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January 31, 2009

DC Elites be: yelpy to Close Out January '09!

Posted by Kevin L

Yelp Elites, old and new, came out to party it up and boogie on down at the be: yelpy 80s dance party, hosted by Be Bar! Grooving to the mixes spun by the famed DJ Kuhmeleon, yelpers and their dance partners hit the floor in their neons and leg warmers.  Need photographic evidence? We have in spades, thanks to our fantastic photographers, Jane K and Robinson A.

Providing us with some liquid courage, the smoking hot bartenders at Be Bar offered up some delicious yelptinis served with Emperor Vodka. The Emperor Napoleon was there himself, surrounded by an entourage of his Elite admirers.  Meanwhile, Peroni beer cooled things off for the hot and sweaty dancers.  And Sweetriot's chocolate nibs supplied us with some chocolate decadence and the sugar high to keep on dancing.

If you missed the action yourself, scope out the other recaps by attendees of last night's soiree, or the buzz on Yelp Talk

 DSC_0371 DSC_0407  DSC_0487  DSC_0394

January 30, 2009

A Classy Night with the Minneapolis Yelpers

On Thursday night the Minneapolis Yelp Elite Squad kicked ’09 off to a classy start with wine, tasty appetizers, and mingling at the Armatage Room. It was hard for most of us to tear ourselves away from the quiche, lamb, cheese, and other fabulous appetizers Armatage Room had on display. And just when we were stuffed to the max Armatage Room surprised us with some incredible desserts! My oh my…aren’t we spoiled yelpers? Beyond indulging us with incredible food Armatage Room provided some very nice wine options cause it’s not a true Yelp party without a few cocktails!

Highlights included live accordion music, thanks to the oh so talented Patrick Harrison, and a bag full of art supply donations collected for Free Arts Minnesota. New elites, including Dolly V and Lindsay C, will now be sporting their new elite t-shirts. Dan S was the winner of the night by winning the raffle for 2 tickets to attend the upcoming Oscar Night. And there’s still an opportunity for someone to win the Armatage Room contest since everyone had the opportunity to submit a future event idea.

Thanks again to Kevin and Ruth from the Armatage Room for letting us take over their space and filling our tummies. And thank you to the 09 Yelp Elite Squad for all the fun. Click here to share your stories from the evening.

       Photo 4 Photo3 Photo2 Photo1

B-Rock-BQ Yelp Elite party at Phil's BBQ!

Last night, San Diego yelpers enjoyed their first Elite party of 2009... and boy, was it a good one!

Roughly 200 Yelp Elite superstars took over the new events center at legendary Phil's BBQ. Arguably the finest BBQ operation in Southern California was serving up riblets, BBQ chicken sandwiches, pulled pork sliders, onion rings, macaroni salad and more! Needless to say, it was a sloppy, delicious mess.

IMG_7900_JPG IMG_7896_JPG IMG_7886_JPG

We couldn't have put this event without the help of our amazing sponsors:

U4RIK Vodka, Trumer Pilsner, Shiner Bock (voted America's favorite BBQ beer), Toronado for bringing down two delicious kegs of craft beer, local brewery Ballast Point, Caffe Calabria coffee, Ben & Jerry's ice cream, DJ/musician John Kunis, yelper Madison B for snappin the party pics... and of course Chad and Phil HIMSELF, of Phil's BBQ for letting us take over their space for two solid hours.

For more pictures from the event, click here!

January 29, 2009

Portland Elites Tap the Taproom!

Posted by Don Bourassa

The Portland Yelpers brought it strong to Yelp Taps the Taproom at the MacTarnahan’s Taproom in NW Portland last Wednesday night to help celebrate the release of MacTarnahan’s spring seasonal: Sling Shot Extra Pale Ale!

IMG_8273 The Taproom set Yelpers up in their V.I.P. Highland Room with a great appetizer spread, passed heavy apps, a beer tasting bar with an array of MacTarnahan’s and Pyramid beers, and another bar pouring all-you-can-drink Sling Shot EPA, Pyramid Hefeweizen and MacTarnahan’s Amber Ale.

Yelpers partied it up, enjoying their first event of the 2009 season, an endless supply of three great beers, and eating fish n’ chips, chicken and steak skewers, pork sliders, sausage plates, grilled veggies, shrimp skewers, chips and dip, and key lime and chocolate pie. It was an all-out spread, folks, and these guys did an amazing job.

Yelpers racked up the goods on Wednesday night, starting with some great shirts and other Yelp gear for 2009.  We also raffled off a whole bunch of premium tickets to Blue Note recoding artist concerts as part of Yelp's sponsorship of the upcoming Portland Jazz Festival in February!  Beyond these great prizes, MacTarnahan's raffled off some Sling Shot and MacTarnahan's Amber shirts and some growlers of beer, and every Yelper got to take home a cool MacTarnahan's logo pint glass with a coupon for a free dinner!  We even raffled off the first official Portland Yelp beer bong! That's quite a haul!!

Everyone in Portland was stoked to see the fabulous Miss Laura N. of international Yelp fame show up for a guest celebrity appearance as well. It made the night!!

IMG_8323 IMG_8260 IMG_8281 Newbies 

A HUGE thanks goes to Derek Svensen, Mark Carver, Michael Ernst, Lynette Doan and all of the amazing staff at the Taproom and IBU.  Huge thanks also to my wife, Hilary B for all of the hard work (folding shirts, taking photos, moral support) in making this event a total success!

For a quick recap of the night’s festivities, check out the reviews and the photos.

Until we meet again…


Don B

January 28, 2009

Boston Elites on Sensory Overload!

Aura-tatsu-69 Aura-tatsu-82 Aura-tatsu-74 Aura-tatsu-65 Aura-tatsu-73 

On a frigid Monday night, Boston Elites donned their most dashing duds and strutted over to Aura  Restaurant in The Seaport Hotel for an evening that catered to the delight of all five senses. Think dashingly dressed guys and gals, fine wines from around the world, decadent food pairings, the enchanting music of a five-piece jazz band and a mini massage lounge to keep things feeling fine.

Aura_tatsu-51 With all of the wines coming from the surplus of this past weekend's Boston Wine Expo, Elites were among the first in the world to sample these delicious wines that haven't even hit the stores yet. While Shaina G sipped the Crios Torrentes, Blair H got his nose all up in some italian red. Paired with sweet desserts, spicy snacks, savory dishes and a plethora of cheeses and antipasti, there  was a flavor profile for everyone. And for those who don't dig vino, like Jessika D, there was also a station with fancy Harpoon beer! 


As the sweet sounds of jazz wafted through the room, we waved goodbye to Argentina-bound Erica S  and said hello to newly Elite Anthony R, Purvi R and Liana K, as Elite-Event first-timer Arestia R danced a little two step! Outside in the massage lounge, Amanda H felt the knots melt away into sweet, sweet relaxation.

Aura_tatsu-0 Aura_tatsu-3 Aura_tatsu-18 Aura_tatsu-17 

Many, many heartfelt thanks to the amazing, knowledgeable and professional staff at Aura Restaurant and the Seaport Hotel for catering to our every food and wine need with swift style. A standing ovation for the selected members of The Beantown Swing Orchestra for providing the music that really set the mood. And a round of applause goes out to Michael Moore and company, of Moore Massage, for nixing all those kinks! And as always, our eternal gratitude to Yumiko F for taking good care of the door and to Miriam W for lending a hand all the way from NYC!

 Incase you need another dose of sensory satiation, check out the official photos, snapped by our very own Tatsu I, and be sure to use your Aura gift card on your return trip! Don't forget to add your own see, hear, touch, taste and smell experience to the already ample array of reviews!

Here's to keepin' it classy, Boston!

Leighann F.

Aura_tatsu-10 Aura-tatsu-81 Aura_tatsu-8

January 26, 2009

Chicago: yelpers + cozy coffee shop + games = HOT!

Game on, Yelp!

The Chicago Yelp Elite Squad gathered on a frigid Saturday afternoon at Noble Tree Coffeehouse for a session of board games, cozy (spiked) coffees, sweet treats and intense competition. Stepping in from the cold, guests were greeted promptly with a "Hot Joe" shot, consisting of Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey, coffee liqueur and cream...warmed them right up! 

Then straight up to the second and third floors to explore the expansive, vintage coffeeshop sprinkled with games, tables & chairs, desserts and friendly faces. Props to Jennifer B and Ryan L for winning the raffle prizes, a bottle of their preferred sponsor liquor and a Hoosier Mama Pie gift certificate. Sounds like a winning combo to stay warm for the next few months, guys! 

Many thanks to our host, Noble Tree Coffeehouse in Lincoln Park for providing ample caffeine, cozy nooks, cool decor and lots of space to curl up and escape the winter doldrums! Hoosier Mama Pie Company (serving "chess" pie among others) and Pastries Not Potatoes (Trivial Pursuit cupcakes, Pac-Man cheesecakes, Domino brownies and tic-tac-toe sugar cookies, say wha!?) were also on hand providing enough sugar to keep the whole crowd buzzin'! Ah, and don't forget the tasty drinks served up courtesy of Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey, Rain Vodka and Dr. Cherry Schnapps (mmm, with hot cocoa!)...warm and toasty!

Dan Gin and Matt Ginger documented the intense bouts of Scrabble, Monopoly, Partini, Catch Phrase, Trivial Pursuit and many others...click here for Dan's pics, and here for Matt's! Also, check out what yelpers had to say about the first ever Yelp Chicago board game night...

SYOY, gamers!
Yelp Chicago Community Manager

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January 25, 2009

Beehived & Skinny-tied Yelpers Abound in OC

Posted by Hazel Q

Orange County yelpers rocked their finest Don Draper and Joan Hollaway duds while sippin' on some fine martinis Thursday night at Park Ave.

The folks over at Park Ave were amazing hosts, constantly passing around steak skewers, mushroom bruchetta, and even the 50's classic - pigs in a blanket. Yelpers, like Shaun S, preferred feeling swank with an IS Vodka martini (or, hey, even a Chimayo Tequila margaritini!) in hand, while others, like Jason A, completed the Mad Men vibe by puffing the night away on some cigars from The Cigar Guys.

_MG_5517 _MG_5479 IMG_5573

Somebody worked some magic and made the weather gorgeous just for yelpers that night (it was probably Nancy C's fabulous pink beehive wig)...there was nary a sweater in sight. The Johnson Account rocked the night away with some sweet covers of everything from Britney's Womanizer to the latest MGMT hit. Some yelpers have all the luck - Ryan M, San Diego's own Bill P, and Hannah K took home some awesome prizes from Mad Men DVDs, gifts cards to mod gift shop - OTTO, and of course a dinner at Park Ave.

_MG_5535 IMG_5576 IMG_5587 _MG_5522 _MG_5543

A big thanks to Antonio, our rockin photographer, from LovinLife, who documented the whole night for us - check out all the evidence on Yelp's Flickr page.

Until next time...


January 22, 2009

New York Yelp Gets Inaugural at Country!

Obama-mania hit Manhattan last night as yelpers--both Elite and non—strutted their swanky stuff at Country on Madison Avenue celebrating a new president in the White House and a new year for Yelp! Early birds Ki G and Chun L lunged towards the bar to snag the first of many Saaga Vodka’s Dirty Dicks distributed throughout the two floors of the expansive space. DJ’s Andrew & Andrew of East Village Radio had Stephanie M breaking out the “robot, booty bumping, other assorted ridonkulousness” and Mel F performing the in place booty shake all night. Not to be outdone, the scantily clad seductresses from Sugar Shake Burlesque worked up a sweat and got Jeremy G and Ethan C feeling All American. After hitting the coatcheck Cara A shot downstairs to down a Saaga “Barack Obama” while Natasha L lingered with our Barack O in Denisimo Photography’s Obamabooth (check out some photobooth escapades here!)

Picture 5 Picture 6 Picture 7  Picture 11

As the dancefloor was heating up, Jeff C slipped downstairs to munch on “parsnip puree, tuna tartlet, the swordfish skewer, confit, cheese, charcuterie” complimentary of Geoffrey Zakarian's kitchen at Country. Joining him in the Lifebooker & Spa Chinois “Change We Can Believe In” manicure room was Preethi C sipping on cocktails from the Indie Liquor Room next door. Another boozed up politico, Daniel P, camped out at the Castries Crème table while Melody H sampled tastes from Luna Sueño, LOFT Liqueurs, Kasteel Cru, Coole Swan, Domaine de Canton Ginger and Rhum Clement. After that alcoholic array everyone was surprised that despite nip slips and stair stumbles, no yelpers managed to knock over the delicately balanced acrobats from Imaginaerial who snuck out of the corners in red, white and blue! Ever the charitable yelper, Alyvia M celebrated the presidential inauguration with a hand-rolled cigar at the Little Cigar Factory Station downstairs after donating some hard-earned dough to the St. John’s Bread & Life team.

Picture 8 Picture 9 Picture 10 Picture 11

In fact, yelpers donated enough cash to buy 15,000 hot, nutritious meals for the St. John’s Bread & Life Soup Kitchen in Brooklyn. Now that’s a change we can believe in!

For those who missed out, check out the photos, gossip and reviews of the event!

January 21, 2009

Yelp Miami on Pacific Time

Posted by Maria Arguello

Pacific Time was the perfect setting to kick start the year with some of Miami's latest and greatest yelpers. Once at this Design District favorite guests noshed on a cornucopia of goodies including sweet and spicy popcorn shrimp, pizzas, and miso chicken skewers. The biggest hit of the night came in the form of liquid libations as yelpers discovered Miami's newest cocktail sensation Pacific Time's blood-orange mojitos. This citrusy twist on the traditional favorite was a hit with all.

For those who missed out, check out the reviews and pics snapped by Jipsy aka the NefariousGirl herself.  Haven't had enough? There's more recap on Talk!

Cheers to keeping it local in '09 and to a year full of magical events like this one!

Maria A
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January 19, 2009

Seattle Yelp pleY'd at the Ballroom in Fremont!

Posted by Katie Scharer

Seattle Yelpers came out in droves to pleY at Yelp Seattle's Open Party at The Ballroom in Fremont last Thursday night!

The Ballroom equipped Yelpers with free pool and Wii, and with some great tunes to jam to, Yelpers couldn't help but have a good time at this massive pleYdate! Russel L and Will L enjoyed pleYin' pool while Rebecca R and Kyle S hit up the Wii.

Yelper/ DJ Won M tore it up on the tables and partygoers could simply not resist cuttin' a rug on the dance floor. Just ask Carly L and Riss J how much fun cage dancing is... We have a feeling they'll be able to tell you.

SeaTown Yelpers imbibed on Laughing Buddha's Mango Weizen & Purple Yam Porter, Ballroom Vodka Lemonades, and Ballroom Bourbon Gingers and noshed antipasto platters and The Ballroom's infamous 28" pizza pies... Add in the DIY ice cream sundaes, which Annie J claimed was the reason for her attendance, and we had ourselves a real party.

Noisemakers and party hats aside (Yes, we had those too), it was a pleYdate we'll always remember!

A big thanks goes out to the awesome folks at The Ballroom, Laughing Buddha Brewery, Photographer Ben Haley, and DJ Won for making this night possible!

3202451723_e6a666eeff 3203289296_d0e1c2a824 3202486121_c7539be8cb 3202434405_632c13fe96-1

For more evidence that this was a rip roarin' good time, check out the reviews and more of Ben's photos here.

Until Next Time Seattle,


Katie S

January 16, 2009

The Dallas Elite Squad Celebrate the Roaring 20's!

Posted by Melody Lowe

Dallas yelpers came out in full force (and full flapper) to celebrate the roaring 20's at Sambuca in Uptown. Deep red curtains, a giant Buddha statue and other swanky decor welcomed yelpers to the venue. Boas, fedoras, and big smiles could be found throughout the party, and wine, beer and Bellini's could be found in hands!

The fabulous folks at Sambuca warded off hunger pangs with a buffet of smoked chicken and Gouda cheese quesadillas, fresh mozzarella, basil and tomato crostinis, hummus, and chicken. Tiny and the Kingpins were on hand to supply live music and dancing fever. Andrew K was surprised with a piece of Chocolate Decadence Heath Crunch pie and a Happy Birthday sing-a-long.

Many thanks go out to Adrienne, Sheila, and the rest of the gracious staff at Sambuca for hosting us! Be sure to check out the rest of the photos and the reviews from the party!

Cheers to another Yelp Elite event in Dallas! Stay tuned for more fun in February!

Melody L

Thumb Thhhh Thumb1 Thumb5 Thumb77 Thumb4 Thumb3 Yesh

Denver Yelpers Throw Their Resolutions Out The Window

We know, we know. So early into the year and Denver yelpers have already said "Screw you!" to their resolutions? Well we're placing the blame squarely on the shoulders of Jonesy's EatBar and Dr. McGillicuddy because it was way too hard to resist the food and drink temptations at the latest Denver Yelp Elite Event. From mac 'n cheese fries to water chestnuts wrapped in bacon to peach bread pudding, yelpers only stopped putting Jonesy's delectable delights in their mouths long enough to sip Dale's Pale Ale, Dreamsicles, or shots of cinnamon whiskey.

Meanwhile, Fanny Spankings' burlesque show, head-to-head Tetris, pool games, dart boards, and a juke box filled by the two Kevins kept the crowd entertained. Wowza! What a way to kick off the year!

For those of you that missed it, can't remember it or just want to relive the memories check out the pictures (courtesy of our very own Taj M) and reviews.

Until next time, SYOY (See You On Yelp)!

Tiffany C
Denver Yelp Community Manager

_1167615 _1167636 _1167378  _1167396   _1167425 _1167634 _1167507  _1167562

Phoenix Elites Kick Off '09 By Keeping It Local At Quiessence!

Quiessence, located in the historic Farm at South Mountain, was the perfect venue for Phoenix Elite Yelpers and guests to kick off '09 in style. It was a beautiful evening for local food, wine, and jazz. Kudos to Chef Gregory LaPrad and his staff for welcoming us with farm fresh tastes of seasonal dishes including octopus carpaccio, roasted pork tenderloin, an assortment of cheeses, and oh so much more!
IMG_1857  IMG_1860 IMG_1859 IMG_1858
Arizona's own Pillsbury Wine Company, Dos Cabezas Wine Works, and Page Springs Cellars were all on location as well... and extremely generous with their pours. Yelpers had plenty of wine to toast the new year. Live jazz by Paris James added to the evening, and needless to say, a good time was had by all!

For those who missed out, check out the reviews and posed photos as well as the professional pics snapped by Gary Millard of four white walls photography. Haven't had enough? There's more recap on Talk!

Cheers to keeping it local in '09 and to a year full of magical events like this one!

Until next time,


Gabi K
IMG_1879 IMG_1864 IMG_1894 IMG_1906 IMG_1902 ParisJames ZandAnthony IMG_1904

January 14, 2009

Yelp Philly Gets Decadent

Posted by Carrie Estok

Area 91was the perfect location for the recent Yelp Philly Elite event. "Indulge Yourself," was held at this new Northern Liberties gallery and drew a record crowd of yelpers (guess the secret is out!). Guests were treated to a fashion show featuring pieces from Sugarcube, Smak Parlour, Matthew Izzo, Delicious Boutique, Omoi and Grasshopper, modeled by such lovely yelpers as Jenna C, Terry C, Alicia F, Steph S and more! Models were done up by stylists from Fringe and Chroma Hair Gallery as well as Cheekadee Makeup Artists, and everyone enjoyed mini spa treatments from Ananda, Juju Spa and Danielle English, CMT. Ohh la la!

It's not a party without food and drinks, though, so we made sure to have plenty on hand. Guests enjoyed treats from Flying Monkey Patisserie, Brown Betty Dessert Boutique, Golosa Chocolate Bar and Dessert Lounge, Ciao Bella Cakes and Whole Foods, and our friends from WineO and Brava Italia kept the drinks flowing. 

Let's hear it for Yelp Philly - and check out the photographic evidence here!

IMG_7475  IMG_7438  IMG_7633  IMG_7421

January 12, 2009

Austin Yelpers Revolt in '09!

The Resolution Revolution came.  It saw.  It happened....and it was Awesome! More than 500 Austin yelpers shimmied, shaked, salsa-ed and merengued to two floors of DJs, one live cigar roller, a lucha libre pinata, scores of rum cocktails from Treaty Oak Rum, beer from Dos Equis, salsa lessons, photos by Annie Ray and Mark C, and loads of tasty goodies in the goodie bags, local yelpers turned on their new years resolutions en masse, with festive results!

Whether it was Cody R's Texas shades or any of the fantastic flowers to be seen, yelpers made the most of their night and as always it was fantastic to see all of the festive and funny folks that came out to Copa. What a perfect way to usher in 2009! Viva Yelp!

20090110-184752-0 20090110-184905-0 20090110-185039-2 20090110-185407-0 20090110-185408-2YelpAustinCopa38

January 10, 2009

The Houston Yelp Elite Squad Does Broadway!

Posted by Farrah Akhtar

More than 100 members of the Houston Yelp Elite Squad donned their snazzy theatre-going gear for a night on the town with Broadway Across America!

Downtown was the backdrop for the evening, as the yelpy festivities commenced with complimentary bevs and bites at tailor-shop-by-day, bar-by-night Charbar. It was all handshakes and hugs for first-time Elite Event attendees — like Albert N, Thuyvi T and Gini R — and other seasoned Elites who worked the room in yelperific style. After a few stiff drinks, warm gooey Frank's Pizza, and a quick shoe shine, the Squad trekked over to the Hobby Center for Performing Arts for the big show ... eight Tony-Award winning "Spring Awakening!"

Rock renditions, explosive dance numbers, spectacular lighting and — gasp! — sex took centerstage, as a applauses — and a few more gasps and giggles — echoed throughout Sarofim Hall. Frank Wedekind's 1891 banned play created heated discussions and commentary during intermission — and days to follow! But the action didn't stop there. The Yelp Elite Squad ended the night with a Q&A with the cast! Now that's Elite treatment!

For those who missed out, check out the photos and read what others are sayin' about the night!

SYOY (See You On Yelp!),

Farrah A

L Img_1954 Img_1962 Img_1974 

Img_1940 Img_1968 Img_1986 Img_1975

January 01, 2009

Hawt on Yelp LA Guide 2009

Posted by Dawson S
Download Hawt on Yelp LA Services Guide