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December 03, 2008

Holy local politics!


I just found out that Mayor Newsom (thought we were on a first name basis but not anymore) has determined that today is not officially Yelp Day, even after we received written confirmation from his office. Was it something we did? After all, the city honored us with the distinction last year.

[I knew we should have invited Jennifer to the Holiday Party!]

In fairness, we realize that a proclamation like this takes time to process, just like deciding on a restaurant health care mandate, or selecting the right hair gel. Wait, does that mean we're not getting a key to the city?!?


Diane P.

I couldn't believe it when I read the Examiner this morning. It seems like Yelp staff are still not sure what happened. Sorry to hear about it, but on the bright side, you've got a huge party in a couple hours! I can't wait!


Turns out the Yelp brings up bad memories for the mayor ("As Mayor Gavin Newson reached down to pet him, Sparky the dog yelped when the Mayor's hair gel dripped into Sparky's eye")

Farrah Akhtar

I'll sign the petition for an official Yelp Day!

jessie j

"i knew we should have invited jennifer to the holiday party."

sour grapes dude.

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