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May 09, 2008

Phoenix Yelpers Get Fez'd!

Wednesday, May 7th was a night to remember for Phoenix Elite yelpers and guests... Fez gave the VIP treatment with half the restaurant and the entire patio reserved for our group.  Menu sampling from the Chef included various kisras, strawberry blueberry salad, garlic hummus, sweet potato fries, rosemary chicken sandwiches, and more!  The signature yelptini and tidybowltini cocktails were a hit as well!

First time Elite Event goers were welcomed with open arms by the rest of the community including Rhonda J, Michael C, Jake D, Cher T, and Matthew K. Additional surprises added to the fun such as tarot card readings, freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, Rickie's Vmarie Fashion Show in the background, and lots of Pez candy! (Who doesn't love Pez?)

Judging from the talk, reviews and photos, this was one of the BEST events to date... Thanks to Thomas S for going above and beyond on this one, future Phoenix events now have a pretty high standard!

Img_0206 Img_0196 Img_0185 Img_0186 Img_0179_2


Want to be included in the fun at the next one?  Apply for the Elite Squad today!

Until the next time, SYOY!

Gabi K.



This was my first Yelp event and it was a BLAST! Thank you so much Gabi and Thomas for makng the night memorable and special! A HUGE thanks also to all my fellow Yelpers for being so welcoming! I love you guys!

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