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September 13, 2006

Search Yourself Silly

Posted by Audrey Tsang


Notice anything different lately about search? Maybe how the map follows you everywhere you need it?  Or how your can browse categories related to what you're looking for? 

The Yelp product development team was burning the midnight oil this week to bring you a new and improved search.  Please enjoy, and as always, send us your thoughts at feedback@yelp.com.

Here are a few tips to help you take the utmost advantage of it:

  • Looking for the best nail salon near home?  Zoom in, zoom out, or click and drag the map around to narrow your search results to a particular location.
  • Want the best dim sum in Chinatown?  Jump to any neighborhood listed below the map to see businesses within the boundaries of a 'hood.
  • Love Lists and Talk?  Find great lists and related Talk threads to your search at the bottom of the search page.

You might also notice a couple other changes on the site:

  • Your Profile Views number might have jumped up!  This is not shady accounting - they're your real stats.  Previously, we were counting the number of pageviews your profile received from logged-in yelpers.  Now, we count the number of pageviews your profile received from yelpers and from the rest of the world.
  • To say thank you to the sponsors that help to make Yelp possible, we've given them bigger photos and an enhanced photo viewer.  Make sure you check out the snazzy photo magnify feature!