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August 06, 2007

Elites and The Chocolate Factory

Posted by Michelle B

Friday night the Seattle Yelp Elite Squad (along with a few VIP guests) danced the night away at the Theo Chocolate Factory Warehouse.

Theo2 Sipping some Red Truck petite sirah and sauvignon blanc proved to be enough for Katie S so she could get back out on the dance floor to shake it, but others waited patiently for their Square One Organic Vodka martinis - with flavors like Pomegranate Lemon, Chocolate Grapefruit, and Lemon Lavender who can really blame them?

Theo1 The Wedge Catering Company provided a fantastic assortment of gourmet cheeses - in fact it was so good we had to bring Kevin N all the way up from Austin just to guard it all. When Kevin wasn't looking I was able to snag one of their savory and sweet Pear Pecan & Sage Mini Quiches - I did this multiple times!

Theo4 Yes, yes, I know, let's cut to the good stuff - The Chocolate! Yelpers were seen donning hair nets* and taken on private tours of the factory before the event and everyone was able to sample the organic chocolate throughout the evening. Lindi M learned that "The 91 percent cacao dark chocolate is supposedly better for you than broccoli." Sure, I'll buy that!

See it all for yourself here!

SYOY! Michelle B

*Hair nets are what are considered West Coast Cocktail Attire.



Daaaaaaaaamn! We clean up nicely. :o)

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