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March 31, 2008

A Fool and His Yelps Are Soon Parted


Starting April 1, 2008, Yelp is proud to announce that every time you “yelp,” an angel gets its wings. Oh, we’re also in talks to purchase the Brooklyn Bridge.

To paraphrase old Samuel Clemens, today is the day upon which we are reminded of what we are on the other three-hundred and sixty four.



Want the best coffee in DC? Try, no, drink The Big Bear Coffee Shop's tasty treats in Bloomingdale.

Dave Hong

I still can't stop laughing! There's a big "WTF" on top of my head...


Is this some kind of joke? An attempt at subtle irony? WTF indeed!

Jacqui B.

Nice one, Yelp! I sure was fooled.


Giovannis located at 760 S. Coast Hwy 101 in Encinitas is the best place for homestyle Italian food. Baked Rigatoni with sun-dried tomatoes, fresh mushrooms, spinach, pesto sauce, chicken (optional) and mozzarella cheese baked to perfection is to die for.

trina b

Oh my! I was very much confused with all of the "local" suggestions! I was fooled!Good job yelp team! Very fun!

Teej T.



Jeeezus let me get that fish hook out of my mouth. I was aghast, appalled, outraged. And it's not even 10am. Clearly time for more coffee. Nice one Yelps. :)

Ed Roseboom

hee hee! Too bad you guys missed the best french fried curly potatoes at Jack in the Box.


hilarious. buca di beppo. i almost choked. nicely done!!

Chelsea S.

That was awesome. I was reeling! True locals call the place "Mikey D's".

Anthony Sbarro

Although, I would have to admit it was one of the best April Fool's jokes pulled on me, that was downright evil.

R. McDonald

How could you possibly leave out the best wholesome American food around?


Oh, I completely forgot what today was, very nice. I was soo disturbed I usually don't respond and had some really good (bad) words come to mind.

Roger P.

Starbucks? Wendy's? Dairy Queen? WTF?! Yah let's get the word out about these small local businesses! C'mon!

Roger P.

Starbucks? Wendy's? Dairy Queen? WTF?! Yah let's get the word out about these small local businesses! C'mon!

Phoenix has some great small/local eateries that people really should check out....this is nonsense!!!

Roger P.

I'm an APRIL FOOL!!!!

I got riled!


Hardy har har. Funny newsletter. But seriously, there are some spots in SF that, while certainly not local gems, are great hang-outs in their own right. Don't hang me for this, but I have a thing for The Cheesecake Factory. It's way too crowded, yes, but it's also perched high above Union Sq with fantastic views, as well as a tasty menu with a terrific bar. Great decor as well and a nice roof-top deck. Best enjoyed for a glass of wine and taking in the views, or appetizers at the bar.

Alex M

I almost left a nasty comment forgetting it was April Fool's Day. Got me!


well done!

Huy Nguyen

What kind of nonsense is this? Everything you named here is a chain operation. Get your S#*T straight before you send out a mass emailing to Yelpers. This is insulting at best. Did these companies pay you to post them?

Oh wait... it's April Fools Day. DUH. I was about to launch into a tirade. HAHA! You got me with my mouth open.


I think this April Fool's joke only works on the most extreme food-snobs.

John F

I agree with the above poster. Honestly people, do you think your opinions are that important?

Tori B

April fools day or not, it's still not right to call it "Frisco". Yelp writes: "What's a rose by any other name?
Yelpsters discuss a Frisco Institution"
*with barf reflex*
it's just nasty.


Thank God you were just kidding. Frisco doesn't exist. Neither does nopa for that matter.

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