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May 27, 2008

Atlanta Yelp Elite Squad's Sinful Soiree!

Posted by Deanna Jue

Yelp_047 What's better than chocolate and wine, you ask? Indulging with some hot members of the Atlanta Yelp Elite Squad, of course! On May 22, 2008, the Elite Squad packed the house at Chocolate Pink Pastry Cafe in Midtown for a decadent night! We also were able to pair those perfect pieces of chocolate with some vino from Wolf Mountain Vineyards, located in North Georgia! Some new Elite members were there, including Katherine D & Sean M, as well as the first Elite party for one Joel D. Valentina V came straight from her book signing, and David K showed up too! Wanna see more beautiful people? Check out the rest of our photos from photographer David E!
Thanks to the Chocolate Pink's Michael, Sharon and Alex for hosting, and Karl from Wolf Mountain Vineyards!

Yelpy Love & Until Next Time!

Deanna J
Yelp Atlanta's Go-To GirlYelp_066

Yelp_003 Yelp_156

May 24, 2008

Philly Yelp Cranks Up The Volume

Posted by Carrie Estok

So the third Philly Yelp Elite event was so good that people are just starting to re-appear after having to take a few days off from the debauchery - wow! Our ever-growing community came out to Sonam on Wednesday, May 21 to enjoy their global tapas, and man oh man, did they ever deliver! Meat on a stick, sliders, goat cheese s'mores...we could go on forever talking about how they did us right by feeding us all night long. Thanks to Ben, Paige and the amazing staff that took great care of us - I can't speak for everyone but I can't wait to get back there for a sit-down meal!

And of course a big thanks to the dudes at Gray Kangaroo / 941 Theater for providing the yummiest drinks ever - the "Yelping Frog," along with improv cocktails mixed with Function drinks (thank you Function!). JG from Pink Skull is only the most talented DJ in the city, so it was an honor and a privilege to have him in charge of setting the tone of the night with his unbelievable set (plus, he played "Business Time" in honor of my speech, so he automatically gets 5 stars for that right there :).

So many new, gorgeous faces joined our already kickin' crew, and we were lucky enough to have Yelps's own Miriam W and the brand-spankin' new DC Community Manager, Kevin L, join us for the night. Love, love, love to you all - and if you thought this one was the best event so far, let's just see how rock and roll we can get as we grow!

Carrie E.
Yelp Philly Community Manager


May 22, 2008

Yelpin' La Dolce Vita in Chicago!

La Dolce Vita translates to "the good life." Yelpers translate directly to "professional party goers." Yelp doing La Dolce Vita? Goes something a little like this...

On 5/21/08, a warm, wistful Wednesday evening, the Yelp elite squad descended upon Il Covo Ristorante Italiano and Sopra Lounge in the beautiful Bucktown neighborhood. The windows opened onto bustling Damen Avenue allowing a slight breeze, Italian vespas courtesy of Motoworks graced the entrance, and an evening of free flowing libations, beautifully executed appetizers, pastas and desserts, lively conversation and classic style spanned two levels. Ah, the good life...

To add to the evening's splendor, we had two very special birthdays in the house! Vamsi V and John C were both toasted, and toasted some more as the evening progressed. Matt L and Jenn H danced to the beat of their own drum (meaning, there was no dance floor, or...DJ) and had a helluva time breakin' it down for the crowd. Justin V was just glad it was finally Wednesday, as he showed up the night before for the party...just couldn't wait for your first elite party, right JV?

Many thanks to Carol J, yelper and managing partner of Il Covo, and her fantastic staff (D's the man!) for being the hostess with the mostess and to Victoria S of Sprung Photo for capturing all the suave and sassy yelpers in their finest hour with classic black and white photos! Phil 'n Phlash Public Eye provided the glitzy papparazzi photo installation, and a special shout out to Beth P for being a rockstar hoodie manager! Also many kudos to Moonshine, Skewerz, The Alley and Taboo Tabou for providing raffle gift items to sweeten the deal.

La Dolce Vita, yelpers...living the good life, always.

Until next time...SYOY!
Colleen C
Yelp Chicago Community Manager


May 21, 2008

I got FUC'd at Bay to Breakers!

Posted by Jessica T

This past Sunday, well over 150 yelpers walked Bay to Breakers. Headed up by yelpers Euge I, Luis M, Jen DAutumn K, Tinna H, Seong P, Kevo M, Matthew R and Donna H -- people came out en masse donning their "FUC (Funny, Useful, Cool) Me, I'm a Yelper" shirts and rubbing the sleep dust from their eyes at 7:30 a.m. They passed out Bob's Donuts via sassy Donut Girls like Janney B and Lauren C, and got hydrated with Smartwater, as everyone watched the runners swoosh by.

After feeding eager runners, cops and the yelpy masses, yelpers merged into the mobilized crowd. The lovely donut and hot dog mascots (Catherine O and Keith M) leading the stumble fest all the way to Golden Gate Park. Red Yelp balloons jostled in the sky as yelpers danced their way through the throngs of people, eager to catch a glimpse of the moving spectacle, and leaving a trail of Yelp beer koozies, hot dog and donut pins courtesy of Amanda V, Yelp compliment stickers and lots o' enthusiasm along the route.

As the sun began to recede and the fog set in, yelpers made their way over to Yancy's for the after-party, where people kicked back, rested their feet and threw back a couple of brewskies, while chowing down on delicious Pasquale's pizza slices.

And the party definitely kept on going, with plenty of next-day photos, once again proving that Bay to Breakers is not only a San Francisco tradition, but a Yelp tradition as well.

B2bpic Kickingback Group Cop Hotshot Hotwhat

May 19, 2008

It's gettin' hot in here for LA Yelp...

Yea, you know what comes next...so take off all your clothes!

Lanterns_3 It was a steamy 108 degrees  (according to Citibank's giant digital thermometer across the street from the venue) in the city of Los Angeles this past Saturday, May 17, but the insanely hot weather was not enough to keep the Los Angeles Yelp Elite crew from getting their partay on at the 'Everyone ArtWalks in LA' Elite event. Dj_3

The incredibly gracious General Manager, Brian Keeth and his amazing staff (and DJ) over at Celadon Galerie kept the music, delicious food and drinks on point as the hot-and-bothered (and I mean that in the best way possible) yelpers mixed and mingled their way through the gorgeous Asian-inspired venue with a Middle Eastern twist.

Fans Rather then strip down to their skivvies, yelpers cooled themselves off with Yelp fans which were scattered throughout and by sampling from an array of alcoholic drink options provided compliments of Alchemia Vodka and their exotic collection of ginger, chocolate and wild cherry flavored vodka.Alchemia_2

For those who were not ready for the night to end they actually - are you ready for this? - walked (GASP!) down Fairfax to the LACMA campus for Muse's official  Spring ArtWalk 2008 after party held in the swanky outdoor lounge area next to the new BCAM building for more drinks, food and live music.

A special thanks to the visiting Community Managers who braved the stifling heat in LA to support this event and meet this amazing group of yelpers. Carrie E came live and direct from Philadelphia, Ruggy J from San Diego, Stephy S from San Francisco, Kevin L from Washington DC, and the Yelp Mayor of New York City Yelp, Sam P were there to represent their respective cities and prove that Yelp love is the same no matter what your area code.

Sherry_r_2Another impressive collection of photos were taken by the official Yelp photographer in LA, Amy K. And yelpers have LA Yelp intern, Sherry R to thank for helping organize this wonderful event and pass out sweatshirts in this 100+ degree weather.

Until next time, SYOY,

Your humbled & very grateful LA Yelp Community Manger...

Aunny D


May 12, 2008

San Francisco's Yelp Elite Get a Taste of Orson with Celebrity Chef Elizabeth Falkner

Posted by Nicole Grant

On Saturday afternoon, Yelp Elites got a taste of celebrity chef Elizabeth Falkner's new restaurant, Orson. The chic crowd swirled Lavendar Citrus Coolers and Action Jackson Knockout Punch in the distinctive modern art gallery/loft/restaurant, sun-kissed by the skylights overhead.

Elizabeth Falkner was there in person, serving up tantalizing tidbits from the menu, including house-smoked proscuitto and salami, mini pork buns, fried tofu with bok choy kimchi, mushroom dumplings, potato saffron soup shooters, split pea soup-filled puffs, raw trout on chips, white chocolate drizzled with truffle honey and chocolate french toast. Yowza! A special thank you to sponsors Tito's Handmade Vodka and K&L Wine Merchant for the lux libations.

Img_4089_2 Web



Broke_ass                                                          Seth Armstrong and Ariel Rippner from the Academy of Art were present, sketching out some amazing pieces of work, and upstairs, the industrial-chic photo booth entertained our narcissistic side. Word has it yelpers will be heading back to Orson for innovative small plates and inventive cocktArtistails in no time flat.


Cheers and SYOY,

Nicole G
Yelp San Francisco Community Manager

May 10, 2008

Portland's Phone Book Mash-Up

Posted by Laura Nestler

Portland yelpers are donating their phone books, because, well, who needs 'em?

On Wednesday May 7th, Portland Elites kicked off the Phone Book Mash-Up project at the Working Artists Gallery. 2480154390_7bd875cd78

In the spirit of recycling, the Phone Book Mash-Up will transform phone books donated by yelpers into recycled art: designers, visual artists, architects, sculptors and artists of all forms will be competing to best deviate our directories and flip our phone books!

After dumping their dusty phone books, elites sipped on creative cocktails from DRY Soda, Crater Lake Vodka, and Cascade Mountain Gin, and nibbled on delicious treats from Mango Catering - quickly learning that "it was magic mango" on those mango chicken skewers. Old and new Elites met and mingled with the artists, and were even treated to a surprise belly dancing performance before heading over to the after-party at the legendary Dockside Saloon. (Tanya Harding unfortunately was no where to be found.)2479339245_11750c80fe

Many thanks all involved, and especially to our very own Andrew C who beautifully captured the evening on digital film. Check out more pictures HERE.

Two subsequent events will be held to track the progress of the project, so keep your Elite ears peeled! Rumors of a "booze bus studio-crawl" and a "grand re-opening of a Portland Landmark" may become a reality!

Until then, Cheers and SYOY!
Laura N

May 09, 2008

Phoenix Yelpers Get Fez'd!

Wednesday, May 7th was a night to remember for Phoenix Elite yelpers and guests... Fez gave the VIP treatment with half the restaurant and the entire patio reserved for our group.  Menu sampling from the Chef included various kisras, strawberry blueberry salad, garlic hummus, sweet potato fries, rosemary chicken sandwiches, and more!  The signature yelptini and tidybowltini cocktails were a hit as well!

First time Elite Event goers were welcomed with open arms by the rest of the community including Rhonda J, Michael C, Jake D, Cher T, and Matthew K. Additional surprises added to the fun such as tarot card readings, freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, Rickie's Vmarie Fashion Show in the background, and lots of Pez candy! (Who doesn't love Pez?)

Judging from the talk, reviews and photos, this was one of the BEST events to date... Thanks to Thomas S for going above and beyond on this one, future Phoenix events now have a pretty high standard!

Img_0206 Img_0196 Img_0185 Img_0186 Img_0179_2


Want to be included in the fun at the next one?  Apply for the Elite Squad today!

Until the next time, SYOY!

Gabi K.

May 07, 2008

Boston Elites Visit HarPo Trifecta!

Posted by Ligaya T

Temple3_2 Yelpers and guests celebrated a bout of glorious weather gallivanting down the Mass Ave strip between Harvard and Porter Squares to visit not one, but three grand establishments!

We kicked off the evening at Topaz and History, where guests were free to mosey back and forth following the trail of Yelp bursts on the sidewalk to enjoy UFO, Adina bevies and toothsome snacks which awaited us amongst the tempting racks! Tarah H sported her gorgeous find the rest of the evening, while Ali E 's happy discovery came in the form of music by acoustic guitar performer, Glenn Michael.

History2_2This marked a special occasion for Sisi Z, Holly M, Bo W, and Elaine M , and many others who joined us for their first elite event and were able to mingle with the entire crew after reconvening for libations and nosh at Temple Bar. After a few their cherry fizzes, everyone was especially making merry!

None of this could have been possible without our hosts Stacy, Rachel, and Rudy - thank you all for a spectacular evening! As displayed by the reviews, yelpers has an absolute blast!

Excited to share what we've got coming up in June too...

Cheers & SYOY!
Ligaya T

Temple1 HistoryTemple4 Temple2

May 06, 2008

Yelpers Hit the Track, Run for Roses

The sight of 157,000 revelers cheering on the ponies at the Kentucky Derby might be an impressive sight, but certainly not any more impressive than the array of fancy Austin yelpers who donned their best gear and headed down the road to watch the Run for the Roses. And if you know Austin Elite Yelpers, these people have some of the coolest threads going. There were all sorts of hats, parlays, and complimentary cold ones from Widmer Brewing for our trip down and back. We all looked ready for the sport of kings!

2469240623_1b4758f7ed 2470066318_6bea368765 2470064060_c0bc127732 2470065538_febf09116a_3 2469242847_b632e87696

May 05, 2008

Silicon Valley Yelp Elite Go Eco-Gourmet at Parcel 104!

Posted by Connie Chang

2466259054_32939b9988_2 Last Friday, Parcel 104, a collaborative venture of renowned chefs, Bradley Ogden and Robert Sapirman, hosted an intimate reception exclusively for Silicon Valley's Yelp Elite.

Elite members were greeted at the door with flutes of champagne, and as they entered the lounge area, they were welcomed by the hospitable Parcel 104 staff and servers. The culinary team provided complimentary tastings from their American-themed eco-gourmet menu, which celebrates seasonal delights and showcases the finest efforts of local growers, ranches and dairies. The tastings included Pacific oysters, English pea bisque, beef sliders, Florida rock shrimp tacos, Carmody cheese beignet, Delta asparagus fries, vegetable black pepper panna cotta, as well as desserts like strawberry lemon cake and banana and caramel French toast.

Lawrence Lohr of J. Lohr Winery graced us with his presence and provided wonderful wine tastings of three varietals: cabernet sauvignon, chardonnay and pinot noir. The biggest hit of the night was the specialty cocktail inspired by Bay Area seasonal fruit and paid homage to Tom Wolfe: The Strawberry Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test.

The open exhibition kitchen provided yelpers with a wonderful view of the culinary creative process, and the Chef's Table private dining room was showcased, complete with a flat-screen tv offering glimpses of the chefs working away. Special thanks to Executive Chef Robert Sapirman who came out to chat with guests throughout the evening.

Amazing photos were officially taken by the talented Elite yelper Victor C, and many fun moments were captured by fellow Elite shutterbugs including Carol L and Jaye C.

To end this wonderful and classy evening, Parcel 104 sent guests off with a beautiful gift, which included a gorgeous wine stopper and lovely note inviting us back!

2466278266_b6d7cb8c982465457423_0c7c8af15e 2465448501_1db0f849be_2 2466288756_60c34d82e1 2466293326_4450b5943f

May 02, 2008

Uno De Mayo Mustache Bash!

San Diego Yelpers rung in the the festive Cinco De Mayo holiday weekend the only way they knew how...with mustaches and margaritas!



Posting up at the brand new Jolly Boy Saloon in Old Town, Yelpers enjoyed complimentary margs, vino...and ABSINTHE! Das right, the Green Fairy was fluttering her little wings all around that joint.



They also threw down the complimentary comida. Salmon tacos, taquitos, crab cakes...and those DELICIOUS black bean/goat cheese stuffed mushrooms. YUM!

Entertainment from the circus performers Mango and Dango were the talk of the town last night! They definitely brought their A-game for the Yelp Elite Squad.



Big ups to Lance, Mango and Dango and all the other great folks at Jolly Boy Saloon for making this a fiesta to remember! For more pictures for the event, click here!

May 01, 2008

Yelp Loves DC in the Springtime!

Yelp_the_space_243   Yelp_the_space_161 Yelp_the_space_144 Yelp_the_space_160 Yelp_the_space_209
Though the weather in the District still can’t make up its mind, for DC yelpers the temperatures were perfect for Tuesday night’s Spring Fling at The Space. SurReal Vodka and Honest Tea cocktails, like the Pom Yelptini and the Yelp Ice Pick helped usher in the springtime vibe. Moonstruck Chocolate truffles and cupcakes from CakeLove further sweetened the deal. And a Coopers Beer bar from the folks at Washburn Wine staved off thirst for yelpers on the deck. 

Our marvelous hosts at The Space had Elite yelpers like Jenn H, Takaki K, Ina K and Sean C wondering why they don’t venture to the Shaw neighborhood more often. And with the weather warming up, you can bet this venue will be seeing a lot more yelpy faces on its sweet rooftop deck. In the meantime, relive the magic with these photos from the soiree.Yelp_the_space_147Yelp_the_space_129Yelp_the_space_145Yelp_the_space_172Yelp_the_space_226_2

Yelping with Frank Bruni!

Posted by Sam Perwin

Bruni2 Frank Bruni's Last Supper, you ask?  Hardly.  But Mr. Bruni, chief food critic for the New York Times, was kind enough to share some of his favorite firsts and lasts with us folks here at Yelp NYC.  Herewith, the complete interview, a.k.a. Frank Bruni on the light in Tribeca, tax-deductible chairs, and why not even working for the Times can get you in with David Chang.

If today were your last day in New York (and you could never return) what three local spots or businesses would you visit? (i.e. Central Park, MoMA, Brooklyn Bridge etc.)

Yikes. That's tough. I love Central Park. I really do. So I'd take a walk across the 72nd Street transverse, if I'm even naming that correctly, and turn north toward that wonderful viewing point over that big lake. I might haul myself up to the Cloisters. I love that too. And a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. I guess this would have to be a summer day. Not enough light in January to get all of this done.

And what would you want for your last meal?

I answered this once before, and can only hope I'm being consistent here. A really great porterhouse steak would be in serious contention. With a really great gin martini. I wouldn't mind some sort of knock-out pasta or risotto dish to start.

Does Frank Bruni ever have to wait in line? If so where was the last place you stood in a ridiculous line?

Of course: all the time. Are you kidding? I wait in line at restaurants when the table isn't ready, at restaurants that don't take reservations. A long, long, long wait? That would have to be the Social Security Office. I needed a replacement card. After 40 minutes, I realized I wasn't even getting close to my time at the window, because of the ticket number I had. I joked to a woman with a much lower, better ticket number that I'd give her $20 for hers. She took me seriously. I bought her ticket. This was a few months ago. I think she's still over there, waiting.

And in a similar vein, where was the last place you couldn't get a reservation?

Many places. I've been dependent on the strenuous computer efforts of friends to get into Momofuku Ko. I wanted to go to Elettaria the other night; the restaurant had nothing after 6:15, and I couldn't eat that early that night. I don't use my name for reservations or announce myself on the phone. I go through the same reservation process anyone does.

When and where was the last time you were out partying until 4am?

I am so not going to answer this one. Let's just say, for the record, I am always in bed by midnight, reading M.F.K. Fisher or Michael Pollan.

Which New York neighborhood leaves a lasting impression on you and why?

So many do. There's something about the width and angle of streets and the quality of light in TriBeCa that I love. There's a particular beauty to Brooklyn Heights that's so elegant and romantic: I feel like I can see Cher kicking that can down the street in that early-morning scene from "Moonstruck." I like the East Village's scruffy glee. The list goes on.

Last great book you read and where did you buy it - or enjoy it?

I am just finishing my friend Sarah Lyall's book "The Anglo Files: A Field Guide to the British." It's being published in a few months, so I didn't buy it ---- her editor was sweet enough to have a small party for her when she was in town recently (she lives in London) and to hand out galleys to her friends. It's very funny. The chapter on the way Brits talk about sex is classic.

Last time you bought something really outrageous (expensive or just plain weird) and where'd you find it?

I'm drawing a total blank, but there must be something. Huh. I fairly recently spent a sum I won't admit to on this green mesh ergonomic chair that's supposed to --- I don't know --- realign my spine or achieve world peace or something. But since it's stationed at my home computer and I work more at home than at the office, it's tax-deductible! Legitimately!

Last thing you would ever eat? (ie: hot dog from a street vendor, etc?)

Insects. They factor into some cuisines. I do not think they will factor into any of my meals.

Last meal you ate outside of New York where you said "I wish we had that"?

Three meals in recent months: O Ya in Boston; Ubuntu in Napa, Calif.; Cochon in New Orleans.

Last time you dreamed about food - or do you? - and what was it?
I almost never remember my dreams. I'm deprived that way.

Last experience that made you think: "God, I love New York"?

It was warm enough to take a run around the Central Park Reservoir the other day. During that run you get a 360-degree view of the city from the very center of it, over water and trees. I loved New York during every minute of that run. But then I love New York just walking to my local bakery, because you get to see and smile at and wonder at people in a way residents of car-centric cities don't.

For more Frank Bruni goodness check out his DinersJournal Blog.