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December 21, 2006

Yelp Just Got Even Street-Smarter

Posted by Audrey Tsang

And by street-smart, we mean you can now search on Yelp around a specific address, intersection or street, in addition to searching city-wide or around a zip code. 

Discover that great lunch place hidden in the alley two blocks from work. Get the Yelp highlights of all the businesses within blocks of your house. Don't remember the name of that shop, but you're sure it's on Divis and Haight?  No problem.

Streetsign To get this much more street-specific when you're searching, just type the address, city and state, or zip code in the "Near" box.  For example, Yelp Search now understands all of these locations:

  • 100 Market St, San Francisco, CA
  • 42nd and Broadway, New York, NY
  • Main St, Boston, MA
  • Chicago, IL
  • Los Angeles, CA 90210
  • 94123

Just a little stocking stuffer for the holidays from the folks at the computers in Yelp HQ.

December 15, 2006

Hangover helpers to keep yelpers in the game!

We're in the midst of the holiday season and that can only mean one thing deary - yelpers all across America's are lighting up the party circuit! Raise your hand if you were one of the fabulous revelers who attended a recent Yelp party in SF, LA, Boston, Chi-town or NYC. Now keep your hand up if you also had a hard time making it into work the next morning due to a nasty hangover. Mmm-kay?! Who said yelping is easy? But, never fear! Gracious yelpers are here to help cure that nasty holiday party hangover.

We've partnered with our pals at AXE Recovery to help create the Hangover "Recovery" program. You know the drill: grab some greasy grub to soothe the stomach (enter Yelp) followed by an invigorating shower (enter AXE Recovery shower gel) and presto - you are back in the game!

So, ladies and gents, without further ado, we present the top three "grub hub" picks, in yelpy cities nationwide - according to yelpers like you (P.S. you may want to bookmark a few if these places for your next long night out).

...and faster than you can say "Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa and have a Happy New Year!" you'll be back in the game!

Boston: 1) Paramount, 2) South Street Diner, 3) Busy Bee Diner
Chicago: 1) Stanley's, 2) Tempo Cafe, 3) Orange
Los Angeles: 1) Canter's, 2) Sam and Woody's Country Diner, 3) Roscoe's House of Chicken and Waffles
New York: 1) Square Diner, 2) Georgio's, 3) Mama's
San Francisco: 1) Dottie's True Blue, 2) Pork Store, 3) Q
Seattle: 1) 5 Spot, 2) Five Point, 3) Mae Phinney's Ridge Cafe
San Diego: 1) Hash House a Go Go, 2) Broken Yolk, 3) DZ Akins
Atlanta: 1) The Original Pancake House, 2) Thumbs Up, 3)The White House

December 14, 2006

Yelp's 2nd Annual Holiday Party

It's been awhile since I've posted, no good reason really, but last night was certainly enough of a reason. What was last night, you ask? Well, curious reader, it was our 2nd Annual Holiday Bash at the California Academy of Sciences!

Despite the weather, we had over 1200 fine yelpers and their friends come out over the night (so unlike Milli Vanilli, we have no need to blame it on the rain). The party was such a success thanks in large part to TheBar.com and our friends at Zipcar, the latter offering complimentary "designated drives" home all night long. Guests at the Yelp Elite cocktail reception beforehand also had the chance to sample some great food from Destino , Zazil, Blowfish Sushi and Lingba Lounge, not to mention a Yelp Cake fresh from Inticing Creations.

Don't believe me? Then take a look at these snazzy candids from The Photoboof and the party photos to your right!

Aside from seeing all you smart and sassy yelpers, a personal highlight for me was finding out that - thanks to your generous donations - One Brick received almost $4500! That's enough to allow them to create volunteer events equivalent to two years of assistance to the non-profits they serve!

So yeah, I guess I'm pretty excited to have something to post about. Happy Holidays, Peace Out, Ho Ho Ho, and all that.


Santa Nish

December 08, 2006

LA Parties Hardy at the 1st Annual LA Yelp Holiday Bash!

Posted by stephystacks

LA Yelp Sets The Night On Fire...and only cinges a few hairs.

Yelp_party_tiger_tily_452_1  They say it ain't a holiday party 'til someone passes out. But we say it ain't a LA HOLIDAY BASH until one of our favorite Yelp Elite members dressed as Santa passes out AND a girl accidentally lights her hair on fire! Yes, oh yes, oh Y-E-S, our 1st Annual Holiday Bash hit Tiger Lily in Los Feliz last night and much fun and mayhem was most definitely had!

Yelp_party_tiger_tily_459 Yelpers from all over So. Cal made it out for the fun last night, including Vincent and Holly T. from the LBC, Pomona's own Ryan Q. and FINALLY we all got to meet the mama, the myth, the LA Yelp legend...Cidne W., seen here surrounded by her many fans!

Other highlights of the eve included many a tasty nibbly from the Tiger Lily kitchen, along with deeeelish Wasabe Vodkatinis and Qi drinks that left many a yelper searching for hangover cures today! We also enjoyed cupcakes from Dainties, water packed with refreshing minty goodness from Metromint and who can forget the awesome raffle prizes from our friends at Fanscape, Rhino Records, Warner Bros. Records and of course, the prize of all prizes, a brand spankin' new Palm Treo!!


Also in the house were some of the SF Yelp crew including co-founder Jeremy S., along with Stephanie I., Jessica T., Nish N., Michael S. and as always our dear friend and official LA Yelp stiff, David "The Hoff" Hasselhoff! And for those of you who contributed to the Unitetheunited.org charity at the door, many thanks as together we raised $714 to help those less fortunate. It might not seem like much, but every dollar helps, so many thanks to all who contributed!

Yelp_party_tiger_tily_434 But of course the real stars of the night were all of you who made it out to the event! This year couldn't have been as big of a LA Yelp success without your tips, wit and awesome spirit and we look forward to rockin' the LA Yelp with you all in '07!

Until then have a great holiday!

xoxo, LA YELP

New York Elite get Smart!

Posted by Sam Perwin

Cruising into sleek the East Village cocktail paradise known as Blue Owl on Tuesday night, New York's Yelp Elite Squad proved it was more than just a bunch of crazy, sexy, cool trendsetters and tastemakers by flexing their cranial muscles.  Celebrating the debut of the lush-ilicious new game from SmartsCo, CocktailSmarts - New York's Finest sipped exquistely prepared Hendrick's Gin cocktails, munched delectible artisinal treats from the Blue Owl menu, and tested their own Cocktail Smarts with some pretty tough questions - who knew the V.S. on a bottle of Cognac stood for Very Special?  Those smart enough were given access to the sexy and exclusive Aphrodisiac Lounge, where some questionable behavior may or may not have occured between one of Yelp's hottest couples Orlando E and Christine J - see pics for further evidence...

Img_0791Among the full-house of Yelpers were the lovely Katie Q and Phil M, making his first Elite party appearance.  Some other first timers we were glad to finally meet included the fiesty Gina C, Anna S, and Mayumi M, looking way hot in some smokin' red heels (where's a hot stuff compliment when you need one?).  Rounding out the crowd were the Allies (Aly W and Alli G), Billy A and Gabby D - looking hot as ever with an tasty looking Ellison cocktail in tow.

A big final thank you to the folks from Blue Owl, SmartsCo, and Hendrick's Gin for making New York's Elite squad both sexy and smart - not like they needed any help with either, though ;)

If you missed it up top - Pics are here.

Until next time!
Your fearless leader,
~Sam P.