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December 05, 2007

It's official. San Francisco loves Yelp.

No, really... we were recently notified that Mayor Gavin Newsom has signed a proclamation naming December 5, 2007 Yelp Day in San Francisco.

Who knew that old school Yelp Eliter A P. had so much pull in the Mayor's office? What an awesome surprise this is!

Sing with us..."Can you feel the love tonight...?"


Tyler M

Is this for real? If so then can we have a Stylastic day for using Yelp reviews in such a helpful way? :)


I Love this boutique salon! The owner is hip, sensative, talented and ALWAYS makes my hair/head look great, and consequently gets other heads to turn my way! She's been doing me for 4 years now, and I can't imagine going elsewhere. For a great, low key, sincere indulgence, go to the salon & ask Dana or one of the other gals to "do" you! I CONSTANTLY hand out her card because i get Soooooooooooo many compliments. She's GREAT!

linda buckley

paul o grady

curtis j

why do all the employees at the market hall coffeebar(rockridge) have such unpleasant attitudes?

today i had a gal put far more energy into pretending she didn't see me than if she just asked what i needed, which was just a splash of soymilk....

Catherine Harris

Today I had the most relaxing and wonderful massage at Heaven Day Spa on Chestnut. I feel like a new person! the staff was so attentive and catered to my every need.

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