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November 29, 2005

How can I Yelp thee, let me count the ways.

People often ask us what is our goal for Yelp. Revenue model? Plans to get acquired? World domination. Maybe some or all of the above, but my personal vision is to make Yelp a noun, verb and adjective all at once.

It's easy enough to see that Yelp is a noun, after all it's the name of our company and this website you're on. Example usage: Yelp is the go-to site for finding real people's opinions on their local city and beyond. A variation on this is the Yelper, or one who yelps. Another example: "I don't want to forget about that male masseuse your recommended to me, can you send me a yelp about him?"

Yelp as an adjective, now this is sort of uncharted territory. An adjective modifies a  noun, as  in,  "That  Brandon has such a  yelpy personality, he's  always chirping about  the coolest bowling alley, the  best  indie rock venue, or where to find  the Juan Valdez of coffees."  Or, "Have a  yelpy day," which loosely translates into having a day filled with urban adventures, dining experiences and/or shopping excursions that would at some point lead that person to want to share their opinions, preferably on a site like Yelp.

To yelp, in a verb sense, is pretty fun, it's sort of akin to 'smurfing'' someone. It's ambiguous but in a cute way, and you do get the general idea (as to whether Smurfette was getting smurfed by Brawny, well that's not my place to speculate). Anyhoo, some basic usage: Last night, Jessica yelped so hard she almost cried. Or, "Did you check out the new laser light show at the planetarium, now that is something to yelp about."

So there you have it, well perhaps not according to Webster's, but all the same... In conclusion, to borrow from the music sensation Frankie Valli, "Yelp is the word, it's the word that you heard. It's got groove it's got meaning. Yelp is the time, is the place is the motion. Yelp [in a nutshell] is the way we are feeling."

Yelp Challenge: I will personally take out to dinner anyone who submits to me a really funny Yelp-style Madlib. Build your vocabulary, have fun, all at Yelp!



November 23, 2005

It's a beautiful day in the Yelp Neighborhood

Hi Kids, isn't it wonderful today? It sure is in our neighborhood. If you ever find  yourself down by Yelp HQ, there a few restaurants, bars, and cafes that meet our rigorous Yelp standards, or at least that we frequent. Actually, this is my own list so expect to see the rest of Yelp Team offer up their own suggestions...

For coffee: Tart to Tart, Cafe Madeleine (also good for lunch, try the pear & manchego cheese or bbq pork sandwiches).

For lunch: Mefhil Indian Cuisine, Zebulon (also good for drinks), Armani Cafe, and Canton for dim sum (Yank Sing is more pricey but also delish, always busy though).

For drinks: Varnish, (also a cool art gallery), Ame (at the hotel lobby bar, especially if someone else is buying), Sutter Station (this is the closest you get to the Mos Eisley Cantina in San Francisco, plus they have some, um, "lingerie" nights that must be seen to be believed).

For art: SFMOMA (their cafe is good for lunch or a snack too, and the store is great for cool gifts or for creative inspiration), Yerba Buena Center, MoAD, Cartoon Art Museum.

For reviews, and not just reviews, but real ones, from real people: Yelp

That's a good start, shouldn't I be working or something?

Gavin on Yelp?

Well, not exactly, but the other night some of us were over at the H&M opening party, hosted by Gen Art, and lo and bNewsomsgettyrugehold, Mr. Mayor was there himself. I could not - repeat, could not - resist introducing myself and offering him a fine Yelp Lip Balm (hey, even he gets chapped lips, no?). Much to my surprise, he had actually already heard of Yelp, most likely because our good friends over at Kamalaspa had been talking us up to him. In any case, Gavin, if you're out there, we'd love to hear your opinions on where you shop to look so fine!

The Yelp Blog Has Landed!

So at long last, we've decided to start up the Yelp Blog (brief pause until applause dies down). We're actually looking for some suggestions for cutesy names - As the Yelp Turns, Yelp This!, Yelp For The People, Yelp Happens, yeah so you can see we need some help - if you have any ideas, shoot me an email.

Anyhow, this is going to be our way to get a little bit more personal with all of you. There's Yelp News, which will cover anything new and fantastic about the site, like Map-tastic or if we've broken some world speed record for most reviews posted or something like that.

Office Life will cover such mundane topics as how many times Darwin (the company dog) has decided to urinate within office quarters, where some of us like to eat out around the neighborhood, debates on whether Bob Goodson should continue to use his "British" accent or if that shtick is getting old, where resident hunk Russ Simmons is going out on a given night, etc.

Sound Off - this is like a rant and rave area, like if Newsom should get a new haircut, whether we really need Bloomingdale's, or our humble opinions on what is the best sushi/burrito/vodka gimlet in town.

Yelp Tales - here you'll see the occasional post about our misadventures in and around town - sordid tales of illicit massage parlor visits you might not find here, but stories about our nights out you will see, sort of like our own Tales of the City. Put another way, if you've ever wanted to know the origins of Michael "Manhole" Ernst, this is the place to look.

We'll be fine-tuning the blog, just like we do on Yelp live, so definitely send us your feedback.

Until then, true believers, EAYNY!


November 03, 2005

Welcome to the Yelp Blog!

Hello and welcome! This the future home of the Yelp blog, where we will be talking about local businesses, events and news in the San Francisco Bay Area. Drop by to see our main site and we look forward to hearing your opinions about what's great, and not so great, about living in the Bay Area.