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June 28, 2008

Old Skool Prom Explosion in Boston!

Posted by Ligaya T

Prom5Think white jackets, stonewashed jeans, scintillating sequins, metallic big bows and crimpers and you'll have an idea of the incredible 80s/90s outfits that Boston yelpers sported to Prom last night! We gallivanted to Whiskey Park to walk down the promenade, greeted by the sounds of throwback tunes by Soul Clap. The expert mixologists rocked martini shakers filled with the sweet taste of Pearl Vodka, creating libations like "Pineapple Don't Preach", "My So Called Martini" and "Purple Rain".

Prom4 Those babies went down like water (which for the night was referred to as "Like a Virgin") and soon many a yelper was getting MC Hammered and found boogeying down on the dancefloor. Amanda H was a jivin' machine, looking like she was having the time of her life (and yes, that was a blatant DD reference). John R and guest Andrea S got to shaking it proper too.

It was also a time for yelpers to give each other a pat on the back and name Class Best. Jessika D and Trish F (You're Cool), Tom E and Allix T (Best Writer), Jeffrey H and Yihwa H (Hot Stuff), Russ S and Becki W (You're Funny) were all elected to the prom court! Prom6Though there were melancholy pangs as it was to be Tom's last event, it was awesome to send him off with a crown.

A big ol' w00t to the totally tubular folks who brought this thing to life: Roger, Dave and all the whole team at Whiskey Park, Katie at Pearl Vodka, Jeffrey H and Miriam W - thank you all for making the night all kinds of golden!

Catch the chatter and photo links on talk or look here for the official pix.

Boston RULES.

Ligaya T





This was pure awesomeness! Love it Ligaya!

Jessika D.

Great photots Ligaya! Thanks for one of the best nights ever!

Melissa M.

Great time! Let's do this again!

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