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December 08, 2005

Some Tweaks

If you're a hardcore Yelper, you may have noticed the site was down for a bit yesterday. We released a couple of small things and one bigger invisible thing (shh it's a secret!).

Of the minor tweaks, I particularly like the feature Brandon and Michael came up with... local businesses can now showcase their Yelp reviews on their own websites.


We also tinkered with Search and the look of our business listing pages. Can't wait to see everyone at our Holiday Bash!



The interface is looking more and more refine. Excellent job on the little details...like the slight highlight background color in certain parts of the pages.

Now...what size should our profile pics be so we don't look distorted in the COMPLIMENTs?


Hello, Tanya. The issue you pointed out with the photos on the compliments page has already been fixed, and will be released sometime soon so that they no longer show up with the wrong dimensions. Thanks for commenting on the changes, though :)

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