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February 27, 2009

Yelp Philly's Sideshow Adventure

Posted by Carrie Estok

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls (well, boys and girls of legal drinking age) joined us for the biggest party Yelp Philly has ever seen. We transformed Tower Gallery into a sideshow for the evening, including the food and entertainment! 

Yelp2009n513 Yelp2009n401  Yelp2009n502
Five of the city's top restaurants offered up their interpretation of carnival food: Cantina Dos Segundos wowed the crowd with their chorizo corn dogs, El Camino Real spiced things up with their sausages, homemade sauces and chips, Rouge dazzled with duck fat popcorn, Bar Ferdinand made the evening sweeter with churros and sangria and National Mechanics brought down the house with their Frito taco extravaganza.
And the entertainment - oh! The entertainment! The lovely ladies of The Peek-A-Boo Revue treated us to a show (what a treat!), The Olde City Sideshow made us gasp in amazement AND disgust, Dr. Sketchy's Philadelphia brought out the artist in everyone and DJ Deejay got the crowd moving with all of our favorite songs (big ups for the LCD Soundsystem and Michael Jackson)! 

Yes, it was a beautiful crowd indeed, with lots of faces both new and old. Lots of friendships were made thanks to the tasty El Major Tequila and Combier Liqueur D'Orange margaritas, Oskar Blues beer and Honest Tea.  Luckily, photographer Jeremy Evans Thomas captured it all on film, and you can check out the evidence over on our Flickr page (as well as some sweet shots from our very own yelper Chris L!). And, of course, the reviews can be found on Yelp!

Thanks again to all who came out - it was the finest freakshow in town!

Yelp Philly Community Manager

Yelp2009n262  Yelp2009n081  Yelp2009n709

Chicago Planet Yelp!

The February monsoon of 2009 couldn't stop the Chicago Yelp Elite Squad from their mission: to take over Mars Gallery and Jupiter Outpost Cafe for an evening full of extra-awesomeness! Party like a Yelpstar, indeed. Planet Yelp in full force!

Tucked away on Fulton Market in the meat-packing district, these two lofty, artsy, hidden gems combined to play host to 250 yelpers, champagne cocktails from Barefoot Wines, Shiner Beer, Monster Energy drink concoctions, treats from Landrin chocolates, and delicacies from Blackbird, Eve and Thai Urban Kitchen

Wait, did you snag a pumpkin cookie or ooozy melty panini at Jupiter Cafe? Well, you should have! Woooo, wait...there's more. A photo booth courtesy of Shutterbooth.com, paparazzi style photos by Victoria Sprung and Matt Ginger and of course, DJ Nikki C pumpin' out some jams on the ground floor rounded out the evening.

Three lofted floors full of: Art. Fashion (from Chicago Fashion Foundation). Music. Planet Yelp's the place to be, eh?

Check out the reviews here and the candids from Victoria Sprung

Until next time...SYOY!
Chicago Yelp CM


February 25, 2009

Denver Yelp Acts Out!

But, it was in a most assuredly good way, we promise. On Monday night Denver yelpers gathered at Curious Theater to watch a bit of improv performed by some of our very own yelp-actors. We saw Crystal N and Kevin B act out Adam R's review of Whole Foods. Then, Kat A performed her own version of a very trying Burger King experience. Following that act was a review of Pablo's Coffee written by Kevin B. Next up a totally romantic review of the PS Lounge written and performed by Nicholas N. And we ended the evening with Kelly Y singing none other than Kym B's review of The Giant Blue Bronco, or as I affectionately call it the Devil Horse, by the airport.

During all of this "act"ion, Brothers BBQ served up tons of food from pulled pork to hot links, potato salad to baked beans, even cookies and brownies. Denver yelpers washed it all down with Del Norte brews, assorted wines and plenty of flavors of Fuze. Delicious!

Don't forget to check out the pictures, courtesy of Jay B, the reviews of the event and all 5 of the videos! (Each of those words will show you a different video, in case you didn't pick up on that ;-) )

Until next time, SYOY!

Tiffany C
Denver Yelp Community Manager

P1020880 P1020882 P1020905 P1020933P1020954 P1020825 P1020902 P1020920

New York Yelp Elite Show Their Yelps At Bubble Lounge!

The International tradition of Mardi Gras, or “Fat Tuesday” for you anglophiles, was taken to new heights this past Tuesday at Bubble Lounge in Tribeca as Yelp Elites arrived decked to the nines for some major masquerade madness. Yosh H and Daniel L scooted in out of the frigid February and grabbed their Champagne Taittinger flutes to get the party started while Chun L waltzed his beautiful date over to the gorgeous velvet sofas in the corner. Enter Cara A donning a pretty purple wig and Becca S sipping some IPO wine and bedazzled--knee injury be damned! Damaris P and Laura G sampled the free mini sliders, tuna tartar and mushroom sandwiches while nobody dared veto the Starr African Rum mojitos. Nobody could miss photog-king, Peter K snapping shots and double-fisting mighty fine Peroni beers in a pig-mask to boot!

3308566675_eece0422d9_m 3308533733_1a68a82e1c 3309375138_edc93e7d01_m 3309375258_a8e084ecc3_m

Suddenly a drummers beat floated up from the bottom floor and Oriana J and Alan G rushed downstairs without any airs to find Mario Axe and his Samba Dancers heating up the room. The Carnival Parade quickly marched to the main floor where our very own Yelp Founder and CEO, Jeremy S, couldn't even resist a few booty shakes.

Best dressed dame, Kathleen R hits the nail on the head with the query, "how can a girl not have fun at an event involving: purple hair, sparkly masks, champagne mojitos, can-can dancers and a bacon gift basket?

If you missed it, check out the gossip on Talk, the reviews and the photos to get the scoop!

3308535719_76f3380578_m 3308566949_13c144c757_m 3308533421_5e70c62148_m 3309362132_58b8871356_m

February 23, 2009

Native + Phoenix Yelpers at the Heard Museum = Fun Times!

Friday night February 20th was the kick-off for the NU (Native + U) Series at the Heard Museum, and the Phoenix Elite Squad and guests enjoyed VIP treatment on-site to start the night!

Yelpers enjoyed tastes from Bombay Spice, San Gabriel Mexican Cafe, and Urban Cookies. There was beer-o-plenty from local Arizona breweries to wash it all down, as well as Honest Tea.  Chocoholics savored organic, vegan dark chocolate samples from Wei of Chocolate, and many guests appreciated the custom made perfumes from Lotus Wei.

Another highlight was the unique hoop dancing performance by Lane Jensen and his group... what a treat!  No Phoenix OYE is complete without the help of four white walls photography!  Check out all of the professional pictures here!

Miss out on the special treatment? Live vicariously through the reviews, and read more chatter here!

Until next time, Phoenix... SYOY!

-Gabi K

FourwhitewallsHeard1  IMG_0585 IMG_0590 FourwhitewallsHeard3

February 20, 2009

Yelp Metro Detroit's First Elite Event at the Garden Bowl!

Posted by Mariah C

Around 50 Metro Detroit Yelpers and their came out in full force Thursday night for the first-ever local Elite event! The crowd showed their love of beer, bowling and pizza at Detroit’s long-lived (continuously operating since 1913) and always comfortable Garden Bowl.  While some knocked down the pins, others gobbled up the tasty pizza and appetizers provided by Sgt. Pepperoni’s and the Majestic Café.

The Garden Bowl and Majestic complex ownership and staff were tremendous hosts – a special big thank you goes out to Cimbery, Chris and Amado, who made sure that everything ran exceptionally smoothly. True pros!

In addition to providing us with free bowling, plenty of tasty food and drink tickets, the Garden Bowl also chipped in with a gift certificate for a bowling party as a prize for our lucky raffle winner!

Things just wouldn’t have been quite as cool (and run so well) without Colleen C, who came all the way from Chicago to lend a hand.  Her decorating savvy and calm check-in capability was much appreciated.  Thanks to Kevin C from trekking in from East Lansing, too and helping out with a little heavy lifting at the end of the night.

As far as we could tell, no one got a turkey during the night, but hey – keeping score’s not really the point, right?  We did get to witness Kelly W’s unique technique, and while Matthew D may not have had as “on” of a bowling night as he’d liked, he did at least finally score his Elite T-shirt!  Marco D may have scored a little too much beer, as we noticed his friend grabbing a sharpie to clearly label his drink as to avoid some “accidental” sippage! Hmmm….

Thanks, all you awesome Metro Detroit yelpers, for a super-fun kick-off!
Witness some of the action here, and stay tuned for more events to come!

3295684462_78db73c5fa_s 3295684992_d8a1df50ac_s 3294859353_2a3c8917a6_s  3294859475_738ca2678c_s

February 19, 2009

Austin Yelpers Crank Out The Jams, Snark

What's better than a room full of cool local yelpers, Deschutes Brew, Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka and some of the snarkiest shirts you've ever seen? Try the WIT T-shirt night and Mix CD Extravaganza Austin yelpers made happen this week at Shangri-La (and special thanks to yelper / DJ Mike L). This fun and funky east side dive was home to a reveling crowd of yelpers who donned their favorite funny tees and mixed up some of the coolest desert island discs you've ever heard.  At the end of the night, we each went home with at least one...CD (mind out of the gutter, people) and doubt found some new sonic sweetness!

ShangriLa37 ShangriLa53 ShangriLa76 ShangriLa97 ShangriLa52

Dallas Elite Squad Does It Toga Style!

Posted by Melody Lowe

Big D yelpers headed downtown to the City Tavern donning togas of all decorations and sizes! Folks feasted on addictive mozzarella jalapeño sticks and turkey clubs while sipping on cocktails made from Distinguido Tequila and a very crowd favorite called Drifter made by Widmer. The venue also hooked up our ears with a special sample mix of popular local bands that play there weekly. A couple of lucky raffle prize winners left the party with a special edition DVD of Animal House and a set of vintage beer glasses.

3291268989_d8fe4efa96 Picture 4 Shoulder 

If you missed the action, be sure to read the reviews of the party, and the buzz on Yelp Talk! Need some more evidence? Check out the rest of the photos taken by Yelp Elite couple Leigh and Etienne P and new yelper, Pstan L.

February 17, 2009

100 Best Things Yelpers ate this Year - 2008!

Posted by Jessica T

Back in January, a nifty talk thread began circulating in a number of cities (San Francisco included) asking yelpers to list the best things they ate in 2008. As you can imagine, the responses were postively mouth-watering. We had trouble whittling it down to just one hundred for SF, but we did it, and here it is:


While we're guessing any good yelper has been to some of these places, we can't imagine someone has been to all of them? Is it possible? Well, that's sort of up to you, now isn't it? Hurry up, and who knows what'll make the list for 2009...!

Boston Elites: Winter Warmer Party!

Noir tatsu6Noir tatsu9Noir tatsu42Noir tatsu117Noir tatsu52

Frigid temperatures ain't no match for the Boston Elite Squad! Clad in cozy Cosby-esque sweaters, Elites nuzzled up in hideous prints, tacky knits and thrift-store finds that truly defined ugly!

Some shacked up to the bar and sipped on four delectable cocktails courtesy of our friends at Maker's Mark. the French Loretto, the Apple Manhattan, the Beurre Noisette and the Derby Pie quickly made their way into the hands of Elites and provided the necessary liquid courage to strap on some skates and hit the ice! With complimentary skates courtesy of The Charles Hotel, Elites clocked some exclusive time gliding around the rink.

To sustain their vigorous activity, nibbles from Noir's kitchen kept the party going, including hummus and fresh vegetables, mouth-watering mini pizzas and warm, fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies. To remember the night, Elites took home goodies bags filled with cocktail shakers, Maker's Mark BBQ Sauce,  delicious chocolates from Landrin and discount passes for ice skating!

High-fives go out to:

-Bethany B for being the first one to arrive.
-Kirs P, Alex R, Amanda H, Jenny N, Dawn E, John R, John S, Kim K, Carrie M, Joanna F and Melissa M for their swan-like ice maneuvering.
-Jessika D and Paul S for being the last to wrap up the festivities.
-Lauren R and David D for scoring two pairs of tickets each to Regattabar's Jazz Festival!
-Sara S for holding down the door. Girl's got guns!

Got love for bourbon and ice skating? Check out the reviews and add your own two cents!

And be sure to peep the photos taken by our very own Tatsu I.

Till next time, Boston!

Leighann F.

Noir tatsu114Noir tatsu18Noir tatsu49Noir tatsu14Noir tatsu51
Noir tatsu120Noir tatsu41Noir tatsu57Noir tatsu76Noir tatsu80

February 16, 2009

Atlanta Yelpers are Lovey-Dovey at Toulouse

It was love at first sight for Atlanta Elite Yelpers at Wine, Art, Love, Yelp at Toulouse. After spending the night prior imbibing with loved ones, the Elite squad came out in full force to partake in the truly lovely setting at Toulouse on February 15th. On Sunday, we're in love!

Jasen J noshed on pistachio encrusted tuna with gorgonzola sauce while Kelly H preferred to sop up some scallops. Ivan S appreciated the old man black jellybean nature of the "Toulouse Lautrec," a cocktail made just for we yelpers composed of Absinthe and citrus vodka. The wine was the real star of the show, with an international presence of whites and reds... perfect for Valentine's day, no? Landrin chocolates flew off the table while Angela M and Scott K appreciated the colorful works by Steve Penley adorning the walls.

No Elite event is complete without the help of Atlanta Photography! Adam R and Kit F certainly enjoyed the shenanigans in the Valentine's themed photo booth while Kyle S showed off his fantastic 'do. Check out all of the crazy pictures here!

Missed out on the love fest? Read what everyone's saying here!

How sweet it is to be loved by Yelp!

3283090301_81333c28db 3284003406_48a125aea5 3284027158_c53a841a56 3283100787_dc2f703851

Remember, all you need is love!
Kathleen M
Atlanta Community Manager

February 15, 2009

Houston Yelp Elite Squad's Sadie Hawkins Dance

Posted by Farrah Akhtar

Houston went retro at Etro!

It was high school all over again (minus the awkwardness and raging hormones) on February 12 for the first-ever Houston Yelp Elite Squad Sadie Hawkins Dance. The night was complete with guys, gals and even groups sporting matching shirts, colors and—for some—shoes! 

With Yelp Flirtinis in hand and '80s and '90s beats spun out by Etro Lounge's DJ Zelus, the Squad was in a fixed groove and getting the party started riiight. Elites noshed on chocolaty luxury sweets from Landrin and Ruggles Cafe Bakery wraps, sammies, veggie platters and miniature-sized versions of their famous desserts: key lime tarts, red velvet cake, tres leches, Strawberry Bombs and so much more. And there to add more indulgence to the night was Kavana Healing Arts Spa pampering the party with complimentary massages!

Congrats to Chris S and Sabrina D who took home the "best dressed couple" title and snagged a pair of tickets to see G Love & Special Sauce provided by Warehouse Live; and Nina G won the open drawing: a gift card to Max's Wine Dive. Who you plan on taking, Nina?!

And what's a high school dance without a cheesy photo backdrop?! Check out pics of the happy couples taken by Daniel Ortiz Photography along with more pics provided by the Squad! Grounded and missed the dance? See what all the cool kids are saying about the night!

Sadie Hawkins Dance 022 Picture 5_1  Sadie Hawkins Dance 033 Sadie Hawkins Dance 041

Til the next dance, students!

Farrah A
Houston Community Manager

February 14, 2009

LA Elites feel the love at Casa Sanchez!


 Love was definitely in the air Thursday night as Casa Sanchez courted its way into the hearts of the Los Angeles Elite Squad at the Yelp, Mi Amor! Pre-Valentine’s Day bash. Hundreds of Elites soaked up the classic, 50Mexican architecture and gorgeous décor, while scores of servers greeted them with a slew of delectable complimentary cocktails, including cadillac & pomegranate margaritas, sangria, and Dos Equis beer. Buffet tables displayed fruit sculptures adorned with cheese, charcuterie and creative cracker combinations, while trays of bacon-wrapped shrimp, taquitos, meatballs, and calamari donned the palates of party-goers. Landrin Chocolates decorated the room and satiated the crowd’s sweet tooth with their Hazelnut Chocolate and Coconut Almond Perfection truffles, which Jenny S says were “sooooo good.”

 The additional Don Julio tequila tasting bar was an immediate hit, as yelpers lined up (over and over...and over) to sample the brand’s best, including exclusive Don Julio 1942, the landslide favorite! Mariachi Internacional Tapatio entertained the crowd, along with traditional Mexican dancers, who led Marcus B and Vanessa D to victory in the hilarious dance competition! DJ R-Rated and DJ Colby kept the hot beats going all night.

Another special highlight was the introduction of Miss Dawson S as the new East LA Community Manager! A long time Elite, she's taking the reigns and supercharging LA Yelp from Hollywood through the Valley!



Generous giveaways from Chipotle, Landrin Chocolates, and Parisian Florist made the night complete! All in all it’s safe to say LA Elites ended the night with their hearts a-swelling! Don’t believe it? Check out the evidence in the reviews and pictures!


February 12, 2009

Brooklyn Yelp Thai’s One On!

Posted by peter d.

DSC_1311 DSC_1312 DSC_1275 3273765394_c058e73364

Wednesday night in Williamsburg, the NYC Elite Squad came out in full force to Thai One On at Public Assembly! Bartenders bestowed Beerlao on Brooklynites to get the party started, and yelpers Arthur O and Oriana J kept it going (and were spotted double fisting)!

Preethi C, Ethan C and the rest of the crowd devoured delicious delights from Khao Sarn, indulging in scrumptious curry puffs, fresh rolls, and steamed dumplings, while Elites grooved to the sweet sounds of Southeast Asia. Landrin provided decadent chocolates as an early Valentine’s Day present that were gobbled up as fast as possible.

For those of you that missed it (or got a bit TOO into the theme and can't remember it), take a look at the pics snapped by our very own Erin R and Peter K, and don't forget the gossip and the reviews!

A special shout-out to:

-Paul K for being the first one on the scene!
-David P and everyone else who made it their first Elite Event and proved that they exist after all!
-The "inappropriate" yelper who asked me to remove my shirt during my speech: you're just going to have to wait until the Yelp Mardi Gras Elite Event, Show Us Your Yelps!

February 04, 2009

Skyy's the Limit for East Bay Elites

Posted by Ligaya T

Skyy-open     Skyybasket Skyy-gwen

Bay Area Elites ventured deep into the East Bay to Danville's Easy 925 for a full reeeeewind back to the 1980s! Recall those days when legwarmers and parachute pants reigned supreme? Well, yelpers donned their throwback finest to honor the era, and Wang Chunged all night long fueled by lip-smackingly good SKYY Infusion concoctions created especially for the event by 925's choice mixologists!

Skyy-madonnaThe party started even before the YelpBus arrived at the lounge; Chris G eased into his first Elite event  sipping Firestone Beer on the ride from the BART. Walking through the door, guests received around-the-world punch cards to taste all flavors in the SKYY rainbow. "Purple Rain" put a smile on Gwen H's face while Madonna was spotted sipping the hit of the night, "Pretty in Pink," which will be featured as Yelp's own cocktail on the new drink list!

Andrew T's mad dash from the SF event paid off as he snagged a raffle prize to return with friends for the signature cocktail. It was Amanda M who carried away an enviable basket of SKYY goodies though! And Ieesha M scored a gift certificate to Singaporean restaurant, Kopitiam, in Lafayette that provided tasty nibbles.Skyy-trina Not bad for her first Elite event. Luckily all the stories are documented here!

Shout outs to the folks at Easy 925 for encouraging our antics with a smile and a cocktail, all the totally tubular Community Managers that joined in for the festivities from far and wide, and of course, the awesome yelpers who really got in the groove!

Outrageous outfits, flashdancing and more in these snapshots by Carrie E! Want to see what yelpers are saying? Reviews...

Three cheers for tipsy Tuesdays!
Ligaya T

East Bay Community Manager

Silicon Valley Elite Get Pretty in Pink!

Posted by Connie Chang

Web-34 Last night, Silicon Valley yelpers pulled out pink from their wardrobes and pulled it off fabulously! As part of the Bay Area Blowout (where Elite Events were held in San Francisco, the East Bay and the South Bay simultaneously), the Yelp love was surely spread throughout the lovely Loft Bar and Bistro in Downtown San Jose!

Guests enjoyed a plentitude of tasty complimentary appetizers from Loft's menu. People filled their plates to the gills with chicken and beef skewers, bruschetta, chicken salad, calamari, onion strings, pasta and artichoke hearts! Bartenders kept the drinks flowing with SKYY Vodka specialty cocktails, including pink X-Rated Fusion concoctions. Decadent treats from Landrin satisfied sweet cravings.

Web-25 Web-26 Web-2 Web-38

Yelpers were excited to meet Community Managers visiting from all over the nation: Michelle B, Kevin L, Hazel Q, Maria A, Dawson S, Kevin N, Gabi K and Jane K!

Special thanks to the staff at Loft, including owner Kam and Executive Chef Adrian for hosting our first blowout Elite Event of 2009! Be sure to check out everyone's recap and pretty photos of the Pink Party including official pics from Carol L!

Web-33 Web-32 Web-30 Web-28  Web-29 Web-35 Web-36 Web-37