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June 26, 2007

Austin Yelpers Rock Local Dives...And A Local Bus!

Some things you really have to see to believe:  chupacabras, Austin's famous "Leslie" -- and the inside of the Rockin' Ride.  That certainly was the case recently as a packed bus of Yelpers tilted cold ones, sang and goofed to their collective hearts' content.  After some frosty refreshment at the Jackalope, we hit the Rockin' Ride disco bus.  And boy, it was something else.

Alli_rawks_it We flung open the velvet curtain and revealed a world inside where the beer coolers were full (while they lasted), the songs plentiful (if hilarious) and the comeraderie amazing.  The whole thing was one gi-normous photo op, and no one looked better in that sort of fancy spread than a heaving party bus full of hopped-up yelpers.

At_lalas After a quick stop at the Deep Eddy Cabaret (where it's cash only and the regulars thought we were, well, mostly nuts), we poured back onto the moving party and headed uptown to the Poodle Dog Lounge.   Precious few poodles and some great shutterbugging later, it was over to Lala's Little Nugget, where the beverages were flowing like the mane down Nancy Sinatra's neck. 

Img_1862 Not to be outdone, from there we were headed back south to the Horseshoe Lounge, where yelper Tom S's wig went over like gangbusters and there was time for a quick game of shuffleboard.  In all, it was a pretty amazing little dive bar expose', and Austin yelpers were the stars of the show, from Logan Y. to Allison P. to Lisa A., from Colby B. to Susie G. to Phyllis K. and many, many more, we represented. And the only thing more festive than the dive bars, and maybe even the Rockin' Ride itself, was one another. Can't wait to get in trouble with this group all over again!  Pictures, of course, live here.



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