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July 30, 2007

Fair Trade Yelping in Washington, D.C.

Yelpdc_pangea_726_037 DC yelpers came out en masse on Thursday, July 26th to sample panini sandwiches, wraps and other delights while browsing the beautiful, fair trade crafts, jewelry, home décor and accessories at Pangea Café & Artisan Market.  Those who made purchases were glad to know that their cash helps create sustainable livelihoods for artisans in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Yelpdc_pangea_726_033The event hosted new yelpers including Craig R, Adam M, Keely R and Eric C  as well as old school yelpers like Alexis G, Kathleen M and Angela N. Traveling the furthest distance for the event was elite yelper Allison B who came all the way from California to attend with Takaki K. Lively debates regarding the upcoming chocolate chip cookie bake-off continued from the Talk boards thanks to participation from passionate yelpers like Richard C and Lauren B. To view all of the action, click here.

Yelpdc_pangea_726_035Many thanks to elite yelper Naoko M who hooked us up with Pangea and Vanessa F who helped make the event a success!

We’ve got even more fun lined up in August for the Yelp Elite Squad, make sure to check the calendar for all the details!

Until next we meet again -- SYOY,

MiRIAM wYelpdc_pangea_726_032


July 27, 2007

Boston Sounds the Gong!

Posted by Ligaya T

Pho_2 Eliters and their guests packed the house at South End lounge, Pho Republique, for a taste of their glorious cocktails and divine eats! Alexmlindsaydpho_2

With intern Yi-Hwa H welcoming guests and doling out t-shirts, the night started off right. A grip of first-timers joined in the festivities; Julia F, Chris R, Liz D and Roni E toasted with old school yelpers Shannon B, Annie P and Dan P.  Props to Jodi and Griff, mixologists extraordinarre for getting the evening going! Alex M and Tom E even rushed straight from work to take full advantage of the open bar. Drinkspho

Munching continued all night long, as servers circulated with trays of goodness: crispy tofu, pineapple chicken and fresh tuna spring rolls, a Trish F favorite. Pixy (Susan) L and Bryanne R were impressed with the chicken curry and shrimp pad thai buffet.Chloelizpho_3

Lucky yelpers had it in the stars to have their palms read by Christine. She predicted many great reviews in the future for Angela H!

A HUGE thank you to the crew at Pho R from all of us, you guys host an amazing soiree! Many a guest complimented the easy-going,Christinepalm_3 competent and uber cool staff. And I'm happy to say they reciprocated calling our group friendly, eclectic and charming! Way to make us proud, y'all.


See the smiles, toasts and celebration here.


Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot at Landmark Grill + Lounge!


It sure was steaming inside Landmark Grill + Lounge last night due to the hundreds of yelpers sipping on (OK, more like double fisting) 10 Cane Rum mojitos and munching on scrumptious appetizers.

Nothing goes better with mojitos than margaritas and thanks to party planner extraordinaire, Ellie B, 40 yelpers started the night early with just that at Uncle Julios. Once at Landmark the new elites, including Rob L and Therron R braved the long check-in lines for their yelp elite tees!Pic_4

There were plenty of regulars lining up for those mojitos as well, including early birds  Dave S and Lara W, who ate dinner at Landmark before all the crazy fun started. Denton J and his yelping lady, Misse D, left the party happy campers after taking home a $50 Landmark gift certificate from the raffle. And Nikki C arrived for his third night of yelpin good times after attending Tuesday’s unofficial dinner at Friendship Chinese Restaurant and Wednesday’s kickball game. Pic_1

A big THANK YOU to the folks at Landmark Grill + Lounge for hosting us, 10 Cane Run for keeping the mojitos flowing, and Dan G for capturing our drunk & smiling faces! Check out the pics from the evening:


Keep checking the Yelp Elite Calendar for upcoming events, but until next month we’ll SYOY!

Andrea & ElizPic_3 abeth

July 25, 2007

NYC's Elite take it back to Brooklyn

Posted by Sam Perwin

New York's YES met last night for some beer blasting, bocce ball hurling, and basic old fashioned Yelp brou-ha-haing in NYC's toughest borough, Brooklyn.Img_1099

Thanks to the folks at Tiger Beer for our delicious libations, served up with style by the tremendously awesome staff of Fort Greene's Floyd.  We saw lots of Newbies this time around including Chetan P, Justin C (who is definitely not Justin R, but he was there too), Furyk C, and Jodi K with some gorgeous new teeth.

We also learned that while he is talented at many things (posing for photos definitely included), the fabulous Russ W is not good at Bocce Ball.  Ben W, on the other hand, is pretty fierce at it.  Much like he is at everything.


Thanks to all the "old timers" who came out as well (clearly that was cool table in the back).  Pics are here.  Enjoy!

See you next time, kids!
Your faithful servant,
~Sam P.

July 16, 2007

Bring out the Sun! First South Bay Yelp Elite Event at Naglee Park Garage

Posted by Jessica T

Wow!  Otherp

All it takes is some sun, some delicious food, some amazing yelpers, some beer and wine, and of course some music - and you have one heck of a first South Bay Yelp Elite Event!

This past Sunday South Bay yelpers like Yvonne C. with "future yelper" Mateo in tow, Collen D., Vicky L., Donna W., Walter P., and Alex L. came from far and near to Naglee Park Garage to chow down on an amazing spread while listening to the croonings of the Old Spice Boys, and toasting delicious brews such as:  Scrimshaw Pilsner , Boont Amber & Poleeko Gold Pale Ale , Allagash White, Duvel Golden Ale and lovelyDonna wines like: Martin Codax Albarino, Macmurray Ranch Pinot Gris, Trinchero's Chard and Pinot Noir , Trinity Oak's Zinfandel, Alamos' Chardonnay and Malbec, Red Guitar's Tempranillo and Rose, Valley of the Moon's Pinot Blanc and Syrah, Michael David's 6th Sense Syrah and 7 Deadly Sins Zinfandel.

Whew...what a mouthful!

Even Aaron M. and Mitchell W. made an appearance later on in the evening!  Naglee    

It was a wonderful time and I think it's evident from this Sunday's soiree that South Bay yelpers rule!

A huge thanks to Chris, Louis, and Brendan, and the rest of the staff at Naglee Park for being such great hosts and helping kick off our first Yelp Elite South Bay event!                            .

Yelpers Put the "Y" in XYZ!

It's been W_brunch_1some time since my last post on this here blog, and between now and then we've had some super Yelp Elite events at places like Etiquette and G-Bar, Harlot and Cantina, and Otis and Air Lounge, to name a few. Each event was memorable and remarkable in its own way, and it was always a pleasure to work with the owners and staff members at each of these venues. What can I say , they really "get" the customer experience, and how much good word of mouth means, both on and off Yelp.W_brunch_3

And this Saturday (July 14th), when we hosted our First Ever Brunch at the W Hotel's upstairs XYZ Lounge, was no exception. Just take a look at Phil H's photos, or Oksana T's candids, for proof of the good times! The W's staff did what they do best - that is putting out an amazW_brunch_2ing display of customer appreciation, service and professionalism - to create one of the best ways to start a Saturday that I can think of. Sharp dressed guests included Tanya Z, Tim V, Nancy R and Gretchen P, heck everyone looked good.

Hope to see you at one of our Elite Event in the future, they are definitely one of the most fun and engaging ways to experience a venue and get a sense of what Yelp and its community are all about!

July 15, 2007

Austin Yelpers at Side Bar: Why Wouldn't There Be Fake Noses?

Legend has it there's almost nothing more frightening than Friday the 13th, but fortunately Austin Yelpers faced the music...together.  With a background woven by DJ F***in' A and a chance to dance the superstition away, Yelpers turned it out Friday at The Side Bar to chill, groove and kick the weekend off right. 

From the dog and cat noses to the Thing-a-ma-bobs we wore, Austin Elite Yelpers proved yet again that they know how to ramp up the silly.  And throughout the nite, one of the ATX's hottest DJs kept things pumpin'.  Was amazing as always to see our colorful cast of characters, from Dawn B. to Justin B., from Danielle G. to Meagan M. (and many of our latest and greatest Elite Yelpers), we rolled out the gravel carpet and welcomed Seattle's Michelle B. in the offing.

Thanks to The Side Bar for firing up some potent Camp Crystal Lake Coolers, and thanks to a patio full of Elite Yelpers for kicking off the weekend in the best style possible...with each other!




July 09, 2007

San Diego Elite squad ROCKS House of Blues!

Posted by Meg McLean

Img_2771_2What do you get when you add the most awesome people in town, a killer venue and a rock star?  The San Diego Elite event at House of Blues!

Last night started off in style as the SD Elite crew all headed down to the very posh Delta Room at the House of Blues where we were greeted by a ton of awesome appetizers, Blue cocktails and a great candle-lit atmosphere....not bad for a Sunday night!

The usual crew was there Sarah T, Dave YCaroline B, and Josephine Z but last night also saw the much anticipated appearances by Brooke F and Becky K! SD Yelp Elite's hottest couples Ashleigh and Nathan O, Nadine N and Sze T , Erin and George C and Warren and Christina W were ready to rock out.  Eric L even rallied out of his sick bed and made a surprise appearance! Don't forget to check out the black-mail evidence from the event, click here: (Special thanks to Chris Y for playing event photog part of the night... she got some great shots!) Img_2734

Just when we thought the night couldn't get any better, House of Blues offered free concert tickets to the Elite crew AND Rocco DeLuca and the Burden joined the party and hung out taking pictures and meeting the super stoked Elite's before their set! Which after talking to the  TJ T, Thea T, Lee F, Jae L at the show... the consensus was clear!  The show was just as incredible as Meg M promised! ;-) (Ya, ya, ya... Okay, I'm done.  lol)

Thanks again to all of the elites who made it out. As always it was a pleasure to be in your company and I can't wait to see you all again! If you aren't elite yet, check out some of the tips here and find out how you can get in on the Yelp party circuit and rock out with the rest of the AWESOME SD Elite crew!

Img_2764_3Lastly, a HUGE thanks to the House of Blues for putting on such an amazing event and for Rocco DeLuca and the rest of the band for stopping by to hang with us before his set! 


Meg M.

July 06, 2007

Seattle Elites Party Around the Block!

Posted by Michelle B


Not even a little drizzle could keep the Seattle Yelp Elite Squad away from a block party. Five local boutiques graciously opened their doors and allowed us to consume Trove wine, cheesy poofs, and grape laffy taffys inside their fabulous stores.

Katie_3 The night started off at Polite Society where we were greeted by our very own Anna S who showed us the true meaning of style. With name tags affixed the next stop was Urchin where we were able to drool over the fantastic home decor, jewelry and art. Around the block we stopped at Ian where Gavin N allegedly spent a couple of dollars on some trendy clothes. Next up would be Fancy Pants  where they kindly gave thirsty yelper's some otter pops to suck on while looking at all the unique hand made jewelry in the store. And last but not least was Schmancy where the Aaron M found a plush S'more and others coveted the Gorillaz figurines - now that's what I call a toy store!


Keep checking the calendar for the next Seattle Elite Event - you won't want to miss it!

SYOY! Michelle B