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April 18, 2008

Yelp Philly Celebrates The Wine-iest Elite Event Ever

Posted by Carrie Estok

Lots of grapes sacrificed their lives in order for the fine folks of the Philadelphia Elite crew to get their wine on at the April event at Spasso Italian Grill. And oh, how the appetizers kept coming as well...crowd favorites included such delightful nibbles as potato croquettes, chicken skewers, tomato bruschetta and of course, the amazing mussels!

The intimate bar at this hidden gem was the perfect place to rub elbows (literally - Philly Elite peeps are multiplying like bunnies so there were a lot of us!) with friends both new and old. As usual, Dave H. was on camera duty and snapped some great shots of such yelpers as Nate F., Bill M., Sara C. & Alexandra S., among others. We got to meet some new folks like Adam C., Zanna H., Lauren P., Stephanie M., Tida A. and Heather LM., and we were blessed with the presence of Ligaya T., Boston's very own Community Manager (Philly loves ya, babe!).

Thanks again to the lovely folks at Spasso for their hospitality, and Octavio for the detailed info on the vino (many of the ladies of Yelp REALLY enjoyed your presence - and your accent). The votes were cast for the Yelpiest White and Reds, and the results are in: the Gaio and Puglia Negro Amaro/Primitivo win! There are tons of events for Elite and the entire community going on, so take note and join us as Yelp Philadelphia gets bigger and better with each passing month!

SYOY (see you on Yelp)!

Carrie E.
Yelp Philadelphia Community Manager 


Dave Hong

Spasso was outstanding, thanks for bringing the community together! Glad not too many folks weren't camera-shy...

Dave Hong

Oh yeah, don't forget that Ligaya took a good 30 photos or so with my camera when I needed a break! :D


Hooray for another successful Elite event in Philly! Ow ow ow!

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