service in the lounge and at tasting counters! It’s been a long time coming and we're stoked that Jan, Jonnie, Andy and the rest of the crew invited Yelp to ring in a New Year, and their new changes! For those looking to start the year on the right foot, PC denizens will receive 30% off any on-premise bottle purchase for the entire month of January. You can enjoy this offer in their bar/lounge area as well as at the winery counters. Talk about a sweet deal, huh?

To learn more about Press Club, check 'em out here! Also, be sure to check out pictures and reviews of the festivities from this past Saturday afternoon. Three cheers for day drinking!

January 09, 2010

Portland Yelper's Rang In The New Decade at 2010: A Yelp Odyssey!

Posted by Don Bourassa

On Friday, January 8th over 270 of P-Town's Elite came out to the fabulous Someday Lounge in Old Town to get the funk out of their trunk and ring in the new year with 2010: A Yelp Odyssey! This was the biggest-ever Yelp Elite event in Portland history, and surely one for the ages!

Crowd SM Brandon Sm

Matthew E and Rob A got decked out in space-age gear and mingled it up in a swank club setting while Hollyanna M sipped on cocktails made with double-gold-winning Dry Fly Vodka and Dry Fly Gin, Bob S quaffed tasty Total Domination IPA from none other than Yelper favorite Ninkasi Brewing in Eugene, and David Z refreshed his parched palate with delicious Honest Tea!

Startrek GroupSM DryflyTastingSM

With DJ’s Won (Seattle) and Monsour T (Portland) rocking the wheels of steel, Ana M and Ron T couldn’t help but shake that thang on the dance floor. Meanwhile Joe M snacked on the delicious vegetarian and vegan spread put on by Someday Lounge including “meat”ball subs, “sausage” sandwiches, house-made hummus and a delicious-looking salad! And of course, Yelpers couldn’t stop chomping on free samples PopChips!

Fun Group Sm Stickers on Em SM

Drinking, dancing and eating, was that it? Heck no! You know Yelpers never leave the scene without some fabulous raffle prizes. Amongst the loot taken home by Portland’s Elite were an Angry Bear USA Flag cap (congrats Michelle H), sample swag from Dry Fly Vodka and Gin, PopChips prize packs, and the granddaddy of them all, a magical Yelp-themed triptych of wizardry and wonder! We hope Kristin D hangs that masterpiece with pride. It has a dragon, a unicorn, a squirrel, a bunny, and of course, a sorcerer. The only thing this masterpiece does not have is it's own butt-rock soundtrack. Once the party came to a head at 10pm, the DJ’s and dancing continued into the night, and Yelpers stuck around and rocked the dance floor like no other!

Wizard Med

A huge amount of thanks are due to our amazing sponsors Dry Fly Vodka and Gin, Ninkasi Brewing, Honest Tea, PopChips, and of course, the Someday Lounge! Thanks a bazillion to everyone who chipped in to take photos so we could recall just what happened amidst the haze of fun and dancing! Jacob G, as always, took some amazing shots! Big ups to Hilary B and Katy H for being amazing support in setting up and throwing the event. And of course, the people without whom this would never have been possible - the Portland Yelp Elite Squad, which reminds me on a daily basis that they are best damn Yelpers in the world. Don't believe me? Just check reviews and the photos!

With an intro bash like this, we’re not sure how anything could go wrong in the next decade! Here’s to an amazing year, and until next time, SYOY!

January 03, 2010

It's a Pee-Weekly!


Unless you've been hiding under a rock (or in Eagle Rock), you've probably heard the buzz that Pee-wee's Playouse is back! Pee-wee Herman and his gang of puppet pals and human friends will be gracing Club Nokia with their wacky presence throughout the month of January. So, Yelp's own Katie B (bow) tied Pee-wee down on Chairy to get his take on a few LA-ish things... 

Katie: We love all the old favorites, but if you were to recruit new characters for the show, which LA locale would you head to first?

Pee-wee: Pink’s Hot Dogs because the line is long and I would really get to interview people and grab a great snack in the process.

Katie: Angelenos do their best to "green" up their lives. If you incorporated an environmentally friendly character, what would it be and what name would you give it?

Pee-wee: Compost-y, who would tell people about whatever composting is.

Katie: Since your preferred method of transportation is a bicycle, is there a particular path you enjoy for a leisurely ride?

Pee-wee: I enjoy racing the skaters on the Santa Monica bike path

Katie: Your quest to learn how to fly continues with the new stage production. If you were finally able to do it, and fly all over the world, what LA landmark would remind you that you were hovering over home?

Pee-wee: Randy's Donuts.

Katie: Your signature style piece is the bow tie. What boutique would you recommend for fans looking to make their own fashion mark?

Pee-wee: Home Depot.

Katie: If Jambi could grant LA one wish, what do you think she would wish for?

Pee-wee: A 500-foot slip-n-slide at the Santa Monica Pier.

Katie: If a regular Angeleno was looking to experience an atmosphere similar to your Playhouse, where in LA should he or she head?

Pee-wee: Gehry has said that the Walt Disney Concert Hall is an homage to the Playhouse. And the Beverly Center.

Katie: Back in the day, the Pee-wee Herman Show played for five sellout months at The Roxy Theatre; what’s your fondest memory of that time?

Pee-wee: Getting into Spago without a reservation.

Katie: You made your first live appearance at The Groundlings back in 1981. The area has changed immensely, but is there a particular bar or restaurant you frequented that is still there?

Pee-wee: It’s all about Club Nokia right now. (I am contractually obligated to say that.)

Katie: I'm sure you've seen your face at toy stores and novelty stars all over. Where's the most surprising store you've come across Pee-wee collectibles?

Pee-wee: I hear dentists are putting grills that spell out "Pee-wee" in pure gold.

Katie: Your star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame shares the same address with Hollywood Book & Poster Co. Have you and Globey ever popped in to say hello?

Pee-wee: I’m sure that’s brought them a lot of business! Globey bought an atlas in there recently.

Katie: Speaking of which, since you rely on Globey for all of your “worldly” information, what do you think he would say about LA?

Pee-wee: Go Dodgers.

Be sure to catch Pee-wee and his crew at Club Nokia from January 12 to February 7. Check out the details here.