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December 06, 2005

Hunting and Gathering

I often wonder how you, dear reader, use Yelp. Some (it's okay, you don't have to admit it) spend their time on individual profiles, trying to get into the head of a particular Yelper. Others focus on what's been Bookmarked the most, hoping to spot what's on everyone's must-visit list. Still others choose to relax in the warm Yelp bath that is Talk. Me, I'm always reading Recent Reviews watching opinions roll in like wild horses over the hills. Then again, I think I have a few good opinions myself.

Okay back to work before Russ gets out the whip and/or Darwin chews another network cable.


Monica L

The last link in the entry is pointing to a page that doesn't exist. Get your act together, Jeremy! j/k


Haha, thanks fixed it!


It's interesting to see how people respond to topics. More active banter / responses to light questions. Some of the more social / political topics have slow but interesting replies.

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