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March 31, 2009

Boston Elites Get Made Up at Mizu Salon!


Things got hot this past Saturday in Boston as Elites made their way to Mizu Salon in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel for an evening of beautification, bevvies, bites and beats!

Upon entrance to the sleek, modern space at Mizu, Elites had the chance to watch a transformation of our makeover contest winners Anna F, Orly M and Deepa C. Check out the before photos of our gals:

                               DSC_0014 DSC_0017 DSC_0019

While the makeovers were taking place, Elites were treated to complimentary blowouts, hairstyles and makeup consultations with the Mizu staff and our friends at Sephora! On hand to provide a little liquid love for the event was local liquor purveyors Berkshire Mountain Distillers, serving up their signature cocktail, The Ice Pick, along with cupfuls of their delicious vodka, gin and rum! And with bartenders on hand from Drinkmaster Bartending School, the cocktails were consistently flowing! All the while, the makeovers were in progress:


Jenny N found herself loving the spread of pate and cheese provided by Sel de la Terre on Boylston Street, and cupcakes from Sugar in West Roxbury were designer for sure, with flavors like Cotton Candy, Milky Way, Pistachio, Chocolate Peanut Butter and ELEVEN more varieties of cupcakes!


Throughout the night, Andy from Wicked Good Records kept the music pumping and the mood elevated with his selection of funk, soul and dance music. Sara S was definitely loving his remix of Brittany Spears! And if that weren't enough, Boston Photobooth was in the house, giving Elites the chance to get cute behind the curtain in their old-school style photobooth. The best part? Pics were printed on the spot and everyone took home their very own photos! And you check them all out here!


Our raffle winners Becki W, Susan J, John L and lucky plus-one Kaitlyn Z snagged tickets to Wine Riot, and Blair H's better half, also known as Lauren S, took home a pair of tickets to Cochon 555!

If you're looking for photographic evidence of all the fun, check out pics posted by Trish F and the official photos snapped by Nathan E. And of course, if you'd like to add your own thoughts, jot down a few choice words here

And those makeovers? Check out the gorgeous results:




Until we meet again, Boston!


Leighann F

March 30, 2009

A Poolside Soiree with Silicon Valley Elite!

Posted by Connie Chang

3395273543_b3aacb410c Although Spring has just started, it sure felt like summertime in San Jose this past Saturday, March 28th! Elite yelpers from Silicon Valley, San Francisco and the East Bay came out in their poolside attire to have some fun in the sun at Moorpark Hotel.

Guests enjoyed complimentary light appetizers, which included bruschetta, spanakopita, raw veggies and a fruit tree provided by Moorpark Hotel's restaurant, The Park Bar & Grill, decadent cakes from Sweet Passions Bakery, as well as wine tastings by Mfinity Wines and bubbly from Barefoot Wine. VIP yelpers lounged in the pool's comfy cabanas while nibbling on delightful Landrin treats. Everyone had fun chillin' to old school hip hop beats spun by Mark the DJ of THIRTY95ZION.

3395267749_252050f7cf The main event of the day was a runway show along the water's edge showcasing chic summer looks for women from Kitsch Couture of Saratoga, modeled by our very own lovely Yelp Elite ladies! Hazel G, Kathy D, Kelly T, May C, Ro C, Sab L and Veronica V all looked fabulous in flirty dresses with their hair done by Allan's Salon and Limon Salon, and makeup by A-List Makeup.

Yelperazzi were in attendance capturing all the day's fun festivities. Check out photos from Victor C, Henry L, Chris C, Christina C and Dennis O, and reviews about how yelpers made a big splash at the event!

3395251639_fbe841364d 3397651754_ea97d0a0e6 3397651000_8773f02048 3397670294_5d1e38d26d 3396869959_13e0f95fdc 3399002257_42af4788de 3396852339_8a6c2a0a39 3396863757_44fca57c5a

March 29, 2009

Phoenix Yelp's Breakfast Bonanza!

The Phoenix Elite Squad mixed and mingled on Saturday afternoon, March 28th at The Breakfast Joynt.  In addition to plenty of food glorious food served family style, fresh squeezed orange juice and mimosas were plentiful... Owner David Phelps and staff went above and beyond to make sure no one left hungry.  Needless to say, everyone said farewell with happy bellies.  

As if food, drink, and yelpers weren't enough, Snap Booth Entertainment was on location with Arizona's largest photobooth and they even brought fun props!  Check out the evidence below, and visit their website for more pics.

Lucky raffle winners for the day were Sarah M, Audrey W, Amy S, Ayesha S, and Amy B.  Thanks to Sol de Mexico Tequila, Bobbie's Flowers, and Proformance Health for donating the amazing prizes.

Thanks also to Gary of four white walls photography for capturing the event with even more pics. Make sure to check out what people are saying and read the reviews for more details on the fun we had!

Until next time, SYOY!

Gabi K

Phoenix Yelp Community Manager & Mimosa Maker


It's a Miracle (Fruit) Party with Seattle's Yelp Elite!

Posted by Katie Scharer

Friday night, Seattle's Yelp Elite popped pills like nobody's business! No, we're not talking illegal drugs here... we're talking Miracle Fruit. If you're out of the loop, Miracle Fruit are berries that, when eaten make sour and acidic foods taste sweet and sweet foods taste even sweeter. Sound crazy? It most certainly was!

Mix Lounge provided the perfect atmosphere for Yelper and their guests to taste everything from lemons, limes, & grapefruit... to vinegar and strawberries. Sweet & sour candies were super sweet while the Tabasco sauce that burned a little going down ended up tasting like donut glaze!

_DSC0114 _DSC0113 _DSC0160

While many were convinced that the potato chips they were eating were Jalapeno flavor... the truth of the matter was that they were salt n' vinegar. Put that on your tongue and taste it!

Guinness, vodka lemonade cocktails & chardonnay made for perfectly sweet libations, as regular beer just wouldn't do. Laurence L was particularly fond of the flavor trip, asking, "What else could turn cheap wine into apple juice?" Yes, they really did work wonders with one's palate.

Charlotte G was a fan of the citrus, "the lime and grapefruit were her favorite, the strawberries were also excellent--tasted like strawberries and whip" as was Alison R "was shocked with each new thing she ate because it tasted so sweet!  The strawberries may have been the most amazing thing ever."

_DSC0076 _DSC0104 _DSC0097 

Riss J who "couldn't believe how much the tastes of some things really did change" found the libations quite amusing. "The Guinness was described as "neutral", "root beer" and "chocolate shake" by various mouths in attendance." Which begs her next question, "See what I mean by dangerous? You didn't even know you were drinking alcohol.

All in all, it was a great time! A huge thank you goes out the hard working staff and crew at Mix Lounge who hosted a fabulously fun and interesting event!

For more photographic evidence that party was nothing short of a miracle, check out Miss Valentina V's photos our our flickr page & read up on the event here!

Until Next Time Seattle,


Katie S

Brooklyn Elites Got Sweet at Pete's!

Posted by peter d.

Last night Pete's Candy Store opened its doors to a rowdy crowd of Brooklyn Elites; the live band And the Wiremen skillfully set a splendid tone, and everyone rocked out in Williamsburg! The best yelpers in NYC enjoyed complimentary cocktails from Absolut and Jameson while munching on Pete's pressed ciabatta sandwiches and sweetriot's all-natural chocolate 'peaces'

Love was in the air as two generations of Brooklyn Elites got giddy in the garden. Peep all the pics from Pete's provided by our very own Peter K (AKA the Pedro-azzi); some hid, some fought back, and some just went with the flow.

IMG_7871 IMG_7904 IMG_8089 IMG_7987

If you missed it, read up on those reviews and see what people are saying!

Until next time, SYOY!
-Peter D and Jane K

March 24, 2009

San Diego Yelp Goes High Pressure With Loren Nancarrow!


Channel 10's Loren Nancarrow just might have the best job on the planet--being a weather man in San Diego! In a city that features 264 days of sunny skies annually and an average high temperature of 70 degrees year round, it's safe to say he's made in the shade. In this edition of the Weekly Yelp, we sit down with the Emmy Award winner (and yelper!) to pick his brain about the greatest spots to eat, drink and be merry in America's Finest City!

Ruggy J: If actual news personalities are anything like Ron Burgundy, they like to cut loose from time-to-time. Any weekend spots you hit when you've got some time away from work?

Loren N: Susie (Loren's lady) and I aren't big party animals, but we like hangin' at Pasquale's in Del Mar. We also like watching Padres games at Trattoria Firenze, because we can't get cable at our home in the sticks. And we've been known to knock back a few at Jimmy O's. Okay, maybe we are party animals after all....

RJ: Everyone in San Diego loves a good Mexican food joint, what are some of your faves?

LN: Jorge's Mexicatessen in Encinitas has some of the most amazing chicken soup I've ever had in my life. You gotta try it! I also dig La Especial Norte on the 101. It's so authentic, it's like being in Mexico... but without the headless bodies!

RJ: You've been known to get the in the water from time-to-time... where are some of your favorite surf spots around town?

LN: What I do isn't called surfing... it's more like flailing around! I like to kayak at Cardiff Reef when there's no surf. That's my local spot.

RJ: A lot of people might not realize that you're a big music fan. What are some of your favorite local venues to catch a live band?

LN: I'm a big Belly Up fan, but the coolest new small venue is a tattoo parlor in Logan Heights called Two Roses. It's a tattoo parlor, barber shop, coffee house and music spot all in one. It has an asphalt back lot with chain link, topped with razor wire and a great view of the Bay Bridge... and it has a stage! It's a greaser punk spot and very cool. Nice people. My kid plays there sometimes.

RJ: Being a weatherman and horticultural enthusiast, what are some of your favorite "green" or organic places in SD?

LN: The Quail Botanical Gardens are really, really cool. I also enjoy the trails at San Elijo Lagoon and Torrey Pines State Reserve.

RJ: If there's one restaurant you couldn't live without in San Diego, which one would it be?

LN: Any restaurant with the word 'sushi' in it. Sushi on the Rock, Sakura Bana, Blue Fin, are my favorites. JRDN is the best new place I've tried lately. Well, new to me anyway.

RJ: Being a nature aficionado, what's your favorite view in the city?

LN: Any spot on Harbor Island with the city in the background. Killer view. Palm Canyon in Balboa Park is a must visit if you are looking for a half-acre of Costa Rica without leaving San Diego.

RJ: Any other words of advice you'd like to share with Yelp San Diego?

LN: Fight hard for what you believe, and believe you can make a difference!

Catch Loren Nancarrow every weeknight at 5, 6, 7 & 11pm on 10 News!

Yelp Arabia!

Like a genie in a bottle...Tizi Melloul rubbed Chicago yelpers the right way! On a mild Monday evening in March, Tizi dazzled with their posh, intimate space, signature cocktails, tasty samples of their Mediterranean-inspired menu (crab stuffed baby tomatoes, stuffed olives, bacon wrapped dates and hot pipin' polenta, just to name a few!), belly dancers, a henna tattoo artist and a tarot card reader! 

Yelpers indulged in tasty signature martini samples, and seemed to really dig the Rockin' Moroccan cocktail...a Tizi Melloul specialty. Mixin', minglin', hot henna tattoos, a peek into the future (I'm told this year will be casual and joy-filled!) and shakin' it with a few fabulous belly dancers...the party was a taste of an Arabian night, Chicago-style. 

Big thanks to the staff and owners of Tizi Melloul, who were at the ready with cocktails, conversation and waves of beautifully presented food! Congrats to Quantas G who took home the much coveted raffle prize: a snuggie!

Check out the photographic evidence of this lovely evening, courtesy of Matt Ginger of Ginger By Design...and see what yelpers have to say about the night's festivities!

The party future's lookin' bright, yelpers...the tarot card reader told me so! 


Colleen C



March 22, 2009

Flicks, Food and Fun with Silicon Valley Elite!

Posted by Connie Chang

3375715517_8e29896b3c Silicon Valley Yelp Elites and friends stayed out of the rain yesterday, thanks to the SF International Asian American Film Festival and E&O Trading Company! The afternoon started off at Camera Cinemas in Downtown San Jose with the screening of the suspenseful Chinese film, The Equation of Love an Death and the compilation of dark yet hopeful South Asian short films from India, the U.K., the U.S.A. and Australia in Third I.

Following the two SFIAAFF films, everyone headed down the street to E&O Trading Company for a fabulous after-party exclusively for Yelp Elite. Guests enjoyed a variety of Southeast Asian appetizers, including house special Indonesian corn fritters, peanut chicken satay, sesame steak, portobello mushroom satay, panir cheese naan, three seeded naan, mini take-out fried rice and mini take-out Burmese ginger salad. All of which paired perfectly with the Rieslings provided by Dee Vine Wines. Don Riedthaler was in the house to educate guests about the selections.

Many thanks to Sal Martinez and his wonderful staff at E&O, who kept our yelpers satiated throughout the evening! In case you missed out, read up on what yelpers are saying in their reviews of the eventful day and postings on Talk, and check out more photos!

3376530716_7e4dc3cc80 3376544362_0f87d32afe 3375759375_d0d2a240c8 3376616350_b0c8e256a8 3376585462_8bdbdde93e Redir 3375802381_da85fcca50 3375825539_7f38136044

March 19, 2009

DC yelpers get their game on with Yelp's pleYdate!

Posted by Kevin L

Hot on the heels of St. Patty's Day, DC yelpers congregated for some serious shenanigans to keep the Irish spirit alive! Glover Park's Breadsoda opened their doors to a boisterous crowd of Elites, and welcomed the squad with fun and entertainment all evening long! As the waves of yelpers came chugging off the uber-swanky KegBus, the festivities for DC Yelp's pleYdate kicked into high gear.

Cindy Y got to show off her pool shark skills, while Justin S demonstrated his table tennis talents. Jeff W looked on while Lydia H worked her lucky charms on the shuffleboard table. Meanwhile, Alicia C and Katie F caused a ruckus of tumbling blocks with some drunken Jenga. Extra lucky Elites like Justin C and Alicia G took home raffle prizes of complete bartending kits and handles of beer.

Troegs Brewing Company came out with gusto - and by "gusto," we mean their hoppy Troegenator craft beer. Not to be outdone, North Coast's Scrimshaw was also happily slurped down by celebrating Elites. For the Irish-for-a-day folk, plenty of Michael Collins Irish Whiskey got served up in dangerously smooth Green Dublin Apples. Jon W sipped this sauce, clearly not having had enough from the day before.

As usual, the ever phenomenal photographer, Jane K, captured all of the action with her superior shooting skills. We don't think that there's any debauchery that would prevent anyone from running for office, but you can see for yourself!

Until next time, SYOY!
-Kevin L
DSC_0058 DSC_0089 DSC_0114 DSC_0160

March 18, 2009

Yelp Elite Shenanigans in the East Bay!

Posted by Ligaya T

Pyramid5     Pyramid4 Pyramid1

Pyramid2The spirit of St. Patrick was alive at Pyramid Alehouse last night as yelpers convened with a chorus of "Slainte", toasting high with emerald brews! Pinchers were eager and ready, but nary a yelper recipient was found as all were decked out in the greenest of finery from oversized hats to homemade t-shirts. 

 Anne T ventured out for her first elite event, and was thrilled with the "great group of personalities" and smorgasbord of fantastic beers. While Matthew M was leery of Paddy's Day revelers holding it down, he managed to keep his shoes clean and enjoy his first East Bay shindig sipping on the green, green and munching yummy nosh! Crystal L made merry with the mini-Reubens and apricot ale, though Andrew T's may have been most excited about the traditional Irish dancer. The whole experience got Brianna S so jazzed, she's already planning a revisit! Pyramid10Pyramid3

True to the reviews, it was the welcoming, friendly staff at Pyramid that made these shenanigans truly memorable - many thanks from our crew to yours!

Riverdancing, chugging contests, green twins and more, documented by South Bay's own Connie C on the Yelp Flick page, here. Always one to capture the debauchery, Trey C shows the lens why our 'hood is the baddest of em all...

Want to get in on the elite action? Yelp.com/elite has the answers!

May the luck o' the Irish be with ya all year 'round...

Ligaya T

 Pyramid9 Pyramid6 Pyramid8

March 16, 2009

Houston Yelpers Got Game!

Posted by Farrah Akhtar

Gusty winds and a cold shower weren't enough to ward off members of the Houston Yelp Elite Squad in a Pac Man fever frenzy!

On Friday the 13th, more than 100 Elites and their guests made way to Joystix Classic Games & Pinball for a few hours of unlimited vintage arcade gaming—including Atari, pinball, air hockey, race car games and basketball. With more than 250 games to choose from in the 9000-square-foot showroom, a few yelpers worked up a sweat, and thankfully the connecting Eighteen Twenty Bar quenched thirsts with ice cold brew. And let's not forget the bites! What goes hand in hand with arcade games and a few brewskies? Fried goodies! The famous Raising Cane's was on site dishing out hot and juicy all-white meat chicken tenders, Texas toast and their secret dipping sauce!

The night's prize winners, Eric M and Sabrina D, won tickets to the 5th Annual Empty Bowls Houston; and Charles P snagged a pair of tickets to see the upcoming flick, Beer Wars. Congrats to all the winners, and another huge thank you to the evening's sponsors: Joystix Classic Games & Pinball and Raising Cane's

If you missed out, read up on what yelpers are saying in their reviews of the event and postings on Talk, and check out more photos!

Til April ... SYOY!
Farrah A
Houston Community Manager

P3130070 P3130068 P3130067 P3130065
IMG_3332 P3130059 P3130060 P3130075

Yelp Rocks the Irish: Pre-Saint Pattie's Day Party at The Local

Posted by Sarah Peterson

About 65 Elite Yelpers and their guests gathered at The Local in downtown Minneapolis last Wednesday to do some pre-Saint Pattie's Day celebrating. And quite the celebration it was!

The Local provided us with some of the tastiest Irish fare around...ummm...how can it get better than Jameson-glazed scallops? And Jameson kindly sponsored our party and provided us with ample Jameson drinks, like The Local's famous Big Ginger! How many people's Thursday morning was a little slower than normal? More than a few I imagine.

Congrats to Jasmine M and Sarah P (no, not me, the other lovely lady) for winning tickets to the Tap Project's party at Aqua and to Chase B for being the winner of two tickets to Evision 09 at the Graves. Both events are sure to be fabulous.

Once again, a big thanks to The Local and to Jameson for making this Elite Event a yelptastic event!

The next Elite event is in the works, so keep your eyes peeled!
IMG_0611 IMG_0650 IMG_0633 IMG_0619

March 15, 2009

Seattle's Yelp Elite get Fabulous at El Gaucho!

Posted by Katie Scharer

Seattle Yelp Elite squad got the chance to party like rock stars at the fabulous New Bellevue El Gaucho on Friday night!

This party was definitely 'above it all' on Friday night as Seattle's lovely Yelp Elite made their way up the sweeping staircase to El Gaucho's private second level. Boasting a spectacular view overlooking the main floor below, it made for the perfect setting for what will most definitely go down as one of the most fabulous Elite events in Seattle Yelp's history!

3355430947_b7c9fb195c 3355431135_4145d30b9a 3355433733_d32c27182d

Thanks to Pearl Vodka, Yelpers & their guests imbibed on tasty Pomtinis & Sugar Plums, martinis, gimlets & gibsons, as well as and wine & Rollick Amber Lager from Pyramid Brewing. Our fabulous bartenders shook and poured all night long as the Seattle Elite and their guests partook in tasty libations, some gorgeous scenery, the fabulous live music, and the food.

3355472255_aff86d41a8 Alvin 2651_56736944762_692749762_1411864_2983243_n

Ohhh... the food!! The glorious, glorious spread that just wouldn't quit. And that, my friends, is an understatement!

From the perfectly aged filet-mignon (28 days, mind you) hand carved at the carving station, to the Gaucho Mac n' Coastal Cheddar Cheese... the beautiful tiered silver platters of Dungeness crab claws & jumbo shrimp (shrimp as big as Maureen K's hand, she attests) cocktail kept reappearing like magic during the party, every bite was absolute perfection, Yelp Elite and their guests savored every moment of this grand evening. Tres B actually admits to consuming "62, no... 191 shrimp" throughout the course of the evening, but who can blame him. They were scrumptious. Massive boards, piled high with cheese and fruits were a nice accompaniment to the tenderloin skewers and the Caesar salads, pumped out by the Caesar salad station. El Gaucho's infamous cheese bread was a big hit that night as well.

3356250748_610290af88 3356250576_591ba269d4 3355431387_a83497a5eb

Yelp Seattle's fabulous Valentina V snapped the night away, capturing all this fabulousness as a reminder of a truly amazing evening, while Microsoft's CEO Steve Ballmer graced us with our presence momentarily, chatting with yelpers briefly about the evening's event... even being so gracious as to posing for a photo. Hey Steve, People Love You on Yelp!

The grand finale of the night was definitely grand! Bananas Foster, anyone? The resounding response: "Yes, please... and lots of it !" Flambeed to perfection, this was no doubt, the highlight of the evening. While Kerrie L quite enjoyed the delicious dessert, but would like to apologize, as she's "sorry she so uncouthly just took a banana that had not yet been flambeed and ate it with her hands."

3356291578_0e3d4afe3d 3355439851_4076e6df3a-1 3356302120_c5a92c2ecd

A huge, HUGE Thank You goes out to David and his charming, attentive staff for a hosting such an amazing party! Want more evidence that this event was nothing but completely fabulous & over the top in every way imaginable? Check out the Valentina's fabulous photos and reviews of the event here! Or better yet, make a reservation at El Gaucho for dinner... or check out their fabulous Happy Hour for yourself!

Cheers & SYOY!

Katie S

March 13, 2009

Dallas Yelpers Celebrate March Madness!

Posted by Melody Lowe

Yelpers and friends headed out in the Texas cold to the March Madness event at Ten Sports Grill in downtown Dallas. Folks dressed in their jerseys to compete for the craziest fan contest, which Nadeem A won hands down. Not only was his face painted, but his presentation involved tearing off eight different jerseys, warm ups and basketball shorts!

Hunger was helped by a buffet of goodies including chips and salsa, potato skins, chicken wings, and jalapeno poppers. Thirsts were quenched by Sam Adams White Ale and Widmer Drifter on draft, and a few liquors including 360 Vodka, Treaty Oak Rum, Tequilamae, and Prairie Vodka.

Read up on the hot gossip in the reviews, and check out the rest of the pictures taken by Etienne and Leigh P. Stay tuned for next month's Elite extravaganza!

Until next time... SYOYS!
Melody L

Nickierock Wavinghi Tshirtsmelleigh  CuteAllsmilesCute13350958372_dd02a0b0293351404343_db551f8a60Winner


March 12, 2009

Miami Yelp Elite Get Karaoked Away at The Irish Times

Posted by Maria Arguello

Yelp Elites came out to sing a little diddy at The Irish Times.

The night began with savory dishes some old favorites and other soon to be staples including mini-bangers-n-mash, shepherd's pie, corned beef reubens, and philly cheesesteak sliders. Of course this is an Irish pub lads and lassies and yelpers were able to wash it down with ice cold Guinness, Miller Lite Shandys, and Kilo Kai spiced rum.

Festivities really got going with the opening of the karaoke. There was a U2 medley followed by several catchy tunes. However, it was our own Ramon C that brought the house down with his hip-hop performance that had the yelper crowd reaching for cameras as a star was born.


Jipsy from Nefariousgirl.com snapped away as KaraokeMiami helped us out with the playlist.

Check out all of the pics from the night on Yelp's Flickr page, and be sure to share your own on the Yelp Miami Flickr Pool. And last, but not least - don't forget to do what you do best - share your own review of the bash here!

Until next time..

Maria A

Portland Yelpers Get Swanky at The Observatory

Posted by Don Bourassa

Portland Elites showed just how swanky they can get at The Observatory in SE PDX at yet another amazing Elite event! Yelpers like Danielle K, Catherine F and Andrew C got all decked out in their freshest gear and made the trek out to the Montavilla's newest and swankiest lounge for a night of amazing cocktails, delicious food, and incredible local brews, and brand new Elites like Kody L got a taste of their very first Elite Event. Boy, those Yelpers sure do clean up well!

IMG_8569S   IMG_8462s

The night started off with some delicious cocktails: The Tom Kah (yes, it tasted like a martini version of the soup - deliciously spicy) and Pear Rosemary Martinis, courtesy of Bendistillery and The Observatory. Those of the hoppy persuasion sipped on tasty Overcast Espresso Stout and Watershed IPA from Oakshire Brewing in Eugene. And for those that like to keep it simple, rye whiskey straight up from Stranahan's.


The Observatory served up some amazing passed appetizers for Yelpers to snack on including almond and mushroom paté on toast, veggie burger sliders, chicken-fried chicken bites, smoked whitefish spread with pickled veggies, Caesar salad bites, cups of soup, melon ginger salad and skewers of steak, shrimp, grilled pineapple and delicious brussels sprouts. It was an amazing spread!

   IMG_8500S IMG_2350S IMG_8478S

The swanked-up and decked-out PDX Elites like bopped out to the hot jazz tunes courtesy of the Pete Krebs Trio while sipping on their tasty 'tini's. A few lucky elites and their guests walked away with some hot raffle prizes including some Crater Lake Vodka, Cascade Mountain Gin, and Stranahan's Rye Whiskey and a few other awesome mystery prizes! Also on the raffle block were some great shirts and pint glasses from Oakshire Brewing. And as the biggest prize of the night, Stanley T took home two tickets to the upcoming Yelp sponsored Anthony Bourdain show in Portland! Thanks STG!

Check out the awesome photos frrom the night here, and if you want to read more, head on over to the review page!

All and all, it was one heck of a swingin' event! You stay classy, Portland!

Don B.

March 10, 2009

New York Yelp Elite Get BEautiful at B.East!

To kick off Yelp New York’s first ever BEautiful Week Yelp Elites and their gorgeous guests gathered at luxe lounge B.East for some mouthwatering munchies courtesy of Broadway East and some irresistable mixing with the hottest reviewers in Yelp NYC! As if 50% off all services at some of Manhattan’s most exclusive spas and salons weren’t enough to get the crowd feeling divine, eco-friendly VeeV Açaí Spirits was on hand to spike the mood with complimentary cocktails fit for a princess (or a prince!).

Picture 21 Picture 17 Picture 14 Picture 8

As if the VeeV Treetinis or Eau de VeeVs weren't enough to start the night off with a bang, Nicole C made sure to grab some complimentary ticket vouchers to reasons to be pretty on at the Lyceum Theatre Broadway as soon as she walked through the door. Once inside and imbibed, Sisi Z snatched up a few samples of Honest Tea in shades of green and red while Becca S munched grass-fed sliders to her hearts delight! Despite his late arrival Jamel O snagged a mysterious "pimp cup" from the bar and brought the night to a close with a "secret after party" that most likely interfered with his BEauty sleep!

Picture 23 Picture 9 Picture 22

And last but not least, we're announcing the winner of the Yelp Raffle and a seriously sexifying gift basket from Boom Boom Beauty Bar......Rebecca Ahdoot, an extraordinarily lucky plus one!! Congratulations Rebecca A, we'll be emailing you today to deliver your prize! Chantelle K and Keri M happily created a video of the raffle drawing if you'd like to view it here.

For those who missed out be sure to check out the reviews of the event, peep the pictures and see what they're saying on talk!

March 09, 2009

San Francisco Yelp Elites get their Pork Fest on at Bloodhound

Posted by Nicole Grant

Yelp Elites got their pork on at Bloodhound!

Chef Ryan Farr butchered a pig courtesy of Devil's Gulch Ranch and cooked up some tasty tidbits on the grill! Yelp Elites got to sample everything from shoulder to chops to pork belly, toasting the savory scene with big jars of English ale from Old Speckled Hen and strong bacon-infused bourbon drinks courtesy of Four Roses.

Other yelpers chomped on Farr's delicious, addictive chicharrones from 4505 Meats, or the Fatted Calf's renowned hand crafted charcuterie... yummm. The winners of the raffle walked away with a fun fluffy Porky Chop pillow by Sweet Meats and a one-year subscription to Meatpaper Magazine.

1 6  7

All in all, a yelpy (and meaty) goodtime.


Nicole G and Jessica T
Your faithful SF Community Managers

March 07, 2009

OC Yelp Elites Get All Artsy in Santa Ana

Posted by Hazel Q

Yelpers in Orange County got all artsy on Thursday night at Grand Central Art Center in Downtown Santa Ana. While enjoying all of the art in the gallery ranging from Thomas Kinkade to…interesting teapots, Yelp Elites were entertained by dramatic interpretations of their fave reviews performed by Improv Schmimprov. Who knew reviews of cream puffs and fish tacos could turn into such hilarity?

IMG_9747 IMG_9758  IMG_9887

Memphis at the Santora was on hand giving out some tasty gumbo, pork sliders and delish Dixie Beer. MAWL was also on board giving OC yelpers a lesson in the fine art of wine tasting. Grand Central also gave out so many yelptastic prizes; Arnold E walked away with a snazzy collection of books from the store and Jason H even went home with a limited edition print worth $500!

IMG_9766 IMG_9767 IMG_9842 IMG_9714

Meanwhile the rest of the yelpers got cozy in the Astroturf room with The Crosby, who were giving a yelper-only sneak preview of their new menu with some Chai Chicken Wings (which kept Angeline D going back for seconds!) and their signature sangria. Also hanging out in the Astroturf room was Proof Bar, dishing out the dirty XZO Vodka martinis in their amazing miniature martini glasses, Steph W knows the samples may have been small, but they sure pack a punch!

_MG_9663 IMG_9820  IMG_9866

Throughout the night yelpers got their art on by working on a collage filled with their fave quotes from Yelp reviews, with a little help from one of GCAC's artists in residence, Eric Jones. Add the funkalicious tunes from DJ Co.Fee and it's one rockin', artsy good time for yelpers in the Santa Ana Artist's Village.

Check out all of the pics from the night on Yelp's Flickr page, and be sure to share your own on the Yelp OC Flickr Pool. And last, but not least - don't forget to do what you do best - share your own review of the bash here!

IMG_9721 IMG_9787  IMG_9761

Until next time....SYOY!

March 06, 2009

Boston Elites Get Their Vino Learn On!


What's an inexpensive alternative to Champagne? Can Prosecco be pink? What red wines can be paired with light vegetarian fare?

Second_Glass_DT_Wine_Sprits-tatsu30 These burning questions and more were answered on Wednesday's Elite Event at Downtown Crossing in Davis Square. A Crash Course event hosted by those hip, young local wine gurus from The Second Glass, Elites got down to business with some baller wines that won't break the bank! With nary a price tag in sight, Elites tasted each bottle and guessed at their price. Surprises and gasps and cheers filled room as each price was revealed. Ranging from $8.99 to $24.99, these bottles were downright affordable, an average of about $11 a pop.


Some revelations we were made privy to? You don't have to be a super snob and know the "secret wine language" to love, know and understand great wine. Wine is an experience, from the richness of color to the last flavor you taste as it slides down into your belly, you just gotta figure out what you like best. Yes, all the swishing and swirling has a purpose. And finally, as Stephen K wondered, no, New England is not just full of whites!

Second_Glass_DT_Wine_Sprits-tatsu38 As our knowledge has been increased, our palettes pleasantly surprised and wallets that much happier, we have some peeps to thank! First, Dan and Jeff at Downtown Wine & Spirits for opening up their store to our crew—you guys rock! And to Morgan and Tyler at The Second Glass for crafting a Crash Course Wine Seminar just for us, and keeping it real with their down-to-earth educational approach.

If you're thirsty for a bit of what we got to sample, check out the complete list of wines here, and sign up for The Second Glass's newsletter to be in the know about cool wine info, including their upcoming Wine Riot event!

Did you find a cool new vino, or leave with a newly found appreciation for red blends? Share your thoughts here! And be sure to check out all the fun photos here, courtesy of our very own Tatsu I!

For now, we'll leave you with a quote from Aristophanes:
"Quickly, bring me a beaker of wine, so that I may whet my mind and say something clever!"


Leighann F.


March 05, 2009

The Best Things Yelpers Ate This Year - NYC Edition

Back in January, a handy talk thread began circulating in New York City asking yelpers to list the best things they ate in 2008. As you can imagine, the responses were positively mouth-watering so we couldn't keep it all to ourselves. Check out the 100 Best Dishes Yelpers Ate in NYC in '08:

Blog - 100BestChecklistNYC 

While some of these dishes might look familiar to you foodie yelpers, we dare say nobody has tried every dish on the list...right? So print it out, send it to friends and see how many boxes you can check off for a positively delicious To Do list!

Eat up!

March 03, 2009

LA Yelpers Get Famous at the Yelpy Awards!


Celebrities weren't the only people in LA winning gold statues on Oscar night. 100+ LA yelpers fancied up and partied down at the House of Blues Sunset Strip Foundation Room, cozying into their plush Parish lounge for an Oscars viewing party, and an awards ceremony of their own: The Yelpy Awards!

Yelpys2   Yelpys5   Yelpys1  Yelpys6  

Attendees filled out Oscar ballots and played Oscar bingo for prizes, while sipping on signature drinks like the gold flake-tinged Oscartini, and noshing on movie-themed popcorn, candy, crudites, cookies, brownies, and the HOB's signature spinach and artichoke dip. Yelper Kampy played paparazzi, and even caught a few celeb sightings at the Yelp photo booth!

Yelpers nominated their favorites in categories like Most Useful, Funniest, Coolest, Sexiest, Best UYE's, and more! Winners were announced throughout the party and presented with certificates and gold statues, as well as bottles of Prosecco generously donated from Hollywood's K&L Wine Merchants!

Yelpys4    Yelpys11   Yelpys8   Yelpys3

All in all, the night was a smashing success, and in true Oscar fashion LA yelpers agreed: It was an honor just to be nominated!

Silicon Valley Elite Walk the Red Carpet at Cinequest Film Festival!

Posted by Connie Chang

-2  The 19th Annual Cinequest Film Festival in San Jose opened last Wednesday, and Yelp Elite were dressed to the nines for the World Premiere of the superbly crafted dark romantic comedy Wake starring Bijou Phillips (Almost Famous), Danny Masterson (That 70's Show) and Ian Somerhalder (Lost).

After the film, Yelp Elite and guests celebrated with Bijou Phillips, Danny Masterson, Marguerite Moreau, filmmakers and special guests at a spectacular Opening Night Gala featuring appetizers, desserts, cocktails by SKYY, Stella Artois beer, a tequila bar and a live performance by Orquesta d'Soul at Billy Berk's and Mezcal Restaurants.

-3 -4 IMG_9974 IMG_9979  3323581199_af1648a3e4 3324411272_e1e732bb00 3324424144_21dcf071c2 IMG_0008

March 02, 2009

QT with the Yelp Elite @ Riviera Supper Club

As inland temperatures rose to the low-90s yesterday in San Diego, nothing was quite as hot as San Diego's finest Yelp Elite members congregating around the communal grill at Riviera Supper Club in balmy La Mesa.

Riviera  3320779135_da1c44c205 3320871649_4a76d5abf0

Unlike previous Yelp Elite functions, this party was only open to Yelp Elite members, and it's safe to say, new friendships were built. Because after all, there is no such thing as strangers... just friends who haven't met yet, right?

3321559584_bbe9c4ea1b 3320999243_34ba1b2ace 3321057149_26191d9859

Big thanks to Joe, Tim, Doug and the rest of the crew at Riviera Supper Club for throwing together a top notch event. Thanks also go out to Mike at Ballast Point Brewery, Carlos and Jim from Knob Creek and Mike Brown for snapping these sweet photos from the event! Additionally, ShindyTV was on hand to film the shenanigans from yesterday's party. If you wanna check out the video, it should be ready by later this week. Lastly, we have to thank Riviera's bacon chocolate cake. Yes, you heard right... we're thanking a cake... with bacon inside.

To check out reviews from the party, click here! Until next time, America!