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November 26, 2006

Seattle Yelp Elite Squad – Prepare to Party!

Posted by Michelle B

Helen_sylvia_4 Seattle Yelpers took over the VIP room at the always gorgeous Ibiza Dinner Club to mix and mingle with the best company Seattle has to offer. This may have only been our first elite event, but we set a high bar for rock-star performance for all future events.

Pict0001_4 We kept our lovely servers hoppin’ up and down the stairs with delicious white cosmos for all - Cosmos made with white cranberry juice aren’t sticky sweet, but oh do they go down smooth. Sometimes too smooth, but if you have found you’ve had a few too many and slosh some…no worries, it doesn’t stain!

Ibiza’s small plates ensured that none of us got too sloshy before our time. Noshing on fancy quesadillas, tasty crab cakes, and gourmet pizzas made us all happy campers. Thanks to the excellent kitchen staff at Ibiza we had full bellies.

299981396_4d765ab221_1 So, yes, we yelpers had a rousing good time – feel free to check out the photographic evidence for yourself!

A special thanks to the amazing Aaron M. for being photographer extraordinaire of the evening, and Kimberley D. & Charlie D. for snapping some of the more candid shots.

Derek_megan_2 If you want to make sure you are invited to the next Seattle Elite event be sure to check out www.yelp.com/elite.

SYOY! Michelle B.

November 21, 2006

Let's Talk About Talk, Baby

Posted by Audrey Tsang

Talkcategories_1We've been receiving a ton of great feedback on how to improve Talk lately, and rest assured, we are listening!  We just rolled out some changes to the Talk boards that will allow you to categorize your Talk conversations.  The idea here is to make your threads easier to find.

With the new Talk, folks will be able to peruse all the recent threads around Local Questions & Answers, Events, News, or Politics, just to name some of the categories.  For every conversation you start, you'll be able to add a category.  If you started a conversation in the past, you can go back and categorize it. 

And here's the public service announcement part - we ask that you, the community, help us keep this feature useful for all.  If you see a thread in the wrong category, feel free to flag it.  Yelp Support will be right on it.

Thanks, and as always, we welcome your feedback!

November 14, 2006

Saturday night is all right for Yelping!

Posted by Sam Perwin

The New York Yelp Elite Squad has done it YET AGAIN!  Crusing into Grand Central hotspot Lea with a vengence, the Squad started off its Saturday night right courtesy of Palm and Yelp Mobile with declicious Wasabe Vodka cocktails and the most fabulous company NYC has to offer.

Img_0693 The sleek, red, and stylish bar was packed to the gills with some All-Star Eliters in their first appearances at one of our rockin' parties.  Some notable faces included the brilliant Rozz N, the beautiful Barbara C, and the lovely Kimberli M wearing an awesome hat of her own design (of course).  We also were graced by the presence of Charlie R, soon to be New Yorker Shane L, and even a super-Elite visitor from Yelp Motherland San Francisco, Phil M who pronounced our event to have "better looking people and better drinks" - as if that was a question.  Apparently there may now be some question regarding his Elite status in SF, but you'll have to ask Nish about that...


The other most notable appearance was by our fantastically amazingly gorgeous and awesome Community Manager from Boston, Erica C making a cameo as photographer, door greeter, and all around fabulous persona. 

Her pics and more can be found here.  Check out the hottest Yelp Elite Squad around in action.


Congratualtions once again to our winner of the Palm Treo 700s, Michelle L, and remember that Yelp Moblie is everything you love about Yelp, but in your pocket!  It's your ultimate city guide on the go!

See you next time, campers!
Your fearless leader,

~Sam P