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November 25, 2008

Yelp Imbibes in Washington Wines!

Posted by Katie Scharer

This past Sunday, Seattle's Yelp Elite had the pleasure of partaking in pours from some of Washington's most notable wineries. Preservation Kitchen graciously hosted this lovely event. Since opening it's doors this past August, the restaurant has quickly become a well-known destination for foodies and casual diners alike.

Yelpers were greeted and given a glass. The mark of what would be a great Elite event, we know.

With five wineries each pouring several of their varietals, it would be a tough task to try them all. Sure enough, the Seattle Elite Squad willingly (and then some) accepted the challenge.

3058449578_1c38500f99Guardian Cellars talked Yelpers through some of their vintages. Owner/ winemaker Jerry Riener chatted it up with the Elite and their guests, as he poured. Carly L notes that she "fell in love with Guardian Cellars.... I mean Gun Metal wine" that night. Good wine by cool people! It doesn't get any better than that.

The San Remo Sangiovese from Des Voigne Cellars was also a big hit, and Katie S made a new friend in "The lady pouring the Des Voigne San Remo Sangiovese... she was HILARIOUS!" She notes additionally, "that the wine was lovely too!" Lovely, indeed!

Representin' Efestē that night was owner Kevin Taylor and winemaker Brennon Leighton. The two were a big hit with the crowd, as were their delicious vintages. Alyson L was partial to their delicious "Sauvignon Blanc... She notes: "Next step - buy a wine rack."

Sarah B was "especially impressed by Pondera's Molvado, with its fruity-spicy goodness." Their Syrah was also quite popular and Yelpers were happy to be able to meet winemakers Shane Howard and Perri Tate, who shared their knowledge about their lovely wines.

3058503888_c36d469ffc And what would a Washington Wines event be without Brian Carter Cellars? Don T's "wife loved the Viognier, but he really enjoyed the Tuttorosso." Angie B enjoyed their wines as well. Her words, not ours: "Brian Carter wines were a hit for me too. I am a sucker for Italian-style wines."

Yelpers feasted on passed plates and 'not so passed plates' of delicious bruschetta, Ostrich fillet, duck croquettes, and the 'oh so famous' Chocolate Truffle Cookies by Chef Ivan Szilak. The Elite Squad got the chance to chat him up as they made their way through the gorgeous space, originally built as a craftsman home in 1916. Truly a memorable event, it provided the perfect setting for an unforgettable evening of food, friends, and fun...

and wine. Did we mention the wine?

Blog_1Blog_3Blog_4 Blog_5 Blog_7


           For more photographic evidence of this lovely evening, check out our pics on Flickr!                                 

Until Next Time Seattle,


Katie S

November 23, 2008

Living La Vita Local with Jody Adams

Dsc_0280 Living, eating, shopping and being local is what Yelp is all about! Boston's Leighann F recently caught up with Jody Adams, the executive chef and owner of Harvard Square's Rialto, for a little chat about her New England background, her Italian influences and what's best about both of her Boston neighborhoods!

Leighann: So you actually have a degree in anthropology. How did that lead to a culinary career?

Dsc_0304_2 Jody: I grew up in an academic family and both of my parents were librarians. We traveled extensively and that provided a lot of exposure to international cuisine. And we didn't have television, so books and food were a big part of my childhood. When I went to college, I chose anthropology because it fits into everything; music, costumes, dress, culture, food. Throughout college I worked with in catering, cheese buying and as a chef's assistant. After graduation, I began working as a line cook at Seasons under Lydia Shire.

Leighann: And just under two years ago, you became the sole owner of Rialto. What are learning from this experience?

: In this position, you have to have an opinion on it all. For years, I managed the team in the kitchen, and now I am overseeing all of the elements: the wine program, the waitstaff, the bar and the back of the house. For me, it's about learning to be an effective leader and mentor.

Leighann: Throughout your career, you've received much praise for your creativity. Where do you draw your inspiration from?Dsc_0323_4

Jody: I lived in a very Italian neighborhood. We had the most wonderful cheese shops and markets. Shopping here with my family is one of my earliest food experiences. Over the years, I've drawn from different regions of Italy, which are influenced by many other cultures, and have matched what that region is known for to what we have here locally.  In the Italian culture, you take what's seasonal and you don't mess with that, so I've tried to convey the Italian cuisine through the eye of a New Englander.

Leighann: So you're actually a native New Englander from Providence! Where do you spend most of your time these days?

Jody: I split my time between Brookline, my home, and Harvard Square, where I work.

Dsc_0273 Leighann: And when you finally get to take the apron off, what's got your attention?

Jody: When I have some free time, I like to relax and read, and I'm an avid bike rider. I'll ride around my neighborhood and around Jamaica Pond. For an extended ride, I love riding through the Arboretum... it's especially nice during lilac season.

Leighann: Raised by two librarians, you're bound to be a good resource for book stores!

Jody: I like to support independent bookstores. The Brookline Booksmith in Washington Square is one one of my favorites. In Harvard, I'd check out The Harvard Bookstore. The Globe is a fantastic bookstore as well.

Leighann: How about your local coffee shop?

Jody: Well there's Bloc 11, Hi-Rise and Sofra—they have a delicious Turkish breakfast and I'll try something new there each time I go. I've been going to Diesel Cafe for years now. I took my son there was he was 10 or 11 years old. You can play pool in the back, and there's a counter for your computer. It's a good place to come and get some focused work done. Oh, and they have great coffee, tea and food too!

Leighann: Yelpers want to know, where does an executive chef like to eat??

Dsc_0289 Jody: When my children come home from school, we really like cooking as family, with a nice glass of wine, and enjoying dinner together at home. Though for lunch, I really like Pomodoro in Brookline. Shiobhan, the owner, is a wonderfully wacky spirit and they really make you feel like you've come home. It's good food and traditional hospitality.

Leighann: You're also heavily involved in community service and giving back. How would you suggest yelpers get involved in their local efforts?

Jody: Find an organization that personally reaches you, that you share a mission with. Project Bread is a wonderful local organization dedicated to ending hunger in Massachusetts and The Greater Boston Food Bank has many different options, from sorting food to their Kitchen Cabinet program for young professionals.

November 22, 2008

Phoenix Yelp Gets Kissed By The Irish!

On Thursday evening, November 20th, Phoenix Yelp Elites and friends experienced the luck o' the Irish at Tim Finnegan's.  Festivities included live Irish music, authentic Irish cuisine, and quintessential Irish libations from Guinness, Bushmill's, and Bailey's Original Irish Cream.

Attendees included our favorite Yelp Elite veterans as well as first-time OYE goers Aileen B, Arik B, Amber W, Ayesha S, Marcus D, Maggie H, and Melissa HMariah C was also on hand for the fun.  Congratulations to the raffle winners who received glorious Guinness gear.  Everyone was a winner with the "Yelp Rocks The Irish" cd parting gifts too!  The paparazzi were out in full force and photos are now posted on Flickr, 944, and four white wall photography (coming soon).  Don't miss the Talk and Reviews from the evening either!

Thanks again to Tommy, Trevor, and the fantastic Tim Finnegan's staff for a burstastic event!

Until next time,



Gabi K

Img_1648_2 Img_1656Img_1657 Img_1650 Img_1680_2Img_1661 Img_1679 Img_1681 Img_1665Img_1649

November 18, 2008

LA Gets Freaky With Tikis At The Beachcomber Malibu!

Los Angeles yelpers attempted to bring back a bit of summer last night with a beachy, intimate gathering at the Beachcomber on the Malibu Pier. Guests were lei'd upon arrival and proceeded to the gorgeous and historic Malibu Pier Club overlooking the Pacific. Dsc_7716_2

The tropical juices were flowing plentifully as guests sipped on two glowing, signature cocktails and noshed on nibbles including Ahi Tacos, Lamb Lollipops, Mediterranean Wraps, and various pizzas. To finish off the night, yelpers tested how low they could go with a limbo contest, including an impressive effort by Fran D!

Big thanks to Amy K for being photographer at large and documenting the fun, and of course to the Beachcomber staff for being wonderful hosts! Make sure to check out the photos on flickr!

Yelp and Coconuts,
Veronica R.





New York Elites Rock the Casbah

With this economy, it's getting harder to be jet set and fly off to Morocco when the mercury drops. Enter, Tagine Dining Gallery on 9th Ave where worldly New York Elites and their guests gathered to shake off the blues this past Monday! Singha beer started the party for plus one, Megan P, as the first round of Moroccan Maaquda and Bastilla circled the floor. Only minutes into the party, the line for Orange V Vodka in the form of Casbah Cosmos and Orange Kisses began to grow and in swooped Quinn Z with pitchers of Orange V Hootch to satiate the crowds. Drinking drinks while in line for a drink makes a pretty good drunk; just ask Karen F and Monica R who held court in the corner with a bastion of Yelp Elites.

Picture_9 Picture_10 Picture_15


What else did we learn on our Moroccan adventure? Peter K is a master at capturing an evening on film. Roderick A will dance with a belly dancer as long as nobody is looking and Steven V will dance with a belly dancer until she stops dancing. Jen W knows what she wants when it comes to Henna. And Kathleen R will go to battle for a Khefta meatball.

Thank you all for rocking it last night and if you weren't there or couldn't get on the list...keep your eyes peeled on the Elite page.

Want more dirt on what went down last night? Check out talk, the event page and our photos...

Here's looking at you, Yelp Elite.


Jane K + Yelp NY Team!




November 17, 2008

Rock Out With Your Yelp Out in the East Bay!

Posted by Ligaya T

Groupsdl Tablesdl Makeup2sdl






Yelp Elites and friends from around the Bay gathered to kick off our first East Bay Elite event at Berkeley nightlife institution, Shattuck Down Low. Renowned for its killer concerts, great vibe and spectacular karaoke nights, yelpers donned their rockstar best and flooded the doors to take the stage!

Bwsdl_2 If there's one thing that we know it's how to work the spotlight. And how better to get in the mood that than to glam it up? We're talking bouffants, peacock lashes and cat eyes -- and make-up maven Jackie Ha and the gals from SF Institute made us shine!

Then pumped up by 42 Below cocktails, local brew, Trumer Pils, and powered by the scrumptious eats courtesty of Angeline's Louisiana Kitchen, yelpers were ready to belt it out. A vamp Britney Spears and dashing George Michael hopped on the mic,"Baby Got Back" resulted in booty shaking and slapping, and a tear or two may have been shed during "We Are the World." Elite event firsts, Sariah K, Nobbi L and Angela N were spotted busting it out. And vets like Bill B and Susanna B couldn't resist shaking a leg.

Fortunately all the tomfoolery was caught on camera by Nancy Rothstein. Things got really silly for the studio shots of Looking Glass Photo too. Check the album here. Give em a ring for your free print too!

High five and many, many thanks to all the sponsors who made the magic happen. The crew at the Down Low, you haven't seen the last of us yet!

Want in? Check out Yelp.com/Elite for details.

Until next time...

Enjoy & SYOY!
Ligaya T

DevonsdlDrinkssdl PamsdlTriosdl

November 15, 2008

Chicago Yelp American Males

Let's hear it for the boys!

Ahem, or...let's hear it for the Yelp American Males. That's more like it! The strapping, sexy lads of the Chicago Yelp Elite Squad headed to American Male on Thursday, November 13th for an evening of complimentary mini-services including; neck cleanups, hand massages, facial and scalp massages, nail buffing and filling and eyebrow waxes. Many of Yelp's fine ladies were on hand to witness the magic as well, of course...and everyone was given a goodie bag to go!

Some liquid courage was on hand courtesy of Veev and light appetizers (the lobster pizza was a clear favorite, closely followed by the tuna tartare!) by Blue 13. A huge shout out to Yelp's very own Devious Dames Baking Co. (comprised of Carrie M, Hollie S and Courtney B) for providing lucious cake balls for dessert. Red velvet, Mexican chocolate and pumpkin spice bombs of beauty kept the crowd extremely happy...and sugar-satisfied!

On hand to catch all the man pampering was Joshua Mitchell (Josh M on Yelp) of Contiuum Photography...click here to see the evidence...errr, photos! Also, the reviews are in...add your two cents, or just see what yelpers have to say about Chicago Yelp's first male spa evening...

Thank you to our lovely sponsors American Male, Veev, Blue 13 and the Devious Dames Baking Co for making taking care of the Yelp boys, and for a lovely evening of manscaping!

SYOY, hotties!
Colleen C
Yelp Chicago Community Manager


November 14, 2008

Ladies of Yelp NYC Clothing Swap at W New York

The streets were slick with rain and cabs were hard to come by on 39th Street last night. Despite the obstacles the truly fashion hungry ladies of Yelp prevailed. Set in the beautiful Audrey Bar and Cherry Lounge at W New York - The Tuscany, piles of once cherished but hardly worn items lined the tables and filled the racks at Yelp New York's Clothing Swap.



Early arrival, Janeen B scoped out some fun finds while long lasting Lexy M stayed till final call. Dawn from Kasteel Cru served up some flutes of bubbly beer and the wonderful people at W New York provided some tasty pizza bites at the bar. We had so much fun, we're already planning another one for the Spring! Stay tuned...

Check out talk, photos, and share your stories.


Jane K.

Portland Yelpers Ask: Deal, Or New Deal?

Posted by Laura Nestler

The Portland Elite squad was out in full force on Friday, November 7th for an evening spirits, snacks, and pure awesome. The night certainly didn't disappoint.

New Deal Distillery hosted the event, providing endless amounts of their Portland 88 and Hot Monkey Vodka. And not to be outdone, The Maiden provided tasty tapas such as bacon wrapped dates, cheese platters, and pumpkin spice cheesecake (not to mention two exceptionally industrious bartenders).

To celebrate the end of the election season and accompanying stress, Chad Snow from Structure Massage got his hands on some lucky yelpers that managed to stumble his way -- and a few elites even snagged some gift certificates. Unfortunately, yelp employees were unsuccessful in rigging the raffle for these coveted gems, and 8 happy elites went home with either a free massage or a bottle of vodka.

If you want the dirty details, check out the reviews and photos!

On a personal note, many thanks to all who made this last year and a half the most burstastic, dirty, crazy delicious year of my life. I cannot begin to thank you for the amazing experience this has been.



November 13, 2008

Yelp Miami was Swizzlin' at Badrutts

Posted by Maria Arguello

Miami yelpers stepped into an extra swanky spot last night at Badrutts. The posh ambiance and old world surroundings were perfect for the merry crowd, Elites like Felicia W sampled dishes including fried mini mashed potatoes. However, a certain Elite and her +1 were lovin' the spinach fatayer, right Michelle?

Smirnoff Vodka provided the vodka bar, clearly a winner with all the guests.

Thanks to the always amazing Kevin L from DC  As usual, our phenomenal photographer Nefarious Girl, Jipsy herself was on hand to capture the magic.  Don't forget to scope out the photos on flickr!

Keep your eyes open for some 80s Prom action and Basel festivities. 

Until then, SYOY!

-Maria A

111208_080 111208_136111208_122 111208_065

Yelpy Kitchen Wars in Atlanta!

Posted by Deanna Jue

Food. As we see it, it's only natural for many a yelper to be an opinionated foodie when it comes to dining out, but also creating those palate pleasing dishes created in the kitchen - so Atlanta yelpers got to show of their skillz at our Yelpy Kitchen Wars party at LITKitchen on November 12, 2008!

LIT, which is a venue rental space & hosts several special public events, presented an Iron Chef style competition, hosted by Chef Mark & space owner Brad Lev. Comfy in the kitchen yelpers volunteered for the two teams of four yelpers going head to head during a 35 minute time limit. The teams got fierce: Team Burnt Offerings, comprised of Gretchen O, Chris W, Shelli C, and Alexa G, had a near competition ending injury with a bit of a burn (don't worry, kids. Chris W made it through just fine), while Joel D, Ashley D, Kyle S, and Sally M of the other team sliced and diced the evening away. Yelpers were also protected in their so stylish, limited edition Yelp aprons... er, except for Chris W's hand.

The secret ingredient? As Joel C quips, "The Other White Meat," PORK! Cheers from the crowd, including Lauren S, Pam L, Adam R (scary photo with knife seen here), and many more watched things sizzle in the kitchen! Kitchen pros Kit F & Naoya W were spotted lending a helping hand from the audience (if Team B only knew...), and the judging panel, made up of Brad Lev, and volunteer judges Brandon B & Melissa B, awarded a whopping 8.5, based on creativity, presentation and taste, to Team Burnt Offerings. But the second team pulled through with a strong 8!

Audience members munched on a full fiesta with tasty fajitas filling bellies up, and we also caught Deanna S playing a little old skool Operation, while Rick D & Liz A challenged each other in a vicious Connect Four battle. We finally got to meet Jimmy (famed of Angela M's other half), while the other Angela (Y, that is)'s guest was at last able to come to an event, too! and Jenna at the bar scooped out delish sangria for the crowd, and was so awesome we caught a yelper or two grabbing a photo op with the gracious hostess! Also exciting to see many others newly Elited in the crowd, like Elaine O, Lenee Y, Lindsay S, Bobbin W and more! Big thanks to our hosts at LITKitchen, Tara H for working the magic at check-in & Max S of Atlanta Photography for catching it all on camera - check out the rest of the hawt photos here!

Until Next Time, Yelpers, we'll SYOY!
Deanna J

PS.. speaking of next time: be sure to RSVP for Yelp's Holiday Bash on Wed., Dec. 3rd, 2008!





Picture_1_2 Picture_3

November 11, 2008

Philly Yelp Goes Green At Root

Posted by Carrie Estok

My, how we’ve grown!

A record crowd of Philly yelpers came out to our latest Elite event on Monday, November 10 at Root. There was lots to love - delicious food compliments of Chef Christopher Hora, local beer & organic wine, non-alcoholic drinks from Whole Foods and gift bags with goodies from Boho Magazine, Grid Magazine, all-natural skincare product from Nectar and gift certificates from Balance Health Center. Let’s hear it for healthy livin’!

The paparazzi was in full swing, with official photos courtesy of Kate M from Kate Ellen Photography, while Chris L and Dave H brought theirs along to document the good times. Rad tunes were played (courtesy of your very own Community Manager, aka DJ Trouble), “Blow Up” was projected onto the main wall of the space for that artsy touch and guests huddled around the enormous heat lamps back in the garden. It was a beautiful fall night filled with beautiful Philadelphia yelpers!

There’s more yelpy goodness from the event to be seen over on the photos, talk and review pages. We’re nearing Yelp Philly’s one-year anniversary, so get ready for the party to end all parties, coming your way in the near future!

Until then, SYOY (see you on Yelp),
Carrie E
Yelp Philadelphia Community Manager

Img_7621_3 Img_7480

November 08, 2008

Houston Elites Bring On The YelpTunes!

Posted by Farrah Akhtar

The Houston Elite Squad worked their mix-master skills, each creating a YelpTune CD to share with fellow party-goers at November 6th's Elite Event at The Flat. Participants walked away with funky themed hits, everything from Glam Rock crafted by the lovely Suzanne R to Yelp A Brotha Out produced by Mr. Mike W. Huge kudos to the fabulous Kymberlie M for supplying a fair amount of CDs for the crowd!

With tantalizingly fresh bites provided by RA Sushi, cold bevs courtesy of Sake2Me—Ginger Mango, anyone?—and Oskar Blues Brewery's Pale Ale and Old Chub, there wasn't an empty hand (or belly) in the house. Fortunately, the weather cooperated and guests were able to sit out in the back patio and experience the wacky Sub Society photo booth.

The highlight of the evening was when lucky raffle winners walked away with generous gift cards to RA Sushi and Duo, along with tickets to the Sensory Overload style event courtesy of Cut Loose.

Check out what other yelpers are saying about the night, and don't forget to browse through candid shots taken by Neil D and Kenny H's photo booth pics!

Img_0432 Picture_4 Img_0390 Img_0418


Until next time, SYOY (See You On Yelp)!

Farrah A
Houston Community Manager

November 07, 2008

San Francisco's Yelp Elite enter the Warhol Factory at the CJM

Posted by Nicole Grant

Yelp Elites and their guests looked like Warhol superstars in their stunna shades at a party to celebrate the opening of the Warhol exhibit at the newly opened Contemporary Jewish Museum. The guests mingled in the lounge by Zinc Details, swirling their drinks and admiring pop art by Jenny Wehrt.

Our Factory-inspired fashion show was hawt, with mod looks from Acrimony boutique in Hayes Valley, make-up by Shu Uemura and hair by Oxenrose. Keane L, Kirst S, Alexandra M, Elena G, Ryan V, Jaime L, Bryan B, Megan C, Matt M and Jessica T rocked the catwalk. Ow!

Model_2_4 Model_3 Model_4 Model_5Model_9 Model_6 Model_7

Yelpers were stung by 42 Below's honey vodka cocktails, sipped Israeli wine and He'brew beer from Cost Plus and water from Smartwater, and sampled bites from Ducca, CandyBar and Donsuemor. Lucky for us, Carlos A caught all of you crazy Factory porn stars, drag queens, drug addicts, musicians and free-thinkers on camera.

Until next time, SYOY --

Nicole G
SF Community Manager

The Denver Yelp Elections!

On the heels of our national election, Denver yelpers got together to determine who was the funniest (Jessica H), hottest (Sherri S),  best writer (Taj M), and coolest (Matt P) yelpers in the Mile High community with our own Yelp elections. There was some stiff competition and even an accusation of park benches and the Dallas Cowboys voting, but after a recount the decisions stood. At least until next year, Douglas R!

Our victors walked away with some pretty sweet prizes including one of those fancy I burst Yelp shirts, but nothing compared to the Starz Denver Film Festival package that Kat A took home curtesy of the festival itself.

While the voting was taking place, yelpers also got to enjoy delicious red wines (hello Malbec) and both red and white sangria, as well as some of the best food we've ever tried thanks to our gracious host - Buenos Aires Grill. People are still dreaming about the bacon-wrapped figs!

Yelpers are also most like still dreaming about what the tarot reader had to say about their futures, too. Many thanks to Wade from The Bridge Beyond for making it out to the event.

Check out what the yelpers had to say about the event. And don't forget to look at the pictures taken by our very own Hans O!

Until next time, SYOY (See You On Yelp)!

Tiffany C

Img_8021 Img_8003 Img_8064Img_8023

San Diego Art of Awesomeness Open Yelp Par-Tay!

Wow... just, wow.

What a party, huh? Last night, a crew of yelpers reaching almost 500 strong invaded Bar Basic in East Village. There was quite an array of... well, awesomeness on hand! The laundry list of amazing visual stimulation included live art from Fieldtrip Entertainment, burlesque performances from Hell on Heels, DJ Adam Salter of Danger Danger, circus performances from Mutaytor and quite possibly one of the biggest hits of the night, the photo booth courtesy of Mike Brown Photo Booth. Check out some of the pictures (more to come)!

3009747493_407dca51d9 3009764559_b3006009ae 3009772993_67397e72f9 3009787537_7f7eb37ab0

Of course, we couldn't have had a party without sweet, sweet booze. Big ups to Leblon rum and Widmer beer for sponsoring the event and ensuring everyone walked away with a buzz and a smile!

We also conducted our own Yelp election! The categories were "hottest yelper," "coolest yelper," "best writer" and "funniest yelper." The winners, as voted on by the general Yelp public, were Alisa M, Edwin R, Lucas P and Elbo L respectively.

Overall, it was a banger of a pary. In a week where America made history by electing the first African American into office, Yelp San Diego made history be being the raddest city on the planet! Well, besides Jackson Hole, Wyoming... I suppose.

November 06, 2008

Dallas Yelp Elite Rock Mullets and Mustaches at The Double Wide!

Posted by Melody Lowe

What comes before Part B, Cleatus? Part AAAAAAAAAAy!

The Dallas Yelp Elite raced to Exposition Park for a mullets and mustaches affair at The Double Wide. Yelpers came out in trailer park trash attire, donning NASCAR gear, gnarly teeth, mullets, mustaches and even a fake baby bump. Handle Bars and Fu Manchu's were put aside momentarily in order to chow down on the scrumptious sandwiches from new local sub and pasta hotspot, Mr. Goodcents.

Calories were burned and faces were melted off during the spectacular performance by Longview, Texas born and bred, The Vehicle Reason. The band—who can be heard on popular MTV shows like The Hills and The Real World—got into the trailer spirit by growing 'staches on the spot.

Yelpers washed down their tasty subs with Mama's Mixes made by Kirk from The Double Wide. Boone's Farm Martinis, Twisted Tangs, Hurritangs and Yoohoo Yeehaws were favorites among the festive crowd. After such a fun and shenanigan-filled event, there's only one thing left to say—when's the next one?!

Read what else yelpers are saying about the event, and don't forget to check out the rest of the lovely pictures taken by Jen C!

Dsc_9595_jpg Dsc_9582_jpg_2Dsc_9616_jpg Dsc_9640_jpg Dsc_9626_jpg Dsc_9581_jpg

Going For Yelp Gold: An Interview with Natalie Coughlin

Posted by Ligaya T

Natandmeg_3 When Yelp staffer Megan C mentioned that her sister, Natalie C, wanted to visit the office we practically jumped off the block. As Lafayette's own six gold medal toting Olympian swimstress, Natalie lounged with our own Ligaya T at the Press Club and divulged her winning East Bay favorites!

Ligaya: We hear that aside from swimming, you have a passion for eating. Any Bay Area perennial picks?

Nat C: Metro is by far my favorite restaurant in Lafayette. The staff is always courteous and (of course!) the food is wonderful. The quality of ingredients is just superb. For special occasions, I enjoy Chez Panisse or Oliveto.  Both restaurants do so much with humble ingredients.

Ligaya: And where to go if you're not on a budget of gold?

Nat C: For cheap eats, you can't go wrong with Top Dog in Berkeley after a football game or late night.  I love the hot link with spicy mustard.  Natwithnish_3

Ligaya: I understand you also have a thing for wine. Any special places to get your drink on?

Nat C: I recently had one of the strangest and yet most enjoyable experiences at a winery called Carneros Della Notte that specializes in Pinot Noir. These are by far the best pinots I've ever tasted!  The vineyard is rustic and generally not open to the public but the wines are available online. I would highly recommend everyone get a bottle!

Ligaya: We heard wedding bells will be ringing in the spring, and you've got your eye on Napa. What makes the area so special for you?

Nat C:
While we were settling in on the Legion of Honor, I visited Carneros Inn and quickly changed my mind. It's perfect in every way. Delicious food, phenomenal wine, great location and (fingers crossed!) good weather in April. What else could I possibly want?

Indeed. Congratulations! The East Bay's got its fair share of vino-rrrrific spots too. Any top picks?

Nat C: When I don't have the time to go all the way to the Valley, I head to Wine Thieves instead. Great little wine shop with a fantastic selection. The Livermore vineyards are wonderful too. Wente is just gorgeous and always delivers.

Ligaya: Where do you work out when not in official training mode? Any fine places to dive right in for a swim?

 Nat C: I haven't really been swimming lately.  Every time I get in the water, my inclination is to lay out rather than work out.  But I have been trying to be active so I've been hiking the Lafayette Reservoir Rim trail with my dog and fiancé.

Natandshera_2Ligaya: Ahhh yes, your beloved terrier. Have you discovered a good purveyor of canine stuffs?

Nat C: (Laughs) SheRa's a handful. She just adores Nitro Dog though!

Ligaya: Do you ever take her out on the town?

Nat C: One of our favorite local joints is Bo's. They give her bones as big as her body to munch on! They've got mouth-watering BBQ too.

Ligaya: Now that you have a little bit of downtime, what keeps you busy?

Nat C: I enjoying being in the kitchen, and am actually cooking Thanksgiving dinner this year. I'm going to spend hours at Diablo Foods! I've been going to many events as of late and one of my favorite was the Right to Play first annual dinner in New York City.  It's is a really cool organization that uses sports as a teaching tool for at-risk children around the world. Also, I'm obsessed with Alice Waters.  Alice, if you're listening, I would love to get involved with your Edible Schoolyard program!

Ligaya: I'm sure this is a tough one: you received ROTD for your take on Evvia Estiatorio. Were you more thrilled to received this distinction, than say, a couple of gold medals? Be Honest! Natandlig_5

Nat C: Okay those medal were pretty satisfying, but I can't tell you how excited I was about the ROTD. I saw that when I was in the Olympic Village and I was trying to explain to my non-Yelping teammates what a great distinction that was... They didn't get it, so I called Megan to share my excitement!

Ligaya: Ahem, any waxing secrets?

Nat C: Three words: laser hair removal.

November 04, 2008

District Denizens Vote for Yelp!

Posted by Kevin L

Yelpers got out the vote, and then came out in droves to cheer on their favorite candidate at the Vote for Yelp! election night soiree, hosted at the lovely Darlington House just outside Dupont Circle.  The masses were so rabid for this historic evening that many waited in in the cold, wet, rain for nearly an hour for a taste of yelpy greatness!

Following the searchlights out front beaming into the night sky, yelpers like Rich L (done up in a tux!) and Justin C arrived in style and were shot on the red carpet by our Yelp paparazzi team, consisting of the ever fantastic Jane K and her trusty sidekick Robinson A, as well as yelper favorite Stacey Vaeth.

Inside, on the War Room level, Jeff W was one of the lucky early folks to receive a complimentary hand dipped red, white, and blue Maker's Mark glass, while others watched election coverage on the big screen TVs, enjoying a glass of Peroni or politically primed Maker's Mark cocktail.

Canadian Club had their shoe shining booth ready to spiff up some footwear, while offering up a glass of whisky to yelpers.  Also on the second floor Lobbyists' Lounge, Jake K submitted to some facial hair cleaning up Dupont Threading-style, Ina K enjoyed the rejuvenating services offered by and Origins' facial massages, and a throng of people had their election anxiety soothed away by the magical touch of  Flow Massage Studio. 

Up on the Inaugural Ballroom level, red and blue Imperia Vodka cocktails were being served up, and caviar was being passed around by classy models.  Laura T and Rivkah B grooved to the all-American beats being spun by DJ Mike Z.

DC yelpers sure know how to ring in the results for our country's next leader, and it's all caught in graphic detail!  Here's to an amazing next four years in the District -– America, we're heading in a whole new direction!

-Kevin L Dsc_0115 Dsc_0123 Dsc_0212 Dsc_0233_2 Dsc_0181 

Seattle Yelp Elite Rock Out at The Sonics!

Posted by Katie Scharer

Seattle's Yelp Elite rocked out once again this last Friday night at The Paramount Club, prior to The Sonics show! If you didn't know, the Sonics are the original 'garage rock' band and this night's performance was their first in Seattle in over 30 years.


Yelpers joined up at the exclusive Paramount Club before the show, and feasted on a massive neverendig spread, including cheese, breads, olives, veggies... and more cheese from Tom Douglas Catering.

Yelpers were challenged with the task to submit the 'Ultimate Maker's Mark Cocktail.' The most innovative entries got them access to this event, which took place in The Paramount Club: an exclusive 'Members Only' Club (complete with a private entrance) located in the basement of the Landmark Theatre. Swank, sexy lighting and an intimate atmosphere make this the perfect getaway from the crowds and a lovely way to prefunk before any concert!


Winning submissions were the featured cocktails in The Paramount Club on the night of the show and included the Maker's Mark cocktails: 'The Strychnine' and 'The Sly Redhead. The Paramount Club seats are where it's at. Up front and personal in the first section of the balcony, these are easily the best seats in the house. Good times with Maker's Mark, cheese plates, and The Sonics made this one heck of a memorable Elite Event and a very happy Halloween!

For more photographic evidence, check out our Flickr page!

Until Next time Seattle, SYOY!

Katie S

November 03, 2008

Chicago's Halloween Costume Bash!


It was a spooktacular evening at Logan Square's Stan Mansion Halloween night! Masterfully decorated by Art of Imagination, and staffed and serviced by D'Absolute Catering, the Mansion was ready to rock! The Chicago Yelp Elite Squad came out in full-costumed, over-the-top glory for a party of dress up, drinking, dancing and devilish good fun!

Creativity abound when yelpers get the command to costume! The winner of this hotly contested contest was Karl H as not only a stripper, but a stripper pole! Jaik S also placed with his ensemble as "shower guy." Other highlights included group costumes consisting of the entire Alice & Wonderland character set, the folks dressed up as all members of Clue (John B as Col Mustard? Perfect!), and Noah B as a gnome, complete with dance moves. Shake yo thing, gnome man! Seriously though, there were just too many good ones to name...check out the evidence by Dan Gin and Matt Ginger, some of Yelp's fav photogs that were on hand to capture the madness!

Treats! D'Absolute Catering not only staffed the bar and ballroom, but also provided delicious meatballs and bruschetta for yelpers to munch on! In addition, Moonshine came equipped with BBQ pork sliders, a taco bar, chips & salsa and rounded up "chicken on a stick" from Skewerz to keep all the ghosts and goblins full and happy! Oh, and how could we forget the sweet temptation of More Cupcakes? Yelpers got to sample salted carmel and double chocolate mini cakes of goodness....mmmm!

Also, a big thank you to our "buzz" sponsors for providing the liquid love! Trumer Pils Beer and Red Truck Wines were both flowing endlessly, which provided some with the needed courage to shake themselves on the dance floor to the beats of Nikki C! Keeping us all hydrated was no easy feat, but Fuze did the job!

A big thanks to all of the sponsors that made this night a success, and Tiffany C and
Nick N (Glinda and Tin Man) from Yelp Denver for helping out!

Until next time, SYOY!
Colleen C
Yelp Roller Derby Girl Wannabe & Chicago Community Manager