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Board Game night at Quebec City


Fresh Quebec City Yelpers came together for an amazing board game night at La Revanche. We enjoyed delicious bites and cocktail and then jump into games. Each team were initiated to a different game. The winners of each table affronted each other in an ultimate dice battle to win the game they played. Most of the people stayed afterward to discover new games. Check out the photos and reviews!

February 22, 2006

First We Take Manhattan

February 16th, 2006 is a day that will live in infamy! Or at least we'll remember it has the night we had our first official Yelp Elite Squad event at Fontana's in the Lower East Side. While we knew we had some dedicated yelpers in Manhattan, we had no idea we'd see about 120 fresh faces show up!

As the yelptinis continued to get poured, some of the evening gets a little blurry, but just a handful of yelpers in Subwayattendance included Lori M., Susan S., Aly W. , Sarah B. and Elliot B. There were even a few SF Yelpers who managed to find there way across the coast, like Stellah D. and Angela T., not to mention Yelp Staffers Jeremy S., Neil K., Michael E., Sean L., Eli G., and yours truly in attendance!

PHOTOS, you want to see photos? Ok, click on this word.

As the evening came to a close, a few of us managed to regroup and head over to Happy Ending, where more Yelp zaniness took place, some of which it we wonder if fit for print...

We're excited to host more Yelp Elite NYC events in the near future - our core yelpers, the ones who really "get" the fun and utility of Yelp, are the ones who make it all worthwhile.

February 01, 2006

We like to move it move it

Just released some performance enhancements, so hopefully you're noticing that the site is more snappy. Also for our Chicago Yelpers we added neighborhood filtering!

Yelp onwards and upwards!