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February 01, 2008

Science IS Indeed Cool - Boston Yelp Bash '08!

Posted by Ligaya T

Proteins Last night over 600 yelpers and guests poured into the MIT Museum, exploring and toasting to the shiny, wondrous world of sci/tech. We're talking the works - robotics, lego DNA, human sized proteins (left) and a brilliant hologram collection! With mesmerizing visual performances and experimental sounds by local artists Sosolimited, MosFet, Soul Clap and Mistaker setting a unique tone to the evening, the fete was nothing short of awesome.

It was a proper initiation for many; museum enthusiast Bridget M made her Elite debut, Greg F worked the crowd and Kathy S' appearance had folks spewing superlatives. Lovely Lys W, Nate Y and other illustrious Elites showed the n00bs how we do. And with a fine Harpoon UFO, Bushmills and/or Honest Tea in hand, we did just beautifully. Museum_4

Infinite gratitude to the crew behind the event: Jeffrey H, Sam P of NYC, Carrie E from Philly, Yumiko F and the whole Museum and catering staff, APPLAUSE!

See the abundance of festive yelpers as captured by David Day of The Weekly Dig and NickyDigital.com here! And peek at shots from our shutterbugs Shannon B, Beth E, Maria V and birthday girl Trish F. Be sure to send her and Ben L some special bday cheer!

Did I mention Boston's the bomb?


Museum3_2Museum5_2 Museum4_5


Tom Eeeeeeeeeee

Did we mention that Ligaya is the bomb?

Jeffrey H



Thanks for putting on such a fun event - and it was great to meet you, Ligaya!

Maria V

Such great times! Yelp events keep getting better and better.

Jenna C

Thank you Ligaya!

Do you see how much fun I'm having in that picture?!
It pretty much sums up the whole night!


amazing night - great event. Boston Yelp is truly fabulous - in no small part due to our fearless leader Ms. Ligaya!

trish the dish

Awesome party! If this were some surreal cartoony sitcom, all the random paintings (and fish) in the place would have their hair standing straight up after the Yelpers left the museum.

I don't think I've had that many people sing me happy birthday in awhile (slash ever).

Ligaya and the Yelp crew (Jeffrey, Sam, Carrie, etc) were amazing. Talk about great at what they do.. these guys went above and beyond! ;)

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