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June 30, 2008

Portland's Early Bird/Night Owl Dinner at Iyara Thai

Posted by Laura Nestler

Whether you're an early bird or a night owl, you most certainly will not go hungry after this elaborate dining experience at Iyara Thai Restaurant. 2613103417_c84b61de52

Two full seatings of new and old Elite yelpers and guests were treated to an intimate dining experience, beginning with a complimentary Yelp signature cocktail. (The jury is still out on whether the Ginger Yelpopolitan or the Basil Yelplet took the cocktail cake, but with bendistillery spirits, both seemingly went down just fine.) 2611787635_1f475d3d72_2

After mingling with their fellow elites, both the 5:30 and 8:00pm seating dined on an array of traditional favorites and house specialities that quickly put Michelle H "in a Thai food coma," which is inarguably the all-time best kind of coma. To see more reviews, click HERE.

Overall, the evening was both an early bird and night owl delight. Many thanks to the friendly folks at Iyara Thai and Bendistillery - we will surely be seeing more of you in the future!2613104443_8111f0db94

And be sure to check out the amazing photographs, courtesy of our very talented Andrew C and Danielle K.


Until next time,
Laura N


Yelp Likes the Cars that go Boom!

Los Angeles Yelpers know a thing or two about cars. They know that at any given moment you can expect to see a few thousand cars piling up bumper-to-bumper on the 405 freeway. They also know that with gas prices so high we are carpooling more and using their cars less. But what Yelpers know above anything else is that when JayChan H & Porsche extend an invitation to the LA Yelp Elite Squad to party with them in their brand new showroom you hop in your ol' jalopy and drive just as fast as your wheels can take you!

The Auto Gallery in Woodland Hills was the place to be on Thursday, June 26 and the ladies of Yelp most certainly brought the va va vrooooom to the 'Yelp Likes the Cars that go Boom' Elite event. The only other thing distracting the men from their beauty were the incredible collection of high powered automobiles that lined the modern showroom.

LA Photo Party, the photo booth without the booth, came correct with their infectious energy and goofy props to got the party off to a great start while DJ Kid Lightning kept the crowd hype throughout the night with his signature auditory treats. 

The official party pictures from the event were shot by photographer extrordinaire, Monica Orozco and can be viewed here! Alcohol was provided by Alchemia Vodka, Honest Tea was on hand with their incredible line of organic tea blends, and the yummy snacks were compliment of Whole Foods Market Woodland Hills.

Until next month!


Aunny D
Your LA Yelp Community ManagerJaychanHonest_teaJamalGroup1Orange_porscheDevonAlchemia


June 28, 2008

Old Skool Prom Explosion in Boston!

Posted by Ligaya T

Prom5Think white jackets, stonewashed jeans, scintillating sequins, metallic big bows and crimpers and you'll have an idea of the incredible 80s/90s outfits that Boston yelpers sported to Prom last night! We gallivanted to Whiskey Park to walk down the promenade, greeted by the sounds of throwback tunes by Soul Clap. The expert mixologists rocked martini shakers filled with the sweet taste of Pearl Vodka, creating libations like "Pineapple Don't Preach", "My So Called Martini" and "Purple Rain".

Prom4 Those babies went down like water (which for the night was referred to as "Like a Virgin") and soon many a yelper was getting MC Hammered and found boogeying down on the dancefloor. Amanda H was a jivin' machine, looking like she was having the time of her life (and yes, that was a blatant DD reference). John R and guest Andrea S got to shaking it proper too.

It was also a time for yelpers to give each other a pat on the back and name Class Best. Jessika D and Trish F (You're Cool), Tom E and Allix T (Best Writer), Jeffrey H and Yihwa H (Hot Stuff), Russ S and Becki W (You're Funny) were all elected to the prom court! Prom6Though there were melancholy pangs as it was to be Tom's last event, it was awesome to send him off with a crown.

A big ol' w00t to the totally tubular folks who brought this thing to life: Roger, Dave and all the whole team at Whiskey Park, Katie at Pearl Vodka, Jeffrey H and Miriam W - thank you all for making the night all kinds of golden!

Catch the chatter and photo links on talk or look here for the official pix.

Boston RULES.

Ligaya T



A Med-Summer Night's Dream in Redwood City

Posted by Connie Chang

On Wednesday night, 250+ guests came out for our lively Silicon Valley Yelp Elite event at Southern Mediterranean restaurant Mandaloun in Downtown Redwood City!

The beautiful and spacious dining room was buzzing with yelpers old and new throughout the entire evening. Guests enjoyed noshing on Chef David Mann's culinary bites which included pancetta wrapped dates, polenta cubes, ahi tuna crostinis, chicken skewers, fried olives, gazpacho, woodfire pizzas, figs with mascarpone -- just to name a few! Guests out on the patio relaxed to the smooth stylins of The Chazz Alley Jazz Trio. Pearl Vodka provided the summery Pearl Plum Cosmo and Pearl Pomade specialty cocktails. Four lucky raffle winners left with $50 dining gift certificates!

Check out the reviews to see what people are saying about the event, and make sure to take a look at the fun photos from all of our shutterbugs!


June 26, 2008

Denver Yelpers Experience Their First Elite Event!

That's right - Denver Yelp came into its own last night with our very first Elite Event!

On a hot Wednesday night, the Denver Yelp elite squad took over the Rockmada Lounge that is secretly sequestered in the rock 'n roll Ramada Inn on Colfax Avenue. We drank delicious Stoli yelptails with names like Blueberry Press and Raspberry Lime Rickie and chased them with Stoli-flavored Jello shots. The bravest of us ate alligator sausage and alligator ribs. The rest of us settled for some seriously delicious tater tots - before Jessica B could get to them, that is!

Many thanks to Rockmada for hosting us, Gator Dun's for feeding us, Denny Greene for taking our fabulous pictures, Al's Barbershop and the Tattered Cover for our raffle prizes, Colleen C for journeying all the way from Chicago to help, and all of you, both familiar and new faces, for making Denver Yelp such a radtastic community! Until next time...


Tiffany C

Yelp14_3 Yelp47 Yelp29

Yelp56 Yelp36 Yelp43

Things That Make You Go Yelp!?!

Does anyone remember C + C Music Factory? Unfortunately, I do and now you will as well, when you clickRemyvideo right here. They had this annoyingly catchy pop hit called Things That Make You Go Hmm, as you're probably discovering...

Flash-forward to 2008, and this thing called Yelp is making people go Hmm, Ahh, Wait What?, and who knows what else. I can't think of a better way than that (especially on just one cup of coffee) to introduce a video that Remy M, a yelper near Washington DC, created, evidently with plenty of time on his hands. Hey, we love him for it. If you haven't checked out his own site, you will see that when it comes to videos, the man gets around.

Have your own funny, useful and perhaps even cool take on Yelp? Send 'em our way! Now watch that video again, I find new nuances in those fresh dance moves with each viewing.

Once again, here's the YouTube Link. Please vote with your hearts.

June 23, 2008

Yelp Local Art

Yelp Chicago Local Art Mission: Take one, 15-exposure, disposable camera. Capture the brightest/most authentic places, spaces and faces in your neighborhood, then return. Let the magic happen...

And magic, it was. On Thursday June 19, 2008 the Chicago Yelp Elite Squad gathered at the beautiful West Loop Studio for an evening of bellinis with Korbel champagne, delicious appetizers by Limelight Catering and yelper-inspired and produced "art." Yelp paired with artist collective Otonohana to assemble over 1000 photos, taken by over 55 yelpers across more than 30 Chicago (and suburban) neighborhoods and displayed them in the pristine lofted space. The result? Chicago Yelp's first ever Local Art Show!

Local artist Booker Youngblutt created a piece of original art during the show, which was raffled off at the end of the evening to the lucky Kellie K. A pair of GenArts Film Fest tickets went to Yelp's favorite Astronomer, Astronomer Joe and a wine tasting tour in SW Michigan courtesy of LocoWine Tours went to the excited Jennifer S.

The installation gave a small peek into the passion Chicago yelpers hold for their neighborhoods. Highlights included Colleen S's "Drunken Wrigleyville" theme and Erica A's striking photos detailing Pilsen murals. Yelpers even enjoyed professional portrait photography by Steve Ewert and Jamie Kelter of West Loop Studio, complete with fancy hats!

Many thanks to all of the yelpers that took photos, Otonohana for their hard work in making those babies shine, Jamie K and owner Steve of West Loop Studio, Limelight Catering, Korbel Champagne, Beth P, Ryan S and Gabi K from Phoenix Yelp for helping out and Booker Youngblutt for making Yelp's first Local Art Show an evening to remember...

Until we meet again, SYOY!
Colleen C
Chicago Yelp Community Manager



June 16, 2008

San Francisco Yelp Elites Get Disco-licious

Posted by Nicole Grant

Almost 500 yelpers let out their inner hedonists and came out to disco and celebrate the sexual freedom of the 70s at 1015. Afros, roller girls, go-go boys, sequins and glitter under a huge rotating disco ball made for a night to remember! DJ Baron von Luxxury was rocking the mashed-up 70s hits on the turn tables, and a much-anticipated drag show by Fauxnique of Trannyshack fame and Candi Gurl from the illustrious House of More brought down the house.

"The Hustler," "Filthy Gorgeous," "Hot Mess" and "Stone Cold Fox" libations from 42 Below Vodka and Honest Tea were delish, beers from Tiger and water from Smartwater abounded, and bites from Lime and fro-yo from Icebee were tantalizingly tasty.

Check out the 1015 photos talk thread to see candids, and take a look at Project Photo Booth to see professionally posed photos by Richard T. As the reviews show, San Francisco yelpers love glitz and glam.

Cheers and SYOY,

Nicole G
Yelp San Francisco Community Manager

Baron Davis: Golden State Yelper

2565358505_e437282c58 A few Fridays ago, the Yelp staffers had a surprise guest drop by the office around lunchtime. Who was this bearded man? A new engineer? The latest addition to the Yelp Elite Squad? Wait a second, it was none other than Baron Davis of the Golden State Warriors dropping by to talk it up with Jeremy S and Nish N about how San Francisco's got game.

Nish N: What's up Baron. You went to UCLA for college. What's San Francisco got that Los Angeles doesn't?

Baron D: I was born and raised in LA too actually, but the Bay Area has really started to feel like home... I like SF's many moods and how different the neighborhoods are; and that this place is like a breeding ground for smart, ambitious, creative people. I learn a lot here, and I love it.

Jeremy S: Have any places in the city that you go when you want to blend in? Is that even possible?

Baron D: When I need to blend in I just take off the beard and no one recognizes me, then I put it back on for games. (pauses) I'm kidding.

Jeremy S: You're a pretty big fan of SOMA. If yelpers wanted to find you, where should they look? Will you buy the first round?

Baron D: Let's see… I'm a regular at Umbria. Best lasagna in the city, staff is incredible, and my boy Julio, the owner, is a cool dude. Ozumo is nice, Jack Falstaff, Boulevard.

Jeremy S: How might a fellow go about getting that signature Baron look?

Baron D: Hmm, I borrow from all styles. I like the choice at Nieman Marcus, Barneys. I like Jack's, shopping in the Haight is always good.

497205176_648a42e2ae Nish N: Where do you go to find your "inner zen" before a big game?

Baron D: My crib, my bed. I nap for about two hours before every game. Lets me clear my head and hit the court strong. In February, I ate the #5 at Zebulon just about every day before games… they ended up naming it after me.

Jeremy S: If you weren't actually playing in the game, any recommendations on sports bars to catch the Warriors action?

Baron D: I don't know… honestly, I watch most games I'm not playing in from my living room. But if I were going out I'd jump online and see what yelpers recommend!

Jeremy S: Correct answer! If you weren't shooting hoops, what would you be doing?

Baron D: Same thing I'm doing when I'm not on the court. Trying to help kids get educated and stay out of gangs; that and being an entrepreneur.

Nish N: I'm going to say the name of each of your off-court projects. Tell me in a sentence what each of them is.

Baron D: Made in America. My documentary about the Bloods and the Crips, narrated by Forest Whitaker and Directed by Stacey Peralta. Basically, poor kids with no options end up in Gangs with no way out… 

TeamPlay. Mentorship and rewards program for middle school kids in Oakland. Trying to show them what's out there other than gangs and drugs.

IBeatYou.com! Competition brings out people's best, so my fellow founders and I started a website that allows people to challenge each other and compete. It's also really funny and entertaining.

Nish N: I think I might try to take you on in the best beard competition, you just dropped to second place, come on now!

Baron D: Bring it!

Jeremy S
: Actually, Russ, the other co-founder, was just in Fortune's Silicon Valley Beard-off, so watch out. Back to yelping, we hear you'll be in SF a lot this summer… what restaurants do you want to check out that you don't have time to during the Season? 

Baron D: All of 'em man, this city has so many. Maybe y'all can help me prioritize...

Nish N: Ok, but you've got to let us know what you think!

Baron D: Done… my friend and chef Shalese and I have always wanted to be food critics...

Nish N: There you have it, Baron on record promising to *yelp* it up. Ok, final question... where will you be sending my season tickets? 

Baron D: Where will you be sending me to dinner? Ha ha. Seriously, get involved in Team Play, supporting kids to get a good education and out of gangs, and we'll get you something... No doubt.

2479227180_733735c2d4 2478438913_c5558fe2c7_3 2479225248_0118a60533 2479225400_bd8f331980 2478413087_980a72ec85_5 

June 14, 2008

Phoenix Yelpers "Thai One On" at Malee's - Desert Ridge!

Phoenix Elite yelpers and guests escaped the heat of the desert for a beach party at Malee's Thai Bistro on Tuesday evening, June 10th.  The Malee's Dream Team treated us to select thai and sushi appetizers, an interactive sushi demo with Chef Brandon, raffle prizes and more.  DJ Perry rocked the Wasabi Room as Thai Basil Margaritas, Saketinis, and Sangria washed everything down easy...

Some new faces turned out for the party including Christine O, Eugene T, Jim W, and Sheila B.  Thanks to Kevin N for helping out all the way from Austin and to Gary at four white walls photography for the professional pics. From the reviews of the event, it seems a fun time was had by all. 

SYOY until the next time,


Gabi K
Yelp Phoenix Community Manager

Img_1358 Img_1392 Img_1350 Img_1355 Img_1404

June 13, 2008

Updated Reviews: An FAQ

Posted by Audrey Tsang

Updatereviews_2 Whether it's your favorite splurge or a regular watering hole, every experience at a business is a unique one and deserves you telling its unique story.  We've seen many of you go back and add some of these stories to your reviews, so now we're going to make it easier ... and a little more official looking. 

Take any review you've written in the past, you should see links to "Write an Update" on the business page or on your profile page.  This will bring you to a familiar-looking page to submit your review except that you can now chronicle your most recent experience at that business, in essence, like a brand new review.

We've had a couple questions come up as folks have tried it out, so here's a quick FAQ:

Q: How often can I write an update?
A: For the time-being, once a day.  We wanted to differentiate between an edit of an old review and an update about a new experience.

Q: Can I still edit my old reviews?
A: Absolutely.  Clearly differentiating an Edit versus an Update is important to us.  An Edit is more like a typo fix, a reworking of a sentence, a correction.  And update is intended to capture a whole new experience or opinion.  You will either see the Edit link on past updates or when you click through the Write an Update link, you will find your other reviews at the bottom of the page.  You can then select them to Edit

Q: How will this affect my review count?
A: It's a different animal.  You will see a new stat to track in the left column of your profile page - the number of updates you have written.

Q: Can I vote on previous reviews?
A: Yep, each review/update has its own set of voting buttons. 

If you have other questions or thoughts, we'd love to hear them.  Email feedback@yelp.com.  Happy updating!

June 12, 2008

Austin Yelpers Get 'Framed' at a Rooftop Luau!

Maybe it was in deference to the approaching June heat, but Austin yelpers sure do know how to bring the cool!

On an afternoon when June sun and a prevalent downtown breeze were warming things up, Austin Yelpers raged on at One-2-One Rooftop Bar recently, a simmering stew of Kona brew (lager and pale ale), Ravenswood wine (merlot and chardonnay), and a unique photo opp the paparazzi never saw coming.

We welcomed lots and lots of new elite faces, and welcomed back some of our favorite longtime yelpers into the fray. And along the way, as the sun dipped below the buildings around us, we built the best kind of memories: festive, and with the best partners in crime!

2570400671_474232c0d5_m 2571229572_5c421e85d4_m 2571230904_23e5e986d6_m 2571232966_29ebfc45e8_m 2571234416_0ed0982ee6_m

June 09, 2008

Silicon Valley Yelpers Party Poolside at Four Seasons Hotel!

Posted by Connie Chang

2557210243_4000448614 Silicon Valley yelpers were looking fabulous at our chic poolside Yelp Elite event at Four Seasons last Thursday! Guests were treated to a preview of "Liquido," the Four Seasons' summertime Friday and Saturday evening poolside parties.

Bathing beauties wowed guests as they strutted around the pool wearing gorgeous Brazilian swimwear from Charmosa Boutique's newest collection. The models were dolled up by Allan Ngo of Allan's Salon and makeup artist Aimee Lam. DJ Tom Thump set the sexy mood by providing chillout and latin beats throughout the evening while guests relaxed with hand and back massages by spa therapists. As the sun set overhead, guests enjoyed delicious hors d'oeuvres and sushi prepared by Executive Chef Alessandro Cartumini. Kissui Vodka provided lively "Four Seasons" specialty cocktails throughout the evening, with names like Spring Guava Pearadise, Summer Cherry Blossom, Fall Orange Lantern and Winter Kissyberry.

The party continued even after the event, as several yelpers got wet 'n wild and busted out their swimwear and took a dip inside the heated pool. Others lounged at the downstairs Quattro bar and enjoyed more libations and bar bites.

Dsc_5997 Check out the reviews to see what people are saying about the event, and make sure to take a look at photos from all of our shutterbugs. To quote yelper (and one of the many photographers of the evening) Ranz N, "the whole place was covered by photographers like paparazzi on Britney!"

2557407566_15155f57952557986032_9f09cb2bb4 2557975378_b976615327_2 2557517164_7e390c285b2556977100_32afa93c9b

June 06, 2008

Halfway to the Holidays Yelp Elite Party!

Wednesday, June 4th...exactly HALFWAY TO THE HOLIDAYS! Of course, to ring in this warm and fuzzy time of year, the San Diego Yelp Elite crew brought the Ho Ho Ho to Dish/Universal in Hillcrest!

From holiday garb to a secret Santa gift exchange, the spirit of the holidays filled the air.


Rain, in June? Yessir. However, a little tinklin' didn't stop the action!


Thanks to Dish/Universal for hosting the night, and Smirnoff for hookin' up the crunk juice! For more pictures, click here!