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August 18, 2006

LA's Yelp Elite Get Classy At The 626 Reserve and Gallery!

Posted by stephystacks




AND Yelp's LA Elite!!!

Does it really get any better? We think not after LA's finest took over the 626 Gallery and Reserve in Downtown LA last night. Some of the highlights included JayChan's oh so popular party favor, which kept Yelpers Jenny J. and Carrie R. quite entertained! (Hey SF may have girl on girl, but LA's rockin' the OhMiBod that you can plug into your iPod and um, err, soothe your stress away to the vibrational beat of your favorite tunes. Can you say Bzzzzzzz? We can! ;)

218230458_8e4a3f33a3 And speaking of Buzz, let's not forget about the amazing wines and tasty treats that 626 offered up! From the looks of it, Darren Y.(not of J Date fame) and Holly T. quite approved! Also in the Reserve where Yelpers Rob M. and Kris P., along with the lovely Mz. Christina W., Benjamin M. and Robyn D., Jonathan S., Pamela R. and Hope E. and of course, everyone's favorite funny man, Jehan M.

Yelp_elite_party_at_626_reserve_044 A big thanks to Jackie P. and the other partners of 626 for giving us the chance to try their awesome new place and mix 'n' mingle it up Yelp style! For more pics and evidence, go here. Also check out Darren Y. and Robyn D.'s contributions, along with George M.'s pics.

Thanks again LA and if you missed this event, check back on the Elite Page for details on September's upcoming event


August 11, 2006

Yelp NYC goes POP!

Posted by Sam Perwin

You know, just when I thought NYC's Yelp Elite Squad couldn't get any hotter, they prove me wrong once again. Taking this Meatpacking District hotspot by storm, the Yelp Elite Squad penetrated the shiny cool veneer of Pop Burger to call it it's own. We chowed down on delicious little burgers, fries, and onion rings, washed down with nice refreshing Yelpsaketini, courtesy of Wasabe Vodka, and our fantastic (not to mention hottie hot hot) bartender Doug.


We had a killer turnout which included everyone from the veteran Katie Q to new eliter Donna H in her first (but definitely not last) Yelp Elite event. Jeannie C was threatening to take Yelp global bringing with her an international crew from her UN job, and Brian D even made an appearance despite his finals! Now THAT is Yelp loyalty my friends. Other highlights of the evening included Billy A and co., in the porn booth (mmmhmmm....), Alex W on a JDate, and Audry J making her switch from Chicago to NYC Elite complete!

Many more delightful photos can be found here - special thanks to Orlando E for snapping some great shots!

See you all at the next event if not sooner! Much love and SYOY!
Your Fearless Leader,
~Sam P.

August 09, 2006

Yelp Mobile Optimized for Treo Smartphones

Posted by neilkumar

Mobilebloggraphic You've asked for it - and now you're gonna get it. That's right, after receiving requests up the ying-yang for Yelp Mobile, it's finally here! Thanks to the cool people of Palm, we're proud to introduce mobile.yelp.com. Yelp Mobile is optimized for the awesomely cool Treo smartphone. (My your profile pic looks quite sexy on the Treo!) If you don't have a smartphone, fret not. Any web enabled phone will serve up a nice Yelp fix.

With Yelp Mobile you'll be able to search for a specific business to read their reviews, or browse the most popular businesses by neighborhood and/or category. And here is the best part: you can enter a specific address or cross street location and find all the amazing businesses with in a one mile radius! Not sure how to get there? Don't worry, we've also included maps to help you find your way. The current product is a "read only" experience. That said, we're continually looking for ways to enhance our products and have already started working on other features that you might expect from us. ;)

Now Yelp's by your side anywhere, anytime! We'd love to hear your comments about Yelp Mobile. Send them to us at feedback@yelp.com.

August 03, 2006

Lucky number 13

Cnet CNet recently compiled a top 10 list of "best websites for students" and we were site number 13. Wait a minute, is that legal? Can you have 15 sites in a top 10 list? Well anyways we're not complaining - thanks CNet!