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January 31, 2007

NYC Elite Spotted in the Far East

Posted by Sam Perwin

Img_0808 The far east Village that is.  New York's YES, the hottest Elite Squad around (yeah, Nish, you heard that) braved the impending snow and stormed Avenue B's sexiest space China 1, to party "a la chinoise" last night.  Our bartenders mixed the ultra-smooth Reyka Vodka into a declicous ReykaLychee Delight, and a Yelp Cosmo to keep the thirsty crowd thoroughly delighted throughout the night, and the Pupu platter offerings from our gracious host were the perfect addition to the lush surroundings.

It was a fantastic crowd including many a New Elite out for his/her first (and certainly not last) Elite Event.  We met the fantastically tall Rob K, the adorable Chelsea J, and the utterly fabulous Jax W.  There were also some old timers we hadn't seen in a while including the lovely Laurel C and Alex W back from obscurity. 

We were also graced by the presence of his Lord-High-Yelpiness, our CEO and Founder Mr. Jeremy S, accompanied by Yelp's faboo Communications Director, Madame Stephanie I, both in need of a drink after a loooooooong flight from SF.  Good thing we were there to provide.


More pics can be found here

Thanks for bringin' the heat, NYYES - Not that I'd expect less, though ;)
Until Next Time, my fair Yelpers!
~Sam P.

January 30, 2007

Seattle Yelp Parties Fusion Style

Posted by Michelle B

373732190_50a748cfb0 Sumo! Sumo! Sumo!

Yelpers were out in full force at the first event of 2007 down in the International District. Food, drinks, and a beautiful venue were all provided by Made In Kitchen - whose staff barely batted an eyelash when Yelpers wiggled into Sumo Suits and started throwing down!


Derek P, David H, Ali S, Ian M, and Sean L were a few of the folks who took to the mat. We could announce the winners, but you know that it's not about winning and losing in sumo, it's about falling over and making a fool of yourself, and in that arena everyone was a winner!

Local palm reader Jackie Brulotte was on hand to give some insight into what 2007 will hold. Serene C and Sylvia L were both given good news for the year.


A special thanks to the SF Yelpers who came up to help. Nish and Brad this 32nd drink is for you!

More photos can be seen here, and a special thanks to Ben H and Helen H for being extraordinary photographers for the evening!

Stay tuned for information on the next big party.
SYOY! Michelle B

January 29, 2007

LA Yelp Got Down In Chinatown!

Posted by stephystacks

Can we hear a woot woot!!
Heck yeah we can, after LA's fantabulous Yelp Elite Squad took over The Mountain Bar in Chinatown this past Thursday! Much fun was had in this groovy red space as yelpers like Joy P., Jennifer P. and Lisa G. enjoyed tasty cocktails compliments of Pama Pomegranate Liquer, along with beer offerings from Full Sail Brewing and Haralambos Beverage Company. And let's not forget the love from our good friends at Metromint water and for the tasty nibblies from Empress Pavilion!

Mountain_circleAlso in the house was the lovely Ti B, Sandy R and Alex D, along with Judy W and everyone's favorite red haired Santa, Aaron R. As usual, LA's "unofficial" mascot, The Hoff, made it out to join in the festivities and judging from these pics it looks like he kept himself quite entertained. Oh Hoffster, we can't take you anywhere!! Check out the rest of the fun pics here courtesy of Sita Kaylin Photography.

Jay_and_stephAs a final shout out, we want to thank manager Jay Lee from The Mountain Bar who helped us throw this awesome shindig and big thanks to Tami R and George M who jumped in at the last minute and helped make this night a success!

Until the next one, thanks to all of you tried and true Elites who made it out to this hard to find little bar in Chinatown! Can't wait for the next one!!

Stephy S
Your LA Yelp Community Manager

January 19, 2007

r u down w/ txt biz 2 phone?

Posted by Audrey Tsang

SendtophoneWorried you'll be in no condition Friday night to remember where Todd E's next DYL happy hour will be?  Well, now you can text that bar to your phone "b4 u go!"

On every business page, you'll see at the top, under the business information, a link to "Send to Phone."  In just two clicks, you'll have the location, phone number, and a link to the Yelp Mobile page for that business SMS'ed to your mobile phone. 

Cab needs the address?  No problem.  Need to change your reservation last minute?  No problem.  Want to check what yelpers recommend ordering while you're at the restaurant?  Just click on the link in your text message!

You do have to sign in to send, but that way you can save your phone number for faster texting next time.  And as always, we promise we are not selling your information or spamming your phone.  Seriously, we've got better things to do.  Please do note, your cellular provider's rates for receiving text messages apply as usual.  Double check with them if you're not sure how that works.

January 18, 2007

Google Earth finds Yelp

Ok I'm a few days (ahem weeks) behind the news, but Google recently added Yelp reviews to Google Earth.  IMHO it looks hot, see Yelp bursts popping all over the country as you zoom in and out!


Kudos to the Google Earth team for building such a sweet product.