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December 19, 2007

Yelp Boston Experiences the After Life!

Posted by Ligaya T

Gl_ladies Last night Elite and guests trudged through the icy cobblestone streets of Downtown Crossing to the After Life Lounge with promises of signature Hammer & Sickle vodka cocktails, tasty nosh, the sweet sounds of local music collective, Tuesday Night Squabble, and of course shenanigans with the whole Yelp cast of characters! 

GldistanceWe were thrilled to see Margaret (NanoMags) L, Laura M and Aretha W bursting in long before the clock struck 8pm. The room was abuzz when Craig C and his lovely wife joined the festivities for his Elite debut! After having been badged for months, Daniel S finally made it out to his first Elite event and tore it up on the dancefloor alongside Beth E, Amanda H and Flavia O.

Gl_chloeArmed with poker chips and BuyYourFriendADrink cards folks clamored for Yelptastic cocktails.Gl_byfad 'Flagged as Inappropriate'  was a big hit, as was the pomegranate tinged 'Yelptini.' The debauchery that ensued was testament to the incredible power of a quality vodka. There was much groping, sacrifices to the broken glass gods, even candy cane powder snorting. Oh yeah, we're hard core here in Beantown. See talk for the full story and Flickr for Trish the Dish's (here), Shannon B's (here) and Jeffrey H's shots.

Kowtows to BYFAD, Jeffrey H (helper Yelper extraordinaire), Yumiko F and the Good/After Life crew - a spectacular success! And of course, to my beloved Elite squad for bringing down the house at the last event of 2007!


trish the dish

Ligaya is the hostest with the mostest for sure! BUT she forgot to mention the cocktail "less than three". Pineapple.. some sort of grape.. and vodka? I don't know.. but let's just say there was a lot of love in my belly by the end of the night. My first Yelp elite party.. but hopefully not my last!

trish the dish

whoops.. first elite Holiday party.

More pictures from Shannon B! http://www.flickr.com/photos/shaxxon/


Oooh thanks for adding Shaxx's photos, they weren't up when I posted the blog.

Also I was told Less Than Three wasn't as yummilicious, but I stand corrected! :)

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