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December 23, 2008

Silicon Valley Elite Fa-La-La-La-La in Los Gatos

Posted by Connie Chang

N685409194_1171969_9370 Last Saturday afternoon, Silicon Valley Elite members and guests came together to celebrate the holidays at Michelin Star recipient Trevese in Downtown Los Gatos. Housed in the renowned Coggeshall Mansion, it is one of the Queen Anne-style Victorians still standing in the Bay Area. Guests enjoyed mingling in the beautifully renovated lounge and main dining area while sampling hors d'oeuvres, and tasting wines from Dee Vine Wines, Mann Cellars, Galante Vineyards, Jason Stephens Winery and Creekview Vineyards.

Secret Santa gifts were exchanged and Elite members had an amusing time trying to figure out who their gifts were from. It was great to see how much thought was put into the gifts, as each person "researched" their buddy through their Yelp reviews. Cupcake queen Cindi N received a lovely book of cupcake recipes, Michael H's Secret Santa got him a bottle of Jack Daniels and Tracey Lee D received toys for her pooch.

Be sure to check out Talk to hear what people are saying and to see photos by fabulous yelpers, including official event photos taken by Carol L.

Many thanks go out to Chef and Owner Michael Miller, GM Mark Powell, Sommelier Jon Sloane and the wonderful staff at Trevese for hosting us! 

Wishing you all a happy holidays and looking forward to many more yelptastic times in 2009!

Img_5697 Img_5699 Img_5613 Img_5687 Img_5632

December 22, 2008

Boston Elites Get Schooled at Rialto with Chef Jody Adams






On a snowy, blustery Saturday afternoon, the Boston Elite squad braved the elements for a lesson we'd never forget! For three delicious hours, we were mesmerized by sunchokes, fennel and cachaca, all wrapped up in warm hospitality! From the moment we stepped inside, Rialto welcomed us with piping hot coffee and house-made cranberry scones to warm up from the chilly weather.

3124373156_9a6c404003 We were soon escorted to the main dining room, with chairs arranged in a semi-circle so everyone could have a full view of the open kitchen! Chef Jody Adams and her assistant Steve then walked us through the preparation and cooking of four dishes of antipasti, entertaining us with witty banter, charming anecdotes and useful kitchen tips. Did you know that you should steel your knife every day?

3123523387_1d47a4dc33 Elites jotted down important notes on their special Yelp Elite recipe programs as the Chef explained how to properly roast vegetables (space them apart on a baking sheet because if they are too close together, they will just steam), how many times you should get your knives sharpened (once a year), and how to properly emulsify aioli (with room-temperature eggs, of course!).

3124388144_8580843525 After a resounding round of applause from the Elites, Rialto's resident wine and beverage guru Kelly Coggins lent his expertise in schooling the Yelp crew on creating classic cocktails with the world's first virgin cane rum, Beija. In the form of the Periodista and the Serpentine, Elites sipped sublime while noshing plates of fresh sliced prosciutto, roasted cauliflower, flatbreads and sauteed fennel. once the savory was cleared from our sight, the gracious staff brought out plate after plate of sweet, sweet dessert...the perfect end to a perfect day!It was a pleasure to see some familiar faces of our Elite crew (we're looking at you, Ben L, Roni E and Becki W) acting as the welcoming committee for Elite-event virgins Min L, Geoff T and Renee G.

3124390846_034862e729_3 A big, big thank you to the entire staff at Rialto who made this event happen: Chef Jody Adams, Steve , Michael, Nuno, Andrew, Susan, Kelly, Amanda, Aja, Ashley and Tom (who better start yelping more)! High-fives to the guys at Beija (and Alex for trekking it in the snow) for providing their super-smooth rum for our liquid enjoyment! You guys rock!

Be sure to check out all of the mouth-watering photos, captured by our very own Canonite, Kara S. Still wanting more? Relive all the delectable details through the words of your fellow yelpers here, or choose to add our own!

Yelp's Finest + Learning about divine food from a master chef + creating luscious cocktails with the best +  consuming our new-found knowledge? What a way to celebrate the season!

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday and a safe and happy new year. SYOY in 2009!!

Leighann F

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December 18, 2008

Washingtonians Nyuk It Up

Posted by Kevin L

The DC Elite Squad yukked it up at the DC Improv last night over some fantastic(-ally awful, in some cases) jokes at the Yelping the Ha-Ha-Ha-lidays party.  Libby F, Kate C, Jenn H, and Justin C, brave souls all, share their best lines and knee-slappers to be voted on by the crowd.  In the end, Libby was awarded the most "You're Funny" compliments and a snazzy new DC Improv tee!

Lesly S and Heather M noshed on the nibbles generously catered by California Tortilla.  Chips and dips and foil-wrapped burrito samples all vanished with glee.  Jim B's eyes -- how they twinkled!  His dimples how merry at the sight of the Leinenkugel in his hand. Meanwhile, what to our wondering eyes should appear, but Laura T sipping on a delightfully prepared Bacardi beverage.

As the night wound down, and the last smooches were exchanged under the mistletoe (thoughtfully brought in by our very own Katie F), Elites and guests filtered over to the showroom for a guffaw-inducing performance by the famed Bert Kreischer.  And we'll leave you with this: Happy Yelpmas to all, and to all a good-night.

Thanks again for making 2008 a spectacular year of yelpiness.  Be sure to scope out the fantastic photography captured by our favorite Elite paparazzi, Jane K.  We'll be at it even bigger and better next year.  Hope you're ready for 2009 and all the craziness it will bring to Washington.  In the interim, SYOY!

-Santa Kevin L
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East Bay's Ugly Sweater Hootenanny

Posted by Ligaya T

Peri1 Peri5 Peri4 Peri6 Peri2

From all corners of the Bay, Elite yelpers and friends gallivanted to Emeryville to an old submarine repair facility housing Periscope Cellars, East Bay's most unique winery, and Paulding & Company, fine catering company and cooking school, to celebrate this holiday season in the best of ugly sweater fashion!

Peri3_2 Peri12As usual, it started with a toast. Solar powered brewery, Anderson Valley, joined in with a keg of Boont's (w00t) which was promptly drained in an hour! We heard through the yelpvine that Jen S might have had something to do with that. You go, girl! But it was Periscope's own pinot noir that got Nadia L smiling. All evening the crowds were lured to the wondrous kitchen of Paulding & Co., declared "best Elite event nosh EVAR" by Aaron V! And a sweet treats from  Teacake Bake Shop capped it off just rightPeri4_3.

PerihorseThings really got swinging when Mikie Lee Prasad, The Whoreshoes and Barrelhouse Solly hit the stage with folks, blues and boot stompin' goodness! The South Bay crew including a cheery Tetsu N really got in the spirit when The Whoreshoe's washboard and accordion were busted out. It was quite a sight to behold: a flurry of fuzzy, horrendous sweaters all in motion. Words don't do it justice; just check out the official pix from Yelp's own Richard T and Dave K's snapshots. The wildest duds of 'em all? PericupcakesWhy Steve and Jenn N, winners of a bottle of Deep 6 and gift cert to Farmstead in Oakland!Peripaulding_2

Eternal gratitude to the staff and sponsors who volunteered their time and donated all tips to Girls Inc! Shout out to Gracie B for linking us up with this organization that provides programs to inspire girls to be strong, smart and bold.

Perigroup Ahhhh... pleasant imbibing, yummy noshing, giving, music and silliness - isn't that what the holidays are all about, y'all?! Want more? Read your heart out here

Happy holidays & SYOY!
Ligaya T

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December 17, 2008

Seattle Team 'Yelp Helps' Runs for a Good Cause!

Posted by Katie Scharer


Seattle's Yelp Elite banded together this last weekend when they participated in the 24th Annual Jingle Bell Run, which benefits the Arthritis Foundation. Yelpers braved the cold on Sunday morning (trust us, it was COLD!) and came out in great numbers to 'run the run' that they've been fundraising for now for the last several months.

Team Captain Don L led the group effort and with a whole lotta help from Riss J organized various fundraising events over the last few months, including a karaoke fundraiser and a Yelper Auction- where Yelpers offered up anything from baking to yardwork in exchange for donations made the the cause. Disclaimer: All transactions were legal.

To say that Seattle Yelp rallied together for a great cause would be an understatement. Don and his crew went above and beyond in their efforts to raise money and awareness for this great foundation. Make sure to keep an eye out for future 'Team Yelp' events. Good times with great Yelpers and all for a good cause.

Team 'Yelp Helps' raised almost $4000 in their efforts and had a great time doing it. Dawn R dressed up as Santa Claus for the run, while Yelper/Teammate Dan T ran the entire 5K in a Giant Elf costume! Oh, and we heard the afterparty was pretty off the hook too! So if the 'feel good' aspect of the run isn't enough get you off the couch for one of these events, the socializin' afterward should be enough to!

For more photographic evidence that we were in fact, at Westlake Center in 30 degree temperatures for most of the morning...

Brrrrr, check out Seattle's very own Yelp Elite Photographer Ron M's photos here!

Until Next Time Seattle... Stay Warm & SYOY!

Katie S   



Austin Yelpers Sound Off...Again!

Because there's nothing quite like an in-person account of your yelpiness, Austin yelpers recently gathered at Scoot Inn (during a snowstorm, no less!) to share some of their favorite reviews they've written and read. From Allison's rendering of her most unusual Scoot Inn appearance to Steve B's diatribe on barium to Lorena O's hysterical talk thread rendering to personal and amusing contributions from Kimberly K, Mike L, Abi T, Cody R, Jefe R, Kelty G, Amber D and many more, we braved the cold in favor of the warmth and good cheer of one another. Happy holidays indeed!

Yelpaustin4 Yelpaustin8 Yelpaustin9 Yelpaustin15 Yelpaustin26

December 12, 2008

Chicago's Winter Wonderland Cocktail Soirée!

Architectural Artifacts, a commanding 80,000 square foot space in the Ravenswood 'hood, played host (in conjunction with D'Absolute Catering) to the Yelp Holiday Bash on the frigid evening of December 11, 2008! Elites enjoyed access to the upper floors of the space, and got to peruse the many treasures and gems displayed artfully throughout...and as an early holiday gift, Architectural Artifacts offered yelpers 50 percent off ANY item until 12/23/2008!

The main event! Some of Chicago's finest cocktail creators were on hand showcasing and offering samples of their favorite, signature "wintery" cocktails. After tasting these lovely libations, guests voted on their favorite, and MK Restaurant was crowned the winner with their "adlib" cocktail made with 10 Cane Rum! It was a VERY close race, and fabulous cocktails were enjoyed by all...

Who was mixin' it up?

Chaise Lounge: "X-Miss-tini" with Snow Queen Vodka
Between Lounge: "Hot 'n Dirty" with p.i.n.k. Vodka
Zed 451: "Cranberry Spiced Old Fashioned" with Hazelnut Infused Woodford Reserve Small Batch Bourbon
MK Restaurant: "adlib" with 10 Cane Rum
Blackbird: "Añejo Smash" with Partida Tequila
Bull & Bear: "The Broker's Breakfast" with Absolut Vodka
Encore Liquid Lounge: "White winter Pear" with Bacardi
May Street Market: "Nectar Martini"
J Bar: "S'more-tini" with p.i.n.k. Vodka
Uncommon Ground: "Winter Tree-Tini" with Rain Organic Vodka
Blue 13: "X's and O's" with Patron XO Cafe
Barefoot Champagne: Poinsettia

Yelp is Sweet! At 8pm the Dessert Lounge designed by Art of Imagination was unveiled! In this deliciously decadent domain were treats from Eli's Cheesecake, Letizia's Natural Bakery, Swirlz Cupcakes, Pastries Not Potatoes, Prairie Grass Cafe and Marla's Mandel Bread!

Holiday Cheer! On hand providing some liquid merrymaking (besides the fab cocktailers): Black Swan Wines, Shiner Beer & Red Rain-Deer nips with Dr. McGillicuddy's Cherry Schnapps and Rain Vodka...all served quickly by the staff of D'Absolute! To keep things rockin' Monster Energy Drink was pumpin' out the jive to keep it going all night, and Mighty Leaf Tea joined in to keep things hot! A bit of sustenance? Ok, a LOT of sustenance was pumped in and cranked out by the fabulous people of La Gondola Italian Restaurant and Mana Food Bar!

The icing on the party cake? Jams from Nikki C, free rides home from I-Go Car Sharing, some pretty tight breakdancers, two stunning performances by Ameba Acrobatic & Aerial Dance, a packed photobooth by Shutterbooth.com, Bad Santa (Kevin N from Austin) photos by Dan Gin, Matt Ginger's paparazzi pics, and Yelp totes stuffed with plenty of goodies!

Naughty? Nice? Yelp packed this place and sent out 2008 with a triumphant, festive, cocktailin' bang! In 2009...the best is yet to come....

Colleen C
Chicago Yelp Community Manager


December 08, 2008

Yelp San Diego Cosby Sweater Hootenanny!

Christmastime is here!

Yelp San Diego rung in the holidays in big fashion last night at Confidential in the Gaslamp. Being the most wonderful time of the year, yelpers were encouraged to wear their best Cosby sweaters (euphemism for UGLY sweater) and boy, were there some winners!

We were able to pull some strings and get jolly 'ol Saint Nick himself to hang out and take pictures with Yelp's finest elite members!

3092168927_cc1b55a679 3091711727_1640815b58 3091680889_34e79ab88b 3091654293_72af9bca2f 3091548051_39f462f0b3

Photographer Mike Brown
ensured everyone in attendance had killer holiday portraits, and with help from The Frame Maker, many party goers even left with their printed photos in a custom frame!

The party even featured a special celebrity guest! From Bravo's Top Chef, Confidential's head chef Richard Sweeney was on-hand, supplying the entire Yelp crew with tasty apps all night long.

More thanks go out to Effen Vodka, Firestone Beer and Firestone Wine for supplying the sweet, sweet booze... and of course, Confidential for mixing up the hottest holiday beverage of the year, nogasake (egg nog+sake). Confidential also deserves three ho, ho, hos up for treating everyone like the rock-stars they are. Service was impeccable and attentive. Well done!

For pictures of the event, click here! If you wanna review the big holiday bash, jot down your thoughts here.

I wish the best for you and your families this holiday season, and we'll see you in 2009!

Ruggy J, your San Diego Community Manager :)

LA Yelp Gets the Royal/T Treatment: Holiday Party 2008!

Posted by Sarah A

Hundreds of LA's finest Elite yelpers and their guests came out Friday night for the annual Holiday party. Hosted this year at Culver City's Royal/T, yelpers enjoyed complimentary soju mojitos and ginger-lemonades, noshed on mini cupcakes and more, and took in the truly awe-inspiring artwork on display. 3092591359_ce74bda1e4
Fran D, aka Aime, set the tone, spinning some awesome music, while yelpers refreshed themselves with non-alcoholic beverages from Fiji Water and Function Drinks.

3093432216_b285efb4b2Midway through the evening, a few lucky yelpers heard their raffle number called and came up on stage to collect incredible prizes courtesy of Ziba Beauty (free threading!), Rocco “Boss Hog” Loosbrock at BaconFreak.com  (a drool-worthy Bacon Freak box), House of Blues Sunset Strip (Gospel Brunch tix), and incredible freebies from Interscope Records and Fanscape.

Mike Brown took the incredible candids for the first half of the party, and then set up a holiday themed photo booth, where yelpers donned festive hats and took a variety of amazing photos, from the sweet to the NSFW.
Thanks to all for a great party, and we'll SYOY!

Sarah A & Veronica R, Your Los Angeles Community Managers
3092584849_4c12a8e93f 3087026245_5e3358cc35

Denver Yelp Gets Frocked!

Despite traffic jams from the Parade of Lights, the Denver Yelp models were able to make it to WISH this past Saturday night for the December Elite Event to create their own parade - a parade of fashion!

Eleven yelp-a-rific models gathered in the back rooms hours before the rest of the elite squad to have their hair done by Rachel and Gabriella from Babooshka and their make-up applied by Katelyn Simkins.  Then they donned outfits coordinated by Brandi S of Fashion Denver and created by our six lovely designers - Mona Lucero, Francis Roces, Lisa Cook, Margo Cory, Dezi Gallegos, and Kotomi Yoshida. The finishing touch was the jewelry handcrafted by our very own Andee H who owns Looking Glass Beads.

Our models barely had time to breath let alone think about getting dinner so the newly opened Fat Sully's stepped in and donated a few pies (including one fat-free version!) to give them the energy for all that cat-walking. Then Lovely Confections topped it off by providing mini versions of their delicious cupcakes for dessert in the fitting room.

Out front, the Yelp elites and their guests were able to enjoy heavy handed pours of Rain vodka and Eagle Rare 10 Year Single Barrel bourbon before, during and after the show. We hear that the organic Rain vodka doesn't give yelpers too much of a headache the morning after. ;)

Thanks to everyone that came out, especially Melody L who came all the way from Dallas to help out, and to all of the lovely yelpers that took turns strutting their stuff on the catwalk showing off the awesome designs. We took a poll and the consensus was you all were beautiful! But, you don't have to take my word for it. You can see for yourself in the pictures taken by Jay B of Jay Burleson Photography.

I can't wait to do it all again in 2009. But, until I see you again, SYOY (See You On Yelp)!

Tiffany C
Denver Yelp Community Manager

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P1020367_2 P1020370 P1020349 P1020322P1020362

December 06, 2008

Yelp MSP is All Fun and Games at the WXYZ Bar

Posted by Sarah Peterson

MSP's Elite Yelpers played Giant Connect Four, Hungry Hungry Hippo, Candyland, Jenga and many many more games while tossing back Gumdrop and Lollipop Shots and Schell's Lager Beer on Thursday evening at the WXYZ bar. Watching Keith S and crew try to remember how to play Trouble was entertainment in and of itself. And Kevin M and Andy G's concentration during a heated game of Connect Four was impressively deep. The Yelp Libs were a hit, as were the Qdoba gift cards that were awarded for those who won the Yelp Lib raffle. And yes, there are 10 free entrees on each card!!

The Toys for Tots drive was super impressive, and many Christmas' will be more special because of your donation. Thank you all!!

And, of course, a special thanks to all the crew at the Aloft and WXYZ . The fun and candy-like shots, local lager, quesadillas and other niblets made for a great evening. But what really put it over the top was the fabulous staff who worked the party.

A special shout out as well to DJ Jonathon Ackerman -- thank you for creating a great musical vibe for the event. Jennifer L wished there was a dance floor to get d own on -- maybe next time!

Again, thank you all, and I look forward to ringing in 2009 with another great Elite Event around the end of January!

Wxyz_021_2 Wxyz_013 Wxyz_014_edited1_2Wxyz_034_edited1_2  Wxyz_030_2

OC Yelp Rocked the Sparkles off their Sweaters!

Posted by Hazel Q

Yelpers in OC went all out and crooned the night away on December 4th for OC’s very first Elite party at Azteca (aka Crooner’s Lounge) on historic Main Street in Garden Grove.

  IMG_3594 copy IMG_3146 copy IMG_3369 copy IMG_3435 copy

Azteca fed everyone yummy fajitas and garlic tacos as yelpers came out in full force, donning only the finest in ugly sweater fashions. Josh A of EmmStudio captured it all as Linden G, Sandra C, Bong E, and Amy K took home the gold for their monstrosities they called sweaters. They’ll all be enjoying some fab prizes from The Sweet Spot Bakers Workshop, MAWL Wine and Azteca. Meanwhile, Frank K, Vanessa N, Brian C, and Dexter P drank all sorts of concoctions from Finlandia Vodka to ease the sorrow of their loss, while planning next year’s wardrobe.

IMG_3688 copy IMG_3665 copy IMG_3643 copy IMG_3584 copy

Phil Shane warmed everyone up with his repertoire of Neil Diamond, Elvis, and Johnny Cash tunes – being sure to change jackets for each song! Then came the KJ and absolutely splendid host for the night Pirate Mike. After hearing Mike belt a few out, yelpers like Alvin V, Will R, Ana M, and John C were ready to give it a go…along with Jun H and Vicki V’s stunning performance – complete with back–up dancers! Oh, and did we mention, there’s video evidence?

Check out what yelpers are saying about OC’s first elite bash on Talk! And, if that’s not enough for ya – take a look at all of the rad photos EmmStudio caught of the night on Flickr!

See ya next year!

Hazel Q.

December 05, 2008

Boston Elites: Yelp Your Way to F.A.M.E!

_dsc0088 (F)ashion (A)rt (M)usic (E)noteca was (quite literally) taken over by The Boston Yelp Elite Squad and their guests on December 3, 2008 at Via Matta! From 7pm -11pm, yelpers and friends mingled among art, fashion and music all created by our very own Boston yelpers!

From floor to ceiling, the creative efforts of Ben L, Brian D, Liz D, Tracey N and Paul S & Jessika D lined the walls, eliciting oooohs and ahhhhs from the crowd. With drinks courtesy of Pearl Vodka and Mixers in hand, guests moved to the music of our very own DJ Yumiko F, while enjoying nibbles from Via Matta's Enoteca menu.

Filled with inspiration and awe from all of our community's creativity, Yelpers and guests left the party with nummy nips of Pearl Vodka and gifts certificates for some complimentary late-nosh from Via Matta. In the house were Elite Event virgins Teri L, Elena A and Andrew T, and veterans Kirs P, Vanessa C and Nadya R joined in on the festivities, too!

A resounding round of applause to Nick from Via Matta, Katie from Pearl Vodka and Kristina from Mixers for making this night happen and a special high-five to Boston Audio Rentals who helped provide the sound for the evening!

Peep all the photos here (thanks again, Tatsu I) and check out what yelpers are saying here.

Thanks for makin' it happen, Boston!


Leighann F.



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Yelp's 4th Annual Holiday Party – PLEY!

Posted by Jessica T

The SF Bay Area's 4th Annual Yelp Holiday Party went down at the Exploratorium in San Francisco on December 3rd. Isn't it fun to be a kid again?

It was a blast to see yelpers PLEYing with all of the amazing exhibits, toasting cocktails and Firestone Beer, getting down on the dance floor with DJ Notoriuous R.U.G, ping-ponging it with Russell S(anta), posing in the Twister photo booth, playing Rockband in the theatre and getting their faces painted by Robyn Jean. Jesse Freidin and Orange Photography captured it all. Check out the party photos!

A resounding WOOT to the local entertainers who commanded the stage throughout the night: The Frail rocked it with a dreamy electro pop set, Cheer SF rallied the crowd with some crazy stunts, the SFC Double Dutch girls turned the ropes like pros, HoopGirl worked those hips and SoulForce shook some serious booty.

3083019047_8a47167d5b Pley_9 3083882548_1a077f9928 3083090073_aefca38564 3083650744_4e205988de_copy

The Bay Area Roller Derby Girls were hot on skates, passing out goodies from Chocolatier Blue. A big thanks to all of our food sponsors, Baraka, Bissap Baobob, Cheese Plus, Cups and Cakes Bakery, Destino, Donsuemor Madeleines, Icebee, Inticing Creations, Joey and Eddie's, The Lobster Shack, Pacific Catch, Pisco Latin Lounge, Poleng Lounge, Prana, Red Crane, Samovar Tea Lounge and Sugar Bowl Bakery, for the delectable bites throughout the night.

Relaxing moments were enjoyed in the chic Room and Board lounge, draped with beautiful flowers and languorous yelpers. And as far as the pleyful entryway decoration, Seti Design provided the flower arrangements, while Brian from Balloons Equal Fun was the masterful genius behind the unreal 3D balloon portraits and personalized balloons.


At the end, people were able to take advantage of Zipcar's designated driver rides home. If you're not already a member, be sure to check out their coupons for $50 worth of free driving in your gift bag. Other fine items in the gift bag were donated by Gama Go, Tru Spa, YBCA, Blind Bunney Couture, Storeroom, Hlaska, Isotope, Glass Dildo Me, Burton, Pacific Catch, Smooth SF and Shotwell.

Good times!

See You on Yelp,

Nicole G, Jessica T, Connie C, Ligaya T and the rest of the Yelp Team


Holiday Soirée H-town Style!

Posted by Farrah Akhtar

There's nothing better than a little graffiti to help get the holidays goin'. On December 2, 2008, the Houston Yelp Elite Squad ambushed the artsy Edo District and made way over to the ever-so underground and edgy Aerosol Warfare Gallery & Boutique.

SmashBurger's very own Smashmobile parked curbside and served up fresh and juicy SmashBurgers with sides of deliciously seasoned fries; and Yelpers washed it all down with beer from Saint Arnold Brewing Company and mixed drinks courtesy of 42Below Vodka. The gallery's newly painted mural was the perfect backdrop for the uber-cool night, as guests mingled about and chatted with featured urban artists Ack!, Weah, and gallery owners and famed artists Christian Azul and Gonzo 247. Throw in Houston's popular DJ 606 Soultower tearing up the ones and twos and we had ourselves one insane night!

Prizes won during the drawing included a $50 gift card to CutLoose, two DJ 606 Soultower cd mixes, two DJ Sun mixes, a brewery tour of Saint Arnold Brewing Company and a pair of tickets to the Houston Aeros.

Kudos to all of those donating non-perishable food items and money to the Houston Food Bank! Tiffany C spotted some drop as much as 20 dollars! We collected two full boxes of goods and $72. Being that every dollar donated will provide six dollars worth of food for the Food Bank, it was a job well done!

For those who missed out on the night, view the pics taken by Kenny H of Subsociety, and check out what yelpers are saying about all the Elite goodness on the event posting and also on Talk!

Img_9638 Img_9662 Img_9442 Img_9574

Til 2009,

Farrah A
Houston Community Manager

Dallas Elite Squad Gets Pampered!

Posted by Melody Lowe

The Dallas Elite squad took a break during the hectic holiday season to relax at Exhale Spa. Guests flocked to the event in hopes of sampling some of the spa's famous treatments. Ask and you shall receive! The fabulous folks at Exhale have locked in their spot on Santa's nice list. Elites and their guests were treated to mini yoga classes, facials, manicures, massages and even some make-up and eyebrow sessions!

Ray and Dominique from the hot new bartending service, Raytini, were on hand to serve cool beverages with a smile. Drinks included Saké2me—a bottled blend of pure, premium junmai sake with all natural flavors, and Zodiac vodka—a unique and luxury potato vodka made with Rocky Mountain Spring water.

Not only did guests walk away with a smile, but with gifts from the spa to boot! Complimentary yoga passes and a 25% off coupon were given on the way out. In addition, four very lucky yelpers won the grand prize raffle loot, which included a 60-minute facial, massage, manicure and a pack of ten mind body yoga sessions!

Dallas is now ready to face the holidays with cheer! A very special thank you goes to husband and wife picture perfect duo, Andrew K and Kristen G, for taking such awesome photos. Check out what yelpers are saying about the event! Thanks for coming out, Dallas!

Happy holidays,

Melody L

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December 04, 2008

Atlanta's Yelp Holiday Bash!

Posted by Deanna Jue

Wowza my yowza! Absolutely our largest event yet, and the perfect way to start the holiday season at the Yelp Holiday Bash on December 3,2008 at The Loft! We had tastes from fifteen different restaurants, including: Ecco, La Tavola, Beleza, Cuerno, Sotto Sotto, Fritti, Il Mulino (which yelpers got a first taste of - as it just opened to the public today!) Lydle Brothers BBQ, Toulouse, The Melting Pot, Sweet Pockets, Murphy's Popcorn, Legal Sea Foods, Marlow's Tavern, and Zaya! All the amazing cuisine included everything from adorable mini pumpkin cupcakes to boar ravioli to porcini mushroom risotto and every dish imaginable in between! Libations from Atlanta Beverage included their beer tasting bar, and Leblon Cachaca schooled us in tasting yummy caipirinhas! 3 Vodka treated us to their 3 A.M. vodka, with a choice of a chilled shot (in a souvenir Yelp shot glass, no less), yelptinis and The Yelping Hour, which was a potent mix of 3 A.M. vodka with Red Bull! Lux Studio and the Art of Touch Massage rounded out the Yelp Beautify Lounge area, with consultations, mini massages and more, while in the other corner, Zaya's hookah lounge and also tarot card readings from Madame Mandala. Yelpers donned reindeer antlers, Santa hats, and dreidel boppers to work the camera at Atlanta Photography's  photo booth! Entertainment from Syrens of the South and Yelp's very own Talib K as the DJ rounded out the night! Raffle prizes from many of our sponsors made many a yelper happy, and also prizes from RummagePad.com, Ticket Alternative and Allied Advertising, too!

Many thanks to the fantastic sponsors making this incredible par-tay possible - we hope you had as much fun as we did! Also thanks to my fellow yelployees - especially Kathleen M who will be soon taking over the reins in Atlanta and to Tara H, who has been a fabulous help in Atlanta!

I especially want to thank all you yelpers and friends for coming out to my final event - your support and friendship has made this journey a memorable one. Hats off to the Yelp community for being vibrant, gracious and creating something truly special. Best wishes to you, and until next time! Happy Holidays to you and yours!

Deanna J!
Yelp Atlanta

PS: Check out the reviews and all the photos, too!






December 03, 2008

Holy local politics!


I just found out that Mayor Newsom (thought we were on a first name basis but not anymore) has determined that today is not officially Yelp Day, even after we received written confirmation from his office. Was it something we did? After all, the city honored us with the distinction last year.

[I knew we should have invited Jennifer to the Holiday Party!]

In fairness, we realize that a proclamation like this takes time to process, just like deciding on a restaurant health care mandate, or selecting the right hair gel. Wait, does that mean we're not getting a key to the city?!?

December 01, 2008

Mr. Newsom Does Declare

We recently learned that Mayor Gavin Newsom has declared December 3, 2008 Yelp Day in San Francisco. O' glorious day! We're truly honored to be honored. As if last year wasn't enough. San Francisco is not only a beautiful metropolis, it's the birthplace of Yelp. Our love for the City runs deeper than the national debt and we're all warm and fuzzy upon hearing this news.

No doubt, the Mayor spent countless hours penning this proclamation, and such eloquence and flow are worthy of Elite status. Oh Mayor, won't thee rush to the site to become a registered yelper? Just please, no reviewing Plumpjack Café.

P.S. Have any pull with that Obama guy?