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September 29, 2007

LA's Elite Come Together For One Martinitastic Good Time at Lola's in Hollywood!

Posted by stephystacks

Martini_1Apple martinis, absolute mischief and awesome memories were in the mix at Thursday's LA Yelp Elite Party at the oh so Martinitastic Lola's in Hollywood. Many a new elite popped by for a visit including Ciana P, Shauna D and Frederick G and Chris B, Senna H and Dave A, L'aura L, Caroline Y and Dave's L and A.

Martini_lolas_1Other attendees included Roman T with a slew of lovely ladies, plus Andrew G, Ericka "Sparkles" L and Joan S, David C, Antonio A, Myko L, Leila T, JayChan H and Brandon C and Edgar C pictured here with the very flu-ridden Stephy S.

Yelp_shirtsAll in all it was a night filled with laughs, sweet drinks and oh so good times and if you missed out because your not elite YET, what are you waiting for?! Click here for the dish on how to get your elite status and who knows, maybe we'll see YOU at the next partaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

Ciao for niao and SYOY,
Stephy S.

September 27, 2007

Seattle Elites sit down to dinner with Ethan Stowell

Posted by Michelle B

Uniontable2 The Seattle Yelp Elite Squad took over the bar at Union, not once, but twice on Tuesday night. The early birds showed up, drank a few peach & prosecco bellinis, and then got down to the business of trying out the specially created chef's menu. Bernadette E was pretty surprised that Tommy M went out of his comfort zone to try things like beef cheeks, and octopus, but she was even more surprised when he exclaimed "This is good!" Chef Stowell came out to chat with the adoring crowd and even gave up his secret to Lydia P on how he was able to make the octopus taste so fantastic. It's braising, hours and hours of braising.

Drinksunion_3 Shortly after the early bird party the night owls rolled in and enjoyed more than a few bellinis...keeping Chris, our fantastic bartender, hopping! Once everyone was sat down to dinner the praise started rolling in Brooke S was raving about the bread salad, and Lauren D is joining in on the "Scallops, scallops, scallops!" chant.

A huge thanks to everyone at Union for making this an excellent elite event!


Michellekirstinunion Until next time ~ SYOY!
Michelle B

September 25, 2007

Chicago Yelpers LOVE Bellinis!

Well, if there’s one thing we established at Quartino on Monday night it’s that yelpers LOVE Bellinis! And we like them even more when served with Quartino’s crispy thin crust pizza, bruschetta, polenta fries (nope, those weren’t mozzarella sticks), bruchetta, and meatballs!


The usual suspects were present: Vanessa M, Patrick W, and John B who was very excited with his new yelp branded dog bandana. Did anyone else hear John bark like a dog at one point during the evening? J


We were also psyched to welcome a few newbies, including Carrie M and Ariel B, to their first of many fabulous Yelp Elite events!


Laura R struck it rich during the raffle with a gift certificate to Quartino…send her a compliment and perhaps she’ll treat you to a Bellini or 2.


Many thanks and cheers to the lovely staff at Quartino for hosting us wild and crazy yelpers. Share your feedback with them here and make sure to check out Dan G’s photos from the evening.

Although there won’t be any Bellinis, stay tuned because there’s plenty of fun in store for next month’s Yelp Elite event. Until then, we’ll SYOY!

Andrea W and Elizabeth N


September 24, 2007

Boston Munches on Brunches

Posted by Ligaya T

Savs Yelpers convened at Savenor's Market for our first Sunday afternoon event to taste the flavors of Cuisine en Locale! Always punctual, Doris K and guest were first to sample delectable mini profiteroles with a Hungarian cream cheese and anchovy filling and lamb with a yogurt dill sauce. Yelpers like Jenny N and Andrew M soon came pouring in to taste scrumptious bites of rosemary olive oil bread and short rib on blinis. At her first event, Bevin C even sampled the exotic, a wild boar rib dipped in pomegranate dipping sauce. It was Kara S, Jim W and Mary R's Elite debut too. Kit Y popped over to enjoy vegan brownies and Taza chocolate. The sweets were divine; Kendra S especially loved the honey olive oil cake.

Trishowensav Towards the end of the afternoon our youngest yelper attendee, Owen, assisted Ligaya T in picking raffle winners for Savenor's gift certificates and an enormous chocolate box complete with a cd of music to listen to while eating their treats. Trish F was the lucky winner of $25 gift card, and after half a dozen draws, a final swoop by Savenor's owner, Juliana, Tracey N was awarded the choco package to the delight of her son!

Orgsavs Kudos to Elite yelper, Chef JJ G, grazie to Juliana and the great Sav's crew (Julia Child certainly knew what was up!), all the servers for bearing yummies and Yi-Hwa H for snapping shots!

September 21, 2007

Boston Elites Get Cultured

Posted by Ligaya T

Gardner3Yelp Elites were thrilled to visit the magnificent Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum for their first ever of series of after hours events. Gardner The turn of the century building inspired by Venetian Renaissance design shines as the star of the Boston architectural landscape. As Bryanne R gushed, it is just as breathtakingly beautiful as the art it contains. And even more so at night (with a cocktail in hand), agrees Chloe D.

The prospect of exploring it's wonders lured in Maria V and Amie F for their Elite event initiations, and yelpers like Josh C, Jocelyn G, and Deepa C for their first experience at the museum. Jeffrey H tells us not to miss the delights of the cafe where guests were treated with lime and vanilla panna cotta or divine banana bread pudding.Gardner5_2

Gardner4Many thanks and cheers to Charlotte and the lovely ISGM staff for hosting! We're so pleased to have this amazing alternative for an evening out. Share your reviews and feedback with them here and see Shannon B's fantastic photos of the revelry!

September 20, 2007

Out of this World time at Mars

Posted by Jessica T

Mattm_2 Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun and the seventh largest. Last night yelpers proved that Mars is also a killer place to dance, grab a delicious bite, toast yummy Yelp melon mojitos and Yelp 42s, and is an ideal outdoor spot to hang out with friends. Yes outside. Marsshot_2 Old and new yelpers congregated at Mars yesterday evening to bask in the heat-lamp glow of Mar's outdoor patio and got down Yelp style in the music filled indoor bar area.

Everybody from Euge L, Connie C, Keane L, Bella W, and Ann W - to the celestial Mars staff  had a truly "out of this world" time. Bellaandanna_2

Last night it didn't matter if you a woman from Venus or a man from Mars - everyone left with a stellar smile! 

September 19, 2007

Austin Yelpers Rawk & Roll to ACL

What happens when you pack a room full of yelpers with V2 Vodka, Hangover Makeovers from Birds' Barbershop, and three of the buzziest bands Austin has to offer?  Why it's Yelp's Kickoff to ACL Nite at Club 115, and Austin yelpers (and other yelpers from SF, NYC and Seattle - thanks Michelle!) gathered to soak up some great local tunes and hi five one another on our way to the Austin City Limits Fest weekend. 

Rock from The Black and White Years, Masonic and Shane Bartell capped a night where yelpers sipped Le Puma Rouge martinis and kicked this year's weekend festivities off just right!  Other special appearances from many of our own favorite yelpers and some from other yelpy cities across the US!  What a night!


September 10, 2007

New York's Elite Squad goes Organic

Posted by Sam Perwin

The discerning palates of New York's Yelp Elite Squad gathered last night on a balmy September  to sample some of the organic and biodynamic offerings at Chelsea organic wine store Appellation.

Img_1164From an Oregon Pinot Noir to the last Rose of the season, our Elite Squad maneuvered through Appellation's suggestions of green-friendly vino, and an amazing selection of cheeses.  We met Lauren S, Josie C, and Jessica F all out for their first event.

Img_1175And we were also psyched to see the familiar faces of Mariana L and Nina C back in
the arms of the Yelp Elite where they belong.

More pics are here. Thanks to Scott and the Appellation staff for all their help!

Until next time, kids!
Your fearless leader,
~Sam P          

September 07, 2007

Seattle Yelpers are so Glamorous

Posted by Michelle B

Usg_steph Union Square Grill hosted Seattle's Yelp Elite in style! Executive Chef Eric Hellner was mixing and mingling while showing off his amazing menu items including the lamb lollipops which Julea R gives two thumbs up and the smoked salmon squares that Helen H raved about. The bartenders whipped up some top notch mojitos and it looks like Megan P and Lance D enjoyed them quite a bit!

Usg_charlie Lauren D and Anthony D from The Paramount Theater joined in on the fun and gave a bunch of lucky Yelpers tickets to their much lauded Silent Movie Mondays. Can you imagine a room full of Yelpers trying to stay quiet???

Usg_me_2 To see all the photographic evidence of the fun just click here.

Until the next event. SYOY!

Michelle B

September 04, 2007

The Chicago Yelp Elite gets a Taste of Something Sweet...

It sure was a SWEET night for the Yelp Elite Squad at Sweets and Savories. We sipped our rose cava, while enjoying all sorts of “sweets and savories” coming out of Chef David’s kitchen. And David was busy working his magic on those appetizers, especially the kobe beef burgers, which yelpers such Dallas H couldn’t get enough of!Pic_3

And just when we thought we had enough heavenly desserts appeared from the kitchen. Some of us felt a bit guilty helping ourselves for seconds & thirds of both the bread pudding and chocolate, but if personal trainer Rob L was going for it then we were too!


We welcomed new Yelp Elite members such as Ann E and Beth S with elite tees, while old timers, John B and Stephanie K and   had the opportunity to stock up on more yelpstick! But it was Misse D and Rachelle G who took home the real prizes of the night…a gift certificate to go back to Sweets and Savories!

And a special CONGRATS to Dee W and Kris W, who were sporting new last names after tying the knot this summer! And thanks to Miss Lindley E , who captured many of us stuffing our faces on camera throughout the weekend. Click here to see if Lindley snapped a photo of you biting into that lamb chop!

Thanks to Sweets and Savories for giving us a taste of something sweet! And for those of you yelpers who missed out on all the fun…we hope to see you at Quartino later this month!

In the meantime, we’ll SYOY!

Andrea W & Elizabeth N

September 03, 2007

The Yelp(er) Art Show

This past August saw the first-ever Yelper Art Show, which ran from August 6th to the 19th at SpaColin_s_2ce Gallery. EntTodd_berman itled Collective: Yelpers' Reflections on City Life & Community, the exhibition called for Bay Area yelpers who happened to be artists (or have some inclination towards a medium) to submit all sorts of artwork on the subject of city life and community - two very "yelpy" themes - to be considered. 

The Panel - made up of the owners of Space Gallery and Yelp's own graphic designer Michael E - went through tons of submissions and in the end selected a little under 30 yelper artists to be showcased. Just a handful included Howard Chambers, Kevin SLenea_mimpson, Andy Reed, Jennifer SimpsonAlice_s, Lenea Maibaum, Todd Berman, Tim Van LoanKai Haley, Colin Stjolt, Alyssa Campbell, Shayna Cohen, Amy Wright, Mona Brooks, Gabriel Rojas, and the evervescent Alice Stribling.

Thanks to our friends at Sake2Me, the 3 receptions we hosted for the 2-week exhibition were even more lively, as each evening became something of an art happening. While almost every artist sold some of their work, the real enjoyment came back to the theme of the show, that being a true celebration of city life and community!

Yelp Elite Toddler Squad?

There w014_14as a lot of speculation about whether, with the arrival of the Nishlet, my yelping nature would change or not. Would all my reviews be centered on where to shop and take little Dash, as this list might suggest? Would I be spotted with our Stokke stroller cruising around the neighborhood? What would NOPA do without my frequent visits?

Well so far, life has been a little slower, there haven't been as many dinner outings and late night jaunts, but we did pull off some really stellar Elite events at Space Gallery and Prana during and around Dash's arrival (021_21and have a good amount more in the works). And was it a coincidence that the August 28th Weekly Yelp was about cool kid-friendly places?

I'm already back at work, but am planning on taking more paternity leave in the next coming weeks and months (thanks to some great bosses). And who knows, maybe the formation of the Yelp Elite Toddler Squad (YETS) is more a reality than a dream... As for NOPA, I hear that Sundays at 6pm are when all the cool kids - and their kids - go to eat.