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April 30, 2008

Boston Elite Neighborhood Night in JP!

Posted by Ligaya T


Yelpers left the city proper and set forth to Jamaica Plain, a super cool, diverse and liberal enclave with a host of fabulous eateries and boutiques for fine mingling and imbibing! One of its most fresh and finest, Salmagundi, invited elites for libations courtesy of UFO and Adina while delightful neighbor VeeVee and charming Cafe D down the block welcomed diners with complimentary treats.

There were happy newbies abound! Shaina G racked up fans by the minute, Brian G finagled a plus one from not one but two lovely gals, lucky duck. Nancy L also popped by for her first Elite event, a comfy Elite hoodie found a home with Erica S too, but the newest yelper of all was little Madigan, the most adorable wee one of Kendra S!

Giggles ensued as guests began playing dress-up with the hip hats and accessories. Brian M found a smashing fedora while Billie M donned a fierce silk wrap, Allix T and Trish F got jazzy in the dressing room and Yihwa H began a love affair with her feathered vintage inspired headband. Shout out to Tom E (and guest) and Morgan F for embracing the wacky shirt/shoes theme, hot stuff!

But most of all, thanks to Andria, Jessen and Casey, the folks at Salmagundi, Yumiko F and Jeffrey H for taking care of business, Kristen and Dan at VeeVee, and Doug at Cafe D for showing us what a spectacular neighborhood you've got!

A picture says a thousand words, right? See the photo wizardry, here. Read about the festivities, linked. And join us next time! Not elite yet? Well, get those fingers clicking and apply.

Till next time, folks...

Cheers & SYOY!
Ligaya T

Salma Salma2 Salma4


April 29, 2008

Yelp for Business Owners Opens Up

The launch of Yelp for Business Owners completes the positive feedback loop. Now local businesses can connect with their most vocal customers in a positive and productive way.

By logging on to http://biz.yelp.com, business owners can now:

  • See how many people are viewing their business page on Yelp.
  • Message customers who have reviewed their business.
  • Update business information instantly (i.e. hours of operations, categories)
  • Receive new review email alerts

On Yelp it's all about Real People, Real Reviews, and Real Business Owners.

Spring Fling at Second Story

It was a warm 85 degrees in Manhattan Beach this past Saturday and the AC was cranked up full blast at the Belamar Hotel in preparation for the LA Yelp Elite Squad who came dressed, pressed and ready to party for the first ever Yelp event held in the South Bay.The lovely ladies of Yelp arrived in their sassy sun dresses, with the boys hot on their heels (and sandals).

The brand new Second Story Restaurant's retro vibe provided an unique setting for this year's Spring Fling, complete with kitchy modern furnishings and flat screen TVs that played old episodes of the Brady Bunch and Charlie's Angels.

Flower_drink_7The wonderful folks over at Second Story Restaurant provided passed hors d'oeuvres, making sure that everyone had the opportunity to 'eat & drink' from their sustainable New American-style menu. Three super tasty Summer-inspired cocktails were served compliments of St. Germain, ultra premium elderflower liqueur.   Chris_shane
Post party action came in the form of a roller derby match as the Angel City Derby Girls Shore Shots crew battled the Bakersfield Rollergirls in their new home, the Toyota Sports Center. Yelp was on hand as an official sponsor, and to support our local derby girls.

The lovely and talented yelper, Amy K snapped the official event photos, and a team of yelper shutterbugs followed suit to capture the day's festivities on film: Christopher K, Felicia C, Joan S, Judy W, and Amy K. If you missed out on the fun, you can look forward to an equally awesome May Elite event, but in the meantime you can reminisce about fun times had by all and check out the Spring Fling party photos here!

A special thanks to Chris Carignan & Jenny Weston from Second Story Restaurant, for helping organize this incredible event! Also thanks to Chris & Shane, the rad DJ's over at Groove 24/7 online radio station for keeping the hot bodies shakin' with their signature brand of funky music.

Until next time, SYOY,

~ Aunny D

Your LA Yelp Community Manager
Ani_2Girls Lights  School_photoRed_shirt_2Crowd_2Group

April 23, 2008

Yelp Dishes with Kathy Casey

Posted by Michelle B

L_000540 Kathy Casey has been dishing about all things foodie since before the term foodie was a household word. Always up on the latest trends she’s moved her writing online to her blog, Dishing with Kathy Casey, and takes some time out to Yelp!

Click out The Weekly Yelp for the full interview.

The lucky Seattle Yelp Elite Squad attended a party where Kathy and the Dish D'lish crew served up a variety of appetizers and custom cocktails. All were yummy but a few standouts had people writing in and asking "How do I make a Douglas Fir Sparkle'tini?" and stating that they would "Kill for some more of those Parmesan Poppy Seed Cheese Puffs" and requesting we "Send the recipe for the Chipotle Deviled Eggs so no one gets hurt!" Lucky for us Kathy has shared the following recipes with Yelp!

Douglas Fir Sparkle'tini
Makes 1 cocktail

1 1/2 oz Douglas Fir Infused Gin (recipe follows)
1 1/2 oz Dish D'Lish® Lemon & Lime Sour Cocktailor™
3/4 oz white cranberry juice
1 oz brut champagne or dry sparkling wine
Garnish: tiny Douglas fir sprig and a fresh or frozen cranberry

Fill a cocktail shaker with ice. Measure the infused gin, Cocktailor mix and cranberry juice. Cap and shake vigorously. Strain into a martini glass. Top with champagne. Garnish with Douglas fir sprig and cranberry

Douglas Fir Infused Gin
1 bottle high quality gin
1 5-6" sprig rinsed Douglas fir branch
Place Douglas fir branch into gin and let sit 24 hours. Then remove branch and discard.

Chipotle Deviled Eggs
Makes 24 stuffed eggs

1 dozen large eggs
3 tablespoons regular or low-fat sour cream
3 tablespoons mayonnaise
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon Dijon mustard, optional
1 to 2 tablespoons chipotle chile purée*
1 teaspoon minced garlic
2 tablespoons very thinly sliced green onion

1/2 cup diced (1/4-inch) tomatoes
1 tablespoon minced white onion
2 tablespoons minced fresh cilantro
1 to 2 teaspoons chipotle chile purée*

Place eggs in a saucepan and cover with cool water to 1 inch above eggs. Bring to a boil over medium-high heat, then 10 minutes. After eggs have cooked for 10 minutes, remove from the heat and run cool water over them. When eggs are cool, carefully peel under running water.

Cut the eggs in half lengthwise and remove the yolks to a mixing bowl. Set the egg white halves on a platter, cover, and refrigerate.

Mash the yolks to a smooth consistency with a fork or potato masher. Mix in the sour cream, mayonnaise, salt, mustard, 1 to 2 tablespoons chipotle purée, and garlic until smooth. Stir in the green onions. Spoon the yolk mixture into a pastry bag fitted with a plain or large star tip and then squeeze (pipe) the mixture evenly into the egg white halves.

To make the topping: In a small bowl, mix together tomatoes, onion, cilantro, and chipotle purée. Top each egg half with 1 teaspoon of the tomato mixture.

*To make chipotle purée: Place 1 can of chipotle peppers in adobo sauce in blender and purée until smooth. Freeze any remaining purée for another use.

Parmesan Poppy Seed Cheese Puffs
Makes about 50 puffs

1/2 cup water
1/2 cup whole milk
6 tablespoons butter
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon minced garlic
1 cup flour
4 large eggs
3/4 cup plus 1 tablespoon grated high-quality Parmesan cheese
2 teaspoons poppy seeds

Place the water, milk, butter, salt, and garlic in a heavy, medium-sized saucepan. Bring to a boil over medium-high heat.

All at once, add the flour, stirring it in quickly with a wooden spoon. Keep stirring—the mixture will come away from the sides of the pan and become thick and stiff. Continue stirring and turning over for about 1 minute. (You want to dry the mixture out a bit.)

Transfer the mixture to a mixing bowl and, with a hand-held or standing mixer, beat on medium-high speed. Add 1 of the eggs.

As soon as the egg is partially incorporated, increase the mixer speed to high. Add the remaining eggs, ONE AT A TIME, when each previous egg is well incorporated. The mixture should be smooth.

Set the dough aside for 5 minutes, then stir in 3/4 cup of the Parmesan.

Let the dough cool completely, then cover and refrigerate it for 1 hour or up to 2 days before using.

Preheat oven to 400°F. Line baking sheets with parchment paper. You will need 2 or 3 baking sheets, or work in batches. (If you don’t have parchment, lightly spray baking sheets with nonstick vegetable spray and watch the bottoms of the cheese puffs closely to prevent overbrowning.) Drop the dough by heaping teaspoonsful—they should be the size of large marbles—onto the parchment.

Mix together the poppy seeds and remaining 1 tablespoon grated Parmesan. Sprinkle the top of each dough ball with a little of the mixture.

Bake on the upper rack of the oven for 22 to 25 minutes, or until puffs are golden. Serve warm.

You can make these a few hours in advance, keep at room temperature, then reheat in a hot oven for a few minutes.

Chef's Tips:

  • If you’re making lots of these puffs, you’ll want to invest in a tiny commercial #70 scoop, available at restaurant supply stores. When using it, dip the scoop in cool water each time so dough balls release easily.
  • If you're short of baking sheets, have more dough balls ready on sheets of parchment. When a batch of puffs is done, remove the baking sheet from the oven, pull off the parchment filled with cooked puffs, and quickly place a waiting parchment sheet of dough balls onto the baking sheet.


Now you have everything you need to throw a cocktail party!

Cheers! Michelle B

April 21, 2008

Austin Yelpers Party on the Patio!

What's better than a perfect day with a room full of the best yelpers going?  Not much, unless you sift in a little Sake2Me, a little Rain Vodka, one collaborative art project, some cool jazz by the Jon Blondell Trio (who boasted eleven Grammys between them) and festive times!  Austin Yelpers descended on the Nomad Bar, one of Austin's hip new neighborhood enclaves for a little of the best that North Central Austin has to offer. 

And what did we learn?  That combining Polaroids and Yelpers means you never have to wonder if something interesting is going down...because it always is.  That adding a few props to the stew only makes things spicier.  And that the times you spend with your favorite people are the times you want to remember first!

2428692329_cb152d18cf2429505580_fea70ced97 2428695171_c86c2871ec_22429505906_377f488bf22429509622_a78fcc5772

The Hot Men of Yelp San Francisco Strut Their Stuff

Posted by Nicole Grant

Last Thursday evening, San Francisco’s Yelp Elite all shacked up at Apartment 24 to watch the hot men of Yelp take on the runway. Threads from Distilled were the perfect compliment to the svelt bods of yelpers John B, Miguel V, Joshua L, Patrick M, Tim V, Jesse B, Michael S and our fierce Yelp co-founder, Jeremy S.
37                                               The evening was a blast as we got into bed with one of the city’s sexiest late-night DJs. "Bedroom Eyes" and "Pout" libations from Lotus Vodka and Adina, beers from Sapporo and the Smartwater bar got us up before we got down on the dance floor. Erik of Top Chef fame was there with tantalizingly tasty bites from Circa, and chocolates from Moonstruck disappeared faster than Britney Spear’s career. Check out hot/hawt/haute photos thanks to Carlos A.

Cheers and SYOY,

Nicole G
Yelp San Francisco Community Manager

  TimMiguel  Jeremy_2MichaelJoshua_2

April 20, 2008

Gavin Lets His Hair Down

Thursday, April 17th, Yelp Co-Founder Jeremy Stoppelman and I had the chance to visit City Hall and sit down with Mayor Gavin Newsom. Here's the full conversation that went down behind closed doors…


Jeremy Stoppelman: Happy almost Earth Day! We heard a rumor that you were called the greenest politician in the world.

Mayor Gavin Newsom: Yeah, there's something to that! We’ve made a real commitment to get San Francisco to the next leveGavinl in terms of environmental sustainability and stewardship, to make this the world’s first "true 21st century city.” It’s about shared values, the idea is that we take it to the next level on green buildings, for solar and geothermal, in terms of recycling, and alternative vehicles and fuel. Urban wind generation. And this is just the beginning. You just wait. We were the first city to green our taxi fleet. We’ll have by the end of next year 100% of our entire taxi fleet on alternative fuel vehicles. We… I can honestly bore you with details [laughter] and I really would because it’s, it’s literally hundreds of small things that in the aggregate make up the whole story. And we’re not even close to what we’re capable of doing. So, our critics are still out there saying you can do more and I agree with them. And we will. 

Nish Nadaraja: These are all fantastic.

Gavin: Sorry about… however you edit them…


Nish: No, these are all fantastic. I’ll say, my wife, for one, will be very excited. She’s very active in and aware of the larger scale of social programs co-mingled with individual civic duty. But Yelp, as you know is about local business and services. So can you talk about what has impressed you from the private sector? Any green and eco-friendly businesses that you’ve been particularly impressed with?

Gavin: A couple of years ago, we created a green business counsel. You’ve got Waldeck’s, the whole store! You’ve got Cole Hardware. Just a really impressive list. We actually got Urban Solutions to help us because we have so many businesses that are applying. We’re really organized around the fact that we’re not gonna solve the problem of global climate change through municipal action alone. It’s gonna have to be the private sector.

Nish: Yeah. The great thing about letting the private sector get involved is it makes it easy for people to not really have to try to do the right thing.

Gavin: Yeah.

Nish: That’s the nice thing about it.

Gavin: Even getting restaurants to do the right thing. I mean just to give you another example of how we’ve connected with the business community. We have a grease recycle program where we pick-up the grease from restauraMunints and we convert it to bio-diesel for our MUNI buses and municipal fleet. Doesn’t cost the restaurants anything. And water bottles. We’re working with business communities. We just did a big press conference at the Ferry Building with restaurants and we’re trying now to create tax incentives for restaurants to get rid of water bottles. So they don’t even sell them. The fact is a billion water bottles a year are thrown into the waste stream in California alone. Water bottles take energy to produce, take energy to ship, take energy to dispose of. The reality is, that the vast majority of water consumption in water bottles is tap water. Dasani, Aquafina, tap water. It’s tap water sold by Coca-Cola and Pepsi. I’ll say it, they’ll hate me, but God bless, [laughing in background] they’re wrong! And they’re charging ten thousand, literally, ten thousand times more in some cases than if you turned on your tap. Why anyone would be so foolish to get tap water from Coca-Cola from New York State and call themselves an environmentalist that is wise about their investment and use of money is beyond me.

Jeremy: This is interesting when it comes to our city. So there’s the new California Academy of Sciences, Mint Plaza, some really cool projects out there…

Gavin: The Academy of Sciences is just beyond extraordinary. Someone best described it as, and it’s absolutely the best way to describe it, as “lifting Golden Gate Park up, and placing a building underneath and putting the park down back on top of the building.” But as exciting as that is, Treasure Island will be huge. This is exciting! 6,000 housing units: the greenest residential and commercial land reuse development of its kind, ever, in America. Three hundred acres of open space and parks, high-density smart development and hopefully, it was gonna start next year, I just got word that it will probably be early 2010, that we’ll actually start construction.

Nish: Sounds immense. Now it’s time for some brass tacks!

Gavin: Bring it on!

Nish: Yelpers are gonna really wanna know this stuff. That…

Gavin: Boxers!  Oh sorry.


Nish: The signature Gavin look. And by the signature Gavin look, we’re talking ties, suits, and that...

Gavin: Oh, man. That’s pathetic…

Nish: Hair…

Gavin: Hey, look I’m not wearing a blue tie today which is a very…

Nish: Shock.

Jeremy: You knew we were coming with the big questions.

Gavin: I knew you were coming. I wanted to show that I’m more hip than the 3½ stars makes me appear.


Gavin: Okay, well… um, it’s hair gel not mousse. Boxers not briefs. Um, just for the record. I’m not proud of the hair. I’ll be the first to acknowledge that it’s wrong.


Gavin: It’s an addiction. It gets worse with time not less. The days where I had a little dollop of gel arGavin_hair_1_2e gone. I'm using quarter of a bottle at a time and I’m not proud of it. And I know that I need help! And I know I need to… this is a multi-step, multi-strategy… now let me just tell you what happened. 2 years ago, I went cold turkey. It was a big mistake and it was just floppy. I couldn’t do it. I tried, I was ridiculed, I was criticized, I was condemned, and some people thought I was going through some mid-life crisis thing. I didn’t look serious, people thought I lost it, so… I’m back. Right now I’m getting this $62 dollar haircut which is not cheap.

Jeremy: Who’s your hair therapist these days?

Gavin: It’s a guy named Edgardo. He wears Versace, he’s fantastic! He really is. I’ve been going to him for years. He’s watched my hair recede and he reminds me that all the time. He’s a very mean spirited person.

Jeremy: He’s at Kamalaspa, right?

Gavin: Yeah, yeah. He’s a great guy.

Nish: How about the suit and tie? Come on…

Gavin: Oh, man. First of all, avoid it. Run from it. I’ll tell ya, I’ve been wearing, I swear to God, people don’t believe this, Banana Republic does some great ties. They’re inexpensive and they’re fantastic. I wore one yesterday. This one’s not. This one’s, uh, Luciano Barbera. But, you ever want to get me a gift it’s a Bulgari tie. Beautiful. They’re amazing. They’re outrageously expensive. But that’s when I’m really feeling good.

Nish: So are you a Wilkes Bashord man or no?

Gavin: For the shoes, I’ll get them at Wilkes. Ones I’m wearing are Wilkes. But I… Willie Brown is above my pay grade [laughter]. I don’t know what other income he had comin’ in but I’m not there [laughter]. 

Jeremy: He has a whole chapter in his book about it…

Gavin: I know, I know. I can afford the shoes there but that’s about it. Now don’t get me wrong I’ve got one suit that I had and it’s lasted forever. I got it for a special occasion eight years ago and it’s still perfect. And that has still held up and that is an argument for Wilkes. But not everyone can afford a $4600, I think, I swear to God $4000 bucks.

Nish: Yeah, yeah.

Gavin: $4600 [pause] for a suit!

Nish: That’s actually how the wife and I accounted for our stroller for our new son, so, yeah.

Gavin: And that’s what I do to justify the shoes I get there.

Nish: How about something that everyone can afford? A cup of coffee?

Gavin: The best is Philz in the Mission. Just the best! I mean he’s one of the great people I know. Phil himself does the coffee. Peet’s is great. But you get to a whole ‘nother level at Philz. He’s got a couple of them now.

Nish: How do you take your coffee?

Gavin: Black. No sugar. No cream. No half n’ half. Just black. That’s right.

Nish: You got my vote.


Gavin: I have too many of them. Trust me. I… this is my second already [it’s 10am]. The secret? Half decaf, half regular.

Nish: Works for me.

Gavin: And it’s imperceptible. And allows you to drink twice as much.

Nish: But you maintain a certain image.

Gavin: Yeah, that’s it. You know, you wanna be a hard-working, coffee-drinking, gelled hair kind of guy.

Nish: So… how about if you wanna get away from it all. From the city distractions. A quiet place, your fortress of solitude?

Gavin: I haven’t been lately but there’s no greater place than Crissy Field. I’m telling ya, I… I try to jog down there as often as I can. I go up actually around the Presidio down to the Bridge and back. You go up parGavin_coffeets of the Presidio and no one’s there. You’re running up these trails in the middle of the forest and you're living in an urban environment and all of sudden you’re lost. And there’s never a day where I’m not mesmerized when I get to the bridge and you hear those horns; you see the boats going out and the tourists that are there and the dogs that are running. There’s this energy and a vibrancy. At the same time there’s a sense of solitude. It is about as beautiful an area as anywhere in the world. Where you can mix an urban construct with this, this… attribute of serenity that only Mother Nature can provide. And it all collides right there. And it’s a symbol of, it’s the gateway… I’ll tell ya another place I just love is the Ferry Building on a Saturday during the Farmers Market. It’s San Francisco. You just know what’s up! You feel good, you get a sense of pride for being a San Franciscan.

Nish: You already answered boxers or briefs. How about BART or MUNI?

Gavin: MUNI. No question. If I said BART, I’m finished!


Gavin: That, that’s a whole town that I would have to answer to. I know people say, “I know that Mayor he drives around in that town car.” I actually take MUNI. I very consistently take it, and I’m very committed to trying to get it back on track. We’re seeing some improvement. It’s not even close to where it needs to be. So those people out there that are wondering, you know, does this guy take it? Does he understand how frustrating it is to take it? Yes, and yes.

Jeremy: I know you’ve started a bunch of successful businesses. Congratulations on that. Do you have any advice for the would-be, local entrepreneur?

Gavin: Yes! Fail, forward, fast. The secret of success is increasing the number of tries and learning from your mistakes, but nGavin_bikeever fearing to make them. Unless you love it, you’re just not going to be that be successful at it. But if you love it, and you’re willing to try new things, you fail and learn from those mistakes and you do it with integrity, purposefulness and you’re always seeking first to understand as opposed to being understood, meaning you’re always learning and constantly improving, anything is possible.

Jeremy: So on Wikipedia it talks about some program you had, I think when you were running one of your businesses where you were paying people $50 bucks…

Gavin: Oh! Is that on Wikipedia?

Jeremy: Yeah. Is that true?

Gavin: Yeah, I’m really proud of my good friend Chip Conley for putting that in one of his books as sort of a best practice. We have a Failure Award for business and we actually award failures and successes equally. So we actually, we had this employee of the month and we had the failure award and it was equal status. So the person who screws up the most received as much money as the person who had succeeded the most.

Nish: How are we doing on time?

Gavin: We probably have 10 more minutes. 5, 10 more minutes.

Nish: Great. Any favorite places for taking someone special, or maybe a group?

Gavin: A group? That’s easy. I was at Bimbo’s last night, and Robin Williams was testing out some new material. Couldn’t have been better. It’s a great joint! It’s evocative of a period that’s gone but it’s still here with us. It’s like going to Tosca. There’s character. Those are the kinda places where you wanna connect people to the city’s past.

Nish: Now, you don’t always get associated -- at least from a Yelp standpoint -- with the Mission District.

Gavin: No! But, I’m down there a lot!

Nish: What’s up with that?


Gavin: I know it! No love! But I love Philz.

Nish: Any burrito that you might…

Gavin: You know, everyone’s got their own opinions on their burrito places. And you know what…

Nish: It’s a dangerous one.

Gavin: It is! I’m not willing to put myself on the line [laughter]. Good people would disagree and let them, but I'm not gonna go out on the line with the burrito. I’m easy. I’m not one of those fancy slow food people. I just, you know, it’s got melted cheese and fills me up, I’m ready to devour it.

Nish: Here’s a sort of Doomsday scenario, but your last meal in San Francisco.Gavin_garden

Gavin: Oooh! [pause] Well, it’s sort of a pretentious one, but hell it’s the last meal, I mean, who cares I won’t be around to answer to it. I would get Alice Waters to prepare it. And, and I’d have her get me all the organic ingredients from around region, all our local farms, and I’d have her prepare a six-course meal. That’s what I would do for my last meal.

Nish: Sold.

Gavin: And, I’ll tell ya, a bottle of ’47 Cheval Blanc. I stopped drinking, but forget that, it’s my last meal. I want ’47, don’t mess with me, ’46 or ’48… ’47 Cheval Blanc. Now you’re talking man. That’s a good way to go. That’s about the best way to go out.

Jeremy: Nice. On another topic, we have the Presidential election. How do you feel about that Nader-Gonzalez ticket?

Gavin: Oh, right! Yeah, my pick [laughter]. Well, I feel like I should’ve lost for mayor, then I could be Vice President of the United States. I mean I’m stuck here dealing with the Board of Supervisors. Doesn’t seem right.

Jeremy: Seriously though. Hilary or Obama and we’ve got McCain. Where do you come out on this?

Gavin: I’m a Democrat. Proud Democrat! Dark blue Democrat. And, I think they’re both extremely exceptional… today I’m wearing a purple tie which goes to my bi-partisanship.

Jeremy: December 5th, 2007 was Yelp Day according to Mayor Gavin Newsom. You remember your proclamation…

Gavin: I want to thank the good people of San…


Gavin: …for giving me the opportunity…

Jeremy: How are we feeling for December 5th, 2008?

Gavin: December 5th, 2008…

Jeremy: Could that be an annual Yelp Day? The people want to know.

Gavin: Yelp Day two… [background chatter and laughing] after this torch thing, we’re done with any acts of anything. Unless people all agree to hold hands and we all say, “I love that I disagree with you!” and “I love that you have a strong difference of opinion!” Let’s sing. That’s what I want. Let’s all sing. We the people. So I think that December 5th, 2008 should be appropriately known. Let it be known!


Nish: So, I think we’re done to our last question, but it’s a two-parter. And… I’ll let you decide which one, in the spirit of democracy, you want to answer.

Gavin: We are a democratic city.

Nish: If you were doing the interview, what would be the question we should’ve asked you? And the other question: Any last parting words for your San Francisco yelpers, citizens in general?

Gavin: For me, the greatness of the city is creating conditions where people can live their lives out loud to become fully expressive, to be their truest self. True authenticity. That’s the greatness of our city.

Nish: Super. Thank you for your time!

Gavin: You gotta love Yelp.


April 18, 2008

Yelp Atlanta Gets Creative at Sketchy's Art Pad!

Posted by Deanna Jue

Cool cats and hip chicks were only allowed into the Yelpers Art Pad event for Yelp Atlanta's Elite party on April 16, 2008! We were hosted by the lovely Mommy-O & Daddy-O at hidden spot Sketchy's Art Pad. The retro, funky vibe is a space for all things creative - art classes for kids and adults, special events and private party rentals. We daresay that 'cool' met 'cool' as the Elite Squad descended on this spot off Atlanta Road!

Both owners and Sketchy's hostess with the mostess Carole worked the crowded and inspired us all with their tales about their business and especially the creative concept behind Sketchy's. They focus on pulling creativity even out of the most reluctant, and enjoy finding the wonder unexpected places - like the trash! Art projects focus on using recycled materials - and just such a project was waiting for us! Daddy-O gave a demo of how he turned some plastic bottles and coat hangers into works of art, and the Elite Squad had the chance to do the same.

While nibbling on a gourmet cheese and charcuterie selection from nearby Muss & Turner's, yelpers dove into the project, bending wire, cutting bottles and colorizing to their heart's content.

Picture_15 Many a yelper turned up the creativity notch with their own stylish spin - seriously, check out Lauren S in her vintage-y cool necklace (which she luckily found among all her moving boxes!). New Elite member Peter Y was of the last to leave, and both Leslie E and Rhonda M were lucky enough to come in on the arms of Joel C!

Deanna S & Aanal P's crew arrived fashionably, and we saw newly engaged Alexa G! Brittany S and  Elizabeth S were back on the scene, too! Jane S arrived minus one Bill S, but it was her time to shine when it came to getting creative! And Gretchen O enjoyed the chance to kick it with fellow yelpers in a different environment.

Picture_14 Dio S loved the Tiger Beer so much, he was drinking two at a time! Oh, and did we mention the beer was chillin' on ice in the tub-turned-cooler? If only our pads had as much style as Sketchy's!

Super yelpy thanks to Sketchy's Art Pad, Tiger Beer & Muss and Turner's for hosting the Atlanta Elite Squad!

~ Until next time, much yelpy love from Deanna J!

Picture_12Picture_13 Picture_11

Yelp Philly Celebrates The Wine-iest Elite Event Ever

Posted by Carrie Estok

Lots of grapes sacrificed their lives in order for the fine folks of the Philadelphia Elite crew to get their wine on at the April event at Spasso Italian Grill. And oh, how the appetizers kept coming as well...crowd favorites included such delightful nibbles as potato croquettes, chicken skewers, tomato bruschetta and of course, the amazing mussels!

The intimate bar at this hidden gem was the perfect place to rub elbows (literally - Philly Elite peeps are multiplying like bunnies so there were a lot of us!) with friends both new and old. As usual, Dave H. was on camera duty and snapped some great shots of such yelpers as Nate F., Bill M., Sara C. & Alexandra S., among others. We got to meet some new folks like Adam C., Zanna H., Lauren P., Stephanie M., Tida A. and Heather LM., and we were blessed with the presence of Ligaya T., Boston's very own Community Manager (Philly loves ya, babe!).

Thanks again to the lovely folks at Spasso for their hospitality, and Octavio for the detailed info on the vino (many of the ladies of Yelp REALLY enjoyed your presence - and your accent). The votes were cast for the Yelpiest White and Reds, and the results are in: the Gaio and Puglia Negro Amaro/Primitivo win! There are tons of events for Elite and the entire community going on, so take note and join us as Yelp Philadelphia gets bigger and better with each passing month!

SYOY (see you on Yelp)!

Carrie E.
Yelp Philadelphia Community Manager 

April 15, 2008

LA Yelp: Shaken & Stirred!

Blog_image_2 It was a night filled with adult beverages, delicious food and awesome company as some of the LA Yelp Elite Squad gathered to sip, mix and muddle their own cocktails at the first LA Yelp Elite event of the month hosted at the very charming, 3 on Fourth restaurant on Wednesday, April 9.

The interesting menu of flavor combinations were hand crafted for this private event by award-winning Mixologist, Frank Oley. Frank ("Frankie Bartender Extraordinare") flexed his mixology prowess by giving our group of 50 yelpers a private demonstration on how to create these gorgeous drinks own their own.Blog_image1_3

During this mixology course he gave a little history lesson behind some of the premium ingredients in his signature cocktails, which included the Strawberry Mojito, a crowd favorite, the Vero Beach Daiquiri, the Pomegranate Lemon Drop, and a lovely dessert drink to end the night, the Eida's Delight.

Blog_image_4This intimate event was hosted at Chef Daniel Snukal's lovely restaurant, 3 on Fourth in Santa Monica. Each cocktail course was paired with a signature dish that Chef Snukal's created especially for the evening's festivities. 

A very special thanks goes out to Amy K for taking some awesome shots of the shenanigans. And thank you to LA Yelp's new intern, Sherry R, for helping out. To view more pictures from the Mixology event click here!


~ Aunny D in the place to be



ServerAlcohol Blog_image_3

April 14, 2008

Yelp Prom rocks Chicago!

Oh, the nostalgia!

Chicago yelpers flocked to The Spot on Saturday, April 12th for an enchanted evening of Yelp Prom festivities. A luxe spread of food courtesy of The Spot, desserts from Sweet Collective, a steady stream of dance beats from resident Yelp DJ Nikki C of Fliptopian World Music and of course, spiked punch with Divine Vodka, all worked to create some rockin' Prom memories (sans high school angst)!

Congrats to Chicago's very own royalty: Queen Carol K and King Rob L! It was a very tight race. Yelpers cut the rug, smokin' the dance floor for hours on end. Did you catch Patrick W's mad dance moves or Nicole B and her plus one gettin' jiggy with it? How about Jenn H shakin' her groove thang up on the bar downstairs!?

Hats off to Michael W for sportin' a retro powder blue tux and perfectly coiffed shag wig, Lisa B's beauteous coral/lace ensemble straight outta the 80's and Megan G's show stopping heels with flashing lights! The outfits were out of this world. Chicago Yelpers sure clean up nice! Click here for a sneak peek of the portraits and random Prom moments by Dan Gin.

A huge round of applause for the staff of The Spot for taking Prom up a notch. Those folks gotta be in theater or something, all dressed as "chaperones!" Principal Dunlevy and Coach Brian took the cake...serving up booze AND detentions all night long! Mad props to Divine Vodka for providing the cheer and Sweet Collective for sweetening things up. Several fine ladies from the Windy City Rollers raffled off four VIP tickets to Stephanie H, who will be sitting court side at the 4/19 bout! Lori L snagged a $45 gift certificate from Sweet Collective (oh, the red velvet cake!) and Kristin C will be making a return trip to The Spot to widdle away her $100 prize!

Yelp Prom 2008: Showin' up High School memories all night long!

Colleen C & Andrea W


April 13, 2008

It's Easy Being Green at Portland's Elite Event!

Posted by Laura Nestler

On a dark and stormy Friday night, the Portland Elite Squad turned out in full force (along with a few of our favorite Seattle yelpers) to party it up at the Green Papaya Bistro! Instantly enamored with the gorgeous venue, yelpers were greeted with delicious appetizers, stiff drinks, and entrancing beats by famed DJ RNA....(who looks an awful lot like Don B...)2391210872_ab16f458c8

Not only was bartender Jeff a ferocious acrobat, but a proven master mixologist as well, indulging yelpers with delicious concoctions such as lychee and lavender martinis, vanilla thai tea, sinful saigon coffee, and of course, the infamous Sex on Yelp's Face. You'll have to guess which one that is from the photos below.

L_2fd04b5c3f27d1d1ec2899223513224_2 By the end of the evening; new, old, and visiting yelpers were gettin' down on the dance floor - decked out in their new elite hoodies, no less! Even our amazing Yelp historian Andrew C turned the camera to auto-focus to shake what his mama gave him, alongside Elizabeth E, Alec B, Lorri E, and Kyle F.

A GIANT thank you to the hard-working, generous, and lovely staff at Green Papaya Bistro - you truly made the evening magic. GPB is definitely the new hot spot on the tracks with such a killer happy hour! DJ RNA and +1: you two are so awesome it hurts. Andrew C, the humble and ever-so-talented photographer, thanks for making us all look ever beautiful and fabulous. And finally, all the behind the scenes yelper-helpers, you are all loved and appreciated.

Get the rundown on everything from Hoodies to Sex on Yelp's Face (or tell us what you thought) HERE.

Or just browse the photos HERE.

Cheers & S.Y.O.Y.,
Laura N

P.S. Feel like you missed out? Join us next time!

Friday Night in Phoenix - Food, Funk, Fun, & More!

Friday night's Official Elite Event was fabulous! Lyte Lounge & Bistro took care of Phoenix yelpers and guests with everything from SKYY vodka drinks, select appetizers, great live Jazz Music by the Groovetribe Players & DJ Jas, belly dancers, wii bowling, and more!

It was great seeing old friends as well as first time face-to-face encounters with yelpers including Amy D, Dave B, Alicia B, and more! The party continued at Crown Room nextdoor thanks to Kristin S as well!

Many thank yous to the wonderful, kind, and smiling staff at Lyte Lounge - you all made the evening so enjoyable and fun! Thank you also to Jared M and Jillana S for helping out and making the event run smoothly!

Img_1130 Img_1145 Img_1186



Check out more of the fun captured on film here and get ready for the next one coming soon!

In the meantime, Cheers and SYOY!
-Gabi K.

April 10, 2008

Yelp's Real Models Rock the Runway!

Posted by Connie Chang

2386983325_fe1aa246251 Last Thursday evening, Silicon Valley Elite members flocked to Downtown Los Altos to be a part of Yelp's Real Models Fashion Show at 151 Boutique, owned by fashionista and fellow yelper Amanda S! Judging from all the photos taken by Yelp Elite Carlos A, it was a fabulous evening full of fashion and fun! Guests were able to indulge in the sweet treats from Sibby's Cupcakery and Donut du Jour, and cool down from an overload of hotness with refreshing cocktails from Adina For Life and Lotus Vodka!

For yelpers, by yelpers
this event could not have happened without Yelp's beautiful models Nicole Rynee B, Christina C, Jackie C, Jaime L, Libby L, Lily R, Irene S and Tiffany T! Special thanks to Bobby U and Tina A of Vain A Salon who did an amazing job styling all of the models' hair, and makeup artists Aimee Lam and Danyelle Brothers who made them look extra glam. It was so fun seeing the girls rock the runway to yelper AJ's beats!

Guests went home with adorable 151 Boutique goodie tote bags filled with yelpalicious swag, Adina organic coffee drinks, special deals from Pinkies, Destino Spa and 151 Boutique!


April 04, 2008

My Name Is Pearl Yelp Elite Party!

Another month, another fantastic Yelp Elite shindig! This time around, it was the retro and chic Pearl Hotel in Point Loma.

Dsc_0031_small Pearl_12_3 Dsc_0156_small Dsc_0100_small

The staff at Pearl were amazing! They made sure each Yelp Elite member had an exceptional, and REMARKABLE time.


Dsc_0131_small Dsc_0137_small Dsc_0047_small

With awesome music coming from DJ Chris De La Rose of Groove 24/7 and Pee Wee's Big Adventure streaming on their outdoor big screen, the vibe was just right for a Thursday night soiree.

Big ups to Gregory, Lauritz and Tom from Pearl Hotel for helping put together a seamless event. Thanks also to go photographer Benji P and the folks from Effin Vodka.

For more pictures of the big bash, click here!