September 16, 2014

NC Triangle Yelp's Local Love Affair: A Taste of Empire Eats Catering

Posted by Lauryn


How do Yelp Triangle Elites and Yelpers beat the Monday blues? By spending an incredible evening out with amazing food, libations, and some jammin' tunes. 250 Yelpers came out to get a taste of Empire Eats Catering, the catering group behind some of Raleigh's finest restaurants including: The Pit, Gravy, Sitti, Raleigh Times, and Morning Times. Yelpers sipped on craft cocktails from the Triangle's only organic distillery, local brews, local cider, spiced bourbon and more!  A beautiful rustic venue combined with local art, facepainting, digital photobooth fun, great people and more made this one unforgettable evening. The Yelp NC Triangle community raised $1,248.00 for our local Food Bank, providing 6,240 meals to families, children and seniors in need. Check out the photos, read the lovely reviews, and find out more about our local sponsors below.

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Warsaw Elite Event at Między Bułkami


The sunny Monday, September 15th will be written down in history as the day when Yelpers were defeated by too much awesome food. Seems impossible, I know, right? So you can only imagine how much food we are talking about. The meaty menu consisted of steak tartare, white veggies cream, first awesome burger, second awesome burger, third awesome burger and illimited amount of homemade french fries. Oh, and delicious pies. The name of the place that shamed foodie Yelpers? Między Bułkami.

You can check out the photos of the cutest burgers (and also our equally cute faces) on Flickr, Facebook and obviously Yelp, where you can also read the reviews of this historical event.

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There Are So Many Highlights To The Elites Day At The Shop Salon

Posted by Mike Bishop


Pictured Quote by Morrissey     

Beautiful highlights or a bold chunk of color: that's what Elites were going for in a raffle to end all raffles at Yelp’s Great Hair Day At The Shop Salon.  The lucky winners  were whisked away to ‘do-ville as the rest of the Elites sipped on champagne, ate avocado crostini, and made their own fab hair bows from scratch. Shop owner AC lead 3 more raffles for champagne, apple pie, and gift cards to The Shop Salon. You can read all the reviews here and check out all the pics here!

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Elite Event: KOERPERWELTEN & Der Zyklus des Lebens

Posted by Verena

The cycle of life in two hours, so is that even possible? Yes indeed, at least for the Munich Yelp Elite Squad, we were invited to a whole impressive new BODY WORLD. After the official closing of the exhibition for regular visitors Barbara & Caro, two very ambitious medical students guided us with expertise through the exhibition. Frank E. is nailing it down "Based on the exhibited bodies thinking about what happens in our bodies is very impressive." Special Thanks go to KÖRPERWELTEN for making this event possible, Barbara & Caro for being our super guides and Michael V., who was the professional photographer that night. You can find all reviews (german) from the Munich Elites here, don't miss the pics of the event!

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September 15, 2014

Yelp Melbourne's Old School Sunday Session

Posted by Melanie


No one was caged at the Aviary Hotel on Sunday, where Melbourne's Yelp Elite Squad let their inner child run amok with hula hoops, Uno and Jenga in Yelp’s Old School Sunday Session.

It wasn’t all child’s play though, with Tequila Tromba, The West Winds Gin and Paul Louis providing delicious grown-up refreshments, paired with delicious small bites from Aviary Hotel’s new Spring menu. We danced to the vintage tunes of Soul Time, and even our instagram happy-snaps went old school, with KeepSnaps on hand to print them as keepsakes.

Check out the playful pics here and get the full scoop on the event page

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YelpJax Gets Fit at Studio Jear

Posted by Allie

Yelp Gets Fit

After a bevy of all-you-can-eat and gut-busting Yelp events, Jax Elites traded in the forks for yoga mats, for an all the fun and none of the guilt fitness frenzy at Studio Jear.  Warming up with some yoga, we got our ohm on and then got down with some self defense. (Fire, Fire!). We body pumped some iron, crunched some abs and then took the floor for zumba. At the end of this feel-good session, we sampled natural smoothies and the freshest of fruit from the Jacksonville Farmers market. Did we catch you in a downward dog? Check out the pics and reviews!

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Yelp Cracow x Faro: Piąty Elitarny Event @ poligon!

Posted by Katarzyna Wabik


Last Saturday our Elite Squad went to a... military field. Wearing red bandanas and military uniforms we tried shooting with different kind of weapons, archery and some other activities.

Afterwards we started a campfire and felt like real scouts. We had with us what Polish people like the most - beers, bread and sausages!

Event was organized in cooperation with Faro. Here are reviews and photos of us rockin' it in uniforms!


W zeszłą sobotę nasz krakowski Elitarny Skład wybrał się do Zielonek, na teren Fortu 45. Ubrani w czerwone, yelpowe bandany oraz wojskowe mundury, spróbowaliśmy strzelania z różnych rodzajów broni oraz łuku, a także innych aktywności.

Później zasiedliśmy przy ognisku i poczuliśmy się jak harcerze :) Nie brakło tego, co my Polacy lubimy najbardziej, czyli piwa i kiełbasek!

Atrakcje zorganizowała dla nas firma Faro - dziękujemy! Tutaj są zdjęcia oraz recenzje.

PDXYelp Elites Do Some Serious Spooning (and Cupping) @ Alliance for Coffee Excellence!

Posted by Don Bourassa


You think you know coffee? You don't know beans about coffee. But we sure did learn a heck of a lot as an exclusive group of PDXYelp Elites sniffed and slurped their way through a cupping and education class at Alliance for Coffee Excellence for their Cup of Excellence Program on September 14, 2014! Yelpers were treated to first hand coffee education from one of the world's premiered cuppers and walked through a cupping experience from sniffing to pouring to breaking to slurping. And to cap off the experience, enjoyed tasty treats from Waves of Grain bakery! No doubt a 5-star time was had by all. 

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PDXYelp Elites Chill Out @ Marine Layer's Laid Back Happy Hour!

Posted by Don Bourassa


What happens when you combine the softest shirts (at 20% discount no less), the coolest Elites, a hidden back yard, live music and a hot sunny day? Yelp's Laid Back Happy Hour at Marine Layer! 100 Yelp Elites and guests sipped on Ninkasi Total Domination IPA, snacked on Escape From New York Pizza and enjoyed live tunes from David Katz of Altadore as they mixed, mingled and got an exclusive look at Marine Layer's new shop on NW 23rd on September 12, 2014! Yes, it was a heck of a happy hour, and the 5-star reviews prove it. 

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Yelp Albany's Launch Party at The Orchard Tavern and Restaurant

Posted by Jessica T


Last Tuesday over 50 Albany yelpers came out to The Orchard Tavern's picturesque tented outdoor patio to celebrate Yelp Albany's Launch Party. Attendees sampled an array of mouth-watering menu items including The Orchard Tavern's famous pizza, their wings, and their chilli. Sipping on pints of Bells Brewery and Great Lakes Brewing, Albany yelpers mixed and mingled well into the beautiful Albany evening.  Read on for the event reviews and check out the photos on our Flickr page from Nick Caito here!

A big thanks to the venue and hosting sponsor:

The Orchard Tavern and Restaurant

Yelp Elites Get Lucky At The Irish House New Orleans

Posted by Morgan


A handful of lucky Yelp Elites were able to wind down last Wednesday with a Yelp Elite Whiskey Tasting at The Irish House. Guests were greeted with a heady pint of Smithwick's, an Irish ale, to whet their whistle before finding a seat to start the evening. General Manager Damian, Chef Wyatt, and Jeb, our fearless bartender, hosted the three course pairing, giving us details and history about the Irish whiskeys while pairing them with complimentary flavors in delicious dishes. After our tastings, the Yelp Elites battled it out for best Yelp trivia team downstairs with the hoi polloi.

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Yelp Gets To Taste The Best Of Birmingham At #BFOOD2014!

Posted by Vicky.O


On a Saturday afternoon at Eastside's Millennium Point, the Birmingham Yelp Elites gathered to sample over 40 of the cities best and brightest independent restaurants, brands and street food traders. The red carpet was rolled out and the full VIP experience was had with loads of sparkling wine, canapes, delicious food samples and great demo's (like school, but way more fun); it certainly was a Saturday well spent! Read all the reviews of the event here and see all the fabulous photos on the Flickr page.

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Yelp's Night Tour of the West Tce Cemetery

Posted by Chloe

Night Tour

By the light of the silvery moon Yelp Elite "manned-up" and took on the West Terrace Cemetery Night Tour in style last Friday. As each guest arrived they were handed a lantern and soon, out of the shadows, our darkly dressed host appeared and began to tell us the tale of the 150,000 souls that reside in the West Terrace Cemetery. An incredibly well choreographed sound and light show ensued as we walked through the graves of some of Adelaide's most infamous characters – we even got to meet a few of them on the way! We look forward to hearing more tales of unrest, mystery and inspiration on tours at this historical SA landmark in the future.

Read the reviews and check out the photos from the event here.

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West Tce Cemetery • Kieran Mac Photographer

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September 14, 2014

Yelp's Like, Totally 80's Prom

Posted by Howie


So, like, Yelp's 80's Prom totally rocked.

Elites invaded Cocina Azul's Catering Company on Thursday for this totally bomb Prom. Partners in the action included awesome decor from Embur Interiors and lighting from ABQ Event Support, sweet beats from DJ Automatic, rides from Classic Limousine and A/V from Advantage. Adam Durant Photography, sweet pics! Thank you Aimee K for rocking the 80's 'do. Check out the reviews and the Flikr page for totally sweet proof!


Yelp's Day At The Royal Adelaide Show

Posted by Chloe

Yelp At The Show

The Royal Adelaide Show is all about the rides, the dagwood dogs and the showbags right? Wrong. For more than 150 years the Royal Agricultural & Horticultural Society has received entries into a variety of unique competitions in the show - from wood cutting to crotchet, cooking to quilting and cattle to dogs. This year over 30,000 entries were received from across Aus. In this unique Yelp event Yelp Elite were lucky enough to get an insight into the behind the scenes workings of the show and its history. And to top the day off with food from Satay Hut, Chimichuri Grill and the Coopers Bar at the newly created (food) Truck Stop was a bonus!

Read the reviews and check out the photos from the event.

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The Royal Show

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