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June 26, 2008

Denver Yelpers Experience Their First Elite Event!

That's right - Denver Yelp came into its own last night with our very first Elite Event!

On a hot Wednesday night, the Denver Yelp elite squad took over the Rockmada Lounge that is secretly sequestered in the rock 'n roll Ramada Inn on Colfax Avenue. We drank delicious Stoli yelptails with names like Blueberry Press and Raspberry Lime Rickie and chased them with Stoli-flavored Jello shots. The bravest of us ate alligator sausage and alligator ribs. The rest of us settled for some seriously delicious tater tots - before Jessica B could get to them, that is!

Many thanks to Rockmada for hosting us, Gator Dun's for feeding us, Denny Greene for taking our fabulous pictures, Al's Barbershop and the Tattered Cover for our raffle prizes, Colleen C for journeying all the way from Chicago to help, and all of you, both familiar and new faces, for making Denver Yelp such a radtastic community! Until next time...


Tiffany C

Yelp14_3 Yelp47 Yelp29

Yelp56 Yelp36 Yelp43


Jessica B.

Wow, a blog of our own, sweeeet. Lovely work you're doing for Yelp Tiff. We love you


Yeah... What Jess said.
eleventeen - Bryan M

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