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June 28, 2006

Yelp NYC Elite Event - Rooftop Bar of The Delancey 6.26.06

Posted by Sam Perwin

Much love to my NYC Yelpers who braved the stormy skies Monday night and discovered the palm-laden tropical oasis that is the rooftop of the The Delancey. While we were prepared for the worst, weather wise (I heart retractable awnings!), the rain held out, and the faithful Yelp Elite Squad was rewarded with a breezy night and some even breezier drinks.


While we weren't exactly sure what was in them (blueberry rum, what?), one thing was for sure: those Captain Yelps definitely pack a punch. Just ask Aly W. Billy A, Gabby D, and Jessica A were also guilty of a bit of double fisting, but who can blame them as the night was ripe for tropical cocktails and yelpy shmoozing.

Also in attendence, superstar Yelpers Whitney R, Faffy L and Marc M along with many more! Thanks to everyone for a great event! Check out all the pictures on Flickr!

June 26, 2006

Hot Summer Nights - an LA perspective

Posted by stephystacks

There are shindigs and there are soirees. There are gatherings and there are parties.Hotsummernightsdisc_2 There are get-togethers and there are bashes, but then there's Hot Summer Nights with Yelp and dangit, you need to invent a whole new category of cool to describe a ta-doo like that!! I mean just look to your right at all of the blackmail, err, umm, photos from the event!

If you ask me, Wednesday the 21st had it all: There was the awesome 3-level Roe where the fun went down. Then there were all of the tasty palate-pleasing beverages from Wasabe Vodka, Arrowood Winery and Rockstar.

SarahmichelleIf you were one of the proud, few Yelp Elite Squad members who came to the pre-party, you left with a limited edition Yelp Elite t-shirt designed by Michael E. There were the Nguyen Dancers doin’ their thing, Hella Tight on the 1's and 2's, Ruud Photographics snappin’ away, and of course Zipcar who helped get many of you yelpers home safe and sound!

There was even a kidnapping! A what?! Yes, I said a kidnapping of Sarah Michelle Gellar, our beloved celebrity spokesperson. We are all still mourning the loss here in the office, so any information on her whereabouts will be greatly appreciated (and depending on the info, rewarded...)

And of course, there were the real stars of the evening, all of you SF yelpers! I met so many characters and people, a "real" treat. I can’t wait to get the LA Yelp invasion started! And if you're ever in the City of Angels, don't hesitate to look me up!

June 22, 2006

The Yelp Shirt Off Your Back

Posted by Michael Ernst

Yelpshirtframe C'mon. You know us better than that. We don't want you to give us your Yelp shirt off your back, we already have a bunch. What we do want you to do is send us your great photos of you in your startup swag. So, as the designer for Yelp, I've been mulling this idea around for awhile. Actually, some time back Jessica T. in marketing received a great photo of Jen M. in her Yelp shirt in front of the American Apparel building. So, Jess thought it would be a really cool idea to start collecting the photos of yelpers with their shirts in some cool setting. I agreed with her, so we're going to have a little unofficial Yelp contest sponsored by me and Jessica. Send your photos of you in your shirt to michael@yelp.com with "Yelp Shirt" in the subject line (no deadline on this, just get it in as soon as you can). We'll collect all of your smiling faces and put them in a Flickr set, and let you vote in the comments section of this post and whichever photo gets the most votes, we'll get you some sort of special Yelp prize that Jessica and I think up. Hey, it's an unofficial contest, right? We really just want all of these cool photos in one spot, 'cause they're neat. Do we really need a better reason? So send 'em in!

June 19, 2006

Talk about, Talk about, Talk about yelpin

Jwalk_1Readers of the SF Chronicle's popular Sunday Style section got the complete low-down on the Yelp phenomenon this past weekend. Chronicle reporter, Heather Maddan showcased choice quotes by a number of brilliant yelpers...props to all and check it out if you haven't already!