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March 08, 2006

Much Love to Yelpland

There is a lot of Yelp excitement in the air tonight as we deliver more of what you've asked for... In fact, there is an entire Mission burrito-load of new site features! Highlights...

  • Who's similar? Find out which Yelpers share your tastes. Like their reviews? Add them to your Favorite Reviewers list and stay on top of their latest finds.
  • Bling for your blog. Are your reviews and lists ready to venture outside of Yelpland? Then take them to-go!
  • If you liked the little map on business pages, you'll go Yelp-tastic for the fancy-pants map that now replaces it.

And that's just scratching the surface, you'll also find cool changes to your profile, messaging, and even the list builder! Yeah we've been really busy this past month, but don't worry we're not slowing down. Other important improvements you've been requesting are on the way...





Thanks for the badge! I've integrated it into my sidebar; you can see it on http://www.williamsburger.com (just below the fold on 1024x768).

One suggestion: could you change the HTML generator part of the tool to break the CSS style settings out into their own block as opposed to inlining them in the badge itself? That would make it easier for others to customize it to their tastes.

Also, I may be behaving a little bit outside the intended API by using my own values for width and height; please do keep these publicly definable, as being able to manage these is critical to maintaining cohesive design on users' blogs.

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