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November 23, 2005

Gavin on Yelp?

Well, not exactly, but the other night some of us were over at the H&M opening party, hosted by Gen Art, and lo and bNewsomsgettyrugehold, Mr. Mayor was there himself. I could not - repeat, could not - resist introducing myself and offering him a fine Yelp Lip Balm (hey, even he gets chapped lips, no?). Much to my surprise, he had actually already heard of Yelp, most likely because our good friends over at Kamalaspa had been talking us up to him. In any case, Gavin, if you're out there, we'd love to hear your opinions on where you shop to look so fine!



Mr. Mayor,

Is Nish's number on your cell phone too?

Napoleon Saft

yelp too sexy...?
too powerfreakish and inane is more like it...

let's level the playing field... why don't we...?

stop treating someone as your personal scapegoat, how would you like it if I came there and did it to you?


I wanted to put out a Yelp for Printer Concepts, the girls who work there are customer service oriented, they have helped me out on weekends when I needed them and their service is hard to find these days.

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