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December 20, 2005


Some sad news to report...

Darwin recently broke his toe while running off-leash. After an emergency visit to the Pets Unlimited ER he is now the official Yelp sympathy puppy, everyone has been giving him the saddest of looks. But Darwin wants you to know that being a conehead isn't so bad, people are now so much more likely to offer treats!


michelle idziorek

darwin, you look miserable in that thing!

hope your toe heals very soon!

Jay H

That is the most horrifically sad photo of a dog I have ever seen!! Poor doggy!!


dearest dar,
it's been too long. and i am deeply saddened by your injured state. i miss sharing our intimate glances and look forward to romantic walks on the beach soon.


You poor little puppy. I hope you get well soon. You look so unhappy, but this is the way to get what you want, all the attention and all. Play it up while you got the chance.

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