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January 13, 2006

Russel Simmons - 2006 Most Valuable Player

Posted by Michael Ernst



Entering the Slide offices with no fear and "Eye of the Tiger" blaring Yelp.com took the Beer Pong Championships by storm. The team got warmed up at Zebulon by throwing a few back under coach Nish Nadaraja. It was a cool and mildly uncomfortable half-block walk from Yelp HQ to Slide Stadium, and Yelp caught the Sliders off guard in their own playing field making such a grand entrance.

At first the tournament looked grim with Nish, Neil, Michael, Bob, Russ and Phil all succumbing to loses at the hands of Slide team members. The game was going downhill fast with everyone's sobriety waining and the beer was getting warm. The scoreboard displayed a very disappointing Slide 4, Yelp 1.

But just then, like a cougar emerging from the fog Bob and Russ stepped up to table, paddles in hand. They were rested from their last encounter and ready to wreak havoc on their opponents. Bob stretched his shoulder while Russ loosened his neck in preparation of the match that would ensue. The two continued to trounce one Slide team after another, commanding the table. The office dogs ran around, chasing each other, barking, but the duo kept winning, unfailing in their goal until the scoreboard read Yelp 5, Slide 3. Co-founder Russel Simmons rose up and led the charge, earning his MVP title that night.

In the end, Yelp emerged victorious, far from sober and with a new sense of entitlement. Victory was theirs.



History is written by winners. Ask not what your shower can do for you, but what you can do for your shower!


Yelp won the tournament like the Russians put the first man on the moon.


Damn, I wish I was there to see the action.

Christopher L.

How can I join the team?

I'll have to work on the next championships:

Yelp Springfield vs. Yelp San Fran

That's right sports fans, A little Yelp on Yelp action.

Yelp on,

Christopher L.
Kickin' it in MO

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