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February 29, 2008

Ain't No Party Like a Yelp Party – Chicago Style!

The Yelp Elite Squad ushered out a frosty Chicago February on 2/27/08 at swanky Sura Thai Bistro, a budding Lakeview favorite. A funky mod interior served as the backdrop while over 120 yelpers downed crisp cucumber martinis and fabulous Thai fusion finger food, compliments of the fabulous hosts at Sura.

After a few of potent cuketinis, yelpers bobbed, swayed…and ahem...shook their fine selves to the beats of the "Master Blaster" himself, DJ Nikki C of Fliptopian World Music. Fine yelper Lisa B even performed an impromptu (albeit PG-13) pole dance as Rocky B , Brandie T and other yelpers cheered her on! Check out the reviews and chatter about this bash for more on the inside shenanigans at Sura…

Eggshell-pod chairs near the bar proved to be irresistible… I mean, chairs hanging from the ceiling? Brilliant! But near the bar? Far surpasses genius. Major props to the skillful, charming bartenders who kept the drinks flowin' for the crowd of thirsty yelpers.

Also, many thanks to The Bar Method and Chemically Imbalanced Comedy, newly opened Lakeview businesses, for providing the stellar raffle prizes. The lovely Dallas H took home a 5-class package from The Bar Method, and a Liz K's lucky "plus one," Andrew, scored $25 worth of tix to check out a Chemically Imbalanced show. (He better take her with,  eh?) Thanks for keepin' it local, sponsors!

Oh, and the icing on the cake…elite hoodies! Enjoy and hope they keep y'all warm. More events on the way…stay tuned! 

To view pictures of the crazy cucumber martini fueled madness click here.


 Andrea W & Colleen C






Boston's Sommelier Smackdown

Posted by Ligaya T

Gordons4 Gordons5

The countdown was ON last night when sommeliers Erin O'Shea of Eastern Standard and Alex DeWinter of Grill 23 descended upon the abundant supply of spirits at Gordon's competing to best pair in four minutes the  of four-course meal prepared on-site by brilliant chefs Louis DiBiccari and Ian Grossman of Sel de la Terre. Lucky Yelp Elites convened in the gorgeous new culinary center waiting in eager anticipation for the sommeliers' selections as they watched the dynamic kitchen duo whip up delights such as scallops with parsnip puree, short ribs with ricotta gnocchi, fromage frais panna cotta and passion fruit dark chocolate truffles!

Yelpers Debra R, Kara S, Mary R and Jeff D joined Elite event vets Tarah H, Damien S and Maria V and others in choruses of ooohs and ahhhs as the evening of dining progressed. The match was fierce and unpredictable; in the third round audacious Alex even busted out a Duvel belgian ale instead of a traditional dessert wine (full list here). But in the end Erin O'Shea was crowned winner of the first round of the 2008 Sommelier Smackdown! Who knows what will happen next week though when she faces Michael Meagher of Sel de la Terre...

Many thanks to Lindsay Cohen from Gordon's, the mastermind behind this amazing event, and of course the awesome staff that hosted us so kindly!

Read reviews or the evening or add your own! Looking at these shots by Jeffrey H, don't you just wish you were there? ;) More events to come (just click)!

Cheers & SYOY,
Ligaya T

Gordons Gordons2 Gordons3

February 28, 2008

Rock Out With Your Yelp Out - Boston Style!

Posted by Ligaya T

Yelpers braved a wicked deluge of rain and bounded to the Paradise for a battle of the bands presented by OurStage.com! Folks ascended to the mezzanine to begin the debauchery where a complimentary open bar and Pita Pit delights awaited fueling many a Guitar Hero III duel. Deb K, C.L. and others tore it UP. Lauren B rocked out in front of a crowd of hundreds for the first time under the careful tutelage of Kabir H!

On stage entertainment began with an exclusive acoustic performance crooning songbird Emily Elbert whose powerful sound enraptured all, especially Yelp newbie Melanie H. Then Sam R-P, Ameranouche and the Brian Bergeron and Zach Hillyard Bands took the stage to win over the crowd. In the end victory was had by the Zach Hillyard boys who took home the grand prize of $5,000!

Huge shout outs and many thanks to the whole OurStage crew for including us in such an awesome gathering!

Spot your fellow yelper in these shots by Allison S and Jeffrey H and read what all the fuss was about!

If you didn't make it out this time we have different adventures every month, so if you want to stay in the loop, step right up!

Ligaya T

Rckout3 Rckout2_2 Rckout4 Rckout5

February 26, 2008

Yelp Atlanta Knows How to Party Like It's Monday!

Posted by Deanna Jue

My oh my. Yelp Atlanta can party.

And on a Monday night, no less! Taking "Party Like It's Monday!" quite seriously, yelpers took over MarloBlog1_2w's Tavern - Midtown with full force.

The Elite Squad was able to get their party on early and were warmed up and ready welcome everyone. Yelp virBlog2gins and old skool alike swarmed the party, and it was a chance to meet an amazing group of people! Shouts of "OMG, I loved your review!" to insta-hugging between first time yelper meetings were everywhere. Too many new faces to name, including - Lori S, Duane M, Valentina V, Katie S, Joel C, Leslie W . . . and many, many more!

Live music set the atmosphere, and the staff was prepared to keep drinks iBlog5n hands. The Marlow's team concocted some fabulous cocktails just for us, and Level Vodka gave them that extra special kick. The Mint Yelptini was a crowd favorite, and The Burst (a.k.a., the YelpgaBlog4 sm), left blue lips and happy tastebuds. Bites of crab nachos and beef wellington were taken in between happily chatting away. Thanks to Derek Wintermute Photography, yelpers all around posed for the camera, with poses to be envied and lots of shiny pearly whites flashing - be sure to check out the pictures!

A huge tBlog6hank you to Meryl, Chris & team of Marlow's Tavern for hosting us and tasty libations from Level Vodka! And cheers to Atlanta's awesome five star yelpers!

Yelpy XOXO & until next time, SYOY!

Deanna J
Yelp Atlanta's Go To Girl


Yelpers Rockin' Out with their Yelp out!

Posted by Jessica T

San Francisco has a vibrant music scene. You only need to take a look at one of yelpers' favorite bands to know these kids are on an ongoing quest for quality music. With Noise Pop about to kick off, we decided to team up with our friends over at OurStage to put on a rockin’ Yelp Elite event featuring Bay area band favorites: Festizio and Dangermaker. Keane

This past Friday, yelpers turned out in droves to 111 Minna, to cheer on the Yelp Elite's own Keane L. of Festizio and kick off the weekend, Yelp style. Once inside, yelpers were greeted with inspiring art, infectious noise pop, huge smiles, and of course, free booze. The complimentary beers and Kissui and Damrak Gin cocktails were a big hit, of course.   Groupjer

Flashes were everywhere as yelpers posed for group photos, and busted out signature dance moves. With a party list including Ace R., Janney B., Eric W., Tinna H., Darin I., just to name a few, the party was bumpin’ well into the night. Rob C. even made it out for the festivities – all the way from Miami!.

Niceshot    Sallynew    
Judging by the slew of happy smiles, it’s evident yelpers can truly rock out with the best of them.

February 23, 2008

LA and Japan Collide in Hollywood at Yamashiro

Yama_front_door On a dark and stormy night in Hollywood the 2008 LA Yelp Elite Squad took refuge at Yamashiro Restaurant set 250 feet above Hollywood Boulevard. Yamashiro translates to "Mountain Palace" in Japanese, and we certainly felt like royalty as we partied late into the night on Thursday, February 21, 2008.

Despite the rain and Oscar traffic below, yelpers managed to forget about the gridlock they experienced getting there and enjoyed each others company along with the amazing view from the Skyview Room. Others sat comfortably around the traditional Japanese Garden Court area sipping sake and devouring from the elegant sushi tables and passed hors d'oeuvres provided by the talented chefs at Yamashiro.Night_group

Sake2me, the premium junmai, or "pure wine" sake beverage, kicked off the evening's festivities with a complimentary happy hour from 7 - 9pm. The gracefully decorated geisha girls shuffled threw the crowd in kimonos worth an estimated $10,000 each, stopping for pictures with yelpers. The hair, makeup and costume was provided compliments of Kaori and Chika at KC Stylist.

San Diego Yelp's, Ruggy J battled the traffic and held down the guest list as he greeted yelpers upon their arrival. The gorgeous pictures were provided by Charla Blue Photography, additional shutterbugs included: Laura L, Joan S, James K and me, Aunny D. Our very own Beer M provided the hysterically funny Yelp slideshow of scandalous photos from past LA Yelp events. Wow, whatta night!

Until next time, Oyasuminasai  & SYOY

~ Aunny D

Your LA Yelp Community Manager

Night_group_2 Sake2me Car_val_sof_2 Sushi Geish_grp Girls_2

February 22, 2008

A View, a Brew, and the Yelp Elite Crew

Posted by Fayza E.

2282776877_00cbda1a90 2283563678_49fe99ef28 After months of putting the keys to the keyboard and enthusiastically authoring some of the most useful, funniest, and coolest reviews, the Yelp Houston Elite Squad finally got its day in the sun - errr, night under the stars, rather - at the Inaugural Elite Event.

The indoor and outdoor rooftop patio at the amazing Open City played host to the festivities, where Yelp Rocks martinis (cosmo and apple martinis with Pop Rocks candy-rimmed glasses, oh my!) were enjoyed by - you guessed it - the Yelp Elite Crew and their guests.  Of course, these Yelp Rocks martinis were put to good use, washing down a delicious array of Open City's "comfort food" samplings.  Although the lamb sliders seemed to be the clear crowd favorite of the evening, Cory O remained loyal to the honey butter (and walked away with her very own container!), while +1 Rolando R reluctantly shared his special order of the famous bread pudding with eager, sweet-toothed partygoers.

To say that the gathering was sprinkled with fresh yelptastic talent would be an understatement indeed!  Newly-anointed Elite yelper Connie B and her newly-aboard-the-yelpy-wagon hubby Trevor B mingled with the likes of fellow newcomers Katie S and Kymberlie M, while a few more seasoned Elites, such as Armando O, Cindy L, and Shao-Tai W divided their time between rekindling ye olde flame and ingratiating more fledgling yelping faces in Christa L and Rose K.  And the entire gang made a point to chat it up with Yelp Chicago's Andrea W and Yelp Austin's Kevin N while they were in town to lend a yelping hand for the event.

Deep in the heart of Texas, deep in the soul of Midtown, and deeply nestled amongst the buildings on Open City's rooftop getaway, the Yelp Houston Elite Squad has most certainly emerged, yeeing and hawing all the way!



Want more visual doses of the tasty fun?  Check out the complete set of party photos!

February 21, 2008

The Seattle Yelp Elite Squad Plays Hooky!

Posted by Michelle B

Pinkdoor1 The Seattle Yelp Elite Squad made up excuses, feigned illness, and concocted grandiose stories to get out of work early on Friday for a late lunch at The Pink Door. They were rewarded with pink madonna cocktails, an amazing multi-course Italian lunch complete with red and white wine pairings, and a fantastic performance by the in-house trapezist who swung from the ceiling throughout the long leisurely lunch.

After lunch it was time to head up to The Moore Theatre!

Pinkdoor3 Heading straight downstairs to the speakyeasy-esque bar folks lined up for a few more cocktails before they headed out for tours of the historic theater. Did you know that The Moore is haunted??? Other worldly concerns aside we all headed up to the balcony to take in a fantastic high-energy performance from local choreographer Daniel Cruz. You could see Bernadette E rocking out in her seat and hear Diana L whooping it up no matter where you were in the theater!

Themoore2 There where some new faces among the crowd! It was the first elite event for Christine S, Bradford C, Delilah S, and Riss J. Of course, Helen H, the official intern of Yelp Seattle, was on hand to make sure everyone got party favors and drinks.  We even had San Francisco's own legendary Stephy S on hand to turn this party into a par'tay!

A big "Thank You" to Sean C for being the official photographer of the evening. Check out all the great pics here.

Until the next event - SYOY! Michelle BPinkdoor2_3

February 19, 2008

Yelp Atlanta's First "Foodies for Fun" Club . . . Korean BBQ!

Posted by Deanna Jue

P1010390 Twenty four yelpers packed into Han Il Kwan for a little fun hanging out with fellowP1010391 yelpers at this UYE! Thank goodness two yelpers in attendance, Yuna P and Hyeon J were there as our Official "Food GuideP1010389_5s" of the night - advising on dishes to order and proper Korean BBQ technique. Lots of familiar Yelp faces, and a couple new yelpers too - Tulie L brought Jessie T and Bryan W, and we were lucky enough to get to (finally - yay!) meet Wallace S's lovely wife! Master of MARTA (and happy hour. and pub crawling.) Jason K impressed us all with his MARTA skillz getting out to Buford Hwy and the two tablefuls of Yelpers ate, talked, laughed their P1010395way through mounds of food. And thankfully no kimchee food fights. Quite a night out, indeed!

February 11, 2008

Chocolate and Wine are Yelp's Valentine...

Posted by Laura Nestler

...and Portland's Elite Squad couldn't be happier about this decadent development! 2255696512_b3266ae13a

Hosted by the oh-so-stylish Grace Salon, Over 60 yelpers mingled and moved through the elegant-industrial space, visiting 5 unique tasting stations where they were met with a Moonstruck truffle expertly paired with Vinideus Wine. By the third station, yelpers were experiencing pure chocolate and wine ecstasy. 2254898535_30d400d323

Tasting notes helped Elites like Sabrina H, Michelle H, Melissa P, and Elizabeth E analytically decipher exactly what they were indulging in, while Andrew C, Justin T, and Kyle F celebrated these luxuries a bit more spontaneously...

Balancing a wine glass, a Mayan truffle (or several), and a camera, our talented Andrew C was able to capture the entire evening of decadence - check out the pictures HERE!

Abundant thanks to our gracious sponsors: Jeff from Vinideus and Anu and Alexis from Moonstruck's Alder Street Cafe were on hand to answer questions and keep the wine and chocolate flowing all evening. And 2254897041_00db0438f0_2of course, many thanks to Thad Grace and company for providing the venue for the the perfect pre-Valentine's Day soiree. It was an absolute honor to work with these three distinguished local businesses.

One thing's for sure - Portland yelpers won't be at a loss for what to give their sweetheart this Valentine's Day! 2254896921_68d7917348

Cheers and Chocolate- Laura N





February 02, 2008

Yelp Votes in NYC!!

Posted by Sam Perwin

Well, it's official.  The results are in, and NYC is ROCKIN'!!  The Elite of New York gathered on Wednesday night at the sprawling East Village Yacht Club for delicious sparkling cocktails, munchies, and a little popularity contest.  We voted for the Hottest, Funniest, Coolest, and Writiest (?) Yelpers from among the Elite, and while the competition was fierce and VERY close, congrats to the winners:

Img_1340 Hottest Yelper: Jen D.
Coolest Yelper: Julie K.
Funniest Yelper: Roderick A.
Best Writer: Tie between Srini V. and Audrey J.

In addition to the election madness, we met some first timers like Brent B. and Sarah G., as well as some "pre-elites" like Melanie R. and Nadja M. getting a taste of what's to come.

More pics are here!  Enjoy :)


Many thanks to Camitz Vodka and our gracious hosts - see you next time kids!
Your fearless leaders,
~Sam P. and Russ W.

February 01, 2008

Science IS Indeed Cool - Boston Yelp Bash '08!

Posted by Ligaya T

Proteins Last night over 600 yelpers and guests poured into the MIT Museum, exploring and toasting to the shiny, wondrous world of sci/tech. We're talking the works - robotics, lego DNA, human sized proteins (left) and a brilliant hologram collection! With mesmerizing visual performances and experimental sounds by local artists Sosolimited, MosFet, Soul Clap and Mistaker setting a unique tone to the evening, the fete was nothing short of awesome.

It was a proper initiation for many; museum enthusiast Bridget M made her Elite debut, Greg F worked the crowd and Kathy S' appearance had folks spewing superlatives. Lovely Lys W, Nate Y and other illustrious Elites showed the n00bs how we do. And with a fine Harpoon UFO, Bushmills and/or Honest Tea in hand, we did just beautifully. Museum_4

Infinite gratitude to the crew behind the event: Jeffrey H, Sam P of NYC, Carrie E from Philly, Yumiko F and the whole Museum and catering staff, APPLAUSE!

See the abundance of festive yelpers as captured by David Day of The Weekly Dig and NickyDigital.com here! And peek at shots from our shutterbugs Shannon B, Beth E, Maria V and birthday girl Trish F. Be sure to send her and Ben L some special bday cheer!

Did I mention Boston's the bomb?


Museum3_2Museum5_2 Museum4_5