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December 21, 2006

Yelp Just Got Even Street-Smarter

Posted by Audrey Tsang

And by street-smart, we mean you can now search on Yelp around a specific address, intersection or street, in addition to searching city-wide or around a zip code. 

Discover that great lunch place hidden in the alley two blocks from work. Get the Yelp highlights of all the businesses within blocks of your house. Don't remember the name of that shop, but you're sure it's on Divis and Haight?  No problem.

Streetsign To get this much more street-specific when you're searching, just type the address, city and state, or zip code in the "Near" box.  For example, Yelp Search now understands all of these locations:

  • 100 Market St, San Francisco, CA
  • 42nd and Broadway, New York, NY
  • Main St, Boston, MA
  • Chicago, IL
  • Los Angeles, CA 90210
  • 94123

Just a little stocking stuffer for the holidays from the folks at the computers in Yelp HQ.


Cindy P.

THIS IS AWESOME!!! Thanks guys!


it would be great if this was map based, as in, i could zoom in on a google map to find the block or area that i wanted and then yelp would show me all the reviews in that area. this would be helpful for those times when you don't really know an address, but know that you want it to be in a certain area and looking on a map would be easier than trying to figure out the zip code.


that's really neat... but unfortunately it still doesn't help those of us who aren't in the USA. when will yelp go international? (especially in london)


Hi lindsay,

Actually, when you perform any search on Yelp, you can drill down to a specific location using the map on the search results page. Drag it around or zoom in as you would do on a Google map, and you can see all the businesses that have been reviewed on Yelp within the area of the map. If you put nothing in the "Search for" box and fill in a center location in the "Near" box and hit "Search, you will see all businesses that have been reviewed. At that point, you can filter by category.

Feel free to email feedback @ yelp.com if you have any other questions.


Adam D

one odd but related quirk that I find kinda annoying is if I search for something near "Seattle, WA" I get the map near the #1 hit. But if I search for something near "Ballard, WA", I also get the ability to drill down by neighborhood. This also seems to be the case with "Bainbridge Island, WA" (though the neighborhoods are seattle). Why the discrepancy? I'd love it if searching in Seattle, WA gave me a list of neighborhoods in seattle for drilling down...


Great idea, that helps a lot. Keep up the great work everybody :-)

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