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April 04, 2008

My Name Is Pearl Yelp Elite Party!

Another month, another fantastic Yelp Elite shindig! This time around, it was the retro and chic Pearl Hotel in Point Loma.

Dsc_0031_small Pearl_12_3 Dsc_0156_small Dsc_0100_small

The staff at Pearl were amazing! They made sure each Yelp Elite member had an exceptional, and REMARKABLE time.


Dsc_0131_small Dsc_0137_small Dsc_0047_small

With awesome music coming from DJ Chris De La Rose of Groove 24/7 and Pee Wee's Big Adventure streaming on their outdoor big screen, the vibe was just right for a Thursday night soiree.

Big ups to Gregory, Lauritz and Tom from Pearl Hotel for helping put together a seamless event. Thanks also to go photographer Benji P and the folks from Effin Vodka.

For more pictures of the big bash, click here!


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